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To the End of Earths

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I know I am going to sound crazy and trust me, I wish I was.



My Name is Hunter Vargus and I am a twenty four year old man living in 1998. I go to college, I have a girlfriend and a great family. That’s why I’m running around trying to warn you and trying to figure out how to stop it.



It? OH! It is the end of human life on Earth. In 2025 the last human is going to die in a hole in the ground in the middle of a barren wasteland. An unknown event is going to occur that will unleash hell on the surface of the planet, wiping out all life efficiently and quickly and making it impossible to spring back. I am not sure what exactly causes it, all I know is that it started somewhere on the midwestern United States. Surviving reports recount a massive earthquake that destroyed 3 major cities in the southwest and opening a massive fissure in the desert. Horrible things poured from the crack in unrelenting waves, spreading in all directions and devouring all signs of life.



What do you mean “How do I know this?” Oh...should have opened with that part;

My name is Hunter Vargus and I am a twenty four year old man living in 1998 and I am a time traveler. I don’t know why I can, just just woke up one day and I could. I can create wormholes that can send me anywhere and when on earth. At first, I used it for fun and personal gain. While I was trying to jump into the future to learn about what sport’s teams to bet on in 1998. I discovered that there wasn’t going to be anymore horse races. Earth was scarred and burned. The earth was lined with deep cracks and not a living thing moved. Entire cities were empty and quiet. Farms were reduced to ash by hundreds of square miles. The air was choked with soot and chemicals from massive fires in the distance. I jumped back to my time and began to panic.



After i calmed down, I started doing research. Turns out, I’m not the only person to be born with weird powers.

“That’s perfect!” I thought. More people like me could band together and put a stop to whatever crawled out of the desert. That's also when I learned of a catch, People with abilities are extremely rare, so rare that most of the time one is born every few decades. I thought my plan was shot and that earth didn’t have a chance. Then I remembered who I was and what I could do.



Here I am, standing here in front of you in your birth time. I found you using whatever scraps of information I could find about people with powers in the past. I’m here to ask you a very important question: will you leave all you know to come with me to the future to stop a war we never stood a chance of winning?







You are a human born with incredible powers and you have just been visited by a man named Hunter claiming to be a time traveler from a doomed timeline, working to save it. He needed your intelligence and talents to figure out a way to save the world.




-No godmoding

-no perfectly perfect (or imperfect) characters.

-Please listen to me, I have a plot for this in mind

-Be creative with your power choice.

-limit it to one major power (Sub-powers are allowed but need to be within reason)

-Anyone can just post. Chaos is good. There is no need for me to approve anyone cause I can't pick who is born. Just go ahead and throw an introduction up and call it a day.

-All characters will start in their own birth time and Hunter will show up to get them.

-you can flesh out your character’s life before they have to decide as much or as little as you want.

-I am not making character sheets for this RP. Give me whatever basic information you feel is necessary at the top of your introduction (Age, gender, power) or if you integrate it into your intro, you don’t need it.

-Please make birth time obvious.

-Do not give you character’s knowledge they would not be able to have.Someone from 1467 wouldn’t know what a telephone is.

-future times are allowed as long as they stay below 2025. Also, keep characters spaced out throughout earth's timeline.

-No limit to the number of characters you can have





Character Timeline


1998- Hunter Vargus



2015- End

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