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Rains blushed as phill took a seat on his lap. He had half a mind to push him down as he didnt like this kind of contact. He was getting ready to touch phills back to push him down when he heard the thumping of steps moving up the stairs.



"Uh...whats going- nevermind. I think the caravan has caught up with us!" David said as he burst through the door. Rain us up so fast and at the window that phill hadnt even tumbled to the floor yet.


He could see them coming like a small army hunting for its criminal. His tails swish back and forth in agitation.


"So phill, david how about that fire now. Do you guys think you can get the horse ans other things we need before the town burns down. I think that should be a big enough distraction."


Rain was still watching them progress when a familiar figure catught his attention. His heart gave and a small smile crept onto his face.


"Well at least he's not dead."rain whispered as he seen alindor at the front of the group.




(((( Mind what? You pushing the plot along, not at all. I was running out of things to do anyway. The next major thing that needs to happen is they need to run into a priest or mage to find out what's happening wink.gif ))))))))))











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(((I got just the guy >.>)))


David looked confused, "Fire?" he asked, the plan clicking after a few seconds, "Oh! Yeah sure. Lets just add arson to our list of censorkip.gif we've done wrong". He said backing out the room. "I'll grab the horses,you guys grab the stuff you need and meet me outside. And hurry, we don't have much time.". David noticed the folded shirts resting on the nightstand. He glanced at Phil, then to Rain then snagged the one off the top and running off.


He struggled to get into the shirt as he clumped down the stairs. It was a little too tight and restricting but it would have to do.He lept through the broken window and crossed the street to the horses. He glanced over his shoulder as he untied the horses. They were almost to the entrance to the town but it didn't seem like they noticed. That was good, maybe they could sneak aw-

" Look out!" his horse yelled, looking over David's shoulder.

David stepped back, dumbstruck that his horse had just yelled at him.

He was brought out of his confusion by a sharp pain in his left shoulder blade. He reached back and found that a arrow was sticking from his shoulder. He swore loudly and got the horses free. He looked back at their foes, now close enough to see the first line of men readying another volly of arrows. He dropped the reigns and looked at his horse.

"Uhhhh....I'll ask later. Get these horses down the road, we will meet you there! He yelled, slapping the two horses on the rear and sprinting back to the house where Rain and Phil were still. His horse nodded and galloped away, the other tow following. He got through the window just a volly of arrows pinged off the side of the house.


Back up stairs, he slid to a stop and rounded the corner into the room, "Change of plans! I told my horse to meet us at the end of the road.They are here already. We either need to stay and fight or find another way to the end of the road", he said looking around frantically. He tried to draw his pistols and found his left arm not responding like it should, "Oh yeah....they shot me too' he added, motioning to the arrow in his back, "but thats a problem for different time."


David turned and left the room.

"Arrrrrrghhhh!" someone yelled from down the hall. One of the men had followed him into the house. David din't have any protection but he did the first thing that came to mind. David took off his new hat and held it out. Maybe the sword would get lodged in the leather and he could...twist it away or something. Instead the blade and the man's arm vanished into the hat. Putting David Face to face with the defenseless man. David smiled and slammed his forehead into his nose. Knocking him back down the stairs. He put his hat back on and ran by the room where Rain and Phil were, "Can't go that way but I think I have an idea. He grabbed both boys by the fronts of their dresses and hauled them after him.


They burst into another rom at the rear of the house. David looked around frantically, spotting a well carved chair in the corner. The chair flew through the window with a crash. David grabbed and handful of broken glass and poured it into the barrel of his pistol. They were too high up for David to jump (He wasn't sure how susceptible to broken ankles they were) but the roof was closer, "Climb to the roof! I'll cover you" he said, pacing back to the door with his pistol in his good hand "Oh, and fire in the hole". David swivled around the doorframe and fired down the hallway, spraying broken glass at high velocity itno their enemies. David didn't think how he was going to climb out after them. He would have to burn that bridge when he gets to it.






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((Nalom is the planet. If y'all got any ideas for good country names I'll add it to the original post.))

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Phill was lost in confusion as he got off rain chuckling as he nodded "a fire would slow them down for sure." Phill stood looking out the window as he had packed his bag of everything that he had found including the dresses to tease rain and try and get david into, the pants and shirts that would be better fit for david and the empty cantine.


Phill tilted his head "you told your horse to wait for us? So they ran off is what your saying and i can see they shot you maybe we could bandage it." He went to get david but he wasn't there, next thing phill knows he is dragged by his dress to another room and told to climb. Phill swung himself out thw window and grabbed a ledge climbing nimbly to the top.


Phill stood up only for an arrow to lodge itself in his side. He gave a loud growl and whine mixed before pointing his sword at the ground where a group of four or five bowmen stood. He yelled just as the loud boom rang in his ears. The last of his electricity shot out and hit the group of bowman with a loud Crack! Followed by screams. He looked to see if rain was coming "i got some of the bowmen im not sure how many more they have or where they would be set up."

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Rain watched as david came in after firing his gun at someone. He could hear a scream followed by moans of pain. But he didnt have long to contemplate it as david grabbed both phill amd him dragging them up.


When the reaxhed the roof he finally got a good look at david as the sun shined down on them. It didnt look to bad but he know from past experience that it would hurt to remove.


Rain felt a pain in his chest though as phill took a arrow to his side. This two had done nothing to alindor, he should have been lucky to be alive. Looking over the side of the building he dodged a arrow as it flew past. Wincing he heard the crack from phills thunder as it hit the ground and a few Bowman.


Glancing around he took in the situation and came away missing david. Looking back at the window he could see david firing at some poor fellow coming up the hall. Crouching and making his way back to the window he flicked his wrist and the hall outside the room caught fire going up in a blaze of heat and smoke.


"Come on" rain moved while david climbed out and they made there way back to phill.


Looking around as they talked about how to get down rain spotted at the very end of the line of holes a flag pole. Where phill and rain could possible jump and be ok he doubted david would survive unscathed.


"There, see the pole you two should make it to that and use it to get down. After that make for the horses and leave I'll catch up in a could of minute." Rain pointed to the pole and waited til they had seen it before he took off in the opposite direction. Seeing the edge of a room that was higher than the rest he took a flying leap and landed his fingers on the ledge.


Pulling himself up he came to stand deside the caravan as the building under him burned from the fire. They seemed pretty distracted by the lightning that phill had fired off and by the one house burning away happly. But could they handle half the town.


They must have spotted rain though as he stood in the open as the fired there bows again. But they never got close as rain spotted alindor again and he let his rage build at the injustice of what was happening. It had been his fault and now rain and his friends where paying the price.


Rain looked down in contempt at the remaining people and held his hand out. Heat could be seen rising from around him as power built around him amd considerated infront of his hand. Fire sparked to life and swirled around in a spiral before rain let it fly. It ate at the wooden caravan and rain could hear some trapped people scream as they hurried to leave.


But he couldnt stop there. After the first attack his darker side came out but with a excuse of protecting his friends as a reason to kill and rain let it lead. He just hoped now that they were gone. That they had left like he had told them to. Because it they could see him he would look like a demon. His eyes had turned red with the power of the flame running through him and the air shimmered around him as he revealed in the heat.


Smiling darkly he turned his head to the side as the screams escalated and fascination weaved in as he watched them scamper about but some still tryed to fire there weapons at him. Looking at the surrounding houses he was glad that they were made of wood as the sparked to life nicely. He had to admit that red and orange was lovely colors to paint a town.









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"Nalom... Is a world. A planet; We're on it right now. As for where... I think... I can't remember what the other planets are? I... I'm sorry, I sort of only learned what was necessary for survival. Harpies don't really go to school. Or anything of the sort. We usually just attack people." He shrugged sheepishly, rising to shift from foot to foot. "...I- Not that I do! But- Ahh."

Kimon flushed, at a loss for words. He had verbally cornered himself. Nicely done. He curled his wings around his head as well, turning into a feathered ball of shame and embarrassment.

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Phill could feel the heat of the fire that was spreading quickly through the house under his feet. Phill growled lowly not wanting to leave but not being fireproof he didn't have much choice. He ranslightly slower do to the pain of an arrow in his side. Phill was much less graceful as he leapt over onto the building that wasn't on fire.


Phill was growling each time he jumped to the next house whil watching to make sure david was coming as well. He made quick adjustments to his bag as he reached where the pole was. He quickly tossed his bag onto the ground seeing that the pole was only a few feet away he was sure that david could make it.


Phill jumped first and let out a loud yelp as he hit the pole and the arrow was hit as well. He slid down the pole and grabbed his backback putting it on as he waited for david.

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David Nodded to Rain and took a running start towards the edge of the roof. When he reached it, he slid to a stop, his brain yelling not to jump. He stood wit his toes on the edge, his arms pinwheeling to keep his balance. He back up for another go. Glancing back, he managed to see Rain start to firebomb the caravan with some kind of weird powers. HE used that as motivation to jump the gap.


He landed on his stomach his legs dangling over the edge. He scrambled for a hold and hauled himself up. He followed Phil until they reached the flaagpole. There was no way he would safely make it down with only one good arm. Holstering his gu, he looked down at Phil "Keep going! I'll meet you at the last house!" he yelled before runnning across the rooftops again.

Three houses ahead he finally found an opening. The next house in the line was a story taller than the one he was standing on. He drew his empty pistol and threw it ahead of him, watching it sail through the window he was aiming for. David followed after it, leaping through the broken window with his knees tucked and his arms protecting his head. He landed inside the house and rolled, slamming into a dresser rather ungracefully. He scooped up his gun and heading into the hall.


David burst through the door Right behind Phil. The opendoor shielded them both from the fresh volley that thudded against the wood. "move!" he yelled as if he didn't aleardy know that. His face and arms were a bloody mess from the broken glass he rolled through.


He skirted around the side of the last building with Phil and his heart soared. Their horses were waiting there for them like he asked. His horse threw it's head up and down in excitement, "You made it! I thought you were dead for sure!" the horse said as he mounted him. Now the just had to wait for Rain.


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Phill was glad for david opening the door as he was looking around for the horses, the thud against the door got him moving just as david yelled for him to move. He was moving slower than david after the arrow being hit and moved around in his side. He was breathing heavy from the pain and knew that he was not looking good, blood running down his side and soaking the entire left side of the dress.


Phill walked over to his horse before going to david and ripped a piece of the dress off from his right arm of the dress to make sure it was clean. He looked up at david his ears down slightly as he hated to see the pain david was in and from the pain he was in. "David we need to get that out of you and bandage you, yours seems easiest to bandage so while we wait for rain let me bandage you up ok? It will be awekward on horseback though so maybe we should get somewhere hidden and i can possibly get it taken care of "

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David shook his head, "Not the best time Phil." He said, reaching bak ad snapping the arrow off an inch before it pierced his skin, "The arrow is keeping all the blood in". He tossed the arrow shaft aside and reloaded his gun with the bag of nails he still had in his pocket. He might need it if they gave chase. "Come on Rain" he muttered under his breath, his gun trained on the corner of the building. The smell of smoke was now overpowering the smell of decay.

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Rain smiled as the screams filled the air around the caravan from those unfortunate souls who couldnt make it out. He had spread the fire so fast that the one left alive scattered.


At they spread out in search of a safe way in town to excape his joy faltered. These men and women where the ones who had hurt those he cared about. As long as they still scuttled around in the shadows david and phill wouldnt be safe. And to prove his point he watched with a growing smile as some broke away moving farther into town.


By this time most of the houses on this side of town where engulfed in flames that seemed to touch the sky. Jumping from his perch on the roof he caught a ledge and slide down onto a window seal before falling gracefully to the ground.


"They went that way." A brown haired man yelled to his comrades pointing father in. Either he didnt notice the place on fire or he didnt care. Both was fine with rain as he sank closer to them through the flames of a house that had collapsed.


" Where's the red kitsune." Rain never waited for a answer as he rain from the fire with fists of flame. Coming to the first one who had his back turned he effortlessly slide his hand through his chest cavity. Pulling back he slide his hand free licking the taste from his hands.


But this had alerted his friend to rains presence by the dull thud he had created at meeting the ground. As the saw him they stood wide eyed. The dance had begun. Rain slided with claws and knives while the cut chunks of hair, cloth, and some skin away with swords. The fight didnt last long as rain beheaded the last man standing.


Smiling down at them he heard the subtle voice that was familiar. And a scent he had grown used to, one that tickled his noise and smelled of honey and melon. Another scent mixed with it creating a elaborate dance of smells. This one smelled of musk from the woods and maybe a little of clear fresh mountain water.


Rain frowned, something was screaming at him in his mind as he looked on spotting movement a little ways away. Movement ment another person, another person ment a witness and another fun little bug to crush.


Rain looked into the familiar gold eyes. Something was telling him not to hurt the young man before him but why. Another movement caught his attention as another person moved to a horse. Brown eyes, light and beautiful like caramel. His heart screamed that he know this people but his mind had other ideas. Brushing that little voice that told him to stop rain advanced on them. Blood covered his hands and face, his eyes still a vibrant red while helping the fire spread.





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Phill watched as rain jumped from the roof and out of the flames, he was surprise but knew how that felt. Phill took the bloody and ripped dress off before breaking the arrow like david had done to his own. He watched in ammusement and surprise as he saw what could only be called primal rage take over rain as he danced around attacking any in his sight.


Moving slightly to get out of sight he saw rain move towards him and even though he could tell that he was ready to kill phill didn't flinch. He let his voice ring clearly as he kept his sword put away "Rain, you have had a tough past haven't you, more then likely you have been afraid this would happen that you would lose control and attack those you care for. I know you are in there rain."


Phill thought of a backup plan and began rubbing the dress between his hands trying to make static electricit getting some sparks which he absorbed and began to intensify, he was going for knock out if he had to, not kill and he knew that david had only his weapons that could kill and as far as a fist fight he was not sure who had a better chance himself or david but he knew if he touched rain he could knock him out.


Phill got off of his horse and opened his eyes. "We may not have known eachother long but i dont feel like i could be happy with out you, even david has grown to be something i woukd feel awekward without, dont you feel the samw? Fight it rain."

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As Phil hoped off his horse and got closer to Rain, David grew anxious. That look in Rain's eyes, he had seen it before in people he worked with. IT was the eyes of someone that enjoyed hurting others. They were both in danger, Phil was trying to reason with Rain but David knew better. He drew his gun and fired at the building next to them. The blast echoed through the burning town and showered the Kitsune with fragments of brick and bent nails. He holstered his empty gun and aimed the second one at Rain. His eyes were cold and he sudden;y loked much older, "Rain. I don't want to shoot you but you know I will", he said, his voice cold. It was a mexican standoff and David had the higher ground. Sure, this guy had control over fire but that didn't mean censorkip.gif to David. He would pull the trigger before he could get his hands lit.

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Rain watched the two, stopping a little ways from them listening to what they said. The one with golden eyes was saying something and the tone of his voice set rains nerves on edge. It was like he should know something about golden eyes but he couldnt remember.




Jumping at the sound his ears flick to dislodge and debris that had collected. Brown eyes had shot at the building next to him causeing a loud auditable growl to excape his throat. If he was firing at him then he was no friend. But still something pulled in rains mind to stop.


But when the next weapon we leaved rain pushed it back. Growling again rain crouched down bringing the heat up a couple of temperature degrees before he shot off toward david.


To level a weapon at his was like to poke a rabid animal. He didnt think as and recognition was lost in the silent murderous intent.


"Rain. I don't want to shoot you but you know I will"


But it was to late he was lost, trapped in his mind intent to kill his enemy who dared to raise a weapon to him. The last man who had done that had died.




Rain realised a war cry and he stormed his way to the man with the weapon.




((((( It's ok to shoot, I won't blame you😁))))

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Phill growled lowering himself his golden eyes getting a dangerous gleam. "Lower your weapon david i will handle this. I will not lose a friend" Phills voice had gotten darker and more calm, not his normal cheery self. Phill darted to meet rain half way his tail swaying as electricity surrounded his body, not visable but when touched he would send it through to knock him out.


Phill let out a loud growl as he leapt at rain not minding the heat too much. He was stabbed in his arm but he grabbed ahold of rain and as he yelped in pain he pumped enough electricity to hopefully shock him out of it or cause enough to pain to pass out.


Phill crumpled to the ground with his arm bleeding as well now but much less from that because the heat from rain courcing through the metal made it so hot it caudorized the cut. Phill was done not even seeing what happened to rain but the pain had caught up to him. He fell unconcious hoping that he took rain with him, he knew that it was a good chance but his fear of killing him held him back slightly though he did use all of the electricity he had absorbed.

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It was excruciating and it was coming from golden eyes. When he had charged he had stepped in the way tackling him on his way. It had been the touch when rain had clawed a long gash in his arm phill had placed his hand on rains chest.


Electricity pumped through his and it hurt. Holding on to his shoulder rains back arched at a unnatural angle before phill fell to the ground taking rain with him.


It hurt to breath...


Hurt to see...


Hurt to live..


Rain looked at the body next to him turning his face into the dirt to see him.


"Phill" rain crocked out before he seen david.


Rain gave him a silent plea to get phill. Rain wouldnt burn up in the fire and he hurt to much to move. Laying on the ground rains eyes drifted closed and his mind sank into oblivion.






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David smirked, unintimidated by Phil's feeble attempt to get him to stand down. When the boy rushed him, David raised the gun to his own temple and pulled the trigger.




His other gun had been used to kill the men in the hallway. He only drew it in hopes to get him close enough for one of them to take him down. trusty ol' bait and switch. David was pleased to see that the plan had worked, thanks to the electric kitsune. Now they were all in trouble.He needed to get them all away from the burning town.


David was suddenly aware he was falling. His horse was suddenly gone. David landed hard on his back, pain from his injured shoulder spiked through his body and made him cry out. He rolled over to look at the burning kitsune and was surprsed to see a woman with flowing ebony hair dragging Phil's bleeding body away from the flaming Kitsune. He stared into her purple eyes in wonder. She was beautiful. More beautiful than any other woman he had seen. She easily hauled Phil onto the back of his horse and whirled around to look aat David, anger shining in her wild eyes.


"don't just lay there gawking like a damn fool. Get Rain! she yelled over the roar of the approaching blaze.


David scrambled to his feet and reached for the unconscious kitsune. He recoiled quickly with a sharp cry of pain. He was burning up! It was like touching a hot stove. David pawed through his bag and pulled out his water bladder. He uncorked it and dumped it on the boy, steam rising where the water touched him. David managed to get him on his horse and climbed on behind him. David wrapped on arm around Rain's waist and snapped the reigns. The party plus the mysterious woman rode away from the burning town of Dodge as fast as the horses could carry them.



they did not stop until the sun began to get low in the sky and the pillar of smoke was just a smear against the horizon. He hadn't said anything to the woman since they left. All of David's focus was staying awake and keeping Rain in place. Without warning, the woman vered off the road and rode across a ruined field. David coud see what she was aiming for. a squat farmhouse sat boarding the woods. David didn't expect anyone to help but at least there was shelter.


David got a fire started in the hearth while the woman worked on bandaging phil. Despite getting tazed ad shot at, Rain was looking pretty good. The water David dumped on him revealed that the blood covering his face and hands was not his own. No one had asked if he was alright, he would just have to wait his turn he guessed.


" The arrow is barbed and it looks like it is close to your kidney. I...I don't know if I want to risk removing it" the woman said as she inspected Phil's injury. The stab wound in his arm had been easy enough to patch up. It would still be difficult to use it for a week or two. The knife had punctured a major muscle group. Rain was sleeping off his blood fit on a lumpy couch closeby. Her and David had pushed it closer to the fire once they got settled.She glanced over her shoulder as David excused himself to the kitchen to see if there was any food left. The woman turned back to Phil.


"are you sure it's a good idea to trust that guy?' she asked in a low voice.







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Phill had hoped he wasn't too much of a pain, he was not expecting rain to actually cut him open or the pain of the burning from that cut. He woke up groggily not sure where he was. He tried to sit up only to whine in pain at the arrow that was still in him. He saw that there was a fire in the hearth and they were inside, he saw a women who he had almost bumped heads with.


Phill groaned as she said that she didn't want to risk removing it because of it's location "so im stuck with sharp pains and if i ever hit that side i have to worry about it pushing further and into my kidney?" Phill's voice was quiet both exhausted and sad.


It dawned on phill that he couldn't move his left arm and he woke up more trying to lift it with his other arm and get it moving. He looked at the wome who was looking at him "why cant i move my arm? " phill nodded at her question "i was like that last year, i can control it, like earlier i dont become like that any more it is more of just a focused burst of adrenalin, it used to cause my body to not only strengthen the electricity beyond normal but also produced it. I have gained control now but i cant produce electricity, maybe when i get my second tail."

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The woman smiled sweetly when Phil expressed his dislike for leaving the arrow in.


"Don't worry. We will get it out. I'm just not comfortable doing this by myself. We just need to find you a doctor." she explained, smoothing the hair between his ears where blood was causing it to stand up, "we will get it out. Don't worry. You're lucky this is all you walked away with."


As for the arm, there was no easy explanation. She did her best but she was no doctor. She tried to hide the seriousness in her voice with the kindness in her purple eyes. she glanced at the bloody bandage wrapped around Phil's bicep, "I think it has something to do with the heat of the knife. When Rain stabbed you I believe it damaged the major muscle group that controls your arm. Can you feel it when I do this?" she asked, tickling the palm of his hand.


(((Why did he explain his powers?)))


(((Edit: OHHHHH! She was talking about David, not Rain. She doesn't like David)))

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((Ahh oh well i guess he explained for no reason.))


Phill whined slightly but nodded as she said they would get the arrow out of him. He felt her hand smoothing over his hair until it wasn't sticking up causing his eyes to close slightly. Phill was very fond of being pet especially since she avoided his sensitive ears.


Phill looked up at her, his golden eyes full of worry as well as a kind of sadness. "I can feel it a little bit but just barely, it may even be because i know its there that i can feel the slight touch of it. I am not sure why or what did it nor does it matter, will i be able to use it is my question." Phill looked at the bloody bandage on his arm and gave a soft sigh as he nodded. "It could have been worse, i am just glad i could get things under control before a fire ball was thrown or it became more dangerous."

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The woman bit her lip and retracted her hand from his. His fingers twitched so that was a good sign...she thinks. She sat back on her heels and looked at the sleeping kitsune on the couch. rain didn't seem to have any major injuries so that was good. She looked back at Phil, "I dont know' was all she could say. She wasn't a doctor nor did she know any. She just hoped the next town was more promising than the last.


David waked back into the room munching on someting crunchy, "Hey! I found some cracker....things' he anounced through a mouthfull of cracker things, "they were sealed so I guess the grey couldn't get to them". David offered the bag to Phil and the woman rose to her feet and squared up with the man. without warning, she socked him in the injured shoulder, hard.

"Ow! What the censorkip.gif lady?!?" he exclaimed, recoiling from the hit

"i told you not to hurt them or I would kill you" she said, jabbing a finger in his face.

"Woah! I don't know you lady and i just met them a few days ago I think you got me mixed up with so-" david's eyes suddenly went wide and he bcked up a few steps, "It was you! From the campsite after we left the caravan. You're the one who threatened me?"

The woman was silent. She only crossed her arms and nodded. David sank into a wooden rocking chair. She was the ghost voice he had heard. How did she manage to follow them for so long wthout them noticing? How did she know exactly when to show up bck in Dodge? He didn't aske these questions of course. she didn't seem to fond of him.


The woman turned back to Phil and crouch back down," did he hurt you? I know he was an censorkip.gif***. Cause I'll murder him" she said, the dead seriousness of her statement was apparent in her eyes.






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Phill saw his finger move and with a lot of will made each finger move a slight amount. "I hope i can move it some at least, it isn't my dominant arm luckily but i still want to have it." Phill took the crackers in his hand and looked at the box as he tried to figure out how to handle it, his left hand was on its side so he couldn't pour them there. He looked at his lap to see only briefs since he had taken the dress off right before tackling rain, so pouring them on his thighs would just end up with them between his legs uncomfortably. He didn't want to just pour them in his mouth for many reasons so he just held them.


Phill shook his head gently "not on purpose, his thing that hit the building i think caused rain to decide to attack, i had him calming down. He did protect me from arrows though so he saved me then ended up causing the fight between rain and I, He isn't a bad guy though." Phill let his golden eyes study her unsure why she seemed protective of rain and himself. His ears twitched and he looked at the cieling.

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It was dark with the only sound being the steady breathing of his target. Coming from the window he stalked silently to the bed anf looked down at the sleeping face.


Her name was Anne, a noble who was thoight to be a threat to the a woman who held the princes affection. He had drifted from her and her cruel and barbaric ways when he had met anne, a sweet and timid little thing.


Holding his dagger out he lined it up with her heart through her ribs. It would be difficult as usually this move was done from behind with the target standing up but this was the quickest way to kill her without alot.png of pain.


Giving his arm a jerk he thrust the blade up under her breast and watched as her chest stopped. Pulling the dagger back out he backed up and gave a sigh as he bowed his head and gave a small prayer.


Coming home that night to Lucian, his master, he sat at a small table and weeped silently as he recalled a memory of Anne giving him food and a drink while he was at a party. He could understand why people had liked her. But a job was a job.


"This is why you dont make friends, you get them killed. In this like of work you will live a lonely life."


Lucian's voice drifted through his mind as the color of the kitchen came away.


"not on purpose, his thing that hit the building i think caused rain to decide to attack, i had him calming down. He did protect me from arrows though so he saved me then ended up causing the fight between rain and I, He isn't a bad guy though." Phills voice drifted in replacing masters. He sounded as if he was in pain. What happened?


Rain was on something comfy amd he could feel the heat of a fire in front of him. But even so he still was a little chilled. Laying still to give the impression that he was still asleep he raise the temperature a little, just til he felt warmer.


Laying down he listened to there conversation. There sounded to be a third person but rain wasnt emotionally prepared to face them. He felt as if he had let them down some how.



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Ella was tired. But then, wasn't she always? After being caught by a spider, trapped in her web, and then being promised a way home if she tracked down those trying to 'save' the world that was past salvation- She was downright exhausted. Brushing the spiderwebs off her coat, she sighed, looking around, and- ...Was there smoke coming from the chimney of that house?


She froze up at the sight, knowing that she'd be expected to check it out. She hoped no one was hostile there. Honestly, she had nothing on her except a syringe she had before she had blacked out and awoken here. She was in no state to fight, and the spider hadn't given her a single thing to defend herself with. Thinking back, it likely wasn't a good idea to trust some random stranger who had first tried to eat her, before deciding to keep her alive. Especially considering how unsettling she had looked- But maybe that was being rude of her, judging by appearances...


She didn't look the best either. But, ah. Distracted by her thoughts, she didn't realize her feet were moving on their own accord, heading closer to the house. She sighed heavily, raising her fist to knock, but hesitated- Maybe she could just pretend that they weren't there? ...Except, she really wanted to go home. And this world didn't seem like it could really be helped. So... Would she really be doing any harm?


Taking a deep breath in and straightening her back, along with reaching into her coat and holding tightly onto the syringe, a very useless defense but there anyways, she knocked three times, hard, on the door, before stepping back and waiting. She shifted from foot to foot, her throat already feeling like it was closing up as she waited, before she realized...


She needed to be harmless. Convincingly innocent.


Ella withdrew her hand from her coat, hunching over a bit and attempting to look as exhausted as she felt. Maybe she could pretend she was nearly attacked, and was looking for a safe place? She had heard the world was collapsing. Maybe the doctor could pretend she had narrowly escaped such an area, and was looking for a stable area.

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David frowned when Phil gave his sideof what happened. What the hell? Thiswoman said she would murder him ad he sold him out. David suddenly felt less bad for him for getting hurt, "Oh bull****! I saw that look in his eye. You would be a pile of ash on the street if I hadn't distracted him long enough for you to taze him." he said, crossing his arms, "It's not my fault you threw yourself in the path of his knife". David wasn't angry. He might not show it but David was hurt that Phil blammed him for what happened. He knew he could be brash in situations but they were all alive. Even Rain, who did a better job of trying to kill them than all of the aravan combined. David was silent, staing into the fire as if lost in thought.


knock knock knock


David flinched when someone knocked on the door. David drew his blunderbuss and motioned fo rthe others to stay put. He crossed the small room to the door and peeked out the little window. He was shocked to see a regualr person. It was a woman, maybe about David's age, wearing a long white lab coat. The coat looked worse for wear. It was as if she had been wandering the countryside for as long as he had. David reached for the door handle and hesitated. should he really trust her? He glanced back at the injured kitsure sitting on the floor and caught the eye of the mysterious woman. She shook her head no. David narrowed his eyes and opened the door.


Gun came out first. He pointed his blunderbuss at the woman's head and loked her up and down. Now that she was before him, he could see the blue scrubs and nametag that read "Dr. Barret". He looked the woman in the eye, "what?" he asked.

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