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The Pun Game

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Pretty simple really, first person says something, second person has to try and make a pun out of it, so it could just turn into a whole conversation using ridiculous puns.


Terrible, Terrbible, Example:


Person 1: my Grandma made us indian food last night.

Person 2: did she make you NAAN bread?

Person 1, or 3. whatever: yes, now I'm so full and tired I'll fall asleep as soon as my head hits the PILAU


Or, you can try and change the topic when there's no puns you can make. (only do this if there's already been at least one pun made on a topic)



So... next person can start it, my brain is dead atm, its late. Unless you can actually make a pun out of that..go ahead xd.png




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I guess I'll get this started since you gave the go-ahead! Hopefully other people will join in to bring the game to life!

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