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Deep Blue Depths [IC]

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What lurks beneath the waves was never meant to be discovered.




The sea has always been a dangerous place. But starting eight years ago, it became so much worse. The world became so much worse. After all, when you give humans 'powers', you can't expect all to go well; Can you?

Eight years ago, humans began to evolve. No one is quite sure what started this, but the results were rather influencing. They began to gain abilities that no mortal had known were possible before, that were so rare that no one believed them- But as more and more people gained these abilities, it became harder and harder to keep thinking they were fake, to contain them and pretend none of them existed. And while none of the abilities were especially powerful, as they ranged from healing minor wounds to speeding a plant's growth to being able to speak to animals, that didn't stop humans from finding ways to use them in horrid ways, causing an outbreak in criminal activity. Thankfully, as almost everyone was beginning to gain new powers, they were contained after a year or so, as the novelty began to wear off, though slowly.

As these powers began to appear, a small group of people capable of breathing underwater and withstanding the pressure emerged. The ocean was still so mysterious, but now, they could shed some light on it- Couldn't they? With this thought in mind, the group signed up as volunteers to explore beneath the waves, unaware that they were to make a grave mistake.

While it took a few years, they began to find things. Curious, unknown things. Scales that belonged to no creature they knew of, bones that couldn't belong to a fish- They were so human, after all. They found remains of civilizations and proof of someone, or something, existing underwater. Something living underneath. But it wasn't until two years later when they found the proof; A corpse of a merperson, buried under fallen rubble.

People were shocked by the find, but with this, more possibilities came to light. What about the sirens, half-bird, half-human beings of Greek legends? Selkies, the seals that could remove their skin and take on a human form at will? Capricorns, the half-horse, half-fish hybrids of the zodiac? What of sea serpents, coiled up and waiting beyond the shores for some poor human to near and be trapped in their jaws?

While people began to become afraid, it wasn't until the group had an unfortunate encounter with such a being- a sea serpent or merfolk, no one was quite sure- and lost three of it's members and multiple limbs of the remaining ones, that people truly began to fear. As beasts began to emerge from the water, striking back at those who dared disturb their rest, people began to warn others from nearing the shores; Walls were built around the cities near the ocean, rivers were carefully kept under watch, and as the creatures began to take on their more human forms and infiltrate the city, tests were run to make sure only humans remained in the towns.

Any aquatic beast that took a human form and was found was killed on the spot, and any siren that was spotted above the walls were shot down. People began to regret using their new abilities to explore the seas, and travel became more limited as boats became little more than spare wood.

However, perhaps not all is as it seems. Some humans were still brave enough to venture out onto the shores and return, alive, telling stories of the things that the creatures have been through; They spoke of how many wished to have peace- It was simply that their nature was as predators, and not all had taken kindly to the approach. They told those that would listen of the injuries both sides had gotten, how it would be safer for both sides to call a treaty; And, perhaps, a group of humans might be brave enough to venture back to the sea... Or maybe a group of sea folk would be willing to try to sneak into a town.

The choice is yours. Now then, shall we begin exploring?



-No Mary, Gary, or Anti-Sues, please! No one needs to have lived a perfect life nor the worst one ever- Sure, a parent could be killed from those of the sea, but if both died, wouldn't they be adopted as a result?

-Please try to keep a minimum of three sentences per post. More is very much appreciated- paragraphs are wonderful, even if it's just one- but if you can't, that's alright. Just no one-liners, please!

-Godmodding is not allowed. Please. We don't need that here.

-Powers are not supposed to be super strong. There's no complete manipulation of fire or making plants spring out of nothing; Same with immortality. We're not gonna let humans have that much power.

-Please PM the forms to me! It makes it a bit easier to find them.

-Character caps- for now- are one of each aquatic(4), unlimited land. This rule will likely change.


More info, characters, and recap in the OOC.

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It had started off as a fairly normal day.

Alison had been working a shift at the local cafe in Klolis, smiling and greeting each customer, taking their orders and quickly working to fill them. She hadn't suspected anything about the newest one, simply awed by the colorful hair and almost ethereal features, until she had accidentally spilled the cup of saltwater they kept near the counter on them. It was for protection; It was advised for every store to have one, really, though not required.

But when scales began to appear on them, and when their look changed to horror as people screamed- Well, her own turned to horror as well as she took a few steps back. It didn't take very long for people to spring out of their seats to help drag the merfolk away- But it didn't take away the terror it had in the first place.

...They hadn't been doing anything wrong, Alison realized.

But it had started off fine.


Caithness had instantly regretted heading outside to the park. There were other people there, unlike usual; He shifted uncomfortably, eyes shifting from place to place as he tried to spot somewhere that they wouldn't likely care if they saw him. ...The swings? Swings were nice, he decided, quietly going over to them and sitting down. With simple movements, he began to swing himself back and forth on it, soon getting quite a bit of height. He wasn't afraid, though. No, he knew that, even if he fell off and scraped his knee, he could heal it. He'd be fine. He knew he would be, he had done it before.

Didn't make him any less nervous, though, about the fact the other people may watch.


Tyne hadn't done anything yet. No, it was annoying that he hadn't, in fact- No humans were near the shores recently, near his hunting grounds. And it was so incredibly boring that he had even begun to contemplate seeing if he could hunt sirens, instead- Although, in the end, he crossed that idea out. They were too difficult, and he doubted they'd taste good. Birds didn't taste good. It wasn't likely that sirens would, either. But he wasn't even looking for a meal- No, he just wanted simple entertainment! ...Of course, his form of entertainment usually ended badly for those involved, but... He didn't really care. It was merciful, even, to them, after all.


Bhrys was... Tired. But they wouldn't sleep, couldn't. There was too much of a risk in resting this close to the shore, even with camouflage. If any humans brave enough to leave spotted them, they'd be doomed. So, they wouldn't sleep. Not yet, at least. Not until they had to. But... Even so, there was lots to do without sleeping! The rocks were fun to stack, even though their limbs didn't work very well for grabbing things. Or swimming. Really, it was just so that they could walk on the sea floor if they didn't want to swim. But nudging the rocks worked just as well, they figured, carefully pushing each into place with their nose, turning it into shapes. ...What else was a sea serpent to do?

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Engle had donned on a deep chocolate brown tank top and grey skin tight pants. She padded barefoot don't to the sea and stood for a moment, looking into the depths. The woman felt lethargic and tired. She knew this would take a drastic 180 when she jumped into the rolling waves of the sea. Two steps, she plunged into the depths in a swan dive, waiting until she lost momentum to move her arms to propel her deeper. Moving her legs similar to a merperson, she swam in a lose S shape pattern to see how far down she could get.




Atasi swam around Ejderha's middle as he stood on the bottom of the drop off leading to deeper ocean. Once bored, she swam along a reef, talking to the fish about what homes they have an what kind of creature they were. She joined a school of fish and giggled as they nibbled on her scales tickling her.




Ejderha watched her with one eye. Deciding she was fine, and safe here by herself with mighty twist of his body he propelled himself further towards deep ocean to hunt. He decided to head north, larger pray being up there. Perhaps a few orcas, or maybe a blue whale or two. The good thing about humans leaving the ocean alone was that the endangered species bounced back in a few years. Without fishing, or pollution, the animals were left to their own devices, thus boosting the ecosystem.

The massive Dragon barley moved his body, but was already traveling swiftly through the water. Glowing eyes narrowed as he searched for something to fill his belly.

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And- There! The merman perked up at the sight of movement, moving to stare a bit more, and... Wait, no. That was just a mermaid. He frowned, flicking his fin in annoyance, before slowly smirking. Just a little chat wouldn't hurt... Right? And if the coral caught on her fins, well... It wouldn't be his fault. He couldn't control the currents his tail created, after all, and if one pushed a fin just so to make it catch onto her tail- Well. He couldn't be blamed then, could he? In fact, maybe he could even save her. So, with this... Very cruel plan in mind, he began to approach.

...Tyne no.


Bhrys stopped in place as they noticed movement in the waters, camouflage kicking in as they moved to stare up in fear, and- Oh. A human. ...Well... They had a good reason to be afraid, then, they decided, moving to try to press against the ground more to hide themselves completely. Not that it would work, of course, but... They were going to try, certainly. They were rather scared, after all, though... If it came down to it, they figured that they could fit her into their mouth... But they'd rather not, after what happened last time. ...Having no teeth as a sea serpent could be a burden sometimes..

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Villads swore this was fine. Just a normal human guy. Hanging out on a park bench. Or rather, splayed across it rather hazardously, with his guitar clutched in one hand and a seashell in the other.


This was fine. Just a normal human guy. How did he get here again?


His memories of the last night are fuzzy, results of a party gone for too long and too much, and he has faint recollections of stumbling along the shoreline at 2AM in the morning without regards to his health. Maybe he picked up the seashell then?


And, well, if his current state has anything to do with the consumption of things better left unsaid, Villads never said he was a model idol for children. In fact, he's almost certain he lost all rights to that title after dropping out of school and moving across the country. Almost.


"Whazzit," he said, and then checked his phone. What time was it? He wants a hotdog. The sun is too bright,and he wants a hotdog. Maybe with mayo.




The surface is very blue.


Li-on flicked the edges of her tail, sparks of soft light dancing along the translucent-white skin. In once graceful sweep, she pushed away from the surface of the water to further down into the ocean, glancing wistfully at the marred sky as she did so.


It was lonely down in the ocean, and the girl was prone to watching the people silently, only a pair of eyes in the large expanse of sea. City life seemed so bright and wonderful, these people with their strange powers and features and social lives. Li-on had seen merfolk who lived along the same vein, but the girl had never gotten close to others of her kind as some were prone to do.


The world was a dangerous place, but the ocean was a lonely place. She sighed, pushing further deeper into the sea with repeated strokes, her smaller frame and inability to tolerate cold making long-distance travel difficult. She stopped to admire a collection of fish swimming nearby, before moving onwards. She was feeling slightly hungry; why not attempt to find something to eat?

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It was a moronic idea, but so were most of his ideas.


The ephemeral rays of sunlight slivered into the depths of the water, sparkling iridescently upon the surface. The water was lukewarm, a comfortable temperature to lazily swim about in Takuma's opinion. Lazing about, however, was not Takuma's goal for the day. As he always did when he came up with one of his silly little plans, Takuma was on the hunt for someone he knew, a friend preferably, but he'd settle for an acquaintance if he got desperate enough. Traveling to any human settlement was always a distraught and exhilarating experience. The chances of having a good time and stumbling upon a mob of merfolk hunters were nearly identical. Fortunately for Takuma, his sense of self-preservation was practically nonexistent.


Swirling to the side, Takuma got sight of a familiar shape eyeing a school of fish that dispersed once the shape got close. Takuma wasn't entirely sure if his request would be responded well to but, it was worth a shot.

"Li-on!" he called in a singsong tone, tail swishing through the water as he made his way towards the small merfolk. "I got a proposition for you--free food included! Got a minute?"

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Gary was standing atop the wall by the ocean, his hair was soaked and a towel was draped around his waist.

"Yeah, just finished up at the local pool," He said into his phone, he reached up with the towel to wipe off some of the remaining water.

"Nah, you what mate!?" He exclaimed loudly a grin on his face.

"Geez... and here I am too young to buy any beer, stupid laws, I miss home. Yeah thanks by the way, that was a nice little care package," Gary reached down and scooped up a bottle from a recently opened parcel at his feet.

"This is some pretty top rum, how much did it cost to send it here?" He asked.

Gary lowered the bottle back into the parcel and gazed out at the ocean, so beautiful yet unreachable... it almost made the appeal to take a quick dip more appealing.

He tilted his head, there was a black haired woman walking right by it.

"Yeah, yeah... damn that is one fine looking lady... Oh theres just a lady a fair ways away, can't see her too clearly but... no censorkip.gif off mate I'm not a damn perv, I can bairly see her, has a lot of hair, wait hold on..." Gary paused in his speech as the woman took a strange pose, then launched into the water.


Garys phone made a loud screeching noise as a small bolt of electricity discharged into it.

"Oh shiiii-" He trailed off.

"Look I gotta go... what, no!? Look I gotta go!" Gary hung up the phone and chucked it and his towel into his parcel before racing off down towards where he'd seen her.


"Who in there right mind goes swimming in the ocean anymore!" He muttered to himself, ignoring the hypocrisy, "God, I hope no one takes my stuff".

He hopped down past the wall and made his way to the edge where the girl had run in.

Gary dropped to his stomach and placed his hand in the water.

"Now where'd you run off to," he said quietly.

A small discharge of electricity coursed through the water and Gary's vision expanded.

He caught sight (for lack of better word) of the girl, she was swimming away from the shore... there was something else though, something much bugger.


"Oh no..." Gary said. He dunked his head in the water and called out as best he could.

"Theres a sea serpent! Get back here!" But all that came out of his mouth were bubbles and a droning noise.

He pulled his head back up, "Ahh dammit this is useless... oh well if it goes for her I'll try zap him, might startle him a bit". Gary lowered his hand back into the water and waited for the serpent to make a move.


((I'm not actually sure how the walls work... whether they can be bypassed easily or not, if you could let me know I'll try edit it so it's a little more clear))

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Engel was almost to the bottom when she heard someone say there's a sea serpent. She wasn't blind, a red fin like thing poked out of the muck. Seeing that it hid away, it probably wasn't dangerous if left alone. She took a deep breath and sighed rolling her eyes and whistles under water. The shrill sound called a large brown seal to her, which she grabbed on to as it bolted to the surface where she jumped him. Her head broke the water and she flicked some at him. "You idiot, it won't attack if you leave it alone, it's hiding. The ones that want to kill you don't hesitate to go after you. Pathetic fool, you ruined my swim!" He growled and got out wringing her hair. "I was perfectly fine. Where the hell did you come from anyway!" She glared at him with her silver eyes, folding her arms across her chest.




Atasi swam around spiky coral reefs and had fun chasing a Angel fish until a flash of silver caught her attention she turned to it curiously, tilting her head then grinning from ear to ear seeing it was her own kind. She waved to him and stayed put until he got to her. "Hi!"




Ejderha looked up at the surface seeing a group of fish and birds on the edge of another sea creature's territory. Unable to find anything else he dove deeper and turned at the bottom. Then, smacking his tail on the ground, he held his legs in close to him to streamline himself. In three long waves of his body, he was already faster than a shark, in five more he was already near the surface, opening his massive jaws wide at the last possible moment, he scooped up half the school and several seagulls in one go, but he wasn't done yet. Another twist and out of the water he sprang, tail still waving as he gained altitude faster then the birds could getting about ten more. Snapping his mouth shut, he continued the long arch turning to go back to Atasi. He was at least fifty five feet above the sea and gracefully landed in the water swiftly swimming back to his adopted daughter as fast as he could go. Which was very fast.

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Li-on jumped when her name was suddenly called, but the mermaid's expression quickly faded into a smile when she realised who it was.


"Takuma!" she called by way of greeting, swirling the water around her into thousands of tiny bubbles as she came to a halt, staring up at the taller merman. He was a curious kind, not quite of the classic fish-tailed merfolk, but not exactly one of the stranger merfolk wandering around either. Takuma seemed to do two things: exactly what was on his mind, and disregard all other rules otherwise. Often, she'd caught wind of her friend's exploits--mostly through his cravings for more 'delicious' human food--and she was quite used to either not seeing him for a week or so and then having him pop up suddenly as a result. This visit was entirely unscheduled, yet not at all unwelcome.


"A preposition?" she repeated, tilting her head. She swished her tails, the jellyfish appendages swaying gently in the water, pearly-white and hovering in the flickering sea. She nodded her head, a sign for him to go on. "Oh?"

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"Wait you actually understood that!?" Gary asked in disbelief as the girls head broke the surface.

He then shook himself and glared down at her.

"Where the hell did I come from makes no difference, why the hell are you swimming in the ocean!? The fact that theres a sea serpent sitting right over there should be evidence enough that it's dangerous!" Gary said angrilly.

He looked curiously at the seal, unsure if it was going to attack him or not.


"And how do you know it's hiding out of fear!? It could be stalking it's prey, waiting for you to get close before it strikes... spoken to a lot of sea serpents have you? Had a nice long chat about their eating habits," Gary shook his head in annoyance and stood up, stretching his arms above his head.


"Maybe I'm just jealous that you got to swim in the ocean, I haven't touched salt water since I moved here," He looked back towards the direction he'd come.

"Dammit I hope no ones taken my stuff..." Turning away from her Gary walked off, his thongs making loud thwacking sounds with each step.

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There were more movements, and Bhrys... To put it likely, they freaked out, flailing in a flurry of bubbles as one seemed to try to scream. Of course, in their panic, they failed to notice a rather large rock in front of them, and... Slammed their nose against it, recoiling as their skin flashed multiple colors and patterns. Thankfully, they noticed that there wasn't much more movement in the water- but ouch. That had hurt. An awful lot. With a poorly concealed whimper, they curled up, mimicking the color of the sand as much as possible- Though, since their skin kept changing colors... It didn't work too well.

...They really hoped that they wouldn't be attacked.


"Hello, there." The merman grinned, moving to float more than swim, though with purposeful movements of his tail still- He wasn't going to abandon his plan just yet, after all. "I don't think I've seen you around before... If I had, I'd surely remember. What's your name?" They were just pleasantries, nothing important to his plan- He knew it was the best place to start, though.

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Engel stuck her tongue out at his retreating from an jumped back into the water swimming down to where she saw the creature. It changed color rubbing its snout on the ground like it got hurt. She swam lower floating a few feet above the sea creature. "Easy... I won't hurt you. I respect creatures like you. Now, are you hurt?" She cooed softly. "My name is Engle. " she spun slowly in the water. "No weapons see?"




"Atasi. My dad and I are new to these parts. We came here for Chin-ha. The people there were in a famine and Dad didn't want his people to worry about him so we moved here. We would've gone further, but he said that's another ancient serpent's territory and it's best not to bother them." She grinned, floating in the water. "What's your name?"

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Bhrys jolted as one of the humans returned, and spoke to them. The words were a bit jumbled up in their head, but they understood what she was asking, sort of. But that was when fight-or-flight began kicking in- Wasn't she going to hurt them?! But then she began to move, and they watched cautiously, vaguely registering she stated she had no weapons. And, yeah, it didn't look like she did, but... Well. They were a bit too dazed to think much through, and nodded, tail curling a bit. "H... Hurt? Yes." Though their voice was raspy, they managed to get that much out, moving to bury their nose under the sand a bit. They didn't use it, anyways; They had gills.


He nodded, listening closely, though Tyne began to move his tail a bit more in an attempt to cause the currents he created to move Atasi's fins juuust enough to catch. Because, apparently, Tyne is going to be a jerk. "Tyne. There's a few serpents around here, I believe; I know a couple have tried to nip my tail fins off..." He smiled back, attempting to make it seem a bit more genuine. "Though, the sirens can be a bit more dangerous."

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Vogel shifted the straps of his backpack and raised a hand to block the sun. It was painfully bright outside. On the upside, he knew that it wasn't the middle of the night and he shouldn't go back to sleep. Twelve-hour clocks could be so unclear sometimes. He suppressed a yawn and continued walking. He could have just gotten coffee from the machine in his dorm, but the café near the park made much better muffins than he could. There was almost two hours before classes or work started, anyway.


His phone buzzed in his pocket, playing the cheery ping that signified an announcement related to any research on sea creatures. His heart jumped in anticipation, and he searched around for a place to sit while checking his phone. The nearest bench was occupied. The man had clearly been recently unconscious, as Vogel was fairly sure that no one found such a position a comfortable way to sit. His hair was pink, his eyes were green, and he was holding a seashell.


It was worth a shot. At the very least, it would get the man to move and free up some space on the bench.


Approaching the man, he pulled out his water pistol, took aim, and fired at the man's face. When he didn't grow scales, Vogel shrugged and began to take off his backpack in preparation for sitting down.

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What a waste of time. Of course I have to be the one sent to interact with the disgusting humans, being the youngest and all.




Being the only child is such a pain.


A rather large sea serpent wove gracefully through the waves, a look of annoyance on her face as she grumbled to herself. Such shallow waters made her slightly uncomfortable, as there were no depths to retreat to. Not that she would need to retreat against most foes, but having an extra option was always a nice thing. She hadn't gotten the privilege of choice when they sent her here to deal with the pesky humans.


Insolent, fleshy creatures. Their bodies are so clumsy and bulky. Don't they understand the fact that they weren't built for the water?


There were so many things to dislike about humans. For starters, they didn't know their place. It was bad enough that the land was crawling with them, now they were invading the sea. Did she mention their nerve? They were always poking around, acting like they owned the place. Fools. The Ancient Deep Sea Serpents had always ruled the deep, and they would continue ruling it. Dispatching a few pudgy creatures was merely an annoying waste of time. Sure, they had their strange explosive sticks, but she was confident her scales could protect her against any pile of scrap the humans managed to cobble together.


A change in the water interrupted her dissatisfied musings, causing her to slow down. She tried sending out a sonar wave, but she could already feel the buzzing of human devices clouding her head. Yet another inconvenience caused by humans. Resorting to vision alone, she began to carefully sweep her head from side to side. With any luck, she'd locate a vulnerable human. As she slowly swam forwards, she caught sight of a distant speck. A human? Picking up her speed slightly, she kept herself pressed close to the ground and moved stealthily forward. Yes, it was indeed a human, splashing about in the water like some overgrown beast-fish. Pathetic. Well, she would certainly deal with it.


Although she was out of its sight range, she could close the gap between herself and the human in a matter of seconds. However, she would need to gather speed first. Turning back, she swam until she could barely make out the human on the horizon. Gathering her fins, she suddenly launched forward. She would need to be careful, the water a was a bit shallow. Nothing she couldn't deal with, but she wouldn't be able to go at peak speed. Still, she was a great deal faster than the swimming speed of an average human. The gap between them was closing quickly. Giving one last burst of speed, she launched herself out of the air just as she reached the sight range of the human.


She made for quite an intimidating sight, a blue-green serpent hundreds of feet long, flying towards the pitiful human with jaws outstretched. Jaws lined with sharp, powerful teeth. Of course, she wasn't going to kill this human quite yet, but it never hurt to inspire fear in the unfortunate souls who happened to be watching. Teeth most certainly did hurt, however, and if she managed to catch the human she would have to make sure she didn't bleed it out by accident. Too bad it wasn't looking at her and was instead inspecting some lesser species of sea serpent. It would have been much easier just to freeze it.

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Engel swam deeper just above the creature. "Poor thing, you have a bump on your nose. There's some moss that would help pain and swelling." She dove until her feet touched the muck and dug around the rocks. She pulled off a wade bit of moss from a rock. "Here, let me put this on-Swim away!" she froze, eyes up behind the creature at the one charging towards her and seal like movement she was inside a tiny cave at the base of the cliff moving back where it narrowed and the viscous one couldn't harm her. She stifled a laugh. If that foolish man was under here with her she'd say "I told you so".




Ejderha had just gotten back, when he saw something flowing and black by another sea creature, diving to a cave as another one from the north approached with frightening speed. He assumed this was Atasi and his eyes burned bright. Three flicks of his tail and he was going just as fast, if not a little faster than the other Ancient one. He too opened his jaws, revealing three rows of hooked and serrated teeth about half the length of a human's arm at the least, the largest were bigger then Atasi's upper body. His approach wasn't silent like the Ancient one's. As soon as his maw opened as wide it would go he roared in a flurry of bubbles, the sound shaking the silt on the sea floor and almost concussive to those to close to him.




"Father wouldn't do that, he's a nice sea creature. The humans were we were worshipped him. His kind was thought to be lost long long ago. " She said softly, her tail flowing close to the spiky coral. "I never met a siren before. Dad would chase them away." The fish hid suddenly and she back stoked, startled as the remnants of a roar sounded, that and the current of Tyne's tail, her flowing fin got entangled in the coral.

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Bhrys froze up at the woman's words, glad that they couldn't actually properly look at the figure fast approaching- Benefits of eyes that couldn't move, they supposed. But that didn't change the fact that, if they didn't move quickly, they'd end up as dinner. ...A very wiggly dinner, because they were slimy enough that it was likely they'd just slip around instead of be successfully bitten, but still. With almost ribbon-like movements of their tail, they launched themselves towards the shore, deciding it was worth the risk as their tiny hands that didn't really provide much grip tried to pull them up. And...

...Also attempting to eat a crab on the way, and failing. Hey, they were hungry- And they didn't even know if the human was really all that harmless or not! Besides, if she was, she was their meal!

....Change of plans. Irritated now, the serpent pushed himself back into the shallows, facing the other's direction, though... Since their eyes weren't exactly straight ahead, they... Really couldn't see much. Whoops.


((eat the axolotl))


Tyne straightened up at the noise, eyes flashing as he glanced around, his expression fading to almost cold and calculating for a moment before he turned his attention back to the female, and- His expression flashed an almost cruel smile for a second, so briefly you could barely see, before he appeared concerned and alarmed. "Oh, my... Your fin is stuck! Here. Let me help." Coating his words in false kindness, he moved to begin to untangle her, hiding a smirk all the while.

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((um ok))


Several things happened at once. First, the human displayed surprising agility and slipped into a narrow cave. Second, her jaws closed on something slimy instead. It refused to be bitten properly and instead slid around, however the sheer size of her mouth kept it in somewhat in place. Third, a loud roar pierced her ears, causing her to startle slightly and drop the slippery object. As soon as she landed in the water again, she whipped around to face the sound. Another serpent? Why were they protecting a human of all things? Her face creased into a serpentine frown as she quickly weighed her options. The other serpent was angry - perhaps too much so to listen to her. They were moving quickly towards her, especially since she had stopped after landing in the water. Should she freeze them? No, that would give the other serpent the advantage of knowledge. Still, her eyes began to glow slightly as she prepared to use her power at the first sign of a threat.


"Halt! Why do you protect this human? They have shown insolence towards my kind and must receive their righteous punishment!"


She roared, voice level except for the slight hint of anger at the word "human". Although her words were calm, her voice thundered over the noise of the nearby town. There was no need for such excessive volume, but she doubted anything quieter would get through to the other serpent. Almost unconsciously, she began to inch towards deeper water, all the while keeping her eyes on the other serpent. She hadn't seen or learned about the species of serpent the newcomer was, making her wary of their strength. If only I were older... this newcomer would be no problem at all.

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Ejderha threw himself to the side to slow his momentum, but ended up crashing into the underwater cliffs. When the dust and debris cleared he shook the dust from his head looking at the Ancient One, studying her for a long moment before he spoke. "Human? I thought it was my daughter. It wouldn't be the first time a serpent tried to eat her. However, your standing on humans are... scued. Not all are wicked, my people weren't. However, it has become clear to me that the humans don't dare enter the water anymore. This human, where they bothering you? Did it attack you?" He said in his low rumble scratching his fur crest to get out more of the rocky dust out of it.





Atasi slapped his hand away. "No, I got it. It's tender and just grew back from being sliced in half by a serpent's tooth. " She bent over, carefully plucking one bit by one bit from the coral. It would take a long while that way.



Engel shrieked when suddenly the tunnel shuddered and rocks rained down on her. Well, the entrance was trapped, guess she'd be taking the long way. She went deeper into the crevice, only to find out that the way was also blocked by a large rock. "Well, at least I don't have to worry about air..." she muttered to herself.

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Villads was just about to a) give up, and b ) go back to sleep, when suddenly he felt the full force of a suddenly projected water missile shoot him straight in the face.


"Wha--" he spluttered with the shock of being suddenly, and unexpectedly, attacked, and shook his head as he scrambled to get himself in a sitting position, clearing the water from his eyes just in time to reveal a boy standing there, with lanky black hair and a strange, almost puzzled expression.


Villads held his breath, waiting for an apology or an excuse or anything--


Then, the other shrugged and began taking off his backpack, glancing away as if nothing had happened.


Oh no. Absolutely not. He was still feeling slightly under the weather, and Villads wasn't going to let this little rebel get away with suddenly attacking him with--he licked his lips--seawater?




"You wanna go," he accused, only his voice came out as a slight suggestion instead, and he gently set the seashell in his hand down before suddenly standing up and grabbing the other boy's conveniently-freed backpack. In return, he shoved his guitar into the guy's hands instead and took off running.


It wasn't until he cleared a block until he realised: wait, what?


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That went surprisingly well, if he was honest. The last time he had squirted someone in the face he'd nearly been punched.


Oh, did the boy think he'd been trying to start a fight? To be fair, it wasn't an entirely unreasonable reaction, but really, there was no need for that. "Uh, no, not really. I'm Vo-" He blinked and stared down at the guitar that had suddenly appeared in his hands.


His backpack was gone.


Slowly, he placed the guitar on the bench and took a step back before sprinting in the direction that he had seen the man flee. As he ran, he reached up to his ink bottle necklace out of habit and felt curses scrawl themselves under his sleeves. His thoughts seemed to be stuck on 'screaming'- he'd never been so careless as to allow his bag to get stolen. What if the boy got away with it? [i[Why[/i] had he stolen it in the first place? He didn't even know him! Fortunately, Vogel was faster, as he wasn't weighed down by anything. Unless the man took a corner and managed to lose him, he'd be able to catch up soon enough. Hopefully. It wasn't much of a comfort.

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There was a surprised squeak from Bhrys as they were scooped into the mouth, wiggling around and sliding a bit as the serpent tried to bite them, before they were dropped at the sound of a roar. They flailed around at first, trying to gain their bearings back, before letting themselves fall to the sand, taking a few seconds to reorient themselves. And then they noticed that there were very, very big sea serpents, unlike them- They were small, yes, but these ones were much, much bigger. Realizing neither was paying attention, they moved to swim away- Where did the girl go? They didn't yet thank her.

Noticing the place she had escaped into was closed up, they swam over and started trying to push the rocks out of the way with their- still painful- nose, their hands providing not much help but trying anyways as they began to pull the rocks out. ...Hopefully she wasn't crushed. But then again- Most of the place was stable, they knew, and... She seemed to have no problems breathing underwater, at least. Still, they worked fast, not knowing how long humans could last in a place like that.


Tyne blinked in surprise, drawing back and staring. "...You could be here for hours, though, if you do it alone. I'll be careful, I've dealt with fragile things before," he offered, though he made no move to touch it again. Usually, they were more than willing to let him help, but... This mermaid interested him. He'd have to keep an eye on her, he decided, if she was going to remain around this place.

It seemed like his plan wasn't going to work, though. He silently cursed himself for having so many faults in it; If he had planned it a bit better... Ah, there was always next time. And besides, maybe he could salvage this one, yet. He just had to be patient and careful- And make sure not to bring suspicion to himself. It'd be easy, if he played his cards right.

He just hoped that the mermaid was less wary of him than the last had been.


Caithness... Had been perfectly content to swing, until he realized that people were... Running nearby? Someone seemed to be chasing someone else. And- Was one wet? ...Confused and concerned, he slowly let the swing stop, before climbing off and following. He was curious, after all, and... If he wasn't noticed, it'd be fine, right? He didn't want a fight to break out, either. Maybe he could help if he followed? ...Or, at the least, if anyone was injured, he might be able to help with that.

He really wasn't sure why he was following. But if something went awry, he could just turn tail and run, right?

...He hoped so, at least. He really didn't want to cause any trouble, or- For anything to happen, really. Though, one seemed to be carrying a backpack, rather than wearing it... Was... Were one of them a thief? He stumbled at that thought, but caught himself, slowing a bit as he spotted curses appearing on the arms of the chaser.

...Was it really his place to get involved?

But at the same time, he didn't want to see anyone get hurt. Swallowing down his fear, he followed once more, though his hands were shaking a bit more than before.

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When it became apparent that the other serpent was not going to slam into her, Arkhesis let the glow fade from her eyes. Although she was slightly offended by the audacity of the other serpent, she held her tongue. It was best not to get into another fight so soon. He - yes, that voice seemed to be male - seemed to be somewhat calmer for the moment and his words intrigued her. Daughter? The human most certainly did not resemble a sea serpent. Unless... he had engaged in a relationship with a human woman? Ugh, the concept alone made her want to snarl! There was nothing more shameful than to sully one's reputation by having affairs with others below oneself. Not to mention the act of willfully taking on the shape of a lesser being! What kind of serpent was this newcomer? Frowning slightly disdainfully, she questioned the serpent.


"Daughter? Unless I am sorely mistaken, that human did not resemble a sea serpent. I see no reason to change my views, nor are my motives of your concern. Humans are inferior beings and must learn their place, now I advise you to leave me be and venture on your way."


With that, she turned her attention to the cave that the human had escaped to. Some small creature was pulling at the rocks, rather quickly for something of its size. Tsk. Such an annoyance. If it managed to free the human, it would be so much more work chasing it down again. Leaning down, she inspected it closer and found it to have a slimy coat. So was this the thing that had landed in her mouth? Scoffing slightly, she searched the water for a large object. Finding a mossy boulder to her satisfaction, she closed her jaws over it and picked it up. Digging a slight dent in the crumbled rocks with her nose, she plopped the large boulder right in front of the cave entrance. That should keep the slimy creature busy while she dealt with the serpent.


((yeah Bhrys is too small to be recognized as a serpent by Arkhesis xd.png))

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