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Eternal Fates (OOC)

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i am starting a new rp, it is by invitation. if you would like to join and you can meet the rules then by all means sent me, acornia or Sugar-free your character info and a introductory post of how you would introduce your character to the story and ill look over it.


to give you a idea of what it is ......here read this


Once upon a time, in a land of myth and magic...



...there lived two great civilizations.

One was composed of the forest-dwelling Arcanes, as we would call them. Every beast from all stretch of fantasy and legend comprised the population of the realm: serpents, centaurs, all manner of fae...each comprising their own diverse cultures, secluded in black mires and soaring above the mountaintops they reigned from. Above all, however, stood their king--the Glass Dragon Izhamaaq, who had risen from the molten core of the world during its creation, if legend is to be believed.


The other was the almighty dominion of the Humans. Though seemingly primitive and base by comparison, their command over the elements, as well as the mastery of both quill and cudgel, lead them to an eventual proliferation, resulting in the erection of sprawling burgs and cities spattered with industry and watched over by looming towers dedicated to the divine. At the crown sat the illustrious Queen Claire effrert , timely and regal, known throughout the land for her stony visage and commanding presence.


And acting as the backbone of each was the omnipresent Sey’hr—a mysterious material found crystallized in the depths of the earth and occasionally collecting in tiny pearls around the roots of particularly old trees. It is the pure, unfettered essence of life itself. Shamen and mages often collect the substance for poultices and communion with spirits, while those responsible for carving the foundation of society used it to craft the elegant, yet withstanding palaces and monasteries most often seen in the human realm. Sey’hr is a way of life, a necessity without which the pillars of existence would surely falter.


Together, the two civilizations prospered, sharing resources and promoting relations between council and kin. It seemed like their peace was born with the conception of the world, intrinsic between them and never-ending.


However, this bond did soon decay. Over time, the presence of Sey’hr diminished across the land. Ripened crops withered to sludge in their rows, flowers became sparse and fell to petals before their time, and the insurmountable walls of forts and houses began to crumble. And when the Arcanes and the Humans went to search for the cause, they found naught but each other over empty mines and fractured ground. It was then, for the first time in their shared history, that the two turned on each other—first with their backs, and soon, with their swords. Each was banished to two sides of the world; never crossing the invisible boundary between them, lest a war arise that would tear the plains asunder.


Standing in the middle of it all, while the general populace simply averts their gaze, are the Kin—the half-bred children of the Arcanes and the Humans. Neither entirely tolerated by the halves of their blood, nor beholden to any distinguished rights of their own, they creep, lying hidden in the shadows under the watch of the sparse few who would sympathize with them. For the free it is a wretched enough existence. But there remain the Kin who are bought and sold as slaves, housed in brothels for their exotic nature or under the heel of a sadistic noble. These unfortunate souls are often stripped of their heritage by way of removing their more prominent features, such as manes, tails and horns, as a way of diminishing any hope they have of autonomy.


But now, a new hope arises. Rumors of twin siblings, each of Arcane and Human blood and heirs to both worlds, their claims to the two thrones traded through hovels and bars alike throughout the world. With the Sey’hr disappearing and the world slowly dipping into darkness, what could the appearance of this mysterious duo entail? And will they be able to reunite the two halves of their lineage and return the Sey’hr before the shadow devours them all?


“Isn’t that what they always called it, in those tales of old? A ‘Land of Promise’...?”



You are one of the Kin, a human or a fantasy creature. The world is falling to pieces, and you are a rogue swept up by chance into the fray. On either side of the playing field are the two twin royal Kin, both upholding or denying the ideals of the side of the blood they choose to associate with. Will you join them? Or will you side with your own ideals?



if you want to let me know and after i get a good idea in a day or two ill post who is playing and any other information. ill re post this intro in the ic thread.

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if you want to join, here are some rules that i have:


1) Please no one liners. A paragraph or more is wanted, less is shunned, purple it up a little, be descriptive.

2) No more than 3 characters unless told otherwise. Ask me or sugar_free first. Let’s face it, it’s had to manage more than 3 and information can get mixed up.

3) Please indicate a character change.

4) Please do not wait until all of your characters has a reply before you post. If one of your characters gets a reply, then reply back to them. That way if someone stops rping and was in the middle of an interaction with you, you don’t hold everyone else up. It could stop a story if everyone is waiting on you for a reply because your waiting on someone else.

5) Please reply with in about 2 days. If something has happened and you can’t rp anymore or rp for a while then please let one of us know, then take and remove your character by having them go to sleep or something. In that instance it is ok for a one liner, otherwise they are not excepted. If you are gone for more than 5 days with no notice, me or sugar -free will make a post in your stead so other characters can move on. At that point if and when you want to come back you have to message one of us first.

6) Please player info is not character info. What you post in the ooc is not to be followed to the ic unless it is obvious. And you must talk to that person first.

7) All questions are welcome, and on that note I know people can get aggravating and aggravated. Please be nice, rudeness is not tolerated. Also we are human and make mistakes, if I have made a plot hole and you can point it out please do. I will work on a solution to fill it, if you have a idea voice it, I’m all ears

8) do not op your character, if they have a couple of strengths that's OK, but please have a couple of weaknesses.

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character sheets


name: please make it somewhat unique, no bobs

species: all manner of species welcome

gender: male, female, neither

age: make it appropriate. the older they are the wise but the weaker and more frail they are

history: what has happened to them

personality:how do they interact with people.

abilities: what abilities do they have. please no water dragons breathing fire.

mate: does not have to have one.

crush: does not have to have one. and if you would like someone else character that fine. but its not written in stone that your character will get them as a mate.

kids: does not need to have any

looks: what do they look like, anything that makes them stand out


weaknesses:what are they afraid of, what is a natural weakness

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Accepted so far: sugar-free, acornia, shira, felixr2, voltage



name: Kohler

species: half dragon

gender: male

Age: 25

History: Kohler lives in a little lake in the woods. Just after the start of the trouble between the humans and the magic creatures Kohler left his family who resided in the sea to take resident in his small lake in the hopes that one day he would be able to help. But like most of his kind he can’t stand being away from the water very long. Not that the cant they just don't like to. Growing up he had a human friend that lived near the beach and he grow up in a small village as a nobody, so he had the privilege to meet and talk to a human. But after the resources started to dwindle he left to meet up again and found that like all other humans his friend Lucian had turned against him.

Abilities: can breathe underwater, control water and talk to all manners of aquatic creatures. Some others may develop

Personality: he is fairly shy and likes to get to know someone else before he talks in-depth about anything. He very caring and will give a helping hand if he can.

Mate: does not have one

Crush: does not have one

Kids: none

Looks: Kohler is about 6'4" with pale skin, his inky black hair falls down to about mid back and he has small horns sitting atop his head. On his arms just past his wrist to his elbow he has a spiky fin to help with swimming. His feet are those of a dragon with dark blue scales on them tipped with black claws. He has a tail that starts at the small of his back and ends in a large spiked fin. Running down his tail is small patches of fins here and there to help with swimming.








name: Ayrie wilder

species: grishnard (it’s a half creature from a book)

gender: male


history: ayrie was found as an egg by some poor farmers. at first they had intended on eating it but at feeling its warmth and the slight movements from within decided to just hatch the egg. thus ayrie was born. he was the first of his kind that they had ever seen, not knowing what he was the kept him on their little farm for fear that people may want to kill him. so he lived a fairly peaceful life up until the farm was raided for was sparse resources they had. his mother and father hid him while they ran to draw the attention away from him. assuming that they were killed but not finding their bodies he set out in search of them.

abilities: fast runner and strong. he is exceptional at survival skills such as hunting and pitching camp. he has the tendencies some times to ‘dream' about an upcoming event that will come to pass.

personality: ayrie is quite talkative and trusts people first, giving them the benefit of the doubt, although its only within reason, he is smart. he is the first to love and the last to fall out of love. once a friend or family member always a family member.

mate/crush/kids: does not have one

looks: ayrie is tall with feline feet and a long cat like tail. he has ears that are like those of an elf but they are covered with a little fur. ayrie had long golden blond hair and tan skin, his eyes are like those of lavender with flecks of gold running through them. he stands about 5'5"feet tall.




name: sydith


species :undine (water nymph)


gender: perceived as female.


age: unknown.


history sydith came about at a young time in the history of humans in the world. When they turned from stupid apes on all fours to the intelligent beings that stood tall and proud. It was this new confidence that they held that drew her to them. At first she was fascinated but over time she witnessed the killing and wars and famine, she came to the conclusion that humans where not worth the trouble. But eventually humans history leveled out with peace, they lived together with creatures of mythological descent. And for at time they lived happily but as time wore on prescious resources started to dwindle. And she watched as humans started fighting one another and the creatures they lived alongside. Resentment and contempt for them grow within her and now she wanders a lonely life so hers will not be taken.


abilities: she can control water and turn into a water like figure.


personality: she have dark humor when she jokes. She doesn't like people in gerenal but she hates humans.


mate/crush/kids: no


looks: sydith has two forms. The first and most common is her https://www.google.com/search?q=albino+anim...cFQ-lCJDEm9M%3A]human[/url]form. She stands at about 5'9" with long white hair and pale magenta red eyes. Her pale hair is graced with undertones of blue with pale green streaks. She is elegant and dresses in a long silky white gown that flows to the ground. Her https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pinterest....08802444332562/'>2nd formis a tall 7 figure made of water.



Name: Drake effert


Species: glass dragon kin






History: Drake grew up in a sprawling castle with his mother. He loved his mother and the beautiful things that made her human. But He had realized he was different at a young age because he lacked some of this things that made her human such as circle pupils and clear skin, devoid of horns and scales. He possessed these thing and his mother made him wear a disguise to hid this. so he grew up hating that part of him. At the age of 10 he took up sword fighting to defend and protect the ones he loves the ones he wanted to ge like.


Abilities: immune to fire.


Personality : he is very kind and he jokes at just about everything. But if a situation calls for seriousness he walks into it with a level head.




Looks:Drake stands at 5'7"woth silver hair and pale greenish blue eyes. His skind it slightly tanned from working outside. He has small pale scars on his hands and some larger ones on his back and chest. He is muscular and well built but not bulky.

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Name: Fierana Zelarius (Fairies carry the name of the village they were raised in.)








History: No one remembers where the fairy species came from in her village but they have always had the ability to shrink. They live most of their lives shrunk.This started because they wished to avoid notice by the humans, who hunted them in the belief that fairy wings were some type of miracle cure. Their village has always been neutral in the affairs of other species, doing their best to avoid war. Fierana's parents are still living and are happy together. Fierana learned the art of dancing and fire magic from another fire dispositioned fairy.


Personality: Fierana tends to be loud and unnecessarily happy. She has a short temper,her anger is like the fire she controls. She holds a grudge forever and is very sexually active.


Abilities:Fierana,like all faeries, is able to shrink. She also controls fire (she has a great affinity for it). She also dances, often incorporating fire into her dances. She is also combat trained (she really enjoyed the classes and thus excelled at them).


Mate: no mate yet.


Crush: Fierana likes both genders, but though she appreciates physical beauty, she hasn't found anyone she really wants to have a serious relationship with yet.


Kids:No kids. Though she isn't opposed to the idea of having sme of her own in like ten years.


Looks: She has an hourglass figure and large breasts. She has light tan skin and reddish-brown, chin length,razor cut hair. Her eyes are a bright emerald green. she has pointed ears and orange butterfly wings. She has a very elvish face. She wears a brown corset top with brown suede pants and brown leather boots.She has a pale green stone on a leather thong that she wears as a necklace. (these are her every day clothes, she wears different clothes to dance in).Normally about 5ft. 6in.


Weaknesses:Fiery temper, holds grudges for life and isn't very scholarly.

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Name: Rune Zelarius


Species: fairy dragon-born




Age: 24


History: Rune grew up in the Zelarius fairy village, located in the mountains. Rune was taken care of by the village leader, not in any emotional capacity, when his parents died. His parents were killed by humans,for their wings. Fairy wings are falsely believed to be a miracle medicine. Rune's father was a fairy dragon and his mother was a fairy.


Personality:quiet, stubborn, at peace,and a loyal protector(if he decides he likes you).


Abilities: All fairy species are normally about the size of a human, but they have the ability to shrink to about 2 inches. Rune has a key that allows him to dream walk.(Only when he is sleeping or meditating and the other person's defenses are down). All fairies from Zelarius village are combat trained, due to the humans moving ever closer to the village.


Mate: None as of yet.


Crush: While a few people have caught his attention, they haven't kept it for long.


Kids: No kids yet, but he was often asked to babysit in the village. He liked singing lullabies to the children.


Looks: Rune has pale skin and hazel green eyes. His black hair is shoulder length, with a few glass beads in small braids mixed in with his loose hair. He also has a few small blue scales on his right jaw, and on his hips. He is 5 foot 7 inches and lightly muscled. Rune's wings fold like angel wings with the bone covered in blue scales and the membrane made of translucent scales. Rune's tail is 4 ft. covered in blue scales, with the top covered in black hair, continuing down to the tip. The tail ends in a tassel. He has sharp, claw like nails (finger and toe). He has lightly pointed ears. He wears a pairs of leather sandals, and a brown wrap around his waist, and a pair of leather arm guards.


Weaknesses: Rune hates to ask for help and doesn't like to get involved in others business.

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Name: Lukas Sunagawa

Age: 19

Species: Dragonkin (“Yamabuki Ogon” Eastern)

Gender: Male

Personality: Lukas is a very sweet and loving person. He’s loyal to those he befriends, and can almost be neurotically obsessed with their well-being to the point of self-inflicted illness. Thus, he can come off as clingy and worrisome, but he genuinely means well. Lukas is also surprisingly resilient, physically and mentally, and seems to be able to take most situations with a smile on his face and a skip in his step.


Appearance: Lukas is slim built, retaining the look of youthfulness throughout his body despite his line of work. He stands at 5’7”, and has light-colored skin that is kissed with a tinge of warmth. His eyes are black, with no distinction between his pupils and his irises.

Lukas’s hair is golden blond, cut short save for a piece hanging off the right side of his face., and metallic gold scales dust his upper arms onto his shoulders, and can be found similarly dappled around his cheeks and eyes as well as his back and more intimate areas. On his wrists are two jeweled bands, from which hang two flowing pale-yellow drapes. His chest is bare save for the scales found there, and an elegant multi-layered sarong conceals his legs and sandals. His left ear is decorated by a jeweled cuff.


History: Lukas works as a courtesan, only recently having joined because of mysterious circumstances. Before, he had spent his life in the land of his mother and father, cultivating a love for sewing and beadwork. At around the age of 16, he left home, and found himself wrapped up in one of the redlight centers of the world. As to why he came there, why he decided to leave home, and why he became a courtesan is unknown.


Strengths: Aquamancy, skilled in crafting and mending, has a secure sense of self.

Weaknesses: Sensitive to cold, can’t survive in saltwater, needs a reliable water source.

Quirks: Has a tendency to pick up items without realizing it, making him a kleptomaniac.

Mate: N/A

Crush: Considering.

Children: None.




Name: Imil

Age: 25

Species: Dragonkin (Ice Dragon)

Gender: Male

Personality: Imil is strange and foreign, hard to describe even by dragon standards. The best way to describe his demeanor and carriage is "alluring", with how he speaks in lulling tones and in an inviting, yet non-disclosing manner. This is further denoted by his preference for tight clothing with flowing sleeves, catching the eyes of anyone who sees him with vivid colors and silky fabrics, and his lovely singing voice and skill in dancing. He finds pleasure commingling with everyone around him, and is easygoing even in tense situations. Even so, as welcoming and occasionally sensual as Imil is, he doesn't let a single person get close; when it comes to romance, Imil is typically regarded as arrogant and choosy. He has yet to gain a mate of any sort.


Appearance: Link Here

Imil stand's at 5'7". His clothing is all black, save for the drapes hanging from his arms. They gradate from black to dark blue to orange, resembling falling twilight. His hair is raven-colored and his horns are a pearl white. Imil's eyes are orange.


History: Imil hails from the wintery snowfields of the far north, and lived amongst the dragons dwelling there as if he were truly one of their own. The Ice Dragons, who had made peace with the indigenous humans that were their neighbors, readily reduced their forms on occasion and proliferated with them, seeing no palpable difference between the two. It was for this reason that Imil, a Dragonkin, was never persecuted, and it was there that he lived in peace...up until his 14th birthday.


It was not long after his Rites of Manhood that the humans from the central continent made their way into the Ice Dragon’s territory. When treaties detailing acceptable borders fell through, tensions rose between the two until it came to a head, resulting in the death of the Ice Chieftan and the destruction of their sacred figurehead Heilagr. It was then that Imil, the chieftan’s son, offered himself to the humans to secure the lives of the dragons and the indigenous folk. Were he simply a dragonkin, it likely would have failed—but Imil had a gift, one that honeyed his words to anyone that heard him, and he knew it well. They accepted, and Imil was stolen away from his home and taken south, with the human invaders withdrawing as he wished.


It was among the nobles and purveyors of red-light delights that Imil’s talent was learned of. He was immediately instated and trained as a courtesan, the man that claimed him using him as a bargaining chip in trade deals and contracts. His power, along with his admittedly good looks and matured body, became essential in driving the development of townships and swaying public opinion in the noble’s favor. Although, this hesitant partnership was broken once and then many times in the wake of assassinations and shady dealing, and Imil was passed from hand to hand in the process. Currently, he works in a high-class brothel that caters to only the most esteemed folk.


Strengths: Empathetic manipulation and cryomancy. Excellent at reading moods and behavior.

Weaknesses: Sensitive to heat. Can’t stand being inconvenienced, and can have a very short temper. Addicted to opium.

Quirks: Plays a myriad of instruments (distinguished with the mandolin), loves to dance and sing, and is fantastic at both. Plays with the rings around his middle fingers when he’s nervous.

Mate: N/A

Crush: ~

Children: None.

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I'm interested in joining this. Working out my characters, I'll probably have them up by Thursday.

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name: Fahran Kel'Rinad

species: Elf

gender: Male

age: 83

history: Fahran is the son of the leader of an elven tribe. However, his father, Liarhan, had distinctive golden eyes, just like his entire family, while Fahran doesn't. For this reason, he wasn't accepted by most of the tribe and his father was forced to banish him from the tribe. But Liarhan still cared for his son, so he personally brought him to a befriended family. He was kindly raised here untill his 21st. Then, he went to an Academy for the Arts of the Arcane. He did particularly well in chloromancy and shapeshifting, so he decided to focus his entire study time on those two forms of magic.

At the academy, when he was 23, he met an elven girl called Elyana Maeran, 21 back then. She could only use water and ice magic. They grew very close to eachother and fell in love. When Elyana was 33, she gave birth to a pair of twins, Khayran and Jiriana. Jiriana had the distinctive golden eyes and she heard what was so special about them when her parents were talking about it, thinking she and her brother were sleeping, while Jiriana for some reason just couldn't manage to fall asleep. When she was 18 she stole the map of her father and a bag full of food and then ran away, trying to get back to the tribe. Fahran and Elyana were deeply shocked when they found their daughter was gone. After this they have lived a normal life.

They were filled with cheer when their grandson was born. Elyana passed away when she was 80; her husband, son and grandson all were at the funeral.

personality: Fahran is a very calm and collected man. He uses his powers primarily to perserve and protect. He will never be the one to start a fight, unless you (threaten to) hurt someone he cares about. He won't refuse to help someone if he can.

abilities: He excells in chloromancy. He used to be a great shapeshifter, but now he's simply physically too weak to have any benefits from it, or to even let the shift go fast enough.

mate: Elyana Maeran (dead)

crush: none

kids: Khayran Kel'Rinad, Jiriana Kel'Rinad (missing)

looks: Fahran is an old, worn man with long, silvergray hair and vivid green eyes. His entire body is lean and tall and he wears a green robe.

other: I might make Jiriana come back some time.

weaknesses: He is physically very weak and can't really fight effectively on close range. He greatly fears losing another one of his (grand)children and wouldn't even hesitate to give his own life for them.


name: Khayran Kel'Rinad

species: Elf

gender: Male

age: 48

history: Jiriana, his twin sister, left their parental house when they were both 18. His parents had a very hard time dealing with this, but for Khayran it certainly wasn't easy either. He actually wanted to ask his parents if he could go to the Academy for the Arts of the Arcane that his parents went to, but due to his sister's disappearance he decided to wait. Wait until his parents could deal with it.

During his time at the Academy, he stayed in contact with his parents. Khayran devoted his study to the art of fire magic. Not only did it serve as a good way to let out his frustration, simply by being a rather aggressive branch of magic, it also takes a lot of concentration, what helped him keep his mind off his sister for a little while every time he used it. However, this slowly grew to be an addiction. He contacted his parents less often, started to use his magic more and more often outside of class and practice areas and started to become a pyromaniac. He was banned from school but, eager to get stronger, he searched for another instructor. He eventually found one, a troll that was skilled not only in elemental magics, but also in black magic.

Ten years later, he saw the eyes of his twin sister again. But it wasn't his sister, it was an old man. So old the man could've been Khayran's grandfather. The man came with a group of warriors to the house where Khayran lived with his master and fellow apprentices. The troll and his other apprentices were all killed, but Khayran was only knocked out and left close to the house of his parents. They worked together to mend the darkness from their son.

personality: Khayran is very energetic and loves to keep his mind busy, so he won't have to think about his sister. He prefers anything to sitting in silence.

abilities: Very skilful user of fire magic. He also knows some mind tricks that belong to black magic, but he actually never uses these so he won't bring the darkness back to his mind.

mate: none

crush: none

kids: Thayran Kel'Rinad

looks: A rather tall and muscular man, but shorter than his father. His eyes are just a slightly deeper shade of orange than the one of his robe. His hair is a fiery blond.

other: Why is nothing about the birth of a son in his history? Because that's in the history of said son, for whom I will post a sheet later. (not enough time now)

weaknesses: It takes a lot of his energy to stay away from the dark, so it's relatively easy to pull him back to it. He also gets easily distracted if you remind him of his sister.


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Accepted, Felix! And good to have you again!


Just to let you know, I'll be spotty with posting until the 20th or so. I've had surgery, and haven't felt much up to doing anything because of it. I hope to post for Imil today, but that requires that my meds leave me awake long enough!


Also, you may have noticed no sheets have been posted for the twins described above. They will be up shortly; they aren't terribly important as of right now.

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name: Thayran Kel'Rinad

species: Elf/Drakonid hybrid.

gender: male

age: 25

history: When his father was 23, he had an affaire with one of the fellow apprentices of the troll he used to call his master, a young and beautiful drakonid. When the troll found out the drakonid was pregnant, she was forced to leave the house, but Khayran was allowed to stay, as his master saw a lot of potential in him. Thus, Thayran was raised by a single mother without a proper house. The first time he saw someone else than his mother was when he was 13. This was when his father had finally managed to find him back, together with his grandparents. Thayran's mother allowed Khayran to stay, but Fahran and Elyana were sent away. 3 years later, they were attacked by an army of elfs. Khayran immediately noticed this was not the same group that saved him from the troll, as there was no man among them that had the same eyes as his sister. But Thayran's mother didn't know this, she only saw elfs attacking them, what made her think that Khayran had betrayed her. Nevertheless, Khayran didn't want the innocent drakonid woman to die, so he protected her. But he failed. He and his son did manage to drive the elven army away, but only after Thayran's mother had been killed. Khayran went back to the house of his parents, together with Thayran. In the 9 years to pass, his bond with his family got really close, and he cried at Elyana's funeral, almost as much as he cried for the death of his mother.

personality: He only cares about the people he trusts, and he only trusts the people he cares about. This makes it very difficult to get him to trust you, but once he does, you'll have a very loyal companion in him.

abilities: He is able to shift into a red dragon about 3 times his size in elven form. When he's a dragon, he can fly and breathe fire. In both forms he has enhanced eyesight, compared to a regular elf.

mate: none

crush: none

kids: none

looks: In elven form, his face is still shaped slightly dragon-like, compared to regular elven faces, this being even more obvious due to a few red lines on his face. He also has dragon-like red eyes with a golden shimmer in them. He wears a carmine red robe. In dragon form, he's covered in bloodred scales, with a tail of half his body length and a wingspan of 16.4 metres.

other: I'm quite sure the histories of the three all line up to fit perfectly into one another, I've done the maths. However, if you find an inconsistency, please let me know. :3

weaknesses: Because he is cold-blooded, he is bad at dealing with low temperatures. While flying, getting paralyzed is also extremely dangerous. In his dragon form he has trouble hitting small targets.

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Perfect! I was waiting for him to be accepted before making a post. I'll try to get one up today.

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Ok so I forgot to include this. But for anyone interested if you are playing a full blooded character and it is the first one and no other player has one I would like you to make a race history for them. And you can take it anywhere. If it is a half blood then you can do the history of the kind it was. Such as the half dragins or dragon kin.


Let me see if I can break it down so it's easier to understand.


Full blooded dragons: can make general history for all dragons.


Half dragon( half ice, half elf) : you can make a history for ice dragons and for the village, town that the elf came from.


I hope that helps. If not ill see if I can reword it to make sense. And you dont have to if you dont want to.

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And here is who has what if they want to.


Sugar: ice dragons, the village that imil parent came from and then some.


Shiara: fairies, and the dragon kind of runes parent.


Felixr2: the whole race of elves in general, and the kind of dragon that thayran is half off.



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this is voltages character.





name: Tetsuna

species: Hell hound shifter

gender: male

age: 23

history: Tetsuna was not raised by his parents, not knowing them or why they aren't in his life.he has always been talked to like a kid even by some others younger than him just because of how young he looks. He found his powers out when he was 12 when he found himself in a forest fire. Being surrounded by fire triggered his transformation as well as causing him to clear an area of the forest that was about 60' by 60' in a perfect square.

personality: Tetsuna is a loving and caring guy who despite how shy he is always tries his best to help others in need. He has trouble understanding jokes some times and usually winds upgetting into trouble. He prefers books to people on most occasions but if anyone gets close to him he wwill do anything in his power to help see them happy.

abilities: Tetsuna can produce fire and is immune to most fire. He can shift into his hell hound form as well as having enhanced senses.

mate: does not have one yet

crush: does not have one

kids: none

looks: Tetsuna is a short guy for his age and looks almost like a little kid. He stands at only five foot two inches and has the body of a runner. Tetsuna has soft white hair that is long enough to just barely cover his eyes and is usually messy. He has brilliant emerald green eyes that change to a bright orange when he uses his hell hound powers. He also has a dusting of freckles thatcover his cheeks and nose. when he shifts into hell hound form his body becomes that of a huge obsidian black wolf-like canine. Tetsuna's hell hound form stands at almost six feet tall on all fours despite his small stature in human form.


weaknesses:Tetsuna is afraid of water, heights, and spiders. He is also unable to control himself if too muchfire is surrounding him at once and he could end up hurting his friends.

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So for the group of four once khayran goes to sleep the next one to post for that group can do a time skip to the next morning. Just make sure to put it in the post

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What happened to me:


- Went to a movie

- New Year's Day

- Cleaning up my room

- Other RPs

- Other stuff


I'm currently prioritizing on getting the IC for Project N up, then I will be working on a post for an RP on another forum that people are longing for, and once that is done I will get to posting for the Kel'Rinads.

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Ummmm......Volatage how was Tetsunsa able to hear all of Fierana's and Fahran's convesation. and why is there a couch outside? I mean flying is faster than walking and Fierana started the conversation like right when she got back. I also never had Fierana go inside so Tetsuna is yelling at her from inside the house.

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