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there's a lonely bby who sells their soul to the devil because they're lonely and they become best friends w/ the devil and when they die the devil tries to undo the contract but it doesn't work so when they go to hell the devil makes them an archdemon or something and now all these other demons who are super edgy and jaded have to listen to the super insecure and precious little bby



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Name: Jack

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jack is a tall lenghty guy standing at 5'9" with black scruffy hair and emerald green eyes. He wears a purple t-shirt with blue jeans.

Personality: Jack is one of those guys who tries to fit in but fails miserably. He never studies for anything cause it'd be too hard for him if he did try. Sometimes he tries too hard and gets picked on more often than not. After he dies, his personality undergoes a change and he'll love to cause destruction while at the same time, he wants to cry for what he does.


Likes: Satan (especially when she orders him around), video games, cats, the color purple, destroying things (eventually), threatening the lesser demons (eventually)

Dislikes: bullies, school, his parents, dogs, sports


History: Jack was born to parents who thought his entire being was a mistake. Ever since he was young, he had been beaten by them. The only person who keeps him alive is apparently Satan, who encourages him to keep going. He met Satan when he was in grade school and she's the only person to stick by him, even when things got rough, almost like he was attracted to her. Although, her stunts leaves him a bit worried about her cause she could get into trouble. One day his parents got a couple of German Shepherds who attacked him and now he finds himself in Hell

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Name: Satan

Age: Appears 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Satan is able to change her appearance at will however she prefers the form of an attractive girl with long black hair done up in pigtails. She stands at 5'4 is very slender. She has unblemished eerily pale skin that almost appears white in certain lighting. Her eyes are an uncanny red and her black eye lashes that frame them are very long. Her face is small and her lips are full and red.

Personality: Having existed for a long time, Satan is easily bored and always looking for something to entertain her. Always appearing to have a mischievous smile on her face, she loves to do things merely to see the reaction of the receiver. She is a great listener, especially if the teller can spin a great story and she is able to remember many little details. A selfish girl who carries herself gracefully and has little insecurities, she has a hard time understanding others though it is not impossible.


+ugly-cute things



+chess games w/ god

+watching people

+people suffering

+people happy

+video games

+bad books

+good books

+horror movies

-when people to don't listen to her for a good reason

-lazy people

-the lesser demons who question her authority

History: Shes just really old


(w.i.p as well, I'll be back)

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(I'm just going to go ahead and post)


Jack was confused. Where was he? He remembered going home but after that, it was all a blur! He squeaked as he tried to back away from his only to bump into something. "Watch it," a voice growled. Theo turned to apologize only for him to start screaming his head off and scramble away what he was looking at. The thing he was staring at was impossible! Only to ever seen in the movies...maybe.


"Shut your mouth before I send you further down!" the creature growled at him. Jack felt like he was going to have a heart attack as he took a look around. His mind was swarming for answers. First, where was he? Two, how did this happen? Three, how did these creatures exist? He sat down, overwhelmed as his emotions were an emotional rollercoaster.

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"Jack is a good kid- a good person, he was just dealt a very bad hand in life and he made some mistakes, please, he doesn't deserve to be down there- down in my domain!" Satan found herself groveling at god's feet, her face wet with tears, pleading for him to allow her permission to undo her contract with the young boy.

"I'm sorry, you know that the contract is binding, it is not within either of our powers to nullify the contract." God replied, clearly confused as how to reply to Satan's lost of composure. "There is nothing I can do for him, no one forced him to make his decisions. The only thing that either of us can do is accept the choices he made."

"You can't do anything, but I think that there is something that I can." Satan suddenly said aloud, an idea lighting up her eyes. With a flourish, she disappeared.




"Is he here already?" Satan asked, her footsteps echoing off the wide corridor walls. She wore a long red dress, her black hair loosely, ram horns spiraled off the side of her head, huge bat wings sprouted off her back and the candlelight that lit the corridor played tricks with the shadows that made her look large and ominous, lighting her red eyes in a way that made her look almost menacing.

"The boy who you made a contract with? He has arrived," A tall handsome dark man in spectacles answered as he flipped through the pages of a large tome, his eyes darting back and forth across the ancient dusty pages.

Satan stopped in front of a large double sided door in response. The door was red and the frames seemed to be made out of human skulls and bone. Two large torches stood in front of the door next to two small red gremlin looking creatures. The creatures hurriedly opened the door at Satan's impatient approached.

She immediately was met with the sight of Jack cowering in front of a couple gremlins. She let off a scoff, Jack was such a coward.

"Leave us." Satan demanded the gremlins, "I will deal with him personally, he has made a contract with me and a special punishment has been designed for him." She explained as she approached Jack who was on the floor. She allowed her appearance to morph into the one that she usually took with him, a small teenage girl with large black pig tails and a sharp brown eyes. She smiled softly.

"Hey." She cooed.

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Jack's eyes widen at the sight of this...beast of a lady come in. She had ram horns coming from out of her head along with huge bat wings sprouting from her back. All Jack could do was look up in horror as she ordered the others around. They quickly disappeared as she said something about a contract and a 'special punishment' was designed for him. He didn't like the sound of that. Was he about to be tortured for all eternity? Was it about to take pleasure in his pain? How could he make a deal with this demon? He never saw this...


He gasped and his confusion only grew as the demon shifted and turned into his...friend? "W-w-what's g-g-going on?" he asked, holding his head as she cooed at him, making him relax a bit. "I...don't understand." He continued looking up at his friend with wide eyes. How could she be here with him and be this demon?

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"Jack, you've passed away," She begun slowly, he seemed to be in shock. "Since you've made a contract selling your soul to me, it would not have mattered what you have done with your life, you are in hell right now." She explained.

"Don't act so surprised, I clearly spelled out the terms for you and you signed the contract yourself, remember?"

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Jack stared at his friend as she spoke. He was dead...? He remembered German Shepherds and...he couldn't remember what happened next. "You're..." Jack started, trying to gather his thoughts. "I'm...dead?" He looked around wearily before looking back at his friend, his stomach clenching when she made mention his soul belonged to her. What was she going to do with him? His mouth was really dry, causing him to lick them. "How..what...? I'm so confused." He closed his eyes and had to concentrate, when did he first meet his friend?




Jack wasn't sure how old he was, but he was definitely shy around other people due to the way his parents treated him. He stretched and looked around as he waited for the school bus to come and pick him up. The air was nice and crisp, making him sigh. He wished he could just skip school altogether, knowing his parents though, they'd just beat him again. Then again, he'd get beaten up either way. He looked up into the sky, wondering why he was here.

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"Knight to e6 and checkmate~" A beautiful women in her early twenties, one who seemed a grown up version of the Satan that Jack would soon come to know sang, as a miniature knight, about two inches high clad in black armor advanced across a black and white chess board and defeated a priest in white robes with a slash of his sword. The priest faded into nothing as he fell to his knees.

"That was a good move." The a handsome blonde man in his late twenties answered. His king was trapped by her knight and bishop, his rook was positioned in a away so that it could take her bishop but the knight would just finish off his king in the next turn. The space next to the king was occupied by the queen and if he moved her in front of the bishop, the knight could again take the king. "Rook to h6," He sighed as a small man in white adjusted his spectacles before obliterating a priest clad in black robes.

"Ha!" Satan smiled and ordered her knight to take the man's king, then she stood up, pushing her chair backwards in the process with what seemed out of place childish glee. It was the first time she had won after two losses and victory felt rather sweet. She was about to ask for another game but the man looked to his watch with a small frown.

"It is about time we got back to our realms don't you think?" He asked, turning to Satan with amber eyes.

Satan slouched down in her face in response, cheeks rested on her fist, "But its so boring down there," She complained," Theres nothing to do down there," She continued. The man gave her a small smile, "I'm afraid that I have something to attend to," and with that comment he disappeared.

Satan let out another disappointed sign and disappeared as well.




She sat slouched on her throne that was seemingly assembled by bones and swords. She fiddled with a pink 3DS although she did not look engaged with the white and red Litten that was attempting to mark her across the screen.

"Mistress, another mortal seeks to make a contract with you." A gremlin trotted up to her.

"And what does this mortal desire?" Satan questioned, not looking up from her DS.

"He wants his ex-girlfriend to suffer," The gremlin explained

"Well thats boring, I've done that distributed revenge on unfaithful lovers numerous of times- tell me when a mortal with an interesting request attempts to summon me." She answered with a covered yawn.

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Jack shakily took a book out from his bag. It was really a last resort for him and he was desperate. He wouldn't know how this would work, but if it help him gain a friend, then he would do anything this being told him to. He flipped through the pages, glad the bus hadn't come yet. He finally found the page he was looking for and exhaled a nervous breath. Was he really about to do this? Was he really about to contact Satan? He started to mumble the words, mostly to himself just in case any nosy people were lurking nearby. He couldn't stop himself from reading after he uttered the first word, but did he really want to stop?


After he announced the thing he wanted most- a friend- nothing had happened. He wanted to laugh bitterly and toss the book away. He guessed he wasn't even worth Satan's time.

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"Actually an interesting one just popped up." The gremlin who had begun to leave suddenly turned around, squinting at a scroll that had just appeared in front of him.

"What is it?" Satan asked, attention still not engaged.

"Come see for yourself, it'll be more 'fun' if its a surprise no?" The gremlin teased.

Satan arched an eyebrow at him before closing her DS and standing up, "Okay, but if this turns out to be boring I'll throw you into the river of fire," replied. She wouldn't actually though, this particular gremlin was one that she had known for awhile now and she found his taunts refreshing compared to the fearful cowering of others of his kind.

"He would prefer a young female," The gremlin didn't respond to her threat, instead moving onto the next matter at hand. Satan usually took the form that the person making the contract would be move comfortable in.

"He?" Satan questioned, looking disgusted, "This better not be some pedophile," She warned in a dangerous tone.

"No," The gremlin sighed, "He is a young male,"

"Cultist parents?" Satan questioned, intrigued

"No actually, thats what makes this case so interesting, his request is an unusually one as well," The gremlin explained.

"I see," Satan smiled, talking the form of a young girl with black pig tails and pale skin. Her red eyes opened, "This will be fun,"




She appeared in front of him her face only a few inches apart from his. Her body hung upside down, her pigtails reaching just half a feet above the pavement, her body from waist up was transparent because it still was in the portal which was a black hole, void of light and rippled like water. Her red eyes, crinkled in amusement was yet another indicator that this girl was not just another passerby.

"Even Satan?" She asked, smiling mischievously, "I'll have you know I'm extremely selective in who I receive requests from,"

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Jack squeaked in surprise as a young girl suddenly was floating just an inch from his. The lower part of her body was still in a portal so it was mostly transparent. He was shocked that Satan actually noticed him. "T-T-That's why I-I c-ca-called you here, i-isn't it?" Jack stumbled over his words, getting lost in her red eyes before frowning. So she was highly selective in who she selects requests from. "I-if I d-didn't need this, I wo-wouldn't have requested it." Now that his heart was calming down from almost a near heart attack he studied her thoughtfully. "I guess I should consider myself lucky that the almighty Satan took notice of me," he said almost bitterly. "Not like anyone else does and if you chose to leave, then I'm sorry I wasted your time." Panic welled up in him now. Why on earth did he just say that?

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"You should be." She replied curtly.

She had little patience for mortals who only were concerned about themselves and their problems she saw it as rather annoying and she had never been the type to sit around and help them feel better about themselves. In her experience, those who suffered from that kind of mindset were normally better off than the others around them but anything seemed better compared to being bored at her current state.

"What is your request mortal?" She questioned cheerfully, "I will decide for myself if I wish to leave or don't,"

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Jack gulped nervously at her response before stuffing his hands in his pockets. "I just want a friend," he said quietly, but loud enough for Satan to hear after she asked cheerfully. His parents were abusive and everyone else found out that they could abuse him without consequences. He kicked a pebble away, not realizing he was holding in a breath. It was nerve wrecking, talking to Satan of all people and his courage almost failed him. If Satan decided to leave...His thoughts started turning really dark. No one would even miss him.

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What an interesting mortal

"Very well." Satan smiled, she bumped noses with him with a giggle and suddenly she was in front of him again, face up. She snapped her fingers and a ancient yellow scroll appeared in her hands. It crinkled as she unrolled it and she turned the scroll to face him so he could see the writing. She snapped her fingers again and a quill with a black feather appeared, floating in the air next to her elbow.

"This contract states that in exchange for this favor I am about to grant you, you have given your soul to me." She smiled grabbing the quill with her hand and opened up her hand for him to take the quill.

"I warn you that the contract is binding. Once you sign it you can't go back."

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Jack gave a squeak of surprise as Satan's nose suddenly bumped on his. He gulped nervously as he stared at the contract that had appeared. So in order to have Satan as a friend, he'd have to give up his soul to her. He hesitantly took the quill, a quick thought of 'this is a bad idea' entered his mind for a moment. He signed the contract and thought it ironic she didn't want him to sign with his own blood.


"I-I guess I'm yours to do as you please then," Jack said, shuffling his feet a bit.

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