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The Eternally Guilty Sun: Revival

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As she soared over a lush forest, Cyil turned her sight towards the sky and reflected upon its beauty. Orange skies were unnatural, but still quite stunning if one took the time to look past its strangeness. There were thousands of minute variations and nuances in the citrus hue, the likes of which were rarely found in nature. She even had a perfect view of the interplay of light in the clouds from her vantage point in the air. If only I could share this scenery with my family... The thought of her family caused a dim aura of loneliness to settle upon her. It didn't quite disrupt the tranquility of the moment, but it made her realize the slight tension in her muscles. How long had she been flying for now? She still had plenty of stamina left, but the wind was shifting unfavorably and it wouldn't do to strain herself.


Conveniently, a clearing in the forest was just up ahead. It even happened to be right next to a stream, allowing her to easily refresh herself in the water. Being in her dragon form did dull her hunger and thirst, but it was still important to keep herself hydrated lest she be hit with dehydration upon returning to human form. Hunger was another issue completely, but seeing as there was nothing around to eat besides potentially poisonous berries, she would have to hold off on that. For now, she simply landed in the clearing and took a sip from the stream. Water always seemed to give her energy, whether she was drinking it or if simply surrounded her. Taking a few sips now would sustain her for a while till she could find some food, but she would need to do it fast if she wanted to keep up a good pace. Starvation made one weak and would slow down her progress considerably, especially with Renewal constantly consuming energy to heal her.


After a moment of rest, she made to take off again but was stopped by a gust of strong wind. The vibrant sky had become slightly overcast in the time it had taken her to recuperate, signaling the onset of a storm. While simple rain wouldn't be a problem, there was a very real chance of a thunderstorm. Flying would be dangerous in such weather, especially with her existing injuries. The Vulnerary had healed most of the major cuts but the regenerated tissue was still tender and prone to reinjury. For now, it would be wisest to take shelter. She could find some branches in the forest to build a leafy tent in the clearing, far enough away that any trees struck by lightning wouldn't affect her. There were already quite a few suitable ones nearby, but she would have to wander deeper into the forest to find more.


When she finished constructing a base out of the nearby branches, she set off into another portion of the forest to find more. It was on this excursion that she heard a sudden voice, prompting her to drop the branch she held and shift back into a human. The forest was too thick for her to make out the owner of the voice, but it appeared to be male and very commanding. Almost as if its owner were used to giving out orders.


"Show yourself," it said. "Drop any weapons if you value your life."


Immediately, she began to process her options. The owner of the voice could manage a steady, commanding tone - a sign of experience, or just very good acting. She would take her chances with the former. It was a male voice, but neither particularly thin or deep. Likely an average build, though voices could be deceiving. Not impulsive or risky either, as she hadn't been greeted by an immediate attack. Hm. That was a good sign. Without immediate acts of aggression, the owner of the voice was more likely to be open to reason. It would be best to hope for that chance rather than risk combat against an unknown foe. She could afford to drop the Yato and her tomes, the obvious weapons, but she would keep her dragonstones. Few knew what they were and what they looked like anyway, so they would probably be mistaken for simple jewelry.


"I come in peace and mean you no harm." she replied, voice even.


Raising her hands to indicate their emptiness, she took slow, steady steps out of the forest. What she saw surprised her, though she didn't let her guard down quite yet. Standing quite obviously in front of her was a half-dressed man in pants and bloodied bandages. He held a staff in his left hand, right hand outstretched as if to cast magic. However, he didn't appear to be holding a tome, so the display seemed quite unnecessary. Of course, there was no way of knowing whether he was concealing a tome somewhere or not, but it seemed strange to hold a staff instead of a much more combat-oriented tome. Was he a traveling healer who had been attacked by some wild animal? The amount of blood on the bandages seemed worrisome, although the man himself seemed fine and showed no signs of unsteadiness.


There were many questions she wanted to ask, but she remained silent and let him make the first move. He hardly seemed in a position to speak so confidently as he did before, but perhaps he held some sort of trick up his currently nonexistent sleeve.

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Shh. Shh. Shrish. Shh.


The sound of feet—not boots or sandals —on leaf-littered ground. It was quiet in approach, dissonant to the thudding and rustling around from earlier. How odd, he thought: perhaps the intruder was trying to take care not to be shown now that Soren had noted their presence. No matter; he had no issue felling them where they stood provided they did not comply to his demands. His hand tightened on his staff, but he kept his body loose, just in case he should have to respond with force.


A voice spoke from beyond his view: "I come in peace and mean you no harm.”


A woman’s, he noted. That meant nothing to him—it neither softened his severity nor did he lower his guard. What was of interest was that her voice wasn’t familiar at all to him...and it had a sort of something to it that sounded foreign. Whatever the case, her assurance seemed well-intentioned and respectful, even if it was only a baseless pleasantry. Certainly an improvement from the beration he’d received from that cur who called himself “Ganondorf”.

“We shall see.”


At last, through the clearing did the visitor appear. Soren took a moment to study her: she was short, moreso than he expected and shorter than himself; she had a full suit of segmented armor, lying in bands of grey and black across her; her hair was loose and pitch black. A warrior of some sort, he figured, from the little evidence there was. There were no weapons on her that he could see—a wise decision on her part; a modicum of sense in this maddening world—and she did not seem intent on his demise.


He could see her returning the examination. Soren was in an evident state of disrepair, and she knew that, if the way she was tracing his bandages was anything to go off. He figured she was likely doing the same thing he had: searching her opponent for weaknesses and threat. It was a respectable tactic, indicating a more intelligent, agreeable nature. However, this only made Soren strengthen his expression and pose. He knew the incredible disadvantage he was at. Intimidation was his greatest weapon against her.


He flicked the staff toward the ground.


“Sit. Hold your position until I state otherwise.”


With that, he set the Mend back against the tree. Never taking his attention from her, he dressed back into his grey-blue longsleeve and decorated robes. With a tug and a fold at the buckle, his shawl was secured around his neck, finished just a gust spun his hair to the side. Soren then stared into her red eyes, a mirror of his own, seeking answers.


“Name and occupation, as well as your country or world of origin. I will offer the same in return.”

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Finally. It was over. They had been able to fend off another invasion of the Burning Legion. Not everyone had survived the attack and it certainly wasn't the last one to come, but for now, things were calm again. Now she just longed to see her dear Malfurion to make sure he was still alive. Of course he would be, he was the most powerful druid she had ever seen. She walked through the forest, stepping over the dead bodies of imps and other kinds of demons, but mostly imps. When she got back close to her home, away from where the fight had taken place just minutes ago, she could already see Malfurion standing there, but before she could get into hearing range, her surroundings... changed.


Suddenly, she was standing on a solid floor, surrounded by what seemed to be the remains of a crashed down mansion. Making her way through the debris and small parts that still seemed to be intact, such as a couple of chairs and a short pillar that looked like a small statue would've stood upon it, she stumpled upon something peculiar. Two people, a man and a woman, clad in relatively similar sets of black, medium armor, were sitting next to eachother on the debris, the woman resting her head on the man's shoulder. Were they survivors? Would they know what had caused this building to collapse? Was it the Burning Legion? The Lich King? Or, more likely, a new threat that she had never heard of yet, as the Burning Legion would leave a lot more things scorched, and there wasn't enough ice around for it to have been an attack of the Lich King. But that thought scared her even more, as it meant there were more big threats capable of causing such havoc, and that she was now in an area that had been attacked by a group she new nothing of. Or was it just another fight between the Horde and the Alliance? In that case, on whose territory was she now? She didn't recognize the area in the slightest and that caused her worries. She decided to evaluate her options. If she would try to figure this all out on her own, she was completely lost. However, there was a chance that the people who were sitting there would attack her, but, although they were armed, she should be able to take them on, even though Elune's Blessings didn't seem to work here, and she didn't have her mount or bow with her.


She decided to take the risk.


"I'm sorry if I'm disturbing something important, but would you two happen to know where I am and what has caused this building to collapse?


Yes, this was the best she could put it.


((I have decided to settle on midnightblue for Tyrande))

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"So, you're Doey..." He glanced at the cat biped, trying not to think too hard on what "scientist" implied, "...and you're Ratchet? As in, a 'ratchet', I assume?"


He tilted his head at him. Ascension had a limited understanding of human tech, just enough to know a threat when he saw one. And boy, wasn't this one a doozy...he was no stranger to the defiance of the natural world and things vaporizing in and out of existence, but this was something.


Ascension looked over at the dragons next.


"How about you two? I'm completely unfamiliar with you--"


"AND I'M ALEX!" Alex raised her hand and started waving it in the air. He watched he point to Valerie, the woman with the Sylveon and Spritzee at her side.


"That's Valerie! You heard Zoey into herself, so...yeah! So far, that's about everyone besides you guys~."



As soon as she'd made her intro, Alex decided she was bored. She'd managed to anger the dragon pair to an extent, and she thought she might give them some space to get acquainted. Also, much to her despair, it looked like a storm was coming in overhead, if the clouds were to be believed. Probably because of the Corrin, she figured.


So, she walked. She didn't have far to walk though. She got stopped by the sound of familiar screaming. It almost made her sword hand twitch.


"Oh. My. Naga."


And there they were, two of the children of a horrific future that was likely the result of her masterful matchmaking skills--Severa and Owain. She felt an out-of-place despondency upon seeing the familiar faces whose lives she'd destroyed so far into the future, but they looked no worse for wear for now. However...they were obviously different from the two she knew personally...


"Well, hey there, kids! What's up?" She looked between the two. Owain was blond this time...and Severa was black-haired, as she remembered. She brought a hand under her chin.


"You uh...you guys Libra and Kellam's kids?" The prospect of her husband being with someone else ate at her on occasion, as there were obviously different Libras for every reality, but she didn't really mind in this case. Lissa and Libra...a cleric and a monk...the pallet overload of pale yellow and white was pleasant to her head. But why was he dressed so darkly this time?



Before she could get an answer, she found the gaze of a weirdly dark-skinned woman she didn't notice before. And by dark, she was indigo-colored. Her garb was a whitish color--she couldn't make out exactly what kind of whitish it was--and she was very pretty. Alex almost sank back into herself.



Oh boy.

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Since Valerie, Kali and Blossom got up today, all they had really done up untill now was talking with eachother and taking care of their pokémon. Then, out of the blue, or rather, orange, for some reason, even more people showed up. There was a girl who had already turned into a dragon and flown away, then there were two more dragons, a bipedal creature that looked a bit like Eevee, with highly advanced equipment, a boy with a scarf and a strange ball and an older man who seemed to be a professor of some sort.


As they were all introducing themselves, Alex decided to introduce all of the people who were there, save for... wait, where was everyone? How didn't she notice so many people were gone until now? Anyway, Alex still forgot to introduce Kali and Blossom, as well as all of their pokémon. Then again, she couldn't blame the impulsive girl for not mentioning them, as they had only arrived shortly before they went to sleep last night.


"Hey! Don't you forget to introduce us as well! Hi people, I'm Kali and this is Blossom!"


Hmm... typically something for Kali to act like that. It had it's own special charm, though.




"I think you've missed me as well."


Shawn had walked a bit closer up to the group while the... "Eevee" had been talking. He guessed it was due to the chaos that was caused by everyone showing up here.


"My name is Shawn Frost, from the Raimon Eleven. We're aiming to be the best soccer team in the world. Admittedly, we may still have a long way to go, but nothing can stop us from trying."

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Severa looked up at the elven person and frowned. The only people she remembered with ears anywhere that long were Yarne, Tiki, Panne, or Nowi. Who the heck was this girl? Or woman? She really didn't care to pay that much attention.

"Owain." she sighed, looking back down at the ground.

"Yes, light of my life? Heroine of my heroism?!'

"You can introduce yourse-... us."


It felt as though the very cosmos itself had suddenly let out a massive blast of joy. Ecstasy flowed throughout the universe and would certainly be felt by everyone nearby. As though everything had been made right, there was a sudden echo of a thousand timelines marking the following events, which would never have occurred if not for the power of the Outrealms and this strange Smash-based universe.


Owain clasped a hand over his face, shrouding it from view, his dark armor billowing out with electric-red energy. Two swords could now plainly be seen on his back, glowing with two different forms of auras. His armor shone brilliantly in the light of the mansion, almost as if his very presence had forced every speck of light possible to shine upon him in this moment.


"I am the Hero of the Epoch, the Savior of that Which Was Yet to Happen...." he began, flourishing one of his hands so that his cloak flew out behind him again. "The PROTECTOR... of that which Once Needed My Help..."

His voice shouted out over the rubble as Severa burrowed her face into her knees, slightly questioning her life choices. However, a brief chuckle escaped her lips, muffled by the placement of her face.

"I AM, OWAIN! SON OF RYUKI, THE GRAND TACTICIAN AND KNIGHT, AND LISSA, THE BEAUTEOUS PRINCESS OF A LAND BEYOND! In my veins pumps the blood of ancient heroes! But I am nothing - nay - LESS than nothing in comparison to the girl sitting behind me at this very moment!"

Severa looked up, trying to avoid the eyes of people.

"BEHOLD, SEVERA OF THE NIGHT SKY! She who stole my heart without mercy and took my soul with it! The greatest treasure I have ever discovered! Fear her wrath, should you ever earn it, but bask in her kindness when she shall give it! The bite she may give in her words is far weaker than the bite her weapon may lash at you with!"

He placed a hand on his chest, doing another pose with the most flourish anyone could possibly give.


"Unfortunately, we, too, are lost within these halls, fair lady! We know not of our location, nor of how we came to be here! But, rest assured! So long as the light of my life stays by me, and I by her, we shall surely survive! My Sword Hand knows it to be certain!"


"Oh. My. Naga."


Owain's face slightly changed as his ears perked up at the sound of a voice both unfamiliar and familiar.


"Well, hey there, kids! What's up?"


He finished just as Alex walked up, ruining the vibe with a basic question. But Owain would not be beaten so easily.


"You uh...you guys Libra and Kellam's kids?" Alex finished.


Severa gave a glance like "Who?" while Owain simply shook his head fervently.

"Kellam.... OH! You mean that invisible knight! The soldier able to hide himself from all eyes! And as for Libra, certainly not! Though he was indeed a strong and heroic priest, he was nay my father nor Severa's! No, Frederick, the GREAT KNIGHT of the SHEPHERDS, was the father of my beloved!"

"Wait, how do you even know those names?" Severa said, suddenly changing the atmosphere. She stood slowly to her feet, brushing off her armor.

"Actually... yes..." Owain began, sharing her confusion. "Now that I think of it.... How DO you know them? Who are you?"

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Huh, she thought, they don't recognize a Robin when they see one? Due to the very nature of their existence, they had to know about the Outrealms Gate...right? Maybe Owain was just being a goober...


She gave a sympathetic look to the indigo woman.


"Uh....hehe...just....a moment, please. If you would...?" And then she looked back to the other two.


"What you should be asking yourself is how I wouldn't know those names. Check it out, brah." She whipped out Cereal Killer, her trusty personal tome, and Ilyana, her Levin Sword named for a particularly hungry Thunder mage she'd once fed in her travels across time. She gave the blade a twirl, and the tome spread its pages, ready for action.


"I'm the spellsword from a doomed past--the one who felled and was fallen by her own hand; biographer to the Hero-King, the 'Umbrage of the Earth'...Alexandria!"


She struck a pose with a flourish of her weapons. Confident and dawningly aware of how...unflattering that likely sounded to his ears...and it was only sorta true...but who cared? She couldn't take it back now! She stood back and relaxed her stance.


"Severa, I knew your daddy 'cause they're my friends! As for Owain, I'm gonna take a guess and say that this dude Ryuki was a Grandmaster at one point, right? Probably dressed like someone from the Grimleal, I'm pretty sure. Weeeeell...stretch your imagination a bit and imagine we're sorta the same person. Just...different. Sorta."



"Oh...I apologize, Shawn." He bowed to the boy and offered him and the two girls with Valerie a look of sympathy. "Forgive me and that moronic girl. Kali and Blossom? I don't think we've properly met, but it's good to have you." He looked out toward all the people who had gathered. "I apologize for you being taken here. But we don't have time to worry about it."


He then began to trot forward, past the forest and in the direction the Stars had driving him in. He could feel it--the slight, but notable presence of cosmic energy ebbing from there. He didn't have the real understanding of what it was, but he trusted his guardians with everything he had.


"Everyone, we need to head north. The Stars have alerted me to the presence of something celestially-charged near Princess Peach's castle. We can likely house the entire group there as the storm passes, and since the Princess's untimely demise, it's likely the Toads and any other residents have likely fled. Once there, we'll need to head further to find Eos. I think she could possibly still be reasonable, but we must hurry. Stars know she must be close to breaking..."



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Owain let his hands fall to his sides, confused. The Outrealms DID allow some crazy things, but ...his Dad as a GIRL?

He walked around her a moment, frowning.

"Well the chest, waist, and hip sizes are definitely differ-"

A large wallop to the back of his head stunned him as Severa stood over him, fuming.

"THAT'S NOT THE MAIN INTEREST HERE! Gawds, that's PERSONAL information! Be a bit more sensitive to women's feelings, idiot!" she nagged, hands on her hips.

She turned back to Alex, eyes narrowed.

"And you.... Miss... Ryu.... Miss who?" she began, concerned. "Stop trying to upstage my dork. Besides, you don't even flourish right! Ugh... but I guess..."

She cringed.

"If you're doing it too, you're just like Owain's Dad... So I mean you MIGHT be him... somehow. Urgh, the thought of other people being this ridiculous in other timelines makes me want to puke."


Owain rubbed his head painfully as he stood back to his feet, groaning.

"What... I'm not interested in her, light of my life! I merely wished to compare..."

"MEN DON'T HAVE THOSE SIZES! I only told you about that stuff because you asked about what dress sizes to buy me! And-"

She cut off, blushing slightly before getting slightly quiet.

"A...Anyway, you should never mention that stuff when describing people, especially girls. Alright?"

"As you request," Owain flashed his hand over his face, taking a stance. "SO IT SHALL BE!"

She stood with her arms crossed in silence while staring at him for a long while. Finally she shook her head.

"You're hopeless." she smiled slightly, then half-turned her head back to Alex, returning to her previous voice.

"You. Girl. Lady. Whatever." she said, scowling. "I don't know if you're his other-realm mom or not, but you're not his parent here. Don't get any bright ideas about ordering him around. I'm the only one who can do that, got it?"

The Fox being began to speak again, and Severa looked at it before finally blinking.

"Woah woah woah. Why's the furry talking thing taking a commanding tone?" she grimaced, moving her arms to her sides. "We'll see how commanding you are when you're flying halfway across-"

"Severa, no!" Owain quickly moved in front of her, holding both hands out. "The beast obviously speaks wisdom, to speak at all! We must obey and heed what it says for now! Surely then we will know the answers we seek!"

"OR it could lead us into a very well-made trap! It's a TALKING FOX, OWAIN! Hell we don't even know anyone here! Why do you suddenly assume it's kind or means the best for us? AND YOU'RE CHOOSING IT OVER ME?"

"No! NEVER!" Owain promised, face stern. "Why would you assume that? No no no. I'm merely taking in what's happening right now and this is our best course of action?"

"Ohhh.... So you're going to become your father then? Mister Tactical Mindset? Fine then, what's the big strategy thing you've got going?"

Owain held out his hands.


"We're in a world we've never seen before."


"We're surrounded by people we've never met."


"We met my female Dad."

"Still weird."

"And the only source of any information whatsoever regarding our current location..."

"Is a talking fox." she finished. "So instead of seeing 'Possible trap laid by an interdimensional beast or dragon, or even Grima' you're seeing,..."

She held up fingers behind her head and took a fawning pose.

"INNOCENT WIDDLE TAWKING FOXXXX... AWWWW..." she stood back up, gritting her teeth. "Are you serious? Owain, we've been in two wars and seen the end of timelines. Not everyone is a pure-hearted angel. There are some serious dastards."

Owain shook his head.

"No, you don't get it, dearest maiden. I'm not saying we should trust the beast."

"Then what?"

"I'm saying if he tries anything.." he whispered, pointing to his blade. "Why do you think we can't take him on? Or any of them?"

Her face was stunned for a moment, but then a smile curled her lips and she kissed him, surprising him so much that he moved back a moment.

"Now you're talking my language." she whispered back, patting his shoulder. "Alright then, fine. We'll go with him for now."

"Very well!" Owain said, brightening up as he hugged her. He turned back to the rest of the group, including the small fox thing, and held out his hands again.

"WE, THE PAIR OF HEROES FROM ANOTHER TIME, shall ASSIST you, small fox beast! We know not your name or your hidden motives but you are all that remains to show us the path! So show it if you will!"

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((This post feels like it's all over the place to me, but at least it's a post?))


“Sit. Hold your position until I state otherwise.”


Cyil quirked an eyebrow at this but did not disobey. It was somewhat insulting for her, the Queen of Valla, to take orders from a half-dressed stranger, but now wasn't the time for saving her pride. Being nobility wouldn't protect her from an attack, nor would it mean anything in this realm. On the contrary, it created more danger for her, as there were bound to be ruffians in this realm who wouldn't mind capturing a foreign royal to demand a ransom. The man in front of her didn't seem like he intended to do that, especially since he had just dropped the only visible weapon he had in order to dress himself, but she could never be too sure.


Logically, she should take advantage of his unarmed and hindered state to kill him, but she preferred not to use violence unless she had to. Besides, he could have useful information or powerful friends. Since he had presented himself as a somewhat reasonable person so far, it would be a waste to end his life, not to mention a horrible repayment for his patience. If things began to go sour she could still just transform and pull a surprise maneuver anyway, so any hostile acts right now would be largely pointless. Another less pleasant reason also emerged in her mind, but before she could fully acknowledge its presence the opportunity had ended.


“Name and occupation, as well as your country or world of origin. I will offer the same in return.”


The man stared into her eyes intently as he said this, and she suddenly realized that they were a very similar shade of red to her own. In fact, though she hadn't realized it earlier, there was something faintly draconic about him. Was it the mark on his head? His clothing? She couldn't pin it down exactly, but something was definitely there. Maybe she'd get some clues when he returned some information about himself, but for now she would answer him truthfully - that is, as truthfully as was safe. She would only provide him what he needed to know, and he didn't need to know that she was royalty.


"My name is Cyil and I am what you would consider a commander. I come from the Kingdom of Valla, a land between Hoshido and Nohr."


It was somewhat difficult to respond in a dignified manner, as the man hadn't told her to get up yet. This exaggerated the difference in their heights to the point that she had to crane her neck uncomfortably far back in order to look at his face, though she supposed that was the intended effect. Let your opponents know your power and be intimidated by it, physically and mentally. Establishing physical control was one of the best ways to do that. However, years of dealing with political leaders and other powerful people had left her used to the height difference people so often abused against her. So, although her position was less than optimal, her voice and demeanor remained calm and assured. If this were a game of wills, she would not show weakness and back down.

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One moment, Solar was trudging through the brown grass of the Paniola Ranch, safe in the knowledge Kain, her owners' Herdier was there. By her side.


The next? Herdier was gone, and the grass was lot greener.


"Kain?! Kain?! Wh-where are you?!" Solar was breathing quicker now, looking around for that familiar brown fur. It wasn't there. No, no, no, where was she?! He'd never leave her behind... would he?




Stormcatcher bellowed at the intern who was fleeing. The idiot! He was supposed to get those papers in yesterday. Not today. He snarled something about lazy interns under his breath. The interns nearby knew better than to tell Stormcatcher they'd heard what he said.


The dark dragon turned, snd stormed out of the room--


And then something tore away at him, as though a part of him was being ripped out. His surroundings changed from the Spire to a field with a destroyed building, and an orange sky.


Thrown off balance due to his sudden size change and the shock of having so much magic drained, he wasn't able to right himself before he stumbled over a piece of debris.


Crack. The lightning dragon landed wing-first, and his left wing twisted in a way that it shouldn't have. Pain shot up his body, originating from the broken wing.


Stormcatcher roared in pain. How?! How?! That shouldn't have happened! That shouldn't... Who DID this?! Draining his power, and now he'd broken his wing thanks to falling because of the power drain. When he found whomever was responsible, they were going to hurt.


He got up, pain shooting out from his wing. Not so immortal... and then he realized the trees were bigger than he rememberd. So he was tiny now, was he?! Whomever did this, they were going to get electrocuted... He was still snarling angrily even once he'd gotten to his feet.

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"I'm Vulpes and this is Arctic."


He listened to everyone introduce themselves, but kept an eye on Arctic as she drew close to Kali and Blossom. "Hi!" Arctic said to the creatures. Vulpes laid down right before the creature -Ascension- told them they had to head north to this Princess Peach mansion right before a dragon came out from the sky!


Vulpes immediately sprang up and stood protectively in front of Arctic again. This dragon seemed like it was beyond angry, then again, a damaged wing could do that to them. Arctic had dived under Vulpes, scared of this other, angrier dragon.




Doey nodded his head at Ascension before slowly easing his hand away from Globbers who immediately hide behind Zoey. Zoey raised an eyebrow at the frightened Reuniclus, now curious about who Doey was exactly. "Hey Ascension," Doey said calmly after the Eevee was done talking. "Maybe I should help talk to Eos, my voice always had the ability to help soothe Pokemon, no matter how angry they were." Zoey narrowed her eyes at the scientist, he was definitely plotting something with his laidback attitude.


The scientists she knew that she had met on her journey were never this laidback and so sure of themselves. She ignored the dragon that was roaring angrily but Doey immediately sprang into action. "Hey there," Doey cooed getting close to this other dragon, getting out one of his Pokeballs. "You have nothing to be upset about. So if you would just calm down, you're kind of scaring a little dragon." Doey was hoping he could soothe this angry dragon with his voice alone. If it retaliated, then his Sceptile would be able to help.

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Stormcatcher narrowed his eyes as the tan creature approached. Cooing? It was cooing at HIM like he was a hatchling?


"Nothing to be upset about? Nothing to be upset about?! How about having your immortality STOLEN?" Stormcatcher was visibly getting more agitated.


He snarled at the tan creature. "And I am AGES old. Beastclan, do. Not. Treat. Me. Like. A. Hatchling." His fins flared in an aggressive display, attempting to intimidate this tan Beastclan-like thing wearing a coat into backing up. Stormcatcher lifted his wings - or tried to. While his right wing lifted to display the mantis claw underneath, pain shot put from his left wing as part of it lifted and the other part flopped and drooped limply.


Stormcatcher snarled. Just great. His tail lashed. He still intended to show it he was a formidable opponent, even with his wing like this.


And then he heard something. He realized there were other creatures here. Some more Beastclannish creatures. Other dragons. And some... that didn't even look like Sorniethian creatures. And he'd been made a fool of in front of them all. He snarled again, eyes flashing.



Roaring caught Solar's attention. She wasn't as alone as she'd thought...


A large Dragon was threatening a group of humans and Pokémon. It seemed to be focused on a man in a lab coat who had a Poké Ball in his hand.


And... it looked a bit like a bug. Ugh, no. No bugs... no bugs... The Torracat backed up a bit.

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Caeldori whinnied a bit at the presence of these other animals, slightly uncomfortable, especially in the presence of a dragon. Not that she didn't think her Mistress could handle them, but they WERE dangerous foes in the air. Where was her rider, though? Was it one of the other humans?

Severa noticed her horse's discomfort and gave a small frown, moving to the steed's side and placing a hand upon her.

"Shush shush... It'll be fine." she murmured, rubbing a hand through the creature's mane. "Fret not, Cael. It will all be alright. I won't let them hurt us."

Owain looked at the rest of the group, appraising each of them in turn - especially the non-human. Two of them were having a very heated debate, a dragon angry at the man in the white clothing. Was that a Sage's robe? Owain had to assume this man knew some form of magic, to wear robes like that. The only others he knew to have ever worn those clothes were his own mother, the mage Laurent, Laurent's mother, Owain's own sister - Morgan, and his very father. Once, his father had delved into magical arts, only to later become a Dread Fighter to combat those very arts - and Owain had followed in his footsteps.

And the power had been... overwhelming. No magic could lay a hand upon him as easily as it had before. Even Grima's own power had been nothing to him. He could stand in Mjolnirs, Bolganones.... he felt nothing. He even felt invigorated.

But the magic of this strange, new world might be something different. He shifted his armor slightly, making sure the Mark of the Exalt on his arm was visible. He was still his mother's son, no matter what, and the son of a fighter who had gone against fate. He was proud of that fact.


Severa rubbed Caeldori's side once more and then lead her over to Owain, holding the reins fast. She herself had been the daughter of a winged heroine, who had been... sickeningly perfect. She trained for years to try and become the greatest. Severa had trained the same, and always had stood in her shadow, unable to overcome that ugly truth - her mother was far beyond her, forever. Even her father, Frederick, had tried to convince her that that wasn't true, but it didn't help - she knew it was.

Until Owain had come along. He had somehow, in that weird way of his - Gods knew how he had done it, even she didn't know - convinced her that she could be an entirely different fighter, no longer competing with her mother for greatest Pegasus flier, but for a new breed of Flier. A Dark Flier.

Thus, Severa had been one of the first to mount the steeds of a new age, Pegasi of a darker fur. Somehow they were stronger, faster than normal mounts. They felt less fear. And Severa's would one day be the mother of many more. And a good mother at that, Severa would be sure.


"Well, do we intervene?" she asked, breaking the silence.

"What do you suggest?"

"We leave this rabble and head to that castle the fox-thing spoke of. How hard can it be to find? Especially in the air." she added, patting Caeldori's side.

"Ah, but the fox thing probably will not move until this is resolved. And it seems he holds all the answers. Thus, we either sit and wait..." Owain held out one hand. "Or we finish it ourselves."

"Who do we side with?"

"The dragon seems to be the injured one, trying desperately to lift a SINGLE wing!" Owain stated firmly. "But the man in the white is a possible magi. That's not a problem for the Magic Eating Owain, though."

"When did you get THAT title?" Severa asked.

"About five seconds ago." Owain grinned, as his passive Resistance flared up more strongly than usual. He moved out into the middle of the two sides, hands barring the paths of both.

"BEHOLD, BEAST AND MAN, FOR I, OWAIN, SHALL SETTLE THIS NONSENSE AT ONCE!" he yelled, over all others, his voice carrying throughout the mansion. "BEHOLD, FOR I CARRY HEALING ITEMS!.... Which are actually pretty useful, believe it or not. WHAT SORT OF DUNGEON HERO WOULD LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THEM!?"

He reached into his bag in plain view of the dragon, ensuring it could see what he was doing at all times. From the depths, he produced a vial of liquid. He tossed it in the air and caught it, presenting it to the dragon.

"THIS, HERE, IS AN ELIXIR, one of the strongest medical potions known to my people, to any people! Though it is not a staff or wand, it is surely just as vital!"

Severa paused, then ran up to him, grabbing his hand.

"You idiot! Are you really going to give one of our only elixirs to THIS thing? Give it a Vulnerary or a Concoction, if anything at all! It's not DYING, it's just wounded!"

"...Fine fine! You are right. We should keep those for later." Owain agreed, nodding his head. He put the bottle back in his bag, then produced a slightly, smaller bottle, holding it out to the dragon.

"Now, great beast, take from me THIS bottle, and trust in me that it is not some form of trick!" Owain flourished his other hand, to emphasize the bottle in his current one. "It shall help HEAL your WOUNDS, to make you able to fight and fly again! But in return, you shall AID us in our quest to discover the truth behind this, for this quest shall assist you as well! Can we not agree that this is a common, JUST CAUSE?!"

He smiled genuinely.

"For, I am sorry to inform you, draconic creature, but you are currently within a realm beyond yours! Surely, you have not seen this place before! And indeed, it is most confusing, even for my wife and I! Worry not, scaled leviathan! FOR I, OWAIN, and my WIFE, SEVERA, shall ASSIST you in discovering..."

He spun in a circle, keeping the bottle safe as he did so, then tossed it in the air and caught it with his other hand as the spin ended.


He stopped his charades, the bottle presented to the dragon.

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Ratchet wathed on in silence as more and more"chosen ones" began to trickle out of the woods and mansion. They all seemed to sorta know each other but every time someone made a claim, someone else would deny it. It was all getting very confusing. Wherever they all came from must have a timeline more ****ed up than the Fongoids. It would probably collapse in on itself.


He lost intrest when an injured dragon and the tan hairless ape began having a pissing contest. He left the conversatio compleatly when another hairless ape stepped in to "take command of the situation". Ratchet rolled his eyes and walked to where the Eevee was standing. He had said that they should head for shelter from the aproaching storm. Was rain different here? It could rain knives for all he knew. He looked down at the little fox thing that he swore allegiance to. He crossed his arms across his chest, "Want me to shoot them? I can shoot them." he said, "That would stop their peeing race". He was ready to get moving, the sky was looking pretty angry and Ratchet was ready to get moving. The faster they solved this planet's crisis, the faster he could get home and look for his best friend.

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Ascension balked at Doey's suggestion. If placation was just as easy as speaking softly to someone, they and he wouldn't be here at this very moment! He set his ears flat against his head and growled.



"Eos is not simply a Pokemon! She is a god, the incarnation of the sun's blight! I'm sorry, but no matter easily much you can sway other Pokemon, Eos is likely to burn you until you're in no better shape than the mansion!"


But his words seemed to fall on deaf ears, and Doey then turned his attention to a great, storm-black dragon that fell from nothing much. The presence of this newcomer made his fur stand on end, but less with his incredible mass and more with the static field seeming to emanate from its body. It seemed to be writhing in malice, but seemed only petulant, not threatening.


No, what was getting to him was the incessant bellowing of some dark-garbed blond playing with bottles and being tugged on by an angry twintail. Worse yet, a tiny droplet against his ear alerted him to the sprinkling preceding the storm. Far off, the clouds were darkening, swallowing up the bright orange in its wake.



"Want me to shoot them? I can shoot them," came Ratchet's voice from nearby. "That would stop their peeing race."


Ascension leaned in his direction and looked up at him sidelong: "When I can better justify it, I'll be sure to let you know. For now..."



He hopped a few times into the clearing and looked back to where the tallest spire of the Princess's castle was just barely visible.



"Everyone who's coming with me, follow my lead. Anyone who gets left behind can group wiiiiith..." He looked them over. He hadn't noticed her before, but there was an elegant elven woman standing austere in the middle of the madness near the mansion. He pitied her; she probably hadn't gotten a word in edgewise. But she at least looked the least ridiculous.

"...the tall woman with the dark skin and long ears. She seems capable. Now! Let's get a move on; the Sun rests for no man or monster!" For all his commanding, he only started off at a slightly brisk walk. Ascension could respect the desire to flee as far away from the blond and his merry band as quick as possible.



((Breaking my posts down to individual posts for each chara (might merge Ike's and Alex's) because I'll be disappearing later on. My people are taking me out to eat for my birthday biggrin.gif))

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As soon as Owain and Severa turned their attention to the dragon that plopped of the sky--AAAAAAAGH MAH GAD IT'S AN ACTUAL DRAGON I'M COMIN' NAGA--and as soon as she realized she wasn't in a good enough position to butt through the two chuckleheads to start charting his biology, she was left in a unique state of stagnation. The energy she was feeling from meeting people she sorta knew was draining from her, and she became uncomfortably aware of how empty and dejected she felt. Why? She...didn't really know. Or, she knew, but didn't want to? That couldn't be the case, surely...


She nervously laced her hand at her chest and turned her body forward to the mansion, her gaze lingering on the shenanigans occurring between this science guy, the dragon, and the cuckoos--




--but her head did catch up with the rest of her. A squeak of surprise escaped her when she met the gaze of the imposing woman standing on the foundation. She couldn't decide what she looked like--a paladin? A halberdier? Maybe a mageknight, but you hardly ever saw those anymore--but whatever she was, Alex got the distinct impression that she miiiiight not want to incur her wrath. She tucked an arm behind her and waved her fingers at the woman.




"Uhh...h-howdy there, fellow adventurer! Whatcha say?"

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After asking her questions, Tyrande did get a reply, although the man who had spoke acted needlessly theatrical and said someting that came down to "I don't know". She still had no idea what was going on.


Then a girl drew closer to them, distracting the other two, who both left as when a dragon appeared out of nowhere. The dragon was rather odd; besides having an unusual coloration, what meant it wasn't part of one of the five big Dragonflights, it had insectoid arms. Was this dragon somehow related to the Old Gods? If that was the case, this could be a second Deathwing. The Dragon Soul has already been destroyed, but maybe it was after an item with similar power? That could mean this was the Cataclysm all over again. But this time with... lightning? She was tempted to just SW: Death it, but she had no direct confirmation this dragon was actually hostile. Although she had yet to see a friendly insectoid.


Then, the girl also walked away, leaving her alone, but before she got to far, the girl turned around, waved and said: "Uhh...h-howdy there, fellow adventurer! Watcha say?"


"I was just wondering where I am, how I got here and how this building collapsed. And, by Elune, tell me that dragon there is not related to the Old Gods in any way." She responded. "But first, let me introduce myself. I am Tyrande Whisperwind, high-priestess of Elune, although for some reason I can't feel her presence here... would you have any idea why that could be?"

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Owain heard the fox-beast speak (somehow, amongst all the chaos but to be fair, he had gotten pretty good at trying to hear everything at once. After all, he was normally the loudest.) and turned to face the direction the fox-beast was going in. He placed the bottle on the ground for the dragon, patting the top.

"Just pop the cork and drink! Easy easy!" he said, nodding pleasantly. "Now if you will excuse my wife and I..."

He grabbed Severa's hand, did a final bow to the dragon, and began to lead her off towards the fox-creature as it spoke.

From what he could gather, it was allowing them a choice between following it, or following the elven woman that had appeared earlier. To be fair, however, the Elven woman seemed just as confused as they were, so why follow the one who had almost no clue what was going on, when you could follow the only source of information? He did the math in his head.

Final Answer: Follow the one who seems to know whats going on.


Severa walked a bit quicker to catch up to him but made no move to release her hand from his (which, may have been surprising to those who were watching), and gave him a small glance.

"Well, you've definitely made an impression." she stated, looking back forward. "Proud?"

"Oh yeah! I would rather be the idiot known by the crowd than the genius hidden to them." Owain replied, added a bit of flourish to his steps. "Still, we've made our mark here."

"So we're following the fox thing? You're sure about this?" Severa asked.

"That's my current idea. Why? Do you have a better one?" he asked with sincerity.

"...Unfortunately no, dammit." Severa cursed, gripping his hand a bit harder with her anger at herself. He noted it but said nothing for a moment.


"Well you've got me and your horse, so you're not alone here." Owain said, trying to ease the situation. "And gods I would have been lost if you hadn't been sent in with me."

"You're right about that!" she quickly agreed. "You probably would have gotten killed by now."

"So fret not, Severa of the Moonlight. I shall always try to stand by your side, to fight with you, in any event, in any battle! And this is but a new adventure for us to face! So stand firm, with excitement! Bolster your heart not with fear but with curiosity and desire to find out more behind this... Twisted Mystery..."

"Is that going to be the title of the book when you write it?" Severa asked, smirking.

"It could be. But I'm sure I can find a much ... cooler one." Owain nodded to himself, pondering.


Caeldori neighed, as hungrily as a horse could, and pressed her nose to Severa's back.

"Oh! ...That's right... She hadn't eaten since we left the castle." Severa remembered, slightly angry at herself for forgetting. "And neither have we."

"FEAR NOT! I have brought rations and delicious foodstuffs which my mother painstakingly prepared with her own hands for our consumption!" Owain assured, holding out a large bag. "Though we may want to divide it into parts for daily use since food here may be scarce."

"Is... any of that stuff even able to be saved like that? What if it rots?"

"It will be fine. I'm certain of it." Owain held up a thumb with his free hand.

"You're really certain of everything, aren't you?" Severa wondered.

"I try to be." Owain began to walk forward even faster, to keep pace with the fox-beast, while Severa could only follow and wonder what was in store.

A whinny from Caeldori echoed her worries.

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Stormcatcher narrowed his eyes at the potion, not recognizing its colour. The other thing? He didn't need help. At least, that was what he thought.


The other Beastclan was now acting like he was a hatchling once again. Just great. And wasting time, too - he wanted answers from the tan one. Not the pink one. Though what had caught his attention was "realm beyond yours". HOW did the Beastclan know this?!


He caught sight of one of the strange creatures moving its jaws, but he couldn't quite make out what sounds it made. Stormcatcher decided it probably wasn't important enough to listen.


He turned back to the Beastclan acting like he was a small hatchling who didn't even know what potioms were - only to discover it was heading towards the fox. The dark dragon growled softly and then snarled at one of the nearest Beastclan-likes still there. "WHAT is this place, Beastclan?! Is this some trick of yours?!"


The sky was an odd orange where clouds didn't cover it, and creatures that looked most like non-sentient Sorniethian creatures seemed to hold enough sway that Beastclans ran after them... the lightning dragon had a feeling this wasn't Sornieth anymore. Besides, he couldn't see any of Sornieth's landmarks - just rubble that didn't look like a building type he knew.


What was this place?! Why didn't he know anything about it?! If Arcanist knew about other worlds when he proposed that... theory, then why hadn't he mentioned this one?


Stormcatcher snarled in frustration, and jerked up his wings as though ready to fly away from all this - and pain shot through the left wing again.






Solar stared warily at the bug-dragon. It was rather agitated. And loud. She heard someone speaking. Turning, she saw a scarred Eevee.


She could take a Eevee any day. But... no bugs. They're disgusting, and the bug dragon is huge. Yeah...


The Torracat decided to follow the Eevee, and headed towards him. If he turned out to be hostile, she was more confident of her chances against him compared to the bug.

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"I was just wondering where I am, how I got here and how this building collapsed." Alex intended on answering her, but her mouth stayed shut as she continued, "And, by Elune, tell me that dragon there is not related to the Old Gods in any way."


She looked at it. Judging by what she could make out, and boy was it agitated, it was a male dragon, average size from her experience, and probably male. Voice distortion in a shifted form had been documented in some books, but she thought she was safe in assuming as much. He had the weirdest mantis claws...like, who puts those on a dragon? But, for Alex, it certainly wasn't hand-feet, so it was fine enough. Hand-feet...she shivered.


Again, her mouth stayed firmly shut. This...was not good. At all.


"But first, let me introduce myself. I am Tyrande Whisperwind, high-priestess of Elune, although for some reason I can't feel her presence here... would you have any idea why that could be?"



Alex didn't know what an "Elune" was. Her ignorance inspired her tongue.



"I don't know what an 'Elune' is...BUT. I do know what Smash-things are!" She motioned out toward the everything and turned in place.


"This place is...ugh, y'know, I don't know what to call it. 'Smash-verse'? 'Smashlandia'? 'Smashtopia'? 'Smashvil'--well, no, that's an actual stage..." She pushed a knuckle under her lip and tilted an eyebrow. Huh. She really didn't know what they called this place! It was a little bit of this, little bit of that...props and stages and lighting and some characters from just about anywhere based on some intangible connections between them...


"Hmmmmmm....yeah, one of those names'll do. ANYWAY," she waved her hands in the air, reconstructing her train of thought. "So, basically, to make a painfully long story short: there's this evil black fox...and he's evil and he's Nix...and there's this purple cat/fox thing called Eos, and it killed that little brown fox thing over there..." She pointed in Ascension's direction, "That's Ascension, by the way--and blah blah blah brought from the dead blah blah blah REVENGE. Ascension's good, the other two are bad, yadda yadda: we play our parts...y'know what I'm sayin'?"


Alex pointed dramatically at the woman.


"And YOU gotta help us!" And as she said that, she set her fists on her hips.



"I'm Alex, and I'm your resident magical girl!"

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Valla. Hoshido. Nohr.


Unlike the term for the candy-colored creatures Valerie had had beside her, these names seemed decidedly more familiar. He had never heard them before, no--but they felt correct, more befitting. Perhaps it was because they were the names of places and not a species. Perhaps the inflections suited his tongue; he didn't know. It was likely a falsely attributed point in her favor for assumed legitimacy, but he could neither deny nor confirm this information. He would keep it in the back of his mind for reference, but it was disposable as far as the situation was concerned.


But he could not--and did not--sway from noticing one tiny, nearly insignificant detail. One that, had the wind not picked up, he may have not noticed until it was too late. Just a bit of hair displacing in a second.



Your ears.



It was difficult to properly veil the sensation in his stomach at this realization. A rattling, sickening sensation, not for what she could be, but because of something deeper, more intrinsic, in his blood and in the fibers of his skin. He could feel it reflecting in his face, as his muscles began to strain in retaliation of his own good sense. There was nothing but anger, a feeling of deception--the desire to hide away from her before she could know what he could be.



But these feelings, too, were shoved away.



Of course you disarmed yourself so easily. The weapon is inside you, concealed where you wouldn't think I'd see it. Clever, but how presumptuous...



"Soren; mage and strategist; from the continent of Tellius."



But he wasn't a fool, He chose not to make a fuss about it; why inspire the ire of a creature that could so easily overpower him in this state? Had he access to magic, it would be no issue: Wind would cut the wings off the Hawks and Ravens; Thunder would rend the scales off of any dragon; Fire would peel the flesh from any Cat, Tiger or Lion. But for what he was and what he could do, Soren was no swordsman, no warrior or soldier. No, instead Soren was a scholar, and he would choose feigned ignorance for now. Observation had lent him enough to deduce that she was not in a mindset to attack without reason, and he could capitalize on her goodwill. Perhaps to the point that, if Ike were to speak with her...


"Where are your weapons? I'll have to confiscate them until you've underwent a due inspection from my commander; in return, I'll allow you to make base here for the time being. As you can see," he held out a hand, tiny pinpricks of clear dotting his pale skin, "there's a storm coming fast, and I doubt you can afford to wander about in the elements."


For all he had seen, he could not properly deduce from what tribe she could hail. Laguz typicall had markings that were on specific body parts, correlating to their species. However, this 'Cyil' woman did not. Just in case, he re-satcheled his tomes and Physic.


"If you choose not to let me locate your arms, then you will leave this area and not return. Any attempts to deceive me will be met with force. Stand, and make your decision."

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The pitter-patter of paws in the grass made Ascension turn his attention to...a cat. One that had explicitly not been there before. Another newcomer, he assumed. But this one was very obviously a Pokemon like himself. He searched the knowledge gathered from the Stars and concluded that she was what was called a "Torracat", from a distant tropical paradise called "Alola". Finally, a kindred spirit, hopefully.


"Hello there, Torracat. If you have a given name, could I know it please? Mine's Ascension; It would make things easier on me and you if you tell me yours."

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Solar looked up. This Eevee seemed friendly enough, so why not humour him? Not like the loud bug dragon-thing... ugh, bugs. And huge. Sure, she liked to fight, but no way could she beat a dragon! Dragon-types resisted Fire, and her other move... yeccchhh, no. It was a LAST resort.


And there were all sorts of humans here. A lot of them wore odd clothes, and one had dark purplish skin. The scientist creeped her out to look at for some reason, but the others were just interesting. Some had odd weapons on them, which she made a mental note of.


And there was an odd orange creature. It looked like a human, but also like a Pokémon. Some odd sort of Pokémon, at any rate.


And then there was the orange sky. It was being blocked out by a storm right now, but... it shouldn't be orange with the sun this high, should it?


"My name is Solar. Erm... nice to meet you. I kinda have some questions... Why are there so many humans here, what is this place and its orange sky, and what's with the bug dragon and the orange thing? They don't look like any Pokémon I know. And... uh, have you seen a Herdier named Kain? I was with him, and then I'm here and he's disappeared..."

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Ratchet gazed up at the drkening sky with a frown. He was used to getting wet, he was just happy to see that this was the kind of rain to only get him wet. He had visited planets where it rained a highly corrosive acid and another where it rained diamonds. In the distance, Ratchet could see the towers of what he could only assume to be their destination. At this rate, the storm would catch up to them. The nonsense wiith the superiority contest behind them had put them behind. He thoguht about calling Aphileon but she would only fit two people. Three if someone sat on someone's lap. The storm was making him nervious though. He didn't need to be in a strange place and have a wrecked ship.


Rathet was walking along beside Ascension and looked over his shoulder. Following was a few of the apes, including the one with white hair, the pair of wing beasts, and now a strange red and black cat. Ratchet had another option to get their faster if the others could keep up. He glanced at the Eevee, "if you jump on my back I can get us there faster." he said, "But...I can't carry everyone"







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"Elune is the Moon Godess, the Night Warrior, the One True God of Azeroth. She has chosen me as her High Priestess, granting me great powers and prominent leadership over the night elves. Besides that, I'm also the former general of the night elf sentinels."


Although this time she did get answers on her questions, Tyrande did wonder if everything was exactly... right in the head of this girl. She had seen many, many people in the thousands of years she's lived, but, besides children, none of them behaved this oddly. But, at last, this curious young lady did seem to know what she was talking about. To a certain degree.


"So none of this has anything to do with the Old Gods?" Tyrande was relieved at this realization. If it didn't have anything to do with the Old Gods, it couldn't be that bad.


"So I assume this building was destroyed by one of those foxes? Then one of my questions still lasts: How did I get here? And a new one: Why is it so important that these foxes are defeated? If it's some personal grudge of that small fox over there, I really don't have the time for this."

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