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A Morally Colorful World

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You're defective. For whatever reason, however you were raised, you are an oddity among the rest of society. It could come from the fact that you're too powerful, and governments are trying to take you down. Or it could be that you're too weak; they, whoever they may be, tried to force a specific lifestyle on you in effort to control you, but you snapped. Maybe you're simply different. Something nothing else seen before.


In any case, you're here, a safe haven from the rest of the world. Except it's not safe, not 100%. People get stolen all the time, sold or experimented on, and as soon as you leave to try and make it out there, you could be dead within the hour.

Despite it's rather patchwork looks, this is still the best place for you. You've arrived with nothing more than a broken heart, a few belongings, and knowing your "color". And determination to make things right.


Colors? Of what?

All magic has a specific color, which denotes their abilities. People can't see this color, however some have the ability to sense it, and it can be implied through their power set. A person's own unique color is decided partially from genetics, but mostly through environment. A person first gains a specific color around the age of 8- some may take longer, some shorter. Once they attain this age, it becomes impossible to change that color more than a shade darker or lighter. There is a tiny window of time where it's possible to detect a potential color while it's still possible to change it, but it's hard to find if the child in question isn't being constantly monitored.


Magical colors follow light rules instead of paint rules for mixing- the more you have, the closer it gets to white instead of black. However, it still follows a RBY mixing instead of CYMK.


Everyone has an aura of magic 24/7. With it, they can form constructs or pick up objects within a meter or two around them. If something created with magic was to move out of that radius, it would "burn up" itself as it cannot sustain existence without a source. Some colors are able to circumvent this- more on that later.


There are spectrums for these colors, as there isn't one catch-all be-all definition for a specific type.

The first spectrum is red to violet. Alternatively, radio to gamma. This is based on the spectrum of light, so colors closer to red tend to have less energy than purple colors. This means that purple is more potent than red given the same sample size. However, due to red taking up less energy, people of this color have a greater radius and use less effort for their magic.


It should be noted that people who have ultraviolet and infrared colors do exist naturally. Their skill sets tend to be a slight variation on violet and red powers respectively. X-ray or microwave colors are possible in laboratory conditions, and in theory gamma and long radio is possible. From the handful of cases, the farther one's color is from the visible light spectrum, the more logic-defying it is. These colors are gained if something is in extreme overabundance or scarcity in a person's life.

*No technical character limit on these colors, but please don't overuse them.


As pink is not a "real" color in terms of light, people with this color are considered abnormal. They aren't actually pink, but rather purple and red colors mixed together. This clash of two extremes leads to instability and often kills the host very quickly. The conditions to create pink are only found in unethical laboratory experiments, and so aren't much to worry about

*Please, only one "pink" character in total in the RP. Limit might raise later on.


The second spectrum is from black to white.

Black or dark colors are extremely common. People with them tend to have an easier time using their aura and can manifest it to a physical form without much energy expenditure. Scholars sometimes argue that this isn't actually a color but rather a form of darkness.

White- or more accurately, pure light- on the other hand, is rare. Rare and powerful enough that anyone found having it is killed on detection. Very bright colors are hard to use and require creativity, but have the power and potential to tap into metaphysics and alter critical values of the universe. White also contains every other color, so if one isolates a specific power, they're able to use it. All reported cases have no connection in environment, so no one knows what causes white.

*Please, only two "white" characters in total, and please don't OP them. This limit most likely will not change.



Types of Colors.

Very much work in progress.


It's possible to be colorless- this is a fairly uncommon type, but very useful. It can absorb and dilute colored magic, essentially making it anti-magic.


It's also possible for a color-user to achieve the effect a different color provides by very creative use, but it tends to take energy.


Primary Colors



Red is the color of change and control. People with this color can influence minds, grow plants far more easily, speak animal languages, etc. Unsurprisingly, most politicians have this color.

Very common color.



Those with this color can teleport, create hammerspaces, ect. Basically, spacial control. As space and time are intertwined, this color can affect time indirectly.



This is the color of creation. Energy, whether thermal, chemical, kinetic or even potential, can overstep the bounds of reality and be created/destroyed with ease. People with this power often have elemental control.


Secondary Colors



This color is a more pure form of blue. While those with this color no longer have concrete control over space, they can see into the future or even slow the passage of time.



???? ideas appreciated



More physical than red. These tend to be summoners. Animation is another route that this power can take. Creatures can manifest, half-alive and half-aura around people of this color.


World Map

This is Earth, 3rd rock from the Sun, in one of the arms of the Milky Way etc. and etc. but the continents and oceans have been wildly manipulated. ((If there's an expert meteorologist in the forums, please correct me on how climate would be changed.))


Technology is post-Industrial Revolution, but pre-WW1. People are split rather evenly between urban and rural lifestyles. Magic is able to power personal objects, however coal is still used for cities. While airplanes and the like do exist and fly even better due to magic, their designs are dated. Think biplanes. Scientific research does exist, but progresses slowly. Countries have other things on their mind.


Furthermore, due to a changed history, certain attitudes still hold true in this world. While racism isn't as harsh as it is today, thanks to magic fueling empires of every single race, people are still segregated.



Countries here are still quite small due to the overabundance of ethnic nationalities. Language and cultural barriers still exist, but are less so due to trade being more prevalent. No, the typical Western view of those "savage African tribes" do not exist here- magic makes resources more accessible.

Northern is still constricted by the Sahara, but the Nile is extended. The coastlines are far more rugged and the cliffs are bigger.

Southern eradicated the Kalahari Desert. The Great Lakes are clustered closer together, and water levels are higher. The Lakes are slightly more saline than in real life, but still drinkable.


Antarctica is habitable along the coast-lines and certain areas inland, though still chilly due to being near the South Pole. Glaciers along the coast are non-existent, making the continent as a whole much smaller. There is an indigenous populace here, closely related to the Aborigines of Australia. Yes, there are still penguins.


The Arctic, or more specifically, the North Pole, has actual islands underneath the ice flows. They're coated by ice nearly 24/7, so only tough lichens manage to cling to life here. Birds and bears still visit.


Asia is separated from Europe not just by an extended Ural Mountains, but by an even drier Siberia and desert in where would be present-day Kazakhstan. India is still an island. This separation exacerbates tensions between countries. Siberia isn't under Russian control, and is also populated more by indigenous people instead of Slavs.


Australia is closer to the South Pole than in real life. The interior desert is drier than ever, but small, fertile spots are scattered haphazardly about.


The Americas

Both North and South have heavy native populations, and English/French influence is minimal.

North America sees a combined US/Canada/Mexico. While tribes-turned-nationalities create ethnic issues (which have split apart the mega country before), the NA is still an incredible international powerhouse thanks to the relatively similar cultures and languages.

South America fares slightly worse off due to factions fighting over gold early in history and the sticky climate, but is generally peaceful.



Europe is generally normal physically except for large craters filled with red poppies. Bands of refugees or political escapees tend to carve out homes there. Politically and culturally, it's a mess. Because it is still the first region to gain the Industrial Revolution, and because of magic enhancing technology's effect, wars have separated the already tiny countries to cities or mere states. Not all anarchy, though, as attempts at creating an EU are on the way.


The Middle East is far more fertile than it is currently. While oil is still abundant here in this world, it lies largely untapped. Incredibly old cities around the Fertile Crescent teem with population, making it a prime target for control. Islam and Christianity don't exist as the region never got under the control of the Roman Empire. Palestine exists instead of Israel, but is Jewish so there's not much different.



To be continued...

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First you say the spectrum is based on light, not paint, then you say that yellow is one of the primary colors. Yellow is a primary color of paint. For light, it's green.

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Actually it was said that only the color mixing follows the rules of light, not the whole concept


Besides that, I would love to join this. I love the idea and ascetic of color based powers. especially since my life is RGB controled and color coded

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Actually it was said that only the color mixing follows the rules of light, not the whole concept


Besides that, I would love to join this. I love the idea and ascetic of color based powers. especially since my life is RGB controled and color coded

The only reason why we call certain colors "primary" is because all other colors can be created by only mixing the right amount of each color together. If the color mixing follows the rules of light, the primary colors would have to be red, blue and green.


And of course I love the idea, otherwise I wouldn't be giving feedback. laugh.gif

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You're completely right,

Buuuut it was said that the only rule it follows with light is white and black. While I guess it would make the way the primary colors mix but I think that's an interesting concept since the colors in question are neither light or pigment.


I'm not saying your wrong I just don't think it will hurt the rp.


I really don't mean to sound argumentative, I just love talking about light and color smile.gif

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Well sure, it probably won't hurt the rp, i just was a little surprised when I noticed it, so I thought I'd mention it. xd.png It indeed is a very interesting idea.

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Oh! Thank you Felixr2, I might go with green instead of yellow as the latter doesn't seem to fit the theme of life that green would. On the flip side, it would make the blending a little messy- only cyan comes in between green and blue, while yellow AND orange would come between green and red.


Hopefully I'll finish fleshing this out by the end of next week. Nice to see interest in this!

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^Ah, I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not.


So, I've found a way to make colors work, however I'm still stuck on Green. Apologies that it took so long to update.


Descriptions of the setting will probably be up by mid-week.

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it was a serious question.

Then i relized "No, that's dumb"


I was thinking of other color stuff and thought color inversion was a cool concept.

Since that post, I haven't been able to think of any way that would work into a character.

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Updated worldbuilding info. I've tried to look at the effects of magic and how it would've changed world history, such as the Middle East and parts of Africa being more developed due to a) magic giving reliable water access and cool.gif not being taken over every time there's an empire around. Let me know if something doesn't make sense.


Sorry for the slow progress on the RP. The color-mixing is causing problems with deciding what kind of powers are for what, and I might overhaul the current powersets. Ideas are appreciated as always.

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I literally mix color and assign them meanings for a living (I'm a lighting designer and scene painter)


I went to college for this censorkip.gif


So if you need help I got you wink.gif

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Thank you for the offer for help! I still have interest into making this a full fledged RP, even if progress and posting is slow.


My main problem is having a list of powers that can blend together. Elemental magic would be very easy to mix, but are quite unoriginal and limit the possibilities.

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Bumping once more. Anyone interested in this? I still have no idea which power to assign to green, and the colors might require overhauling.

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