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The Eternally Guilty Sun: Revival

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The Eternally Guilty Sun: A Smash Bros. RP





The Sun, she is “Eternally Guilty”

Aeons before in a blood-stained past lies her darkest secret


The Moon, he is so Cruel

As the aeons tore him when he once dared to hope


The aeons destroyed them and called them

The World’s dark past comes to an endless light


Neverending is the night

So now the day dies...



Long ago, in a time forgotten to mortals, there lived three siblings.


The eldest was an Umbreon, and claimed dominion over the night.


The middle was an Espeon, and the day was when she called home.


The youngest was an Eevee, and he was the Stars’ favored child, given the blessings of nature to craft his form around at will.



The people of the world feared the eldest brother, for his frigid nights were dark and fetid with monsters. The feared the sister, for her dawns brought the scorn of light and the scouring of earth below. But in the shade of contempt, the people showered love and affection upon the youngest brother, who could bring them warmth and coolness, rain and growth.


In light of this, a consuming jealousy began to writhe and stew inside the two elder siblings’ hearts. While the Umbreon was wise enough to conceal his feelings, the Espeon acted despite hers. The Espeon called upon the power of her sun, crafting a spear of celestial power and impaling the Eevee with it. As her brother lay dying, his blood flowed and stained her fur...for eternity. The Umbreon came upon this sight, and was blinded with rage, and thusly struck down his equal and stained himself with her blood.


Even in death, the Espeon would not forget these transgressions. The Umbreon had laid a curse upon her head, that she would be “Eternally Guilty”. But the Moon would not escape unscathed...



Fast forward three thousand years. The 4th Annual Smash Bros. Tournament has just ended, and the arrival of an ethereal Sylveon harkens the bestowment of “The Tale of the Three Siblings”, and a warning for all those present to hear it. Many there don’t believe it, dispelling the notion of prophecy. But soon, a mysterious Umbreon appears, and uses his power of the Moon to destroy the Smash Mansion in one fell swoop. The bridge between the heroes’ homes is likewise shattered, and denizens of their worlds and outside are being dragged into the fray by the Cruel Moon.


To make matters worse, the Sun has risen from the dead, guilty and changed.


But so has Ascension, the beloved of the Stars. And he has a mission.

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Plot and Details


3000 years have passed, and Eos and Nix, the Espeon and Umbreon, have returned.


The Moon wants you dead, and he’s gonna do whatever it takes to get you there. Heroes and villains alike must ally, working together to solve the mystery of the prophecy before time runs out. The catch? It’s the Winter Solstice, and you only have until the Vernal Equinox.


The Guilty Sun seeks to right the wrongs of the past, but it won’t be easy. Not when those who once regarded her as a god now see a monster before them. And not when you’re fated to kill her.


You, led by Ascension, the youngest sibling, have to destroy the Sun and the Moon before the world can be at peace...and before you can return home.







The Smash World is all the Nintendo game universes combined. One area might be Mario-type land, another with stages from the Mother series, and another area like that of Fire Emblem. The major in-game landmarks do exist (dependent on series), and each area is separated by ocean. Each game world is on islands.


The area around Smashville has rolling hills, surrounding a plain. Smashville was in the shadow of the tallest hill.



Rules (Updated)


- No power plays

- DC Forums and Freeform RPs rules apply

- Keep things PG-13.

- Only canon romances are allowed. Please keep the romance subtle. Keep in mind that most characters are cross-dimensional, as well.

- Use good grammar, please. Nothing is worse than combing through an unreadable mess.

- NO chatspeak. Or 1337speak.

- No Sues or Stus. I will be keeping tabs on everyone, and if you're grabbing weapons/utensils out of thin air, or can just craft things with nothing but sweat and tears, I'm going to take issue with that. I understand some characters are more adept at things than others, but you shouldn't be able to conveniently solve a problem whenever they arise.

- Post forms in OOC thread.

- Do not start till I say you can.

- 3 posts per user per day at maximum, UNLESS yours and another character are just talking together. People have lives outside DC. (Including your GM. xP)

- Please post at least 5 sentences per post.



--- Who Can You Play?---


-Smasher - playable character in any Smash game. Color variants are allowed, but I only want 1 of each Smasher running around, please and thank you. Eg: Marth, White Charizard, Duck Hunt Duo.

-OC from a universe that appers in Smash Bros, either as an assist trophy or playable character, or stage. Eg: Dusky the Flareon, Xena the Zora, Lucas the Koopa Troopa

-Canon character who is not playable in Smash, and comes from a universe that appears there. Eg: Aerith, Isaac, Blinky

- =NEW!= Any character/OC from outside Nintendo/Smash lore. THIS IS LIMITED TO VIDEOGAMES ONLY.



---About Inactivity---


-If you go a week without posting in either the OOC or IC, OR you do not let me (Sugar-Free) know that you'll be on hiatus, you will be considered inactive. You characters will be open to be NPC'd or ignored, and the story will move without you.


-If you are inactive for a month and you do not let me know, your characters will be mod-killed or captured. Too often do RPs die due to one person being unable/unwilling to post, and while I understand the circumstances of life upending the dedications of a forum (indeed, life DOES take precedence!), just...let me know.


-If you tell me that you'll be on hiatus, they'll be NPC'd (with your permission), or simply kept in the background while the story commences. Please, don't be afraid to tell me if you want to drop either!



--Banners and Such--


user posted image

Courtesy of Silverphoenixx


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Current Taken Roster Characters






Current Taken Franchise Characters

Gym Leader Valerie (Pokémon)

Soren (Fire Emblem)

Kali (Pokémon)

Blossom (Pokémon)

Severa (Fire Emblem)

Owain (Fire Emblem)

Reshiram (Pokemon)


Current Taken/OC Non-Nintendo/Smash Characters

Shawn Frost (Inazuma Eleven)

Tyrande (WoW/Hearthstone)

Solar (Pokemon; OC [Torracat])

Stormcatcher (Flight Rising)

Lightweaver (Flight Rising)

Tidelord (Flight Rising)

Xker (Spore: GA; OC)

Toothless (HTTYD)

Aine (Summoner; Fire Emblem)

Leon (Rune Factory)

Dylas (Rune Factory)

Lu (Elsword)

Ciel (Elsword)




Character Forms: Please Submit in OOC


Canon (Canonical character in Smash Bros/Franchise Character/Video Game Character)























Characters: Sorted By Forum Names







Name: Ascension

Universe: Pokémon

Gender: Male

Species: Eevee (can evolve into Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, or Glaceon at will)

Appearance: Your average Eevee/Flareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon/Glaceon with a massive scar on his face that looks like a claw mark, and round scars on his chest and back where the celestial energy spear entered and exited him.

Personality: Ascension can act cheerful and trusting, but don't be fooled into thinking he is naïve--being dead for three thousand years leaves you aged beyond your years. Ascension hates someone who breaks a promise or betrays others, and reacts quite violently to those actions.

History: Over 3000 years ago, he was the youngest and the favored of three siblings. He often aided all those around him, eternally happy to lend a paw with power the Stars granted him, until his elder sister killed him.


In the land of the dead, he soon was forced to learn how to battle to defend himself. Despite the gloom, he managed to hold on to hope he could help someone for all the tine he was dead.

Eventually, he returned from the dead, to learn he would have to kill his siblings to stop them. But he'd stopped caring about them in the land of the dead - now he was angry at them.


Abilities/Weapons: Knows the moves Baby-Doll Eyes, Swift, Sand-Attack, and Tackle. Can evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon or Glaceon at will, but he can only hold it for one hour, after which he devolves back into Eevee and cannot evolve again for 1 day.

-Flareon: Fire Fang, Dig, Ember, Will-O-Wisp

-Jolteon: Rain Dance, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Bite

-Vaporeon: Scald, Protect, Acid Armor, Wish

-Glaceon: Ice Shard, Frost Breath, Hidden Power, Iron Tail


He has the normal ability in all forms. In Eevee form, his ability is Adaptability.




Name: Alex (Robin/FeMU; after-story)

Universe: Fire Emblem (Awakening)

Gender: Female

Species: Human...sorta-kinda.

Appearance: Link Here

Alex stands at 5’3”, is a brunette, with shoulder-length, slightly unruly hair. Under her bangs is a circlet upon her forehead. Her eyes are narrow and a little tired looking, and they are a teal color. Her ears are pierced with ornate studs with black pearls sets. Over her plain white cotton blouse, she wears a black robe with a hood, trimmed in golden braids and lined with maroon, with the image of the Grimleal adorning the heavy-cuffed sleeves and back. A buckled fauld draped with black and gold hangs from her waist, and her seamed white pants tuck into high-finned boots.


Personality: Alex is the honorary tactician of the group of royal knight-mercs called the Shepherds. Once a vessel for the insidious return of Grima, the dragon composed of the bodies/souls of the Earth Dragons who had fallen at the Dragon’s Altar, she has felled and been fallen by her own hand and resurrected by the mere will of the cosmos. For all the nonsense she’s endured, she’s come out more or less the same, if not a lot more social. Before, in a life she did not remember, she was empty and lifeless, acting only as the pawn she was raised to be. After being found by Chrom and company and having her memories wiped, she grew quite comfortable in their camaraderie, and their jolliness and hope towards the future reflected in her.


She’s quite smart, being able to outwit most of the best in wargames, and is a lover of high fantasy and astronomy. However, she is often held back by pangs of insignificance, and can doubt her choices to the point of panic. However, when those she loves are threatened, she’ll break though her hesitation and smite her foes with her personal Wind Tome, Cereal Killer.


Her first crush was the Hero-King Marth, and he is the man who inspired her fascination with dragons with stories of his interactions with Tiki and Xane, the former of which she was starry-eyed to meet in person. Even after dedicating her love to the gentle monk Libra, she still finds herself doodling him idly on her napkins and sketchpads (under sweet Libra’s tutelage, of course.)


Her love of pretty men is shameless. In her history, she went down as "Captain and Tactician of the Bishie Brigade".


Abilities/Weapons: A personal Wind tome named Cereal Killer. Yes, it’s ridiculous. She also has two other tomes, an old Wind tome called Forsety that she’s half scared to use and Meteor, a long-range Fire Tome. She carries a personal Levin Sword called Ilyana (or in bouts of frustration, Useless) and a three-bundle of vulneraries (healing potions of sorts.)


Her skills are (simplified for RP):

Ignis: In a pinch, doubles either Magic or Strength.

Solidarity: Better crits/crit avoidance when alone.

Swordbreaker: Extra damage to swordsmen.

Tomefaire: Magic is strengthened while holding a Tome.

Galeforce: Once per fight, may strike an enemy, move, and strike again/another, when they otherwise could not.

Imbue: This unit gets a "second wind" upon being first bloodied. Magic spirits imbue this unit and heal their wounds.




Name: Soren

Universe: Fire Emblem (Radiant Dawn)


Species: Branded (Human/Black Dragon Laguz)

Appearance: Link Here

Personality: Soren is an occasionally cold and blunt young man. Persecuted as a child for his mixed bloodline by both beorc (humans) and laguz (shape-shifting humanoids), his view of the people and the world has become jaded and cynical. Though his heart has softened over time, he is still somewhat biased toward the laguz and beorc alike.


He tends to be high-strung, and can act out in bursts of anger or cynicism. His remarkable intelligence and insight leads him to operate on logic alone, and values efficiency and probabilities over the circumstances and feelings of others. He will even go as far to suggest ignoring those in need if it hinders him and his comrades.


He dislikes reckless behavior, loud speaking, and being interrupted. He enjoys studying and formulating tactics, and has devoted his life to his best and only friend, Ike.


History: Born from the ill-fated union of a mad king and a wayward Dragon laguz (though this remains unknown to him even now), he was raised by a woman who raised him only out of duty: she harried him with harsh words and scorn. Around four years of age, the woman, half-mad with relief, sent him off with an elderly Sage who taught him in the ways of magic. He had mistook Soren as a Spirit Charmer--one who is said to be imbued with great magical talent by way of an ethereal spirit inhabiting their body.


The old sage soon died, and Soren sought succor across the land, finding nothing but hate and ignorance from both sides of his blood. He did not know the mark on his head, the Mark of the Branded, damned him in their eyes and in the eyes of their god, Ashera--it was the ultimate taboo. While extremely literate in both writing and reading and understanding, he could not speak; he had never had the means or need to, and so he wandered alone and on the verge of death, unable to communicate.


One day, a young blue-haired boy named Ike found him and fed him his lunch, promising to do so again. When he did not come the next day, he looked at the compound where he dwelled, and found a massacre. He did not find Ike in the wreckage, and so assumed he was alive and sought refuge in a church, where he was versed in speech and other necessities. Years later, he found Ike working for his father's mercenary group, and has been inseparable from him since.


In his history, he was remembered as "The Silent Master of Winds."


Abilities/Weapons: He has three tomes: a personal Wind tome christened Caesura, a Rexcalibur Wind Tome, and a Bolganone Fire Tome. He carries two staves: Physic (long range medium healing) and Mend (close single high healing). He has an Elixir (complete healing, 3 uses).


Soren's skills are (simplified for RP):

Flare: Once per fight, negates Magic Resistance (incl. Sp. Def); target is partially blinded.

Adept: This unit's experience allows them to strike more than once when needed.

Solidarity: Better crit/crit avoidance when alone.

Countermagic: Any elemental attacks against this unit take small counter-damage.

Tactical Advice: When this unit supports another (defends, attacks with), the supportee gains defense.

Beastfoe: This unit does extra damage to beast-type enemies.


Other: When Soren supports Ike, all of Soren's skills are boosted.




Name: Ike

Universe: Fire Emblem (Radiant Dawn)

Gender: Male

Species: Beorc (human)

Appearance: Link Here

Personality: Ike is well-known across his homeland for his kindness and amiability. Easygoing and quick to make friends, Ike is a highly sociable and warm person...if, albeit, lacking in tact at times. Raised by his father to be noble and accepting of all manner of people, he is respected and spoken fondly of by both the beorc and laguz.


He’s a very down-to-earth man, with a no-nonsense approach to everything concerning his life and his responsibilities. His rural upbringing can make him seem blunt to the point of unintentional rudeness, and he’s not afraid to voice his opinion, but he’s quick to retract any insensitivities with humbleness and understanding. Ike values the wisdom of those more experienced than himself, and he is willing to listen and learn about subjects that he is sorely uninformed on. His natural charisma and sense of camaraderie make him a born leader.


Ike dislikes ignorance and egoism, royal affairs, and childishness. He loves eating (especially meat and spicy foods), birds, and intelligence. He especially adulates the eloquence and intellect of his closest and best friend Soren, keeping him by his side at all times and trusting him with a great part of his management duties (including map-reading, sending letters, finances, tactics, army management, etc...)


In his history, he was remembered as "The Hero of Blue Flames"


Abilities/Weapons: Ike carries with him still the blessed blade Ragnell, twin of Alondite. The sword still brims with the flames of Chaos bestowed upon it by Yune, and is entirely impervious to wear. As it is the only weapon befitting of him, it is the only one he wields. Ragnell is capable of long-distance attacks by way of bursts of blue shockwaves. He also carries a three-pack Concoction (high single healing).


He also has a self-defense dagger on his thigh, mostly used for slicing fruit or whatnot.


Ike’s skills are (simplified for RP):

Aether: The combined skill of Sol and Luna. Once per battle, this unit deals two savage blows at once—the first draining life from the enemy, the second negating the enemy’s Defense.

Nihil: This unit cannot be harmed by special statuses (sleep, poison, etc.)

Divine Retribution: When this unit is first attacked, the enemy will take major counter damage.

Tomebreaker: Extra damage to magic entities.

Heavy Blade: Enemies struck by this unit may become paralyzed. Low health/low level enemies will be instantly killed.

Pavise: This unit takes half damage from melee weapons.


Other: When Ike supports Soren, all of Ike's skills are boosted.




Name: Dylas

Universe: Rune Factory

Gender: Male

Species: Guardian (Horse)

Appearance: Link Here

Personality: Dylas is an especially angry sort of person. He tends to be avoidant of people and has the tendency to lash out at anyone who gets on his nerves. Being something of a chronological castaway, he is displaced from his original time; because of this, alongside the events that placed him in that situation, he is difficult to make friends with and prefers be be alone.


Despite this, Dylas is gentle and kind to those he becomes close to, though few and far between they are. For the people he cares about, he's more likely to drop the frigid, dismissive façade...if not to quickly reconstruct it with a flourish of embarrassment. He has a fondness for sashimi, milk porridge, and carrots...but just don't make any horse puns about it.


Abilities/Weapons: Dylas wields a set of bladed gauntlets called Bazal Katar. Along with this, he is naturally inclined toward Thunder magic, and can empower his gauntlets with electricity. Otherwise, he can use this inclination to cast Thunder magic, and he has access to the Rune Ability: Neko Damashi (hits an enemy so suddenly and with such strength that they are temporarily paralyzed.)







Name: Valerie

Universe: Pokémon

Gender: Female

Species: Furry Human

Appearance: This Picture

Personality: She is very warm and gentle, with a big love for pokémon. However, as the Laverre City gym leader, she won't let you win easily in a battle.

Abilities/Weapons: She has a Sylveon and a Spritzee (she also has a Mawile and a Mr. Mime but I'm limiting it to what she's shown to use in-battle in the anime)


Sylveon's moveset:

- Disarming Voice

- Fairy Wind

- Giga Impact

- Hyper Voice


Sylveon's ability is shown to be Cute Charm, which has a 30% of inducing Attract on an opponent when it hits Sylveon with an attack that requires physical contact.


Spritzee's moveset:

- Dazzling Gleam

- Trick Room

- Gyro Ball

- Moonblast.


Its ability isn't shown, but given the fact that Sylveon doesn't have it's hidden ability Pixilate, I'd assume Spritzee also doesn't have it's hidden ability, thus giving it the ability Healer, which for the sake of the RP heals any single ally a bit when Spritzee attacks.


Mr. Mime

Ability: Soundproof (would make him immune to anything based around sound in this RP, so no imitating him with a loud growl, or distracting him with a big explosion, or damaging him with a sonic boom or anything)


- Light Screen (reduces damage taken from attacks revolving around magic)

- Reflect (reduces physical damage taken, also works with earthquakes and thrown/launched/shot objects)

- Psychic (let's be honest, we all know what this move does)

- Dazzling Gleam (cuz it's still a pokémon of valerie xd.png)



Ability: Hyper Cutter (Nothing can decrease this pokémon's attack power, other than this pokémon itself)


- Feint Attack (does very little damage, but cannot be dodged)

- Crunch (kinda obvious - just keep in mind Mawile does this with the mouth on the back of its head, rather than the one on its face)

- Iron Defense (raises the pokémon's defense)

- Non-canon 4th move: Flash Cannon


Furthermore Valerie is able to talk with fairy type pokémon.





Name: Kali

Universe: Pokémon

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Picture!

Personality: Mostly loyal towards Valerie, but Kali is more likely to make decisions on her own from time to time. Just like Valerie, Kali seeks beauty in pokémon battles.

Abilities/Weapons: Kali has a Dedenne and an Azumarill. Due to lack of information online, I've assumed their abilities to be Cheek Pouch and Thick Fat.



Ability: Cheek Pouch (restores a bit of health whenever this Pokémon eats a berry)


- Charge Beam

- Volt Switch

- Rest

- Snore



Ability: Thick Fat (halves damage taken from attacks based around fire and ice)


- Aqua Ring

- Double Edge

- Rain Dance

- Aqua Tail




Name: Blossom

Universe: Pokémon

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: The middle girl. The one on the right is Katherine and the one on the left is Linnea.

Personality: Very loyal to Valerie. The fact that pokémon can get mad sometimes is part of why she likes them.

Abilities/Weapons: She has a Klefki, a Kirlia and a Granbull.



Ability: Prankster (status moves can be used faster)


- Imprison

- Torment

- Mirror Shot

- Foul Play



Ability: Synchronize (any status condition applied to this pokémon will also be passed on to the one who inflicted it)


- Psychic

- Calm Mind



Ability: Quick Feet (this pokemon is faster when it has a status condition)


- Lick

- Headbutt

- Rage




Name: Shawn Frost

Universe: Inazuma Eleven

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Appearance: Picture! In his merged form his eyes turn yellow and his hair gets a lot messier.

Personality: He is a very calm and caring person, but after being in battle for a while, his older brother, who has passed away, will take control, and he only cares about winning the fight. When the fight is over Shawn will turn back normal.


Normal form:

- Cyclone: Blows a single enemy away a few feet.

- Coil Turn: Confuses a single enemy by spinning around them in circles.

- Land of Ice: Temporarily freezes an enemy. If said enemy was holding a football, it will go to Shawn.


Merged form:

- Aurora Dribble: The user summons an Aurora Borealis in the sky to distract an opponent, so the user can get behind them.

- Land of Ice: Same as above.

- Eternal Blizzard: Shoots the ball with a great force and sends a blizzard coming after it. Deals ice based damage to all enemies in a straight line, but it can be stopped while going.



Final Form:

- Aurora Dribble

- Land of Ice

- Eternal Blizzard

- Legendary Wolf: This one's quite a bit more powerful than Eternal Blizzard, but it just deals neutral damage (Looks like this.)



In addition to this, he will have to retrieve his ball after shooting it.




Name: Tyrande Whisperwind

Universe: Hearthstone/World of Warcraft

Gender: Female

Species: Night Elf

Appearance: Artwork from Hearthstone

Personality: She's a kind person to people she trusts, but also very brave and righteous. Although she is a High Priestess of Elune, she doesn't consider herself as very special and she cares for nature pretty much. The latter is both because she's a night elf, and because her husband is a druid. Or rather, Malfurion Stormrage, the first druid in the Warcraft universe.

Abilities/Weapons: While working on this, I decided to just give her a few abilities, certainly based on some of my favorite HS cards, but less complicated, more limited (I noticed how having 16 distinct skills can be quite broken in this company...), and more RP-centered than my initial idea. I'm converting mana cost into cooldown (the other way around is what's actually done when creating the spells) and cooldown into how often the ability can be use per battle.


- Silence: Debuffs a single target, but also takes away curses and negative status effects, like burn, freeze, etc. Can be used 4 times per battle.

- Shadow Word: Pain: Destroys a weak enemy. Does not work on important characters. Can be used 3 times per battle.

- Shadow Word: Death: Destroys a strong enemy. Does not work on important characters. Can be used 2 times per battle.

- Power Word: Tentacles: Gives a character a minor attack buff and a major defense buff. And tentacles. Can be used 2 times per battle.

- Holy Nova: Deals a bit of damage to all enemies, and restores a bit of health to all friendly characters. Can be used 2 times per battle.

- Mind Control: Takes control of a single enemy. Does not work on important characters. Can be used only once in the entire RP.

-Lesser Heal: Heals a character a little bit. Can be used once per post. (Can't be used on the same character twice in a row.)







Name: Cyil

Universe: Fire Emblem Fates (Revelation)

Gender: Female

Species: Manakete

Appearance: Cyil is relatively short, barely standing a few inches over five feet. She has slightly messy black hair that waves slightly as it reaches her waist, held back by a headband. During most outings, she wears a black shirt under a set of segmented silver armor along with a conspicuous lack of footwear. A clip on said armor holds a piece of cloth that connects to a nearly ankle-length blue cape.

Personality: Although Cyil appears to be nice enough at first glance, she is actually relatively reserved and somewhat of a loner. The war she waged against Anankos didn't help much, nor did the new responsibilities that came with being the ruler of Valla. Although delegation lessened much of the burden, her nature made many of the ceremonies and public speeches quite tiring. On the battlefield, she manages to shed off these worries and truly come alive. Instead of dedicating her mind towards fitting meetings into timeslots, she turns it towards analyzing her opponents. This allows her to find weak spots quite easily and utilize them to her advantage. She has a slight tendency to run from her problems and can become somewhat hostile when confronted. In addition to this, she also has a habit of keeping her emotions to herself and retaining a polite, friendly exterior regardless of what she really feels. These emotions can sometimes manifest themselves in powerful bursts, but she always quickly calms down and acts as if the outbursts never happened.


Cyil wields the Omega Yato, the fully awakened form of the divine blade, Yato. While she carries the Yato, even if she's storing it in a holster, it grants her increased strength, speed, defense, and resistance. In addition to the Yato, she wears a bracelet on her left and right wrists, containing a Dragonstone and Dragonstone+ respectively. These stones allow her to transform into a dragon form, although if they are somehow removed or broken she will lose control of her dragon form. In addition to these items, she carries a forged Thunder tome and a Ragnarok tome. Due to having draconic blood, she is able to activate Dragon Veins. She is also able to control water.


Skills (slightly adapted to RP):

Dragon Fang - Deals extra damage on attack

Dragon Ward - Nearby allies take half damage

Nohrian Trust - Can use other unit's skills when fighting alongside them

Hoshidan Unity - Strengthens all triggered skills

Renewal - Restores some HP over time

Draconic Hex - Weakens enemies after battle




Name: Aine (FE Heroes Summoner)

Universe: Fire Emblem Heroes

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Although originally from the "modern world", Aine has since adopted the white-gold garb of Askr. Underneath her embroidered robes, she wears an asymmetrical blue shirt decorated with gold lining and buttons. A brown and blue leather belt atop said shirt holds a long sash on her left hip in place. Her boots are of the same leather as her belt, though the cuts in front reveal navy blue fabric. Her hair is black, and she has brown eyes.

Personality: Aine is bold, opinionated, and not afraid to let you know it. Although usually quite amiable, she can get quite animated when discussing things she cares about. She's the kind of person whose mind is always working, be it on pancakes or politics. It can therefore be a little difficult to keep up with her sometimes, and her impatience doesn't help. She can occasionally seem careless to the point of annoyance, but she has an unparalleled memory when she puts her mind to it. She's somewhat of a jokester, especially when something involves puns. You could say it's a pun-ishment she inflicts on those who dare talk to her.

History: Aine was previously a mundane internet-loving human who lived in the "modern world". However, when she was summoned into the Fire Emblem Heroes universe by a red-haired warrior named Anna, she found herself unable to return to her past life. Her introduction to this new universe was cut short by a sudden attack, which she later learned was initiated by the Emblian Empire.


When the attackers had been successfully dispatched with the aid of a hero Aine suddenly summoned, Anna explained the reasons for the Emblian Empire's attack and Aine's surprising new ability. It turned out that the Emblian Empire had been invading various worlds with the intent of enslaving the various heroes within them. The Askran Empire, which Anna sided with, wished to prevent this from happening and believed that heroes should live free. In fact, they even had an organization called the Order of Heroes whose specific purpose was to combat the Emblian Empire.


Later, Aine was graced with the opportunity to meet the royalty of Askr, Alfonse and Shareena. She also learned that Anna was the commander of the Order of Heroes, whose members included the royal siblings. Due to being the only person in the realm who could summon heroes, she was offered a position in the Order as the official tactician and summoner. Of course, she accepted and has been fighting with them ever since.


Abilities/Weapons: Carries the Breidablik, a sacred relic that allows her to summon heroes, however it is largely useless in the Smashlands due to the lack of orbs. It is also unknown whether or not the summoning function works in the Smash realm, but it likely doesn't. She carries a phone, but it has long since run out of charge and is more of a trinket than anything else.


She's a surprisingly good cook and artist, but not much else, although she is a quick learner. Despite carrying a rather well-crafted and ornate dagger on her belt, she has no combat training whatsoever and is pretty weak. Her tactics are nothing to scoff at, but her relative inexperience makes her far from an expert.







Name: Owain, son of Ryuki (Robin) and Lissa.

Universe: Fire Emblem (Awakening)

Gender: Male

Species: Human, Half-Dragon.

Appearance: This dorky swordsman is adorned with the blonde hair of his father. He wears a darkened armor set, having ascended to being a Dread Fighter in order to be the magic devouring hero he always wanted to be. After all, his sword hand twitches!

Personality: Owain is the iconic Chuunibyou of his universe. After seeing the heroic acts of his father and mother inspire the armies of his dark and doomed future, Owain decided he had to become that model child - and he did.


He has no hesitation in yelling out random skill names, quotes, or other things that come to mind. He also names every weapon he possesses, and OTHER people possess, if they allow it - especially Severa's.


He doesn't tolerate evil actions.


Abilities/Weapons: He bears two swords, switching out as need be - a killing edge named Mystletainn, which increases attack speed and critical strike at the cost of reduced damage, and a Brave Sword named Solas, which increases damage to a high degree and allows him to deal heavier strikes with increased attack speed but are more easily expected (the sword is fairly large.)


He bears a tome on his waist that was given to him by his father, a spell known as Nosferatu. If it is used rather than either of his swords, it does far less damage but heals him for the damage done, meaning he normally only uses it in dire situations. It also takes a moment for him to cast.


Owain's Skills:

All-terrain: Owain is much stronger when he is on the ground, controlling the battlefield with his sword skills.

Galeforce: Inherited from his mother. For the sake of this RP, simply allows him to strike more often than most. Every attack deals a second attack behind it, propelled by the wind, the following attack dealing no elemental damage. In Fury Stance, this skill is changed. (See Below.)

Gains more damage if Severa is near him, as this is their combination attack. Severa will deal the Galeforce strike rather than the wind.

Miracle: Inherited from his mother. Allows him to survive one, heavy damage attack if he wasn't already weakened. Does not affect Severa if she is attacked instead.

Ignis: Inherited from his father. Allows him to deal a medium amount of damage more than normal. See Robin (Sugar-Free) for details. Gains bonus damage percentages if Severa is far away.

Resistance: Gained from being a Dread Fighter. Gives him more resistance to magic-based attacks. Stronger if Severa is not close by.

Astra: Gained from his years as a Swordsmaster. He can choose to attack five times in succession for less damage. For the sake of this RP, those attacks may be dodged or countered. Extremely dangerous if Mystletainn is equipped when used, as the attacks can crit.


As for stances, Solas and Mystletainn can be Brave Stance, Mystletainn is Fury Stance. These were named by Owain himself.



Brave Stance (Solas and Mystletainn): Owain takes on a more defensive pose to protect himself and Severa, increasing the powers of Resistance and strength of Miracle but removing his ability to use Astra (since a Brave Sword using four Astras would end all mankind). He uses this stance in order to get a better grip on the battlefield, protecting his wife with every ounce of his force.

Aggressive Stance(Solas Only): Owain takes on a bit more of an aggressive posture, choosing offense over defense, though not to the extent of Fury Stance. He gains a half-damage Astra, Resistance gains a bit of defense, Miracle heals for a moderate health if he survives an attack, Galeforce hits for a bit more damage, and Ignis deals a moderate amount of damage.

Basically, Defense Down. Attack Up.

Fury Stance (Mystletainn Only): Owain allows his sword arm to take full control, the Brand of the Exalt turning red from the blue of Brave Stance. The draconic blood within him grips him and enrages him into a berserker frenzy. He gains Astra as an ability but loses quite a bit of the strength of Resistance and Miracle saves him for less health, making him extremely weak to attacks but able to give out stronger blows. Galeforce is followed by a strike with a draconic claw, grabbing foes for further strikes. Ignis becomes empowered as well. Switching out of this stance is not easy, and drains Owain greatly following the battle. It is his last ditch effort, and even Severa cannot quiet his frenzy without great effort. As such, it will not be seen unless in a dire state, and Owain will normally try to use Nosferatu before then.

Mystletainn can be used in Brave Stance without explicitly going into Fury Stance, but Solas cannot be used in Fury Stance. This is to prevent four attacks of Ignis or Astra with fury abilities.




Name: Severa, daughter of Frederick and Cordelia.

Universe: Fire Emblem Awakening

Gender: Female

Species: Human, Half-Dragon.

Appearance: Tall, and beautiful, even in the midst of battle. She wears her black hair tied up in twintails. She rides upon a darkened pegasus named Caeldori. Her armor is dark, quite like her husband's.

Personality: Tsundere, to a T. A tsunderestorm, if you will. Due to her mother's absence and promise to return, Severa became extremely worried and finally certain that it was her weakness that made her mother die, but also that her mother was a fool for leaving her. Infuriated at herself and Cordelia, she became extremely blunt and closed off, not allowing anyone to see her true self... Until Owain came around.

Abilities/Weapons: She is a Dark Flier. She bears a lance known as Lunis. Sister to Owain's sword, Lunis is a spear forged from a blade that Severa once carried when she was a hero. Similar to Solas, Lunis is a quick, dangerous lance which deals penetrating blows to the unexpecting, like a bird from the sky.


She also bears a tome of Mjolnir, which deals a heavy lightning strike to opponents if she is given time to recite the words. Owain will normally defend her during this time.


Aerial: All of Severa's attacks are based on the air, meaning they can be dodged if enemies stay close to the ground.

Galeforce: Similar to Owain, this allows Severa to have follow up attacks, the follow up attack dealing no elemental damage. This ability grows stronger if Owain is nearby, as he does the follow up attack if she initiates it.

Sol: Harkening to her hero class. Severa can strike a target for basic damage and heal for half of the damage done. However, she can only use this skill once every so often depending on the length of the battle.

Relief: If no enemies are nearby, she and Owain can begin to heal over time more rapidly than most.

Dual Guard+: She has a higher chance to defend Owain from a strike, using her own weapon to parry rather than risking him being harmed.

Patience: In game, the ability granted Hit/Avo +10 when attacked. For the sake of this RP, it will be changed: Due to her aerial status, it is a lot harder for Severa to be hit, and easier for her to damage her foes if they are in the air.


Similar to Owain, Severa has her own form of Stances: Flight Patterns


Aggressive Flight: Severa sacrifices defense for offense, flying with her lance bared and aiming at the weak spots on her enemies' bodies. As such, she becomes a terror of the skies, waiting for the precise moment to attack. Relief is weakened while Patience is strengthened. Sol deals a bit more damage but heals for the same amount.


Evasive Flight: Severa backs up, wishing to gain a bit more of a sight on the battlefield. This technique was taught to her by Ryuki, Owain's father. She begins to perceive all attacks, normally switching to her tome in order to try and rain lightning upon her foes. Dual Guard becomes stronger, and Relief heals for a tiny bit more.


Severa and Owain may learn more flight patterns and stances based on how this roleplay goes.




Name: Luciel R. Sourcream

Universe: Elsword

Gender: Female

Species: Demon

Appearance: A beautiful Queen of demons, adorned in regal finery. Most of what she likes is blue. Her hands lead to claws, her arms down to her fingers covered in blue darkness. Her horns are long and fine.

Personality: Luciela was once childish and immature, but years with Ciel have made her slightly more worldly. However, she still loves to be adorable to him, so long as it makes him happy. She despises those who will not follow her willingly and is very proud of her powers. As Queen of demons, she loves to lead.

History: Lu was once the Steel Queen of the four generals of the underworld in Elrios. However, one of her OWN generals, Barkat, turned upon her and trapped her in the abyss for ages. When she finally escaped, she was cursed with a childish appearance due to her loss of magic and weakened from her eons of captivity. However, with the help of a certain man who bound his soul with hers willingly, she was able to regain her powers and take her rightful place as the Demon Queen once more.

A few years have passed since then. Now, she has grown complacent within her hollow realm..

Abilities/Weapons: Lu wields her own demonic fists.

Soul Realm: Lu and Ciel share a hidden dimension known as the Soul Realm thanks to Lu's powers as the Steel Queen. Using it, one of them may hide within the realm, becoming invulnerable for as long as they remain within it. However, they leave their partner to fight their battles. Once, this realm was necessary for them to fight. Now, both of them may be out at the same time.

Steel Queen: As part of this Roleplay, Lu must regain her demonic powers throughout the story. She will only begin with two abilities.

Land Crash: Lu sunders the world, punching downward to fracture the earth before pulling her fist upward and shoving fractured ground along with it. Woe be to those caught upon the torn earth.

Bloodlust: Lu seeks to crush her enemies. She gives up much of her and Ciel's defenses to turn them both into killing machines driven to Frenzy.




Name: Ciel

Universe: Elsword

Gender: Male

Species: Demon

Appearance: Like his beloved, he possesses long white hair, but only a single demon horn adorns his skull. One of his eyes looks black and corrupted, permanently changed after his deal with the Abyss. He wears a draconic raiment, based upon his fight with the God of Greed Perkisas back in his old world.

Personality: Ciel has become cold and distant following his transformation into a full demon to better serve Lu. He gave up many of his emotions, only recently regaining them through his time with his Queen. However, he wishes to serve her above all other things, being a fine cook and an established butler. Yet, should anyone wish harm upon Lu, his fury would be unending.

History: Ciel was the Assassin King of Lanox before he found a young girl in an alley. She later turned out to be the Queen of Demons, who saved his life by binding his soul to hers through a contract. He then saved her mind by giving up his humanity to the Abyss.

After helping her regain her throne, Ciel began to think of thoughts of family and his own place as a King....

Abilities/Weapons: Ciel wields a pair of gunblades.

Abyssal King: As part of this Roleplay, Ciel must regain his Abyssal powers throughout the roleplay. He will only start with two.

Abyss Sniper: Ciel takes aim and fires. This bullet can pierce targets and petrify them for a short time, making them unable to move.

Garden of Haures: Ciel summons a large, darkened flower of the Abyss, which begins to assault and control the area around him. Those caught within the garden are grabbed by vines and weakened, their defenses and movement speeds reduced. Killing the flower stops the garden.






Name: Solar

Universe: Pokémon

Gender: Female

Species: Torracat

Appearance: Link

Personality: Solar is more than a little rash, jumping in first and thinking or asking questions later. She likes to battle, but dislikes actually KILLING people. (Something she'll need to be cured of, it seems...) Solar is a bit squeamish, refusing to touch gore or guts or slimey things, so a really good way to throw her off her game is using most Poison- or Bug- type attacks on her. However, once she gets back on it, she will attempt to destroy the disgusting thing with fire. Solar loses her temper a bit too easily, and is a very easy book to read as long as you know cat-type body language. She has a hard time lying, even in situations it would be better to lie. When she gets nervous, she gets chatty. Most non-Pokémon can't understand her though, as she only knows Pokémon speak. Solar gets very scared when she is left alone, running around in a panic and looking for someone, anyone. Solar doesn't really trust people to stay with her.


History: Solar was a young Trainer's starter, journeying through Alola, until the day her trainer decided to leave for Unova. Well... it wasn't her trainer's decision, but Solar didn't know that.


All she knew was that she was being dropped off by a field and left there, told to go roam and be wild. Solar had only known the trained existence, and as such waited there - but no one came. Eventually, another Trainer walked by snd found her, taking her to the Professor, who gave her to another trainer. This trainer loved Bug Pokémon though, and the bugs loved to pick fights with her. Of course, her squeamishness and Fire typing led to Fire Fang being used a lot, and Pokémon getting set aflame. The trainer got fed up with this, and dropped her off at the Nursery and never came back.


The Nursery sisters decided to take her in, using her along with their Herdier to protect the Nursery. One day, she went patrolling with Herdier... and then she wasn't in Alola anymore. And Herdier wasn't there.


Abilities/Weapons: Solar's moves are Leech Life, Fire Fang, Swagger, and Will-O-Wisp. She can also use her claws and teeth, but prefers using her moves. She cannot speak English, but she understands it.



Name: Stormcatcher

Universe: Flight Rising

Gender: Male

Species: 0 dragon (The Eleven's tooltips put 0 instead of Deity. I thought it would be better than Deity dragon as his species due to his power down.)

Appearance: Link Reference for Body Shape, Arms (Note that as a result of losing his immortal power, he's now about the size of a mortal Wildclaw, which is to say about 5M from snout to tail tip. I didn't make him the size of a Ridgeback because that is still HUGE.)


Personality: Stormcatcher is very loud, tending to scream rather than talk, and also tending to be a bit in-your-face at time. He gets angry easily, and has a massive ego. He is rather serious, and a bit obssessed with work, treating everything like work. (Which might come complete with him yelling GET BACK TO WORK at someone...) Stormcatcher really doesn't take insults or being talked down to very well at all. He has a tendency to be bossy and arrogant towards others, and is all too happy to fight you qand yell at you if you annoy him too much.


Abilities/Weapons: Lightning magic, sharp mantis-claw arms. He heals when struck by lightning, and it works similarly to Volt Absorb for RP purposes, meaning it is possible to disable this healing power. Note that although a god in his home universe, when he was warped here a lot of his power was taken, making him functionally mortal and just as vulnerable as anyone else.


Other: He has stated he thinks humans look delicious before, which he might accidentally end up saying. Or maybe not so accidentally if someone annoys him.



Name: Lightweaver

Universe: Flight Rising

Gender: Female

Species: 0 Dragon

Appearance: Link Here (Due to magic drain and size reduction, Lightweaver is the size of a mortal Pearlcatcher, we'll say appx. 5.2M length.)

Personality: Generally outwardly rather calm. Lightweaver is the sort who acts nice, but internally is a bit less than nice... (as in petty/judgemental) She loves history and discovery. Lightweaver is somewhat easy to frustrate or annoy, though it can take awhile for the frustration/annoyance to turn into true anger. She tends to be quiet, and prefers to think things through and act calmly instead of rushing into things. While (often) not the one to initiate fights, she isn't going to say no to one.

Abilities/Weapons: Light magic - favours magic over physical battling. (She is depowered for RP reasons, once again.)




Name: Xker (pronounced Xs-curr)

Universe: SPORE: Galactic Adventures (base SPORE) (SPORE: GA expansion) (wiki pages)

Gender: Genderneutral (aer/aer/aers singular pronouns)

Species: Volt




Okay, so the first thing I want to get out of the way is their homeworld, a planet designated as Spathe. Spathe is an arid and windy world, with weaker gravity and mountains/cliffs. Based on Ratchet's morphology and thought that Smashtopia has low gravity, I'll say Spathe has gravity just SLIGHTLY weaker than Smashtopia.


Volts are omnivorous, able to survive for a fair while without eating due to the harsh climate of Spathe. Their yellow fur tends to be mottled with tan, unquestionably to blend in with the environment. Why? To ambush other animals nearby. They have sharp incisors and even sharper canines, and even a younger one's molars are relatively sharp - they mostly eat meat, though are capable of digesting plant matter. (Somewhat like a dog.)


Their fur tends to be matted and thick to keep sand out, and the feathers on their bodies are too thick and stiff for true flight, even if they had the body shape to do so. Instead, the feathers and lower gravity of Spathe work together to lessen the injuries a Volt takes from falling.


Yes, they have an extra joint. It's a bit of a weak point, as while it allows flexibility and more spreading out of force on their legs and less force delivered to a single bone, the joint is somewhat weak, hence most spacefarer Volt have small hover-packs on their extra joints. Xker has these. The hover packs are only strong enough to keep their joints from buckling under heavy gravity, but the spacefarers have discovered that it can reduce fall damage if they land on their feet. Just don't use it while your back is pointed towards the ground, or you launch yourself towards the ground faster.


The Volt Empire is a Warrior-class empire, unsurprisingly for their evolutionary upbringing. They prefer to conduct business within their own empire and keep nosy ships out, though some commercial ships are allowed through. Volts are infamous for their fighting skills, and their Empire doesn't do much interaction overall - mostly fighting battles, whether against an antagonistic empire or against the ancient and infamous Grox.

Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Xker is fairly levelheaded, preferring to gather information before aer acts. Aer has a tendency to keep a weapon out, and is willing to use force if talking fails. While Xker is fairly amicable, be rude to aer and aer will regard you with some hostility and tongue-lashing. Aer doesn't seem willing to forget past altercations. Notably observant. Xker knows aer way around tech, but magic is unfamiliar to aer as it doesn't exist in aer home universe. Or... mostly doesn't exist.


History: Xker had an average-for-Spathe childhood, going into training as a soldier for the mighty Volt Empire. However, aer was gifted with spacefaring-type subjects... and the instructors certainly noticed this. They informed higher-ups, and Xker was taken out of the normal class and transferred to a class for Captains.


It was there that aer met the fleet's new blood - the class at the time. They learned all sorts of skills to aid in spacefaring. Whether diplomatic... or violent. And how to turn peace violent, or respond to the other side. All it took could be a few words. They were taught the controls of ships, and each was given weapons. Xker received a set of Bladed Knuckles and a Plasma Pulser. Graduation came, and they were off to the stars.


Xker engaged in multiple peacetime missions, aided in battle ten or eleven times - once against the insidious Grox.


Today was the day aer would be retrieving a sample of ancient technology from an aeons-forgotten civilization, from the era of the Grox Empire's infancy, alongside two other Volt fighter pilots and a few soldiers. When they touched down and spread out, Xker found aerself dragged into a whole new world by some unknown force.



Plasma Pulser level 1 - http://spore.wikia.com/wiki/Plasma_Pulser

Bladed Knuckles level 1 - http://spore.wikia.com/wiki/Bladed_Knuckles


Claws, teeth, and paws. No magic, is immune to draining spells or magic drain but susceptible to mind-control. Better with piloting a spaceship than fighting, but left aer ship back on the planet being investigated. Hover packs already mentioned in species lore. Has a translator.


Needs a fine balance of electricity - too much and electrical parts start failing via short-circuiting and overloading. Too little, and the weapons and non-essential body cybernetics shut down to reserve power for essentials.




Name: Toothless

Universe: How To Train Your Dragon

Gender: Male

Species: Night Fury

Appearance: Link

Personality: Playful and friendly to those who don't threaten him, Toothless has a sense of humour one might call dry at times and a sense of curiosity. His friendliness evaporates rather quickly confronted with something designed to offend him or to threaten someone he holds dear. The Night Fury isn't above force when words fail, and isn't easily intimidated. Toothless is highly, perhaps overly protective and loyal to one person - Hiccup - to the point he would rather be flightless than without his human.


Toothless is very emotive of his feelings in both facial expressions and body language.


Abilities/Weapons: Toothless is an agile Night Fury on the ground, able to run at a fair speed. He has a good sense of hearing, and shows good endurance. Being a Night Fury, he can retract his teeth when desired.


Toothless can shoot fire, able to charge it to blue intensity at maximum charge. No charge creates red flame. The longer he charges, the hotter it gets. Fire heat intensity scale: Coldest - red>orange>yellow>white>blue - Hottest


As his artificial tail-fin requires another's aid to work it, he cannot fly without a rider. Only Hiccup knows how to operate it, though.


Toothless, due to understanding Norse and speaking in dragon language, can only understand Xker/anyone with a translator.




Name: Tidelord

Universe: Flight Rising

Gender: Male

Species: 0 Dragon

Appearance: Link (Sized down to appx. 5.4M long for RP reasons)

Personality: Tidelord is often quiet and reserved, preferring not to approach others. While he carries a distrust of humans (and humanoids/Beastclan in general), he doesn't immediately dismiss others due to their appearances, judging by behaviour first. Seeing the future has caused him to become rather apathetic and melancholic. What point is there in fighting fate?


Tidelord's usually not the one to start a battle, seeing no point in doing so, though if pressed he will fight back. He can be rather secretive, usually not sharing information unless asked for it.


Abilities/Weapons: Being tied to Water magic, he has a control over it. Can breathe both underwater and on dry land. Adept swimmer. Has very occasional short/unclear dreams of the future. ((NOTE: Prophetic ability is part of Water Flight magic. He had clearer prophetic visions as a deity, but for RP reasons they're cryptic and less frequent than he'd likely have at full power.)) Has teeth, claws, and a muscular tail, which he uses in close quarters fights.


His wings are too small and tattered for him to fly through the air.




Name: Reshiram (has the nickname Shiro)

Universe: Pokémon (Black Version timeline)

Gender: Genderless (they/them)

Species: Reshiram

Appearance: Link (10'06" tall.)



Reshiram, being the Legend of Truth, likes to know the truth of a situation, getting to the bottom of everyone's accounts. While Reshiram will try to defuse situations via words at first, they are willing to use force should words fail. Reshiram is slightly hot-tempered. They aren't as familiar with certain aspects the modern world as they'd like, which means they can come off as distant or odd at times. If Reshiram were to notice a battle getting overly destructive, and it were between two members of a group they're in, they would attempt to intervene.



Long ago, Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem were all one dragon, the dragon Pokémon of two brothers. Eventually, the two brothers grew apart, pursuing Truth and Ideals. The dragon split, Reshiram joing the one who sought Truth and Zekrom with the one who fought for Ideals. The two brothers warred, the power of Reshiram and Zekrom nearly destroying Unova. When the dragons and their heroes realized what they had done, the Legends fell into a sleep trapped inside the Dark and Light Stones.


Many millennia later, a group called Team Plasma threatened Unova with the aid of Zekrom, and Hilda disfovered the Light Stone hidden in Nacrene's Museum. Hilda took the Stone with her on her journey. In N's castle, Hilda's Truth finally awoke Reshiram, whom she captured with their consent. Reshiram snd Hilda then took and defeated on N and Zekrom... followed by the real schemer, Ghetsis. After Ghetsis's defeat, N left with Zekrom.


Two years later, Team Plasma was defeated again, this time by a boy named Nate - with the aid of Reshiram and Hilda, not that Nate knew that.


And now, the Sun rises and Reshiram is dragged from home...



Can utilize the attacks Fusion Flare, DragonBreath, Toxic, Imprison. Ability is Turboblaze (negates all Abilities; only affects magical ferals/Pokémon), Nature is Serious (neutral). Dragon/Fire type: weak to Dragon, Rock, Ground magics, resists Grass, Fire, Bug, Electric magics.

Can speak Pokéspeak and speak telepathically with others - telepathy can pick up others' thoughts as long as the other character wants Reshiram to hear them. As the Legendary Dragon of Truth, Reshiram can also detect when someone's majorly/completely lying, but it will be brought up on a case-by-case basis. Reshiram is depowered for RP purposes (weaker than the actual gods in mortal form).

Reshiram also has their claws and teeth. They can fly, though they prefer land to sky.






Name: Link

Universe: Legend of Zelda (Skyward Sword)

Gender: Male

Species: Hylian

Appearance: Link stands at about 5'9 with shoulder length dirty blond hair that is kept in a ponytail under his long green hat. He has large expressive blue eyes and pointed ears decorated with blue earrings. His attire is made up of a green shirt that laces up at the neck. Under that he wears chain mail that sticks out past his short sleeves and the bottom of his shirt. The last layer is an off white long sleeve shirt that is tucked into some silver and leather gauntlets. A brown belt sits over his shirts but holds up a pair of baggy beige pants that are tucked into knee high leather boots. A leather strap runs across his chest to his back that holds the sheath for his sword and his shield.


Personality: Link is, for the most part mute. His usual form of communication being pointed looks, hand gestures and grunts. He can talk but it is so stutter laden that he prefers to keep quiet. (I know in game he never talks but for this he can just won't for reasons)


Contrary to the quiet disposition that he gives off link has a very kind heart and will not turn away helping anyone who need it. Always doing what is right for everyone but himself at times.



-Master Sword and Hylian shield

-Hook Beetle- Has a distance of 20 before it has to come back and can only hold about 10 pounds

-Bombs and Bag- Holds 10 and there is a 30 second delay

-Sacred Bow with Quiver- Doesn't break and quiver holds 50.

-Fire Shield Earrings- Not fire-proof, but it does help to withstand extremely hot environments. Magic lasts for 30 minutes before it wears off. A day must pass to recharge.

-Dragon Scale- It allows you to hold your breath longer than normal. Usually lasts about 30 minutes before it needs a day to recharge.

-Claw Shot- Has to hook onto wood or something that it can bury the claws into. Has a chain length of 15 feet? (I would like both but I'll be happy with one, actually unless you can think of a need for them they probably won’t be used.)

-Sail Cloth- To get down from Loftwing.

-Loftwing- He can fly two people or 3 small creatures. And he can only fly for about an hour at a time before he had to land and rest.




Name: Leon Karnak


Universe: Rune Factory 4


Gender: Male


Species: Guardian (Fox)


Appearance:Link Here


Leon is a 24 year old male with silvery blue hair and a set of ears and a tail to match. He has slightly tan skin and had silvery blue marks on his face that match his eyes. A white wrap around hat sits on his head with gold beading and has tails that dangle to the small of his back. He wears a green pair of pants with a brown and white vest/shirt like thing. A belt wraps around his waist and brown sandles adorn his feet. A bright green and blue fan is carried around with him at all times.


Personality: Leon is a kind hearted individual who likes to talk and be around people, playing jokes or giving the run around to those around him. He doesn't talk much about his past, prefering not to remember or think about it. He can and will be quick to change the subject if its brought up.


Abilities/Weapons: His fan and a spear.

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Alex (F!Robin): The obnoxious one. Drinks too much tea and worships Marth. Super excitable, but hides a few skeletons in her closet. Fights with an enchanted lightning sword and magic books called "tomes".


Ike: The one on steroids. Speaks normally and carries a big sword. Pretty friendly, but can come off wrong. He fights with a golden blade imbued with Chaos's fire.


Soren: The angsty one. Doesn't like anyone about equally, and is bad with animals; a prodigy in magic. Spends his time thinking or writing. He uses tomes explicitly.


Dylas: The horse fa-HEY, WHAT'D YOU CALL ME?! Whoa, nelly--he's got a bad attitude and a penchant for punching! No one's gonna put a saddle on this bucking bronco. Dylas gallops onto the field with his gauntlets shining and his mane hair sparking.





Valerie: The butterfly child (but she's an adult.) Accommodating and kind, a little spacey. Brutal and elegant in battle. Fights alongside her Pokemon companions (Sylveon, Spritzee, Mr. Mime, and Mawile).


Kali and Blossom (middle): Friends of Valerie, as well as her employees. Seem to care a lot about her. Good with Pokemon. Kali uses Dedenne and Azumarill, while Blossom uses Klefki, Kirlia and Granbull.


Shawn Frost: One cool customer. Calm and caring. Has a berserk button somewhere. He brings ice to the fray with his soccer/football skills.


Tyrande: A Night Elf, not A Dark Elf, sheesh. Righteous and kindly. Highly supportive; a little controlling from time to time. Tyrande helps her companions with healing and buffs, but isn't afraid to smite her foes with Shadow Words.





Cyil (F!Corrin): A woman with a false face. You could mistake her for a serpent. Noble and composed up front, but is that really all there is? Cyil calls upon her bloodline to transform into a dragon, and she carries some tomes and a flaming chainsaw as her weapons of choice.


Aine: A dimensionally-displaced summoner guiding the Order of Heroes. Is officially exempt from the right to bear arms. Super-upbeat with a dash of excitable to the point you'd swear she's hiding something. Aine doesn't wield a dedicated weapon, but serves as the unofficial counselor and jack-of-all-trades for her ragtag band of misfits.





Owain: A LEGENDARY HERO from THE FUTURE. His sword hand's THIRST for THE FURY OF BATTLE cannot be slaked! Distinctly idealistic; you think he had a troubled childhood. His passion for legendary weapons and theatrics is only matched by his love for Severa.


Severa: A scowling twintail riding a dark, winged steed. I-it's not like she likes you or anything, b-baka. Mommy issues inbound. Severa commands the sky with magic and a deadly spear, and her tendency of invoking verbal abuse is only matched by her love for Owain.





Stormcatcher:: Leader of the Shifting Expanse and thus the Lightning Flight. You don't ask him for raises; that's what upper management is for. Why does the air taste of ozone suddenly? The Stormcatcher is a mighty god amongst dragons, and wields a set of mantis-like arms a well as devastating lighting magic.


Solar: A fiery Torracat with a loner streak. You showed her a butterfly and she ran away...has an awful pokerface for a cat. Solar doesn't need words to make her mark with moves like Fire Fang and Swagger.


Lightweaver: Leader of the Light Flight and thus the Sunbeam Ruins. Pure, condensed light substance; she is the Glittermom. Rides a thin line between tolerating and snapping. Lightweaver is a true ray of sunshine, bringing her command of Light magic to the fray.


<Xker>: An intergalactic warrior from a land far, far away. Shockingly level-headed and discerning. Being near aer Plasma Pulser gives you hives and flashes of your own mortality. Xker is a quadruped packing some serious heat, and aer couples aer brains with aer techno-brawn using aer Pulser and Bladed Knuckles.





Link: Hup! Harh! Eayyah! A hero of indeterminate incarnation. His green-garbed style is what all true warriors strive for. Link's "hero of many trades" trait has him wielding a myriad of weapons, namely the ageless Master Sword and accompanying shield.


Leon: A silver fox with a silver tongue. The reincarnation of the Jackal God, gifted with telekinesis and the power to see the future. And if you really believe everything you read on the internet, I'll never let you live it down. Ever. Leon is accompanied by his two fox companions Sano and Uno, and even though he's pretty, he'll make a believer out of you with his enchanted spear~





Easy Color Tag Reference



By Color:


Ascension | Ascension


Solar | Solar


Aiden Frost (Alternate Shawn Frost) | Aiden Frost


Lightweaver | Lightweaver


Dylas | Dylas


Link | Link


Soren | Soren


Leon | Leon


Shawn Frost | Shawn Frost


Alex (F!Robin) | Alex


Aine | Aine


Ike | Ike


Tyrande | Tyrande


Valerie | Valerie


Eos | Eos


Cyil (F!Corrin) | Cyil


Nix | Nix


Stormcatcher | Stormcatcher


<Xker> | <Xker>


Severa and Owain | Severa and Owain


By Player:








Alex (F!Robin)










Shawn Frost


Aiden Frost (Alternate Shawn Frost)




Cyil (F!Corrin)
















Severa and Owain




Vulpes | Vulpes


Doey | Doey


Ratchet | Ratchet


Arctic | Arctic


Zoey | Zoey


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The morning came soon enough. Just like he remembered from the night before, the mansion sat upon the nearby hill, burnt to a hull of itself. To think, just hours prior, it had been the home of a glorious competition, where the all-stars from around the universe had gathered to fight for victory and bragging rights. Even if he hadn't been there to see it, it had to have been a good time...before the Moon had risen, and the Sun followed suit.


The plains were all around them, and the forest like was nearby. He decided to rise early, get a good look at the surroundings. But it was unlike what he remembered, or like anything he'd seen in over 3000 years.


The sky...was orange...



Ascension, his face scarred and his torso bleached by a bolt of sunlight, took a moment to look over the little group he'd amassed. They'd all been through a lot, and he didn't want to disturb them while they rested. They didn't have much time left.


But, as he began to notice, something was wrong. Ganondorf and Link and Midna; Lucas and Kumatora; Marth and Boris; Yoshi and Mario...they were gone. But how? If that was the case, then Nix...or Eos...


"Everyone! Get up, everyone, hurry!" He said the the few remaining. He recognized them all: Zoey and her Reuniclus, Valerie and Co...wait...


"Hey, what's shakin', bacon? Listen, I think we need to have a little 'State of the Sky Address'..." He turned to look and found the last remaining member, Alex. Well at least he had a few left. Ascension situated his feet and shook his head in response.


"No time for that right now! I need everyone on their feet!"



((Ascension is color-code brown; Alex is color-code cornflowerblue))

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((Cyil's color is slategray))


It was dark. Sure, that was to be expected after one became trapped under falling debris, but Cyil's mind kept repeating the same useless info as if it were some profound insight. She supposed she should move, but the bruises she had sustained made a much more convincing argument to stay put. Nevertheless, she made a sort of halfhearted wiggle in an attempt to make sure her body was still functioning. All appeared to be fine, save for what was likely a cut across her left shoulder. Renewal had done its job over the night she had spent sleeping in the debris. However, she still faced the same problem she did a night ago. She had no idea where she was located in the debris and a single errant movement could bring her fragile debris cave crashing down. Now, if she transformed into a dragon she could easily just smash her way out of the cave, but she had no idea if her dragonstones were still intact. Still, the prospect of going on a rampage and surviving was better than staying under the wreckage and dying. Someone might come along and dig her up, but if they hadn't already then it was unlikely to happen in the future. She was already lucky that she hadn't immediately been crushed to death.


Besides, there was an entire country counting on her. She couldn't afford to simply rot away under some collapsed building. Azura could appease the crowds for a while by stepping in for her, but that would only last so long. Without the stability of a crown figure, Valla would disappear, bringing with it all that she had worked so hard for. Risky or not, she had to get out. With that thought in mind, she began to transform. To her relief, she could feel the familiar energy of her dragonstone wrap around her form, enveloping her in blue light. As soon as the light faded, she roared and reared up on her hind legs, smashing through a layer of debris. Immediately, bright sunlight hit her face, momentarily stunning her. The creak of wood brought her back to her senses as a large portion of the building collapsed dangerously close to her. Reacting quickly, she leaped out of the hole she made for herself before collapsing on the ground and transforming back. Whew. She had escaped.


Now that she wasn't in immediate danger anymore, she noticed how thirsty and hungry she was. Instinctively, she looked around her, batting ineffectively at the cloud of dust sent up by the collapsed wreckage. She could make out a small group of people and animals at the foot of the hill, not too far away. They appeared to be asleep, but no doubt her rather loud escape had woken up at least a few of them. As she scanned her surroundings, a rather strange occurrence made itself obvious to her. The sky was orange, although it didn't feel like it was anywhere near sunrise or sunset. What could this mean? Admittedly, her sense of time could be a little off from spending a night in total darkness, but what if it wasn't? What if it meant Anankos was back? Azura had confirmed he was gone, but there might have been ways for him to come back that she'd failed to predict. Still, there was no use panicking. The group at the bottom of the hill seemed to at least have some idea of what they were doing, so perhaps she could venture down to ask them a few questions. At least one of the people looked somewhat familiar, perhaps from the tournament, but it was hard to tell from such a distance.


First things first, if she was going to meet a group of unknown people, it would be wise to arm herself first. She had her dragonstones already, but the rest of her equipment was still lost somewhere in the wreckage. It would be harder to find the remains of her room after the collapse, but she would make do. After all, it shouldn't be too hard to find a flaming chainsaw, and once she did the rest of her equipment would undoubtedly be nearby. A quick scan over the building revealed a promising spot and she got to work at once. It didn't take long before she uncovered the Yato, her trusty flaming chainsaw sword. Just being near it provided her with the boost in energy she needed to find the rest of her stuff, including two tomes and a holster specifically designed to hold divine, flaming chainsaws without injury to the owner. Amazingly, she also managed to find one of the spare Vulneraries she kept in her room. It had survived the collapse by rolling under a fallen chest, though the rest of her healing items had long since shattered and evaporated. Being one of the weaker healing items, it wouldn't help much, but she consumed it anyway. If nothing else, it at least satiated her thirst.


She felt much better now, especially since she was fully equipped. Well, there was no use in waiting around at the top of the hill anymore. Like it or not, she would have to meet the group at the bottom or risk wandering around completely clueless. With one hand near her sword and the other holding her Thunder tome, she cautiously made her way towards the group. Ragnarok was securely clipped to the other side of her holster belt, ready to be deployed in an instant if Thunder proved to be lacking in power. When she was within hearing range of the group, she came to a stop and called out.


"Greetings. I come in peace, but also ready to protect myself. If you would allow me one question, I will be on my way as soon as possible."

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While Ascension went on with his cute self, barking at the whopping FOUR PEOPLE lying nearby, Alex decided to take a looksie herself. It looked like Soren still hadn't shown up, and now everybody had just seemingly up and disappeared for no apparent reason overnight! At least she could take some solace in the fact that Boris was still hanging around; after all, they were frans! Just to make sure, she went back to where she'd slept--next to mound where the big white Charizard had situated himself down. Maybe, if she was lucky, Marth would be there, and she could get his autograph....maybe even an interview...a souvenir...


But when she found the spot, she was greeted by nothing. Just. Nothing. And big white dragons were very, very hard to miss. She took a moment to pout for a moment, and in a sudden bolt of genius, regarded the sky. It was orange, and it was weird, so maybe her favorite neurotic prince was up there trying to save the day! She stood with her legs apart and her hands up in a shrug.


"Boy, it sure would be weird if Boris and Marth just happened to land right in front of me in the next four seconds or so."

And so, four seconds passed. Her lips drew up in irritation. She resituated her stance.


"I SAID, 'Boy, it sure would be weird if Boris and Marth just happened land right in front of me!!!'"


But alas, another four seconds passed. She flopped her hands around in the air.


"Anthology of Akaneia?" Nothing.


"Vulnerary?" Zip.


"PARTY BALL?!" Nada.


"Hello? Earth to Smashtopia? I'm asking a favor! You can't just tease a girl with books and princes at will and then never do it again! Naga...BE." She slapped her hands down and stomped back over to where Ascension was. The Universe had forsaken her at last. She motioned out to Ascension in defeat.


"Welp, I can't find Marf and Boris. Since I don't think it's likely that everyone just ragequit the prophecy, imma assume everyone died." Alex waved her hands out nonchalantly. Wasn't he a magical fox?


"Eh, no biggie, right? You can just...make more or something, can't you?"


She watched him turn slowly to her with a surprising amount of incredulity on his face. Alex thought it was adorable.


"Are you serious?"


She scowled an made a tight expression, pointing at it with a stiff finger. "Does this face look un-'for serious' to you?"


Ascension snorted and shook his head. "That's not how it works. Nix might have the power to do that, but that's because he's Nix. And even if I could do that, I wouldn't because I don't want more of you pulled into this than necessary. Besides, you're being rude, you know." He turned from Alex, causing her to pout some more. But what she saw that he was addressing made her face shrivel into itself.


"Now, please, what was it you were saying?"


Grey and black armor? A dark blue cape? Weirdly familiar features, including but not limited to pointed ears and red eyes? Alex's top lip bowed upward as she grimaced--she even had the chainsaw.


"Greetings. I come in peace, but also ready to protect myself. If you would allow me one question, I will be on my way as soon as possible."



Disregarding Alex, he turned his attention to the newcomer. He sensed a strength about her, something he couldn't really put his paw on. She was also spectacularly nice, more like the Valerie girl, and less like the Soren boy.


"Ask away, but keep it short; I'll try to reciprocate your question as fast as possible."

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((Zoey is going to be blue, Vulpes is orange, and Arctic is skyblue))


Zoey had dozed off the Globbers floating by next to her. She really didn't understand what entirely what was going on, but she did recall these weird looking creatures that were taken care of by the others. Unfortunately for them, mostly everyone disappeared into thin air. She looked over to see Alex asking Ascension something before someone else entered the fray. Zoey stretched before eventually getting up. Globbers took noticed and quickly followed her to Ascension. She wanted to ask Ascension what they were going to do now, but she was going to wait patiently until Ascension was done answering the newcomer's questions.




Vulpes yawned before watching in amusement that Arctic was trying to dig up a worm. She had caught sight of the little insect right before it dug into the earth. If it hand't been for Arctic, Vulpes might have lost all hope of finding himself. He had been on a mission to discover where he stood in this world and he discovered Arctic. Sweet little Arctic. She had been forced to play hide and seek with her parents for fear of her safety. She was extremely hard to spot in the snow that kept her safe, but she wouldn't be able to survive on her own. "Vulpes," Arctic whined. "I can't catch the new thing!" "You'll catch one of them one day," Vulpes chuckled getting up, turning his head to see some mini dragon looking beasts coming for them. "But how about we fly for now?" "Why?" Arctic asked innocently. "Trust me," Vulpes said a bit worriedly before he picked Arctic up in his mouth before spreading his wings and flying.


Then they're entire world was turned upside down as Vulpes hovered, noticing a wrecked building. Where did that come from? That wasn't there a second ago! He landed next to a small little group of...What were they? He didn't recognize the species at all nor did he recognize any other creature. "Can someone please explain where we are?" Vulpes asked, placing Arctic down and standing over her protectively.

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((Prepare for identity confusion and realm shenanigans))


Up close, Cyil could see that the familiar person was indeed Robin. However, this Robin seemed to be different from the one Cyil knew back home. For one, she seemed to have a rather interesting personality from the snippets of speech Cyil managed to catch. It was a stark contrast to the relatively calm Robin she knew. She supposed she shouldn't judge, as this Robin might have come across a different version of herself. It wasn't altogether uncommon to come across people who were visually identical to each other in the Astral Plane, and judging by the sour expression on this Robin's face, she had likely come across one of the less polite versions of her. There were always the select few who decided to ruin the collective image of all their versions, as annoying as it was. Really, the whole Astral Plane and Dragon's Gate realms were quite confusing. In the end, it was best not to think too much about it.


A reply to her earlier statement drew her attention, somewhat surprising her when it seemed to come from a scarred furry creature. It didn't startle her as much as it should have, but it did at least pique her interest. She had never met a creature like this, much less one that could talk. Still, it was impolite to stare so she concealed her surprise as well as she could. If there was one benefit of being the queen of Valla, it was being used to surprises like this. Most people wouldn't believe how crazy some of the villager requests were.


"Would you happen to-"


Before she could finish her sentence, two dragons landed right in front of her. The larger orange one crouched protectively over a smaller white one, but she had never seen either of their species before. The talking creature had been surprising enough, now this? At least she had seen plenty of dragons before, even if these two were slightly rude. Just as she was about to restart her sentence, the orange dragon opened their mouth and began talking.


"Can someone please explain where we are?"


Of course it could talk. Great. As if her day weren't unusual enough already with the orange sky, different Robin, and talking creatures. Funny as it was, she had actually met more talking dragons than ones that couldn't. She was one herself so she supposed it wasn't actually that rare, but still. At least the two dragons didn't seem to be a threat yet. When she was certain that no one was going to interrupt her again, she let out a sigh and answered the dragons. Even if they had interrupted her, they didn't appear to harbor any ill intent.


"You're just outside the Smanshion, as its inhabitants like to call it. This is where participants of Smash tournaments usually reside, but as you can see it has recently suffered an attack. Anyway, I was going to ask about the sky. Would anyone happen to know why the sky is orange?"

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"Setting course for the phylax sector" Aphileon's voice rang out in the cabin of the starship.

Rathet, a small orange catlike creature with long ears, sat baack in his seat and laced his fingers behind his head. Ratchet sat back to relax. He would rendezvous with Quark back on Quantos, then they would figure out where to start looking for Clank. Ratchet shut his eyes for a moment.


The piering whine of many warning sirens going off in the cabin of his starship. The cabin was bathed in a orange light, [color that can't be good. Aphileon! Report!" Rathet shouted over the racket.

"We seem to have entered the atmosphere of an unknown planet." her feminine voice.

Ratchet struggled to look out the cabin windshield but his view was obscured by clouds. How is that possible?!? Were we near a planet?!?"


Where we attacked?"



"I don't know yet, smartass. I'm running tests and trying to get a lock on our position. So GET OFF MY BACK LOMBAX"

Ratchet shut right up after that, looking sheepishly around the cabin

"I'm sorry... It just freaked me ou- APHILEON MANUAL OVERRIDE! Ratchet suddenly screamed.HE clutched the steering wheel that flipped out into his lap. HE yanked back on the controls, using his feet and leverage against the dashboard. They had erupted from the clouds at deep space travel speeds and the ground came up at them incredibly fast (deep space travel speeds actually. Ratchet managed to wrestle Aphileon's nose towards the sky just as they clipped what looked like a burnt out house. Ratchet felt the jolt as they started to climb again. Aphileon! I'm bailing out. Head into orbit and see what you can learn. Call me when you get an answer". After fighting for control over the spacecraft, he felt how much this atmosphere buffered his ship making it hard to control. Ratchet slapped on his Holo-com, CLicked his O2 mask over his head, and hit the eject button.


The canopy flipped open and Ratchet was ejected from his pilot seat and his starship screamed from under him. He flipped mid-air and let gravity take over. He spread his arms and legs to catch the wind and slow his decent. He plummeted towards the planet below.


About seventy feet above the ground, Ratchet twisted and aimed his feet at the planet's surface. His Hoverboots activated, causing a glowing blue streak to erupt from the soles of his boots. The ionic propulsion Slowed his decent to a gentle float by the time he reached the ground. He touched down gently and looked around. He was standing in a green meadow. Behind him was the remains of a mansion looming in the distance. Burnt supports jutted from the hust like the ribs of a decaying beast. A Little green thunbs up flashed in the corner of his vision. The O2 mask was telling him that it was safe to breath. He clicked a button by his left temple and the mask retracted back into his suit. Now that his mask released his ears, he was picking up voices from somewhere nearby. There! Near the treeline, he could see a group of lifeforms gathered. Clickig his heels, he activated is hoverboots.He tilted his body forwards and sped across the grass towards the group.


When he reached a comfortable distance away, he switched off his boots and jogged to a stop. gravity here seemed slightly lower than what he was used to, sepecially since he misjudged his momentum and almost sprawled out on the grass. He walked towards the group and waved his arm over his head, "Hello. What planet is this?" he said in a slow, exaggerated way.

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"Land of Ice!"


The Raimon Eleven were training so they'd be prepared for the next attack of Alea Academy. Shawn was working to improve Land of Ice, as Gran, team captain of Alea's ace team "Genesis", had broken through it in their previous match. The others were also working on improving their techniques that weren't as effective as they should be against one or more Alea teams. But this time, while using Land of Ice, something strange happened. Shawn got wrapped in a bright blue light and got completely disoriented. When he felt solid ground under his feet again, he stood in the ending position of Land of Ice, back bent backwards with the football on his chest. Due to the difference in inclination between the egal field he was playing on and the ground in this meadow, he lost balance and fell backwards a few feet.


What had just happened? Where was he now? Had the Alea teleported them away with that mysterious black ball? But then where were the others? Something really strange was going on.


As he got up and took a look around him, he saw a group of people and strange creatures in the distance. He recognized two of the creatures as dragons, but since when did those really exist? The realest dragons he had ever seen before were the ones that appeared in Kevin Dragonfly's "Dragon Crash" and combined or improved versions of it, like Dragon Tornado, or Dragon Slayer. But those dragons were just a result of the shot, not real, living dragons. And they looked nothing like these two. And then there were a strange, small, fox-like creature, a pink floating creature and another fox-like creature walking on two legs with what looked like highly advanced equipment.


Not knowing what else to do, he walked to the bunch, carrying the ball under his right arm.


"Hey, I, uhm... I was just training with the Raimon Eleven as I somehow ended up here... Can someone tell me where this is, or how I got here?"


((Shawn's colorcode is deepskyblue, Valerie's colorcode will be purple, just like in the original thread, and Kali and Blossom and all pokémon of the three won't have a special color, also just like in the original thread.))

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((My next few posts will serve as introductory posts for Soren/Ike for anyone who wasn't in the old TEGS. I'm breaking them up so that they won't be as cumbersome to read, and hopefully no one gets confused by it @.@ Also, Ike's text is now color-code navy and Soren's is mediumseagreen))


((Also, I'll add that the first few paragraphs are Soren reminiscing on nearly dying from starvation, and assuming he's going to actually die from his wounds this time. biggrin.gif))




The first sensation was that of earth.


The smell, the texture...the damp between the muddy fissures indicating a recent rainshower. There was a particularly subtle scent, one of mossy wood and undergrowth, of young tender greens and sun. It was hard to describe...a scent comprised of self-sustenance and brimming with life, completely inconsiderate of struggle or hopelessness. He knew it well. It served as an unsettling reminder. A reminder of the day he first died.


He scrubbed a foot against the dirt—yes, the texture indicated it was dirt, regardless of the impression its coolness lent—as he shifted in his waking dream. Here, in this personal twilight, he was vulnerable, and he slipped back to that degrading, trepid moment when his death began. Perhaps, he thought, he was here again, on the eve of his second and perhaps final death.


There was a crackling noise, like twigs underfoot as his feet dragged through the endless waste of looming trees, with only his scant threads and a dwindling hope to his name. It was light out, but it was unbearable, reddening his eyelids when he shut them, inescapable from within his own body. Then, now, he was so very weak, so very tired, and so emaciated that should he collapse, it was into oblivion. The only barrier between him and his mortality was that tiny hope, ever wilting under the blight of the sun.


The grain of a gnarled root was where he had made his bed, his headboard the innards of a hollow, grub-infested trunk. It was here that Soren had first died, laying to rest his belief in the beasts and men alike. It had been a burden to heavy for such a small boy to bear, dislocating his shoulders and breaking his fingers in the few short years of his life. Here the body lay again, departed from the core of his being, the endless night severing away the protest of the soul to move. In a half-day, what remained would be the corpse of a tiny half-breed, disowned by his heritage and long-departed of the identity of “Soren”.


In a half-day, no one would remember the child that cried in silence, who begged them with needing, sorrowful eyes. But he didn’t care. He was free of the weight of their negligence. He could have always been, but he had secretly wished that someone would lift it for him some day. Now, he didn’t care. It was not his. He owed them nothing. They would suffer under their own weight, and they would crumble thusly. Pathetic, he mused, how a child is dashed against the elements while his kin look on, shooing him away with stones or, far worse, dismissive glances and feigned ignorance. Pathetic, should the roles be reversed, how they would shrivel and cave in the wallows of their own self-pity. In these moments before fading to the ether, he had grown a hundred years.



But...there was a problem.


Death, in Soren’s experience, was an isolated, cold and quiet affair. What he felt was distinctly warm, alive and in some company, he sensed. Familiar as well, even more vivid than his previous reminiscence. He opened his eyes, exposed to a blur of oranges and greens of no distinction. Where was he?



“...ug...cah.” His tongue was dry, making it difficult to speak or call out. He tried to blink away the blurriness and licked his lips. When some of his vision returned, he could make out a figure bent over next to a flame, in browns accentuated by blue. They moved, and a scraping noise could be heard, synchronous with their movements. It was the sound of a knife against a whetstone.


“Ike?” His voice sounded hoarse, and even a single syllable grated against his throat, but he needed to get his attention. Never mind the lingering disbelief he had at his own observation; he needed to get up, scout the area and prepare a few maps...


He shifted around, feeling something bound around his body limit his range. It didn’t feel too tight, but unpleasantly restrictive. He looked down as the man rose up and approached him, seeing a thin and well weathered red cloth in place of his grey-blue robes. It smelled of leather and metal.


““You’re up,” he said, taking his place next to him on the ground. It was Ike, undeniably. Why or how was obscured to him, but he didn’t care. A sense of relief washed over him, undoing the knot wound tight in his chest. Ike held out a cup—one of Soren’s own, from a set of two—filled with water. Soren freed an arm from under his cover to take it graciously, feeling sudden coolness smooth over his skin.


““I was getting worried. Looks like you got pretty badly knocked around last night.” Soren tilted the cup to his lips, but jerked it back a bit with a look of disdain. His brow furrowed, looking expectantly at Ike.


““Don’t worry; I boiled it.” That was a satisfying enough answer for him. Soren returned the cup to his mouth and took slow sips, careful to coat his raw tongue and throat thoroughly as Ike continued.


““I found you lying in a clearing not far from here. It looked like the entire place had been set on fire to me. Do you remember what happened?”


“Mmh,” was all Soren could manage for now. He’d be hard pressed to forget, what with all the nonsense that had taken place the night before. Even now, the memories of creatures allied and opposing was enough to send a shudder through him. Ike seemed to understand and sat back for the time being, allowing him to recover in silence. When he’d drained his cup, he handed it back to Ike, who took it and refilled it with more from an ornate kettle. When he offered it back to him, Soren shook his head, and Ike set it on the ground for whenever he’d like to go for it. For now, while there was a semblance of peace, he needed to gather himself. There was work that needed to be done.


He uncovered the rest of himself from Ike’s cape. The morning air was chilly, and his skin was speckled with gooseflesh for it, but that was for what was visible.


““I know it’s not the best, but you shouldn’t have any issue with bleeding or moving around.” His right arm, waist and left hip were wrapped in bandages made from what he assumed was a cloak. It wasn’t a proper material to wrap with, but he could tell from the tightness of his skin underneath, he had at least healed beyond the need for them. Still, the flesh ached and itched when stretched, so Soren chose to leave them where they were. As he turned his arm and flexed it, Ike was rummaging through his bag.


““You hungry?”


A difficult question. Soren didn’t feel particularly peckish, but the emptiness he’d experienced before seemed to be bleeding over. After a moment of consideration, he answered: “Yes. What do we have?”


Ike pulled out a yellow-skinned apple first—it wasn’t objectionable, but not to his taste—but followed with an exotic-looking green fruit with pocks and wrinkles across its dark green rind. He recognized it immediately as an avocado, an incredibly hard-to-come-by delicacy in the cooler regions of Tellius like Crimea. He eyed him as the fruit was offered to him in halves.


““I thought you might enjoy having one. It’s a little bruised, but it didn’t get mashed.”


He smoothed a thumb over the velvety flesh, feeling the residue it left under his nail and on his skin. It was nearly perfect, ripe and flavorful, if the scent was anything to go by. He pulled back a bit of the rind, watching it come free of the fruit with little trouble.


“Where did you get this?”


Ike wiped the blade down with a scrap of cloth and started to divide the apple into sixths.


““There was a merchant that came through a couple days ago. He had all kinds of weird fruits and vegetables I’ve never heard of, but I knew you liked that one. Mist wouldn’t stop grieving me about it after she found out, so she told me what to look for and I bought a couple.”


“A...couple?” Soren ran a few figures through his head, wincing at the total he came to. Ike was terrible at bartering, as was evidenced by their run-ins with a certain smitten shopkeeper, and there was no doubt the man had taken him for everything he could. Even until recently, Soren had requested that Ike leave the task of financial management to him, someone who was well-versed in the world of economics. Any time he’d strayed from that agreement, no matter how well-intentioned the reason was, they always ended up paying the price—figuratively and literally. He instinctively began to list off recent purchases and debts, comparing them to what he knew Ike had on him before he’d been dropped into this foreign world.


““Yeah. I figured you might want one for later, too. It was nothing but salted meats the entire boat ride, after all.”


“How much did he ask for them?”


“Um...about 450.”


Soren nearly had the fruit out of the rind before he stopped, baffled. He kept his jaw tight, though; even with the added expense, they still would have enough to afford somewhere to lodge. After a moment of quiet passed, he simply grunted; there was no need to be upset. Money would come to their palms again between his talents and Ike’s. He had more pressing matters to attend to, anyway. After he finished off the first half of the avocado, savoring its grassy creaminess, he went to work shelling the other.


“Ike, you said you bought this back at base, correct?” Ike shook his head as he finished off two pieces of the apple. A passing concern about how he was going to feed Ike crept in, but was quickly dismissed.


“And you said you found me here? In the clearing?” Again, he nodded in response. Strange. Had he arrived by similar circumstances?


“Tell me everything.”

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((Now in Ike's perspective. Will change back to Soren's in next post.))



Ike was pretty well surprised by now. Something had livened him up, quicker than things tended to. Did he really not know how he’d gotten here? Ike had seen him in a similar state of stimulation before, usually when he was organizing and strategizing, and this was likely a response to a similar situation. It always gave him a satisfied feeling to see him like this—in his element, responding, thinking and figuring. Ike was happy to comply to his wish.


“Well, it all started yesterday morning. I was down by the docks waiting on you. The quartermaster told me the time and I stood around for awhile. Volke decided to pay me a visit, and he told me he’d went to receive your letter, but you weren’t in your office. Everything was there, but the door was standing wide open.”


Soren held up a hand and mused for a few seconds before allowing him to continue.


“So, Volke took me up there and I had a look around. I paid him for delivering the letter, and he left. After that, I stepped—“


“You what? Soren’s tone was sharp, but not angry. Ike searched his face for any clues as to why he was upset, but didn’t find any.


“I...paid Volke to deliver the letter. He said you hadn’t had the chance to do so, seeing as you weren’t there.”


The look on his face was enough to let him know just how badly he’d screwed up. Soren sat up straight, his fingers laced together and his expression drawn, but composed.


“And how much did he charge you?” Ike didn’t want to answer that question. But he did; he owed him the honesty.


“Well, there was a ten thousand gold finder’s fee...and he took what was left for the message.”


“So, roughly twenty thousand gold, then?”


“About that, yeah.”


A long, exasperated sigh left Soren as he dropped his head into his palms. He was more than disappointed—he was awestruck. Ike hefted his pack into his lap and began to search its contents. Maybe some had dropped out into the bottom after he’d pulled it out? It wouldn’t be enough, and certainly not enough to make up for his mistake, but maybe...


His palm met something rippled with edges. Something soft, but hard, and rather weighty, if the impact was anything to note. He grabbed it and pulled it out.


“Ugh! Dammit, Volke!”


And there it was—the entire sack, with likely all its contents intact. Ike huffed and flung it to the ground, Soren leaning to take it into his hands and counting it out, using the cape as a catch. Ike didn’t pay much attention to him; the idea of being swindled by a thief, then having his funds returned to him not long afterward in jest...


“Ike! Look at this!” Soren had made quick work of sorting the silvers, coppers and gold into groups. He took a moment to reaffirm his counts before speaking again, steadily dropping the coins back into the bag.


“There’s more here than you withdrew from our account. If my math is correct, we’ve accrued an additional thirty-thousand gold, bringing our total to roughly fifty thousand, give or take.”




“Indeed. It looks as though we’ve profited from Volke’s little game.” Soren handed the bag back to Ike. He held it up and looked at it, spinning it on its drawstrings. He was not amused.


“He sure does have a sick sense of humor.”

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“I’m not going to spit in the face of his sudden goodwill, no matter how disingenuous it may be. I’d take a guess and assume this was likely a gift from Queen Elincia, in truth.” It wasn’t the first time the thief-turned-assassin had done something like this. Soren had also received her favor in their leaving, so it wasn’t unusual that she’d impart a gift to the man she’d once harbored affections for. Volke had simply decided to have his fun with it.


“But beside that, I need to inform you of my arrival here.” He breathed in and began. He’d have to expedite it.



“I was indeed in the process of meeting the messenger. Once I stepped out of my office, I found myself deposited in the rubble of a sprawling mansion. After I’d gathered myself, I saw all sorts of folk that I knew were not indigenous to our world. Once of the beastfolk, a small fox named Ascension, alerted us to a supposed prophecy regarding the sun and the moon, who are personified as two of its siblings. Not long after, the black one named Nix appeared, who was responsible for the destruction of the mansion, and had gathered all the royalty present and thusly decollated them.” He smoothed out the fabric on his knees and saw the blood that had dried there, staining his pants a brownish red. It was this color that brought him back to that moment—and though he was mostly numb to it, he was not unwholly immune to its effect. Even Ike, who had borne most of the brunt of the horrors of war, showed sympathetic pain in his eyes. For this, he knew Nix’s ambition had served its purpose—to instill fear and doubt. He knew it would take time, but their resolve would need to be rebuilt and renewed. It was a matter of organization, and if he was unable to do so on his own, then Ike certainly could.


“A battle then ensued between Ascension and Nix. It wasn’t long before the black dog fled into a portal, and after introductions had wrapped up, I suggested that the bodies be burned.”


“To keep away predators?”


“Correct. As well, I have a running assumption that Nix can raise the dead. They are not unlike the gods of our realm, Ike. Perhaps they are even more sinister.”


“Wow.” Ike leaned into the bank behind him, running a hand down his chin and regarding the sky. It was a lot to take in, and so quickly...he could almost envision the thoughts that must be running through his friend’s mind. As much as he’d like to comfort him, he did not; here, there was no safety, there was no assurance. It was his job to provide Ike realities, not ideology. But Ike quickly recovered as he always did, his face set in a determined expression. He looked at Soren, awaiting whatever came next.



Excellent. This is just how I need you.



“Alright. Keep going.”


And so, while hiding away the grin that crept at the side of his mouth, he detailed the rest of their plight—the panthers, being dragged away to the forest, the last resort flare of Bolganone that rent the foliage from the ground, and his scrape with death before succumbing to darkness. Ike absorbed it all, his fingers curled beneath his chin and nodding as Soren spoke. Now, again, they were a commander and strategist, laying the groundwork for future conquest, both playing the parts they were born and molded into. It was in these moments that Soren felt the happiest—he and Ike, working together in a meeting of minds, where the burdens of emotion were cast off in favor of calculation. Yes, this was Soren as he needed to be: an unyielding anchor to hold Ike to the ground.


“As for what we should be doing right now, I think it would be wise for us to join up with the rest of the group as soon as possible, provided they survived. I should be able to find the mansion from the burnt clearing, if you’ll take me there.” Ike shifted in place and stood. He squinted his eyes against the light—it seemed to have intensified as they’d been talking—and looked out into the surrounding area. After awhile, he turned his attention back to Soren.


“It might be a better idea if I go scout around first. It’s gonna sound crazy, but...I think I’ve been here before.”


‘Been here before’? Soren moved forward and his expression intensified. He didn’t understand how it could be possible. There wasn’t a period Soren could remember in which Ike hadn’t been around, or had been able to take time out frivolities like this. But if Ike had information, he needed it out of him now. Ike had excused himself for a moment to leave, but returned quickly, and with an odd, golden orb nearly the width of his chest in tow. He eyed it warily—he was beginning to see anything as a construct of Nix’s desires.


“Oh yeah,” Ike affirmed, “I’m pretty sure I know where we are. Take a look at this.”


Without warning, he slammed the orb down onto the ground. He flinched, but the orb didn’t make as much as a dent in the soft dirt, its impact cushioned as it slowly rose to just above Ike’s head. He waited, the sounds of spells quiet in his lips.






With a sort of plop noise, the orb spilled out a rain of colored parchment and food, everything from boxed milk to pastries and fruit and everything in between. It all had this distinctly fake look, but why, Soren couldn’t answer. They were real, but seemed devoid of depth or substance, but the smell of spices and sweet alerted him that there was something whole about them. He refused to touch it, too taken aback by the display.


“It’s a Party Ball,” Ike explained. “You throw them on the ground and they drop items when they finally open.” The ball flickered out of existence, and Ike continued to speak, ignorant of the look of incredulity growing on Soren’s face.


“That’s pretty decent proof that we’re at something called a ‘Smash Tournament’. If I’m right, I came here some time ago...probably in between the end of the Mad King’s War and the Occupation. They send out invitations, and if you accept, you get transported here.” Ike scooted around the foodstuffs until he found a plate of something that smelled especially pungent and hot. How the food remained on the plate even as he turned it alluded Soren, and he watched him pick at it and select a few bits to munch on.


“I got invited this year, but I declined. I know time acts different here than it does back home, but I didn’t want to take my chances. I didn’t say anything about it last time because I thought I dreamed it or something.”


Soren remained quiet as he contemplated his words. He decided to rise to his feet, mindful of the fatigue and resistance in his limbs, and took up the pack and began to look through it. He pulled out a spare robe, belts and pants and started toward the river nearby. He felt grimy and wanted to change his clothes, for even under the intense sun the air was unusually chill against his torso. He studied the bandages again, and when he flipped his palm, he noticed something he immediately hid from view. He held his right hand to his chest and looked back at Ike.


“It’s professional work, by the way. Thank you. If...if you hadn’t been there...” Soren felt his words beginning to become weighed down by old emotions, but Ike was kind enough to save him from it.


“No problem. You’d’ve done the same for me.”


He nodded, releasing a quiet puff of humor as he did so. “Watch your back out there.”


And with that, Ike reclaimed his cape and Ragnell and was on his way. Soren waited until Ike was out of ear- and eyeshot before examining his palm. There, he found several rings of red welts circling each other, tender to the touch like burns. He’d never suffered it before himself, but the strain of lapsing magic had made him take magical backlash. The weight of what he’d survived dawned now even harder upon him, and he was grateful it was only his palm was wounded. Were the odds any more against him, he’d be in pieces.


But then, the dark reminded of the emptiness he’d felt that night reemerged, and he had to know. He turned to the where the fire had been, now dwindling down into embers, and leveled his hand at it, whispering.


The fire did not react. And instead of the tearing pain coming to ravage him, there was nothing. Just a sense of neutrality. The spirits would not answer him. He clenched his fingers into his palms and drew them down to his sides. It was confirmation.


I can’t use magic.



((Ascension and Alex come next. Thanks for the patience!))

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Just like that, Ascension had the solution to his numbers problem...even though he had no idea how to react to it. Before he could answer the newcomer's question, even before she could manage to ask it, two MORE newcomers drifted down from the top of the Smansion. He recognized them as dragons, but was certain he'd never seen anything like them before. One was a smaller, pretty light blue dragon, with ice accentuating her face. The other was a larger, predominantly orange dragon, and their collective descent rattled the ground under him. He was a small thing, so bigger things were always alarming.


"Can someone please explain where we are?"


The female newcomer complied to their wish: "You're just outside the Smanshion, as its inhabitants like to call it. This is where participants of Smash tournaments usually reside, but as you can see it has recently suffered an attack. Anyway, I was going to ask about the sky. Would anyone happen to know why the sky is orange?"


"Well," he began, "I think it has something t--"


But before even that could be said, yet another newcomer arrived, this one an orange-furred cat-person that stood above him, but not by as much as the others, thankfully. He had large ears and a menagerie of tech on him. Ascension's fur began to rise on his back as he started motioning about.

"Hello. What planet is this?"


He regarded this one with a smidge of contempt. His tone didn't seem especially indicative of a kind nature. "Um, again, if you'd just give me a moment to explain--"


But now, AGAIN, came a new face to the clearing, this one with snow-blue hair and a scarf about his neck. He had a ball with him...what? But why? Had he been dragged, just a child, from the outerworlds?


"Hey, I, uhm... I was just training with the Raimon Eleven as I somehow ended up here... Can someone tell me where this is, or how I got here?"


He backed up until he made contact with Alex's boot, who swiftly nudged him off of her. She still had that petulant look on her face, but at least she wasn't talking. He decided to force down his nerves and stand forward, sure as the Stars' chosen one should. If he showed weakness, he'd never get them to listen.


"Okay....okay. Alright, everyone, I need you all to listen to me!" Ascension leapt up on a nearby stone to give himself some leverage. Now that he had a good look at everyone, he cleared his throat and took in a breath."



"Long ago, in a time forgotten to mortals, there lived three siblings.


The eldest was an Umbreon, and claimed dominion over the night.


The middle was an Espeon, and the day was when she called home.


The youngest was an Eevee, and he was the Stars’ favored child, given the blessings of nature to craft his form around at will.



The people of the world feared the eldest brother, for his frigid nights were dark and fetid with monsters. The feared the sister, for her dawns brought the scorn of light and the scouring of earth below. But in the shade of contempt, the people showered love and affection upon the youngest brother, who could bring them warmth and coolness, rain and growth.


In light of this, a consuming jealousy began to writhe and stew inside the two elder siblings’ hearts. While the Umbreon was wise enough to conceal his feelings, the Espeon acted despite hers. The Espeon called upon the power of her sun, crafting a spear of celestial power and impaling the Eevee with it. As her brother lay dying, his blood flowed and stained her fur...for eternity. The Umbreon came upon this sight, and was blinded with rage, and thusly struck down his equal and stained himself with her blood.


Even in death, the Espeon would not forget these transgressions. The Umbreon had laid a curse upon her head, that she would be “Eternally Guilty”. But the Moon would not escape unscathed..."



"Now, in the present time, you all are in the Smashverse. This is a land comprised of the Old Gods' favored universes. Why does this matter to you?" He paced back and forth on the stone before turning to them again.


"My brother and sister, Nix and Eos, the Umbreon and Espeon in that tale of old, have come back, and seek the destruction of each other and even me, if they can manage it. I'm Ascension, the Eevee, and the Stars sent me to stop them once and for all. YOU have been dragged here--" he looked to the ones he didn't recognize, "--or you came here of your own volition to take part in the 4th Smash Tournament. Either way, you can't get back until the prophecy is fulfilled."


With that, he jumped down into the center of the crowd and looked at them all.


"Even though Nix has since fled, he destroyed the Mansion and the royalty of this world, save for a select few, and is surely plotting to show himself again. Even as we speak, Eos is on the rise--that's likely the cause for the orange sky up above."

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Just as she was beginning to get used to the two dragons, a somewhat faint whooshing noise drew her attention to the distance. There seemed to be a flying object heading towards the rubble of the Smansion at a high speed, but it pulled up at the last second. Interestingly, she thought she saw a smaller object drop from it as it zoomed away. What could it be? Seconds later, her questions were answered as the object drew nearer and revealed itself to be a rather foxlike creature. It appeared to be carrying all sorts of odd objects, most of them seemingly constructed out of metal. Many of them consisted of long cylinders attached to blocks and looked quite useless as either weapons or armor. Still, it would be unwise to underestimate them, as the creature likely carried them for a purpose.


When the foxlike creature also began to talk, cutting the small furry creature off, Cyil nearly considered leaving right then and there. Talking to the small group would have been taxing enough without having to deal with a condescending fox. Briefly, she considered giving the fox a sharp retort, but she dismissed the prospect just as quickly. Its combat capabilities were unknown to her and she didn't want to risk a potential aggressive reaction. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, she didn't have to debate on her actions much longer. It seemed that yet another newcomer had arrived, stumbling from a bright light in the distance. What was going on with all these people? Sure, a few sudden arrivals weren't out of place in the general chaos of a Smash tournament, but the tournament had long since ended and these newcomers didn't seem to know what they were doing.


That wasn't even counting the rest of the strange group she had stumbled upon. There was a strange looking lady clad in pink and several creatures of the same color surrounding her, not to mention the other girl who slept next to some floating gelatinous blob. None of them looked even remotely familiar, not even from an Assist Trophy. Exasperated, she was just about to turn and leave when the furry creature leapt onto a rock and began a lengthy speech. Most of it was rather embellished, reminding her of the childhood fairytales she read, but the last part caught her interest.


If she was to believe the tale this "Ascension" had told, then that would mean the creature had cheated death. In fact, if this creature, this Eevee, could return from death, then Anankos would surely have figured out a way to do so as well. What was there to prevent him from warping the world and engineering a plot to return to power? Anankos was insane, but he wasn't stupid. She had seen firsthand the effects of his possession, and she wasn't ready to dismiss the possibility that this was all an elaborate plan to eliminate her. Still, if Anankos was indeed back and had enough power to warp all these newcomers and possess them, then why wouldn't he just strike her down immediately? It didn't make sense, so she supposed she would have to believe this Eevee's tale. However, that didn't mean she wasn't going to ask a few questions.


"Forgive me for asking, but do you have any definite proof of these events? I do not harbor any ill intent, but it is quite a lot to take in at once. If what you say is true, what prevents the other horrors of the world from returning? Surely if two monsters are returning, more must follow."


((Ending three posts with quotes because I honestly can't figure out what to put after them ;-; ))

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Ratchet looked at the others in the group one by one, taking in the unusual qulities of each. The largest was a reptilian beast with wings. It towered over the Lombax, its scales shone under the orange sky with strange iridecence. Before the large beast were two smaller versions of the same thing. The appeared to have opposite color schemes, hinting that they might also have opposite elemental affiliations. The next was a young male clutching a black and white sports ball. His head was topped by a tuff of white hair. The rest were similar to the boy, hairless apes in various outfits ranging from ornate to practical.


Ratchet turned his attention to the little brown fox that hoped up on a rock and began to speak. He, introduced as Ascension, began to spin a tale that sounded a lot like a prophecy. Sure enough, thats exactly what it was. Ratchet had heard quite a few prophecies in his travels around the universe, often times they had someting to do with him. This one was no different, spare the rest of the group. Ratchet tilted his head bak and looked at the strange orange sky, so...thats not how it always looks? he thought, that was a bad sign. If this bad guy, Eos, had th power to alter the entire state of the atmosphere, she was more powerful than anything he had ever faced.


When Ascension finished his story, Ratchet looked relived, thank god. My translator is working on you lot he said, his voice steady and no longer streching words for clarity. Ratchet smiled at the Eevee, I would be glad to help however I can. he said. Ratchet never turned away from a planet in need. He swore to it when he became a Galactic Ranger and he wasn't about to ruin if record. Four galaxies he has saved, whats one planet? He didn't quiet understand what was going on but if whaaat the fox thing said was true, helping was the only way he could get home.

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"Forgive me for asking, but do you have any definite proof of these events? I do not harbor any ill intent, but it is quite a lot to take in at once. If what you say is true, what prevents the other horrors of the world from returning? Surely if two monsters are returning, more must follow."


Alex took the opportunity to speak up this time. This Corrin was leaving a bad taste in her mouth as time went on.


"Aren't you proof enough? Gotta be some reason you're still standing. Say, Ascension," she gave the little fox another nudge with her foot, "wouldn't you say that's suspicious? I mean, Nix did intend on killing all the royals, didn't he?"


She slapped her hands to her face in mock horror.


"Oh, no!!! I just realized a thing!" She pointed a finger sharply at the Corrin. "She must be working for him! That's the only reason why a royal, who should be dead let me add, would be alive still! Doesn't that make sense, Corn?"


Alex turned to the kitty-man. He looked pretty decent at what he was doing...whatever that was.


"I'd say the best way you could help us is by blasting this hoochey back to her dimension." She knelt down behind him and pointed to her wrists.


"See those shiny things there? Aim for the stones! And if you've got electricity, use that! Dragons hate electricity!"


At that mention, she glanced over at the two dragons who'd arrived shortly before. She gave them a sympathetic smile. When she finished off the Corrin, she'd be sure to smother them in affection.


"Uh...well, no offense intended there, folks. Kinda comes with the territory, in my line of work."

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Ah, the fox-man had a translator. She wasn't quite sure where and how it worked, but it did explain his earlier tone. That was one worry gone, though quite a few still remained. Namely, the Robin who seemed to be set on annoying her. Diplomacy first, she reminded herself. She may not have given me a chance, but habits of thought can be hard to shake. Even if the Robin did put in an extremely rude way, she had supported Ascension's statement. That was just about the only thing she gained from the blatant slander. It was tempting to reply in an equally rude fashion, but she settled for a heavy sigh of exasperation instead.


"If you must accuse me, at least refrain from calling me names. You may have had a bad experience with other versions of me, but I assure you they do not represent the intent of all the collective versions of me. I, for one, absolutely am not working for this Nix, if he even exists. My duty remains first and foremost to protect my country and collaborating with Nix would not further that intent. While I do not have any knowledge of the other royals, it seems unlikely that Nix would trap an ally under several layers of debris in her sleep."


When the Robin turned to the fox-man and began to not-so-secretly conspire with him, she nearly facepalmed. The advice about the stones wasn't off, but the weakness to electricity was a bit exaggerated if nothing else. Water was a good conductor, but even with that she never really experienced an aversion to Thunder tomes. As long as the fox-man wasn't carrying a Wyrmslayer coated with anti-dragon venom, she should be safe. Still, she wasn't going to correct a potential enemy. It was a pity this Robin was so aggressive, otherwise she might have offered to help the group. She had a country to get back to anyway, deadly prophecy or not. Even if the portals were shut down, she could still travel the old fashioned way and fly back to Valla. The expanse of ocean in the way wouldn't bother her, especially not with her dragon form's natural affinity for water. At least she could take joy in the fact that this would likely be the last time she would address the group.


"Thank you for the info, but I can tell when I'm not wanted. Now, if you'll excuse me, I shall be off like I promised. Though the standard portals may be deactivated, I have other means of travel and a country to attend to. Goodbye and safe travels."


With that statement and a small bow, she turned from the group and shifted into a dragon. It may have been a while since she had to travel out of her land, but her sense of direction was good enough to afford her a general guideline. A few strides later, she was off in the air and soaring over a forest. It was peaceful up in the air, away from having to deal with formalities and diplomacy. Really, she could stay like this forever. Valla was waiting, but if she were completely honest she didn't really want to go back. She deserved a break from politics after all, and the journey wouldn't take long. Still, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt at the selfish thought. What if the speech Ascension had made turned out to be true and somehow prevented her return? The daily strains of being a monarch were all too familiar to her and she didn't want any of her comrades to bear the burden longer than they had to.


((Just so you know, Cyil's heading towards Soren/Ike and she isn't just totally disappearing into the distance))

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((Doey's color is going to be Orangered))


Doey sighed after he took a sip of his coffee. His precious shadow legendaries were becoming restless again, wanting freedom. He could tell deep down that they hated him, yet at the same time, completely terrified of him. He reached down and started to pet the top of his beloved Gastrodon-Sliggoo fusion. It made a weird noise and Doey couldn't tell if it was from fear or the fact it was getting his master's attention. He smiled slightly before returning it to its Pokeball. It was because of this line of work that got Doey kicked out of his old job. He gave an amused snort. Deranged scientist they called him. No, he was not in the slightest deranged. He saw pure beauty in his experiments.


He grabbed his Shadow Ball that held another one of his favorite experiments: Shadow Tapu Koko. Between Xerneas and Tapu Koko, the Shadow Project was coming along really nicely. He set his cup of coffee down before going to see how his other lovely Pokemon were doing. Victini was his first stop. He could feel that the victory Pokemon was close to accepting its fate. However, when he stepped through the doors, he paused. He looked around to see a destroyed building with a bunch of people around. Out of the group, he recognized a Reuniclus and an Eevee that could talk! He was sprouting something about prophecies and Eos and Nix out for blood or something. Doey wasn't really interested in that, he was much more interested in the fact that this Eevee was talking! The Star's favorite child. A smile crept on his face. If he somehow could manage to catch...keeping that smile, Doey walked over to the Eevee. "Hello, I believe I was dragged here to help," Doey said, using the voice to help Pokemon calm down. "But I have to admit, I've never seen a talking Eevee before. I'm very interested in the beginning of the story. How did you become the Star's favorite?" He looked over to see the Reuniclus and the trainer walk over. "I guess we have to do this before I can get home then, huh?" she asked. All Zoey wanted to do was go home.




"You're just outside the Smanshion, as its inhabitants like to call it. This is where participants of Smash tournaments usually reside, but as you can see it has recently suffered an attack. Anyway, I was going to ask about the sky. Would anyone happen to know why the sky is orange?"


Vulpes nodded his head before looking down at Arctic. "You okay?" he asked lightly. "I'm fine," Arcitc responded as she came out from under Vulpes. Vulpes sat and listened as this little brown creature came and started telling a legend about his older siblings and that he was the Star's favorite child. Vulpes scoffed. Of course everyone else would be picked but him. Then why was he here? He looked to see Arctic play with his tail, smiling. He wasn't paying much attention to the group. He only looked up when he heard dragon in a sentence.


"See those shiny things there? Aim for the stones! And if you've got electricity, use that! Dragons hate electricity!"


Vulpes legitimately blinked. How could dragons hate electricity? "What's ewe..ewec..ewe..." Arctic tried asking. "It's like lightning," Vulpes answered as Arctic studied him thoughtfully. "Remember the first rainstorm you saw and lightning bolts came down?" Arctic scrunched her snout in thought, making Vulpes chuckle inwardly.


"Uh...well, no offense intended there, folks. Kinda comes with the territory, in my line of work."


"Let me make a couple things clear. We dragons don't mind electricity, but if you ever mention those stupid purple dragons in the same sentence as electricity, we're going to have problems. Besides that, none taken I guess?"


"I do!"


Vulpes eyes widen before turning Arctic. "The stweaks!" she said smiling. Vulpes threw his back and roared with laughter. "That was great timing sis!"

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Alex watched out from behind kitty-man as the Corrin dismissed herself, trotting off a piece before assuming the dragon-form she knew all too well. If there was just one thing all the Corrins had in common, it was that--that awful, knuckle-walking water snake. Just looking at its uncanny form sent shivers down her spine. Just look at that jaw! That's not a jaw, just some repurposed horns on its face! How the hell does it eat?! Her lips curled in on themselves until they pushed into her teeth. It was so alien in appearance, an anatomical atrocity--why hand feet, Naga? Why?!


"Ugh, you! Look at what your big mouth got us! What did I say about being rude?"


While Alex sat and stewed on what was admittedly a moot point, the dragon-thing took off into flight on beyond the treeline, its fingered appendages stark as they became silhouettes against the sky. Alex motioned at her mouth and gagged a bit. Just. Awful.



"Let me make a couple things clear. We dragons don't mind electricity, but if you ever mention those stupid purple dragons in the same sentence as electricity, we're going to have problems."



Alex's lip drew up in confusion as she looked them over, her brow furrowing into a tight "V". These...were dragons, right? They...did know she wasn't kidding, right? While they had their fun, Alex rose up and took Ilyana from its clasp, holding it out for them to see. A crackling trace of imbued Thunder magic leapt and danced down the jagged blade.


"Oh, you. I wouldn't put my sword to you guys, 'cause you seem pretty okay, but, if I did...it'd be like...it's...it'd be just like..." She held the sword horizontal by the blade and began making a back-and-forth pushing motion in the air.


"It'd be like shaving coins...off of cheese paper."



She continued this motion for several seconds until she broke from the trance. She resigned the weapon back to its clasp and set her fists on her hips, a closed smile crossing her face.



"But, you pointing out purple dragons is not only a little bit speciest, but oddly specific! Luckily for you, the last purple dragons I knew of--" and her mouth pulled back to show her teeth in a grin, "-- are dead!"



But her gaze averted and her expression shifted to comical regret. Poor Mage Dragons. They were a nice little breed that Alex was taken with for a period of time. Too bad she'd never been able to meet one in person--they'd all been long extinct before she rolled around. Of course, she could always use the visions of her Earth Dragon ancestors to look back on them before they gave to madness, but that wasn't a very pleasant experience...



Ascension decided that, should the need arise, he was going to use Alex as bait. Very chatty, very noisy bait. As he looked on, unable to will the dragon-girl back with his mind alone, he began to grind his teeth. At this pace, he was going to lose these people as quickly as he'd gained them. He stepped in front of Alex and barked at her as she finished her tirade about cheese paper or some other pointless concept. When he did, he noted someone. Another newcomer.


And somewhere, he felt an uneasiness, as if the Stars themselves were calling out in warning.


"Hello," the man said, "I believe I was dragged here to help..."


Yes, help was always appreciated. But this man...



"But I have to admit, I've never seen a talking Eevee before. I'm very interested in the beginning of the story. How did you become the Star's favorite?"


...his voice was velvet, a remnant of the time that the day and night lived in harmony with the elements. It poked at him, it prodded, it explored without invasion and devoid of pain. It had been a long time since Ascension had felt something so...sure. So...peaceful...


He shook himself out until his ears trembled as they stood. There was no time to be sidetracked, and the pit in his stomach had never deceived him. He had to be careful, but he didn't know why. He paced again and stopped in front of this brown haired, emerald-eyes man.



"To make a long story short, my name is Ascension. I died about 3000 years ago when my sister Eos killed me in an act of jealousy. My brother Nix decided to exact his revenge on her because of that. Seeing as I was innocent, the Stars chose to revive me to be the intermediary between them. Of course, that means they'll have to likely be destroyed for that to happen, but--" the Eevee sighed, "--that the price they have to pay for their sins. Two beings like that can't be allowed to house so much celestial energy..."''


After a moment of reminisce, he looked to the man again.


"And who, if I may, is asking? I think it'd be best to get out introductions out of the way.

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As the snarky dragon turned to leave, Ratchet raised his hands as if he was holding an imaginary rifle, "I can his it just below the skull severing the brainstem. Was that thing an enemy?". As the Lombax spoke, his Holo-com emmited a flat,blue beam of light that quickly constructed a sniper rifle twice as long as he was tall Once it was done being constructed,Ratchet peered through the scope. The dragon filled his view, the scope showing him details he would not have been able to see before. Chinks in it's armor, heartrate, and...health? Thats what he guessed the floating green number was anyway. I don't have electricity but how does a piece of the sun sound?' he said just as a big red x appeared over the dragon in his scope, ah! it went out of range. Bummer" He propped the butt of his Flux Rifle into the ground and leaned against it like a huge cane. Ratchet decided that it was about time to tell this group his name. If he was going to save the planet, they would at least need to know what to put on the award. "I'm a Galactic Ranger and my name is-"

"RATCHET!" Aphileon;s voice crackled over his holo-com.

"Yeah...Ratchet...could you excuse me for just moment?", His Flux Rifle convereted back into lightwaves and vanished beore it had a chance to fall over.

Ratchet turned around a walked a few paces away, raising his Holo-com to his face, "what's up Aphilieon?"

"I've read every test I could think of...twice! and I have no idea where we are. The planet looks like pieces of other planets rammed together, the stars visible do not match any known starmaps, Gravity is lower than expected for a planet this size. Ratchet, I have no idea where we are"

Ratchet looked up at the sky, it's deep orange color looking more sinister now.

"No sweat. I found some locals down here that can help ups get home. Just...hang tight in orbit. Ring me if you find out anything new

Apileon's signal was disconnected and he walked back to the group to meet the new comer

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It took just a short jog up the bank and around for Ike to happen upon the clearing. He made sure Ragnell was in a comfortable position, testing the pull of it against the binds that held it in place, and walked onto the scorched earth, smelling the tang of smoke and fire all around.


"Wow," he remarked, "it looks even worse in the morning."


He studied the circumference of the area, not sure what--or who--he could be looking for. It was unusual for him, but Soren hadn't elaborated on who exactly his companions had been. Maybe there were traces of them on the ground? Everything had to leave a footprint.


When he came upon what he could only describe as the "entrance" to the confrontation, he made out the smudged marks of what looked like paws and nail marks in the dirt. He traced them up and found a sort of path where something had obviously been dragged. The image of what it was chilled him a bit, and he enunciated the feeling with a shuddering groan.


But before he could get to following them, a shadow blotted out his view, and as it passed, a mighty gale sent his headband and cape fluttering in a frenzy. Great plumes of ash stirred from the ground causing him to dash away to the side, spluttering and coughing.


"Ugh..what...what in the world...?"



It took Soren a long time to recover the movement of his limbs.


It was one of the most crushing truths to come to him, that his attunement to the elements had been severed so quickly, so suddenly, for seemingly no reason. No doubt, it had something to do with his brush with the beasts the night before, but how they could effect him in such a way eluded him. A mage could be Silenced, yes; a mage could not be rent from the spirits that guided him. As he laid out the pieces of his outfit--a fresh set of pants, an undershirt, belts, robe and shawl--he ran through every text and piece of literature that he could think of, trying in vain to find something, anything to ease the dawning burden of his apparent sterilization.


He thought back to the moment it happened--claws raking down his body, teeth in his side...he'd thought mere pain had choked away his voice, but...could it have been something else? Something he wasn't catching, something he couldn't see...


"Why...?" He questioned himself, "Why can't I remember...? Why don't I know?" For something so close, just under his skin, he was so ignorant, and it tore him. If he couldn't call on magic, and he couldn't trust his mind now, then...


"What good am I like this?"



His eyes fell to the water, and he saw the face that stared back.



Indeed, Soren had been a mage since long before he'd dabbled in the art of warfare. Even if he had never received formal training, there was no doubt in his mind that it would have simply come naturally to him. This wasn't mindless egoism, but inevitability--his teacher had always hinted that he would become something spectacular, that he was far too skilled and powerful for someone of his age, and had outclassed the old sage by the time he was in his seventh year or so. Most of it was the blessing, the curse of the Mark of the Branded. Though deeply engaged by the arcane, and studious in its fields to the point it was just language to him, Soren himself had little to do with his accomplishments in it.


What had been his fascination was the aforementioned strategist position. It was something he had been born with no real understanding of, but had built a repertoire of being one of the very best in it. Yes, it had served as an easy ploy to drive himself closer to the man he owed his life to, but he could admit that he took a great deal of pleasure in doing so. There was so much more than just commanding in tactics, unlike magic--there was psychology, topography, positioning and problem-solving...things that he found endlessly engaging; where the mechanics of battle were ever-changing. He knew these things he could never tire of, and even in his retirement from the Mercenaries, he had chosen to still serve at his commander's side for all of their mortal lives.



He undid the three ties keeping his hair together. The fear brought on by the neutering of his magic was fogging his mind; another trick meant to trap him in Nix's web. It was a shallow and pathetic maneuver, even by his standards.



A quick and careful wash in the river was all Soren needed to clear his mind of oppressive thoughts. He dressed back to the new set of pants, ready to discard the old ones in the fire--



--but caught them before they left his hand. The little mound in the pocket served as a reminder. In one swift movement, he fished it out, peering inside and seeing a milk-green cabochon, thankfully still intact.



Just something to remember us by. A little bit of home.



He found his boots and slipped them on, making sure his Mend and Physic staves were still around. He picked up the Mend and tested it in his hand, making sure he could at least hold it as a weapon. If he moved it to his left hand, he could manage it, but for now, he left his right hand open to heal. The less friction, the better.


Soren propped the Mend against a nearby tree, parting his dark green locks evenly over each shoulder. He'd just finished wrapping the two parts together with the third wrap before he was alerted to the sound of something very heavy nearby, followed by a rustling. He took Mend into his left hand and poised himself, still lifting his casting hand in ruse. Whatever lay beyond his vision had no idea that he had been handicapped, and he had no intention of letting them on.


"Show yourself," he spoke, his voice steady, but laced with a commanding tone, "Drop any weapons if you value your life."

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"Oh, you. I wouldn't put my sword to you guys, 'cause you seem pretty okay, but, if I did...it'd be like...it's...it'd be just like..." This creature was waving something in the air. Something that seemed dangerous.


"It'd be like shaving coins...off of cheese paper."


"Are you...threatening me?" he asked, his body going rigid as she waved the dangerous thing around. "You touch one scale on my sister and see how fast I shave you."


"But, you pointing out purple dragons is not only a little bit speciest, but oddly specific! Luckily for you, the last purple dragons I knew of are dead!"


"Yeah? Try telling that to Malefor who thinks purple dragons should be worshipped by the rest of us lesser dragons. And tell that to Spyro who was supposed to be the Savior of the Dragon Realms but decided to skip heroic day and is now missing!" Vulpes bared his teeth, resisting the urge to tell this creature that Arctic was an orphan. Out of all the things he told her, her being an orphan wasn't one of them. Arctic blinked up at him, not really following what he was saying. She recognized some of the words, but his voice was different. He only became this way towards her if she got into trouble, yet he wasn't snapping at her. So what was he snapping at?




"To make a long story short, my name is Ascension. I died about 3000 years ago when my sister Eos killed me in an act of jealousy. My brother Nix decided to exact his revenge on her because of that. Seeing as I was innocent, the Stars chose to revive me to be the intermediary between them. Of course, that means they'll have to likely be destroyed for that to happen, but that the price they have to pay for their sins. Two beings like that can't be allowed to house so much celestial energy..."


Doey rubbed his chin in thought. There was another solution, a much more simpler solution to this and that would be a Master Ball. Oh, that would be the opportunity of a life time! Such thoughts before would have sent a chill down his spine from pleasure, but here he had to remain calm. If he revealed his true nature here, he'd run the risk of losing his Pokemon. Then again, he did have Shadow Tapu Koko under his grasp. Its will had been strong at one point, but after a while of being caged, that will had weaken. It would do anything for Doey.


"And who, if I may, is asking? I think it'd be best to get out introductions out of the way."


"Hmmm?" Doey hummed in thought. "Oh, my name's Doey. I guess you can call me a rather...curious scientist."


"Seriously?" Zoey asked in surprise, making Doey look at her. "My name's Zoey and this is Globbers."


"What a fine Reuniclus," Doey said, reaching out and petting the top of its head. "Shiny if I'm not mistaken. You must have trained it well.


Zoey nodded her head but kept an eye on Globbers. He seemed to be enjoying the head rub, but something was...off. Was Globbers scared of Doey? If so, why?

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"Why not?"

"Because we're currently in the middle of a crisis that I think constitutes as a BIT more important than trying to name what skills we're going to use!"

"I already did that! This is about possible skills in the FUTURE!"

A shadow stood over him, clad in heeled, steel boots, a skirt made for riding, two shields borne on her waist. He didn't have to look up to know that her face was either displeased or coming close to it.

There was a person running passed them in distress in the background, screaming about the sky. The two chose to ignore the situation.

"Get up. We don't have time for this."

"I refuse!"

There was a very irritated groan of the female variety.



"Because I'm trying to listen to the weird fox thing too. It's TALKING." he replied, holding out both hands to emphasize the point. "TAAAAALKING. That's really odd. As the hero of the Epoch, I must harken to its words."

"After all the things we've done and what your father put us through, THAT'S odd? Gawds, you're insufferably easily distracted!"

She flumped down on the ground next to him, pulling her legs close to her chest and laying her chin on her knees.


"When are you going to move then?"

"When it's over."

"When what's over?"



"Hey it could be important! Er... I mean... IT MAY BE CRUCIAL TO OUR QUEST!"


A lady was talking to the fox thing about the sky again. And then people were asking about where they were. That part was definitely important.

"Hey, Severa."

"Yes, Owain?"

"Did Ylisse have orange skies? Or strange talking fox beasts? I do not recall this sort of situation occurring within the realm of the Hero of Epoch."

"Orange skies are sunsets, dummy."

"And verbally efficient foxes?"

"No. It didn't have VERBALLY EFFICIENT foxes!"

"Then this is a strange situation indeed. I must consult my Sword Hand for advice."

He held up his arm, placing his palm so that it faced his face. He stared at it for a long while.


"NO REALLY?" She gave him a sarcastic look.

"IN MY DIRE TIME OF NEED, why does it not SPEAK!?"

"I'm talking and you're not even listening to me." she sighed, leaning back against her horse.

"Of course I am, love of my life. But your words are not as omnipotent as the calling of my sword arm. It knows all." He waved his hands for emphasis.

She gave him a very dour face.

"Does it know what I want to say next?"

"Severa! You can't use that sort of language near the sword arm! It defiles the energies!"

A strange star began to fall from the sky. Severa gave it an interested glance. Owain held up his hand to get a better look.

"Severa, now this is just getting ridiculous."

"More than you?"

"I could swear to all the gods and Naga that that star.... isn't a star."

Severa narrowed her eyes and gazed at it.

"I'm also going to swear I saw something come out of that star." Owain added, watching something descend to earth. "It must be a servant of Grima!"

"Grima's dead, idiot." Severa said quickly.

"BUT STILL, HIS SERVANTS COULD REMAIN. WE MUST READY our WEAPONS!" Owain said, withdrawing a long, silver blade from his back. "Solas! By the might of the Sun, do I wield you in the name of its purity!"

Severa placed a hand on her face.

"Caeldori hasn't made a sound yet. We're safe."

"You're right. Your steed has always been accurate in foreseeing hostile units."

"So sit back down. I'm comfortable now."

"But didn't you-"

"Sit down."

Owain quickly returned to his sitting posture just as a strange, fox person in a metallic suit approached and began talking to the OTHER fox.

"We're reaching critical levels of weird, now." Owain said, rubbing his chin.

"Oh, and you weren't there already?" Severa looked over at him with a smirk.

He stood to his feet again as Severa grabbed his pant leg.


"No what?!"

"You're not going to proclaim yourself to them this time. You're going to sit down and wait until they notice you. Gawds, the last time you did that you made an entire village of kindly people lock us out of their inn."

"It was a nice nap in the stars."

"With no TENT."

"I'll always be your tent, Severa."

"Then sit down and let me lay on you."

Owain sat back down, allowing her to rest her head on his shoulder. He supposed this would have to do until he understood what was really going on.

To be honest, he had no idea. One second, the pair of them were on an excursion away from their respective fathers and mothers to have a sort of honeymoon. The next thing he knows, the two of them are standing in the middle of a panic/danger zone with a lot of questions.

He looked up at the sky and just sighed.

"This is going to be EXCITING!"

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