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Funny pet names

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A quick keyword search yielded nothing of this type, so I'll go ahead and post. smile.gif


So I thought of Frostbite as a funny name for a snow tiger, and for some reason, I came up with a forum game. Basically, you offer the person below you an animal, real or fantasy, and they create a funny name for it.




A: - Snow Tiger

B: Frostbite!

- Wyrm

C: Wiggler!

- unicorn

D: Pokey!

- Dog


and so on. I'm not very good at it but hopefully you get the idea xd.png


all dragons must be classified, e.g. pygmy, ampithere, lindwurm, Western...

'drake' will refer to DC drakes. I believe that 'wingless' is the correct term for a non-DC drake.


So, first animal: Dog!

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