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Deep Blue Depths [OOC]

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What lurks beneath the waves was never meant to be discovered.





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Rules, Character Sheet




The sea has always been a dangerous place. But starting eight years ago, it became so much worse. The world became so much worse. After all, when you give humans 'powers', you can't expect all to go well; Can you?

Eight years ago, humans began to evolve. No one is quite sure what started this, but the results were rather influencing. They began to gain abilities that no mortal had known were possible before, that were so rare that no one believed them- But as more and more people gained these abilities, it became harder and harder to keep thinking they were fake, to contain them and pretend none of them existed. And while none of the abilities were especially powerful, as they ranged from healing minor wounds to speeding a plant's growth to being able to speak to animals, that didn't stop humans from finding ways to use them in horrid ways, causing an outbreak in criminal activity. Thankfully, as almost everyone was beginning to gain new powers, they were contained after a year or so, as the novelty began to wear off, though slowly.

As these powers began to appear, a small group of people capable of breathing underwater and withstanding the pressure emerged. The ocean was still so mysterious, but now, they could shed some light on it- Couldn't they? With this thought in mind, the group signed up as volunteers to explore beneath the waves, unaware that they were to make a grave mistake.

While it took a few years, they began to find things. Curious, unknown things. Scales that belonged to no creature they knew of, bones that couldn't belong to a fish- They were so human, after all. They found remains of civilizations and proof of someone, or something, existing underwater. Something living underneath. But it wasn't until two years later when they found the proof; A corpse of a merperson, buried under fallen rubble.

People were shocked by the find, but with this, more possibilities came to light. What about the sirens, half-bird, half-human beings of Greek legends? Selkies, the seals that could remove their skin and take on a human form at will? Capricorns, the half-horse, half-fish hybrids of the zodiac? What of sea serpents, coiled up and waiting beyond the shores for some poor human to near and be trapped in their jaws?

While people began to become afraid, it wasn't until the group had an unfortunate encounter with such a being- a sea serpent or merfolk, no one was quite sure- and lost three of it's members and multiple limbs of the remaining ones, that people truly began to fear. As beasts began to emerge from the water, striking back at those who dared disturb their rest, people began to warn others from nearing the shores; Walls were built around the cities near the ocean, rivers were carefully kept under watch, and as the creatures began to take on their more human forms and infiltrate the city, tests were run to make sure only humans remained in the towns.

Any aquatic beast that took a human form and was found was killed on the spot, and any siren that was spotted above the walls were shot down. People began to regret using their new abilities to explore the seas, and travel became more limited as boats became little more than spare wood.

However, perhaps not all is as it seems. Some humans were still brave enough to venture out onto the shores and return, alive, telling stories of the things that the creatures have been through; They spoke of how many wished to have peace- It was simply that their nature was as predators, and not all had taken kindly to the approach. They told those that would listen of the injuries both sides had gotten, how it would be safer for both sides to call a treaty; And, perhaps, a group of humans might be brave enough to venture back to the sea... Or maybe a group of sea folk would be willing to try to sneak into a town.

The choice is yours. Now then, shall we begin exploring?



Resembles our Earth. Takes place mostly in an area close to the ocean, though characters may be from other towns; Walls are built around those near the sea, and the lighthouses are a bit more like watchtowers. Set in 20xx, so, fairly modern; Not much advanced technology, although it's constantly improving. So they say. People believe it, so who are we to say anything about it and ruin the peace?

The city it takes place in is called Klolis, a fairly large place, though not overpopulated- In fact, population has dwindled since the danger of the sea grew apparent. Full of nature, parks, malls, and fairly small, odd shops, it's a pleasant place to live for anyone, though especially families... If you ignore how close it is to the sea, and the occasional sounds of sirens attempting to lure others out- Followed by silence after they end up chased away, usually with dangerous objects. People are usually encouraged to join in.

But, really! It's a nice place, otherwise!



Half-aquatic beast, half-human beings that live in the sea. Appearance, size, and behavior depends on the merperson; A deep sea dweller won't be the same as one that lives in a coral reef. Capable of disguising themselves as human, but if water touches them, they'll be forced back. Typically has an extra, minor ability. Can be almost anything aquatic, not just fish- Just specify what and we'll discuss it!



Seals that shed their skin on land to become human, and place it back on to become a seal again. Stealing their skin will get you a sad selkie that's forced to remain human. Males and females- and those that are non-binary- are all said to be quite beautiful. While they tend to be less aggressive than sirens, they still are capable of harm.



Dangerous half-bird, half-human creatures that lure sailors to their doom with their alluring voices. Or, used to. Now that the ocean is mostly off-limits, their powers are much more limited. While the tales used to say their voices could lure anyone to crash by singing of what they desired most, they can be ignored, though it's difficult.


Sea Serpents

Typically large, serpentine creatures of the deep. Often quite wise and old, they rule the depths, protecting the waters from all who dare approach. They range from benevolent to cruel, and their shapes and sizes differ quite a bit, though the large, snake-like beings are the most common. Capable of taking human form, as well as another power, minor, but stronger than a merperson's.



With the head and upper body of a mountain goat, and the lower body and tail of a fish, they're the creatures in our zodiac; Both benevolent and malevolent capricorns exist. The longer they stay out of the water without changing into a more humanoid form, the more of their fish tail they will lose; They're not quite capable of hiding their mountain goat horns, usually, nor the scales on their legs.

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-No Mary, Gary, or Anti-Sues, please! No one needs to have lived a perfect life nor the worst one ever- Sure, a parent could be killed from those of the sea, but if both died, wouldn't they be adopted as a result?

-Please try to keep a minimum of three sentences per post. More is very much appreciated- paragraphs are wonderful, even if it's just one- but if you can't, that's alright. Just no one-liners, please!

-Godmodding is not allowed. Please. We don't need that here.

-Powers are not supposed to be super strong. There's no complete manipulation of fire or making plants spring out of nothing; Same with immortality. We're not gonna let humans have that much power.

-Please PM the forms to me! It makes it a bit easier to find them.

-Character caps- for now- are one of each aquatic(4), unlimited humans. This rule will likely change.


Character Form

Username: Self-explanatory.

Name: First and last; You can include middle name(s) if you'd like as well.

Age: 15-21 for most, I'd say. Sea serpents can be older.

Gender: Can be whatever you want!

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: May not have any reason to be in this, but if romance happens... Can be the same or different.

Species: What are they?

Personality: How do they act around people they've just met? People they've known for a while?

Appearance: Pictures are allowed, description is appreciated. Both would be great. Skin, hair, eyes, body shape, how they walk, clothing, height etc cetera.

Ability: Limited to one for humans. Merfolk, capricorns, selkies, and sea serpents can both change into a human form and have an extra power; Sirens can change and have their voices.

History: What's influenced their personality? What made them think of the humans or non-humans the way they do now? What about their family, how do they tie in? Can just be a few lines.

Other: Anything I missed?


[b]Sexual/Romantic Orientation:[/b] 

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Accepted Characters


Name: Tyne Raine

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Bi

Species: Merfolk

Personality: A somewhat cruel merman living in the depths, designed to lure in with his bright colors and drag to the depths. Has a playful side and can be quite flirtatious, but tends to keep his own best interests in mind. Distrustful of humans and sirens, tends to stick his nose where it doesn't belong.

Appearance: Purple hair with a gold ombre that reach to his elbows, and sharp blue eyes that seem to pierce through, occasionally turning a solid black under low lights. Tanned skin and a tail of a bala shark, as well as the fins on his back and arms. While his teeth aren't too sharp, they can still hurt; He has many small scars upon his upper body, as well as a set of gills on his neck. Upper body is about 3'2", lower is 5'11"; Overall, he's 9'1" in length.

Ability: He's a living metal detector; If he wills, Tyne is capable of finding metal under, at the most, three feet of sand.

History: He was raised by a shark-tailed mermaid since birth, someone unrelated but very close to him- In fact, she was practically his mother. After being attacked by a siren for getting too close to it's food, he decided not to trust them, and has since avoided them- He always viewed humans as prey, as that's how they were raised to when they drew too near. Overall, has lived a simple and easy life.

Other: More likely to make someone 'owe' him for saving their life than anything.


Name: Bhrys Maddy

Age: Roughly 120

Gender: Agender

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Grey-asexual, demi-panromantic

Species: Sea Serpent

Personality: Almost childlike sometimes, innocence-wise, but tends to be quite unpredictable; One moment, they'll be happy to float along in the sea, and the next, they'll snap at the closest thing and try to eat it. They tend to be rather aggressive towards other sea serpents, and are rather territorial.

Appearance: A giant, serpentine axolotl. Yup. You read that right. A massive, long and twisting axolotl. While they have large gills and a much longer body, and are quite thin and slender with small limbs, they still bear a great resemblance to an axolotl and that cannot be overlooked. In their more humanoid form, their hair sticks out a bit to resemble the gills, and is a strawberry blonde color, reaching only their shoulders when left alone; Their eyes are blue, and they have very pale skin, almost too pale, even. Their face is covered in freckles as well, and they have quite rounded cheeks, and almost childlike features. They're 12'6" feet long in their sea serpent form, and 5'4" tall when human.

Ability: Can actually blend self into the sand to match it! It's not for everything, though; They can't blend to match anything else.

History: While they have avoided humans most of their life, recently, it's become more difficult. They're rather wary of going near the shore, and their life isn't very interesting; It mostly involves hunting down others, fighting for territory, roaming aimlessly, and repeat. They ended up moving a bit more recently, however, and have since required to move closer to the shore, after a small group of foolish brave humans set out to try to hunt them down.

Other: An insomniac.


Name: Alison Prior

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Bi

Species: Human

Personality: Somewhat mischievous and playful in an almost childlike way, but overall, friendly. Tends to have no real concept of personal space, though, once she's friends with someone; Will drape an arm around their shoulders without prompting for no real reason. She becomes quite sarcastic when upset.

Appearance: Short brown hair cut into a bob that reaches her shoulders, and small, almond-shaped hazel eyes. Her skin is a light brown shade. 5'6", sort of a pear body shape. She tends to lean towards warmer colors for her clothes, and shorts and tank tops are favored, along with sandals; When she needs to wear something more covering, it's... Usually longer shorts and a short sleeved shirt. She's quite a fan of silvers when it comes to jewelry, and usually has a ring or two on.

Ability: She's capable of creating illusionary wings from her back in whatever shape or size she desires. However, these wings have no ability to fly, and are semi translucent.

History: She's lived a rather easy life, in a middle-class family that cared for her needs, and as the only child. Her parents were protective, but not overly so; They only kept her from the sea. She's never actually been to the ocean, so she's not sure how to feel about the danger in it, minus a bit afraid.

Other: Tends to have one or two children's toys on her at all times, oddly enough.


Name: Caithness Noir

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Pan

Species: Human

Personality: Quiet and reclusive, selectively mute; He won't speak around large groups of people, but if there's just one or two other people around and he's close to them, he may talk. He has a rather polite and formal way of speaking, frequently calling others 'miss', 'mister', or 'mixter'.

Appearance: French. Messy, curly shoulder-length hair, a greying blonde shade, and large, round green eyes. Fair skin. 5'3", rather thin; It almost makes him look childlike. He wears quite modest and formal clothes and tends not to use bright colors, favoring monochrome and stormy colors(dark blues and greys) instead. Typically has a necklace on, but not much jewelry otherwise.

Ability: He's capable of healing minor wounds, though it requires him to hum and/or sing to activate it.

History: He used to be fond of the ocean when he was younger, and had a toy crocodile he always brought with him to swim. He was sad when he wasn't allowed to go near the sea anymore, and tried to sneak out multiple times, each time failing. As he grew up, away from the ocean, he became more and more reclusive until he stopped speaking as much. He's since gotten used to the separation from the ocean, as sad as he is about it, and has since traded the crocodile for a pet newt named Noah.

Other: Chews on his necklace when nervous.


Name: Evan Lagos

Age: Just barely 200.

Gender: Male

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Pan???

Species: Capricorn

Personality: Kind of hot-headed. He's sleepy, but very easy to anger, though he... Tends to be half-asleep when he's trying to fight others.

Appearance: With the upper half of a Markhor and the lower half of an oarfish, Evan is 231 feet long(70.4 meters). He's about 60 feet(18.3 meters) tall from top of his head to his hooves; His horns add another 12 feet(3.7 meters), making him 72 feet tall overall(21.9 meters). He has black eyes and rather abnormally large hooves.

As a human, he retains the horns and his legs are covered in silvery scales, but he actually loses the beard, oddly enough. His eyes are a very dark brown, and his skin is a gold shade. He stands at 6'7", weighing 229 lbs, and has fairly messy blonde hair that reaches below his shoulders and... Tends to get everywhere. His fingers are longer than the average human's.

Ability: His ability is that he can regenerate lost limbs. However, he cannot regenerate them properly, always, so he might have a deformed hoof if you take it off. He also cannot regenerate organs or his head. Really, it's easy to kill him in the end, since regenerating can take anywhere from hours to days.

History: The amount of times he's had his hooves bitten off is... Far too much, by many different creatures. Evan picks too many fights, honestly. Otherwise, he's. Forgotten-



Marcus Pheonix

Name: Gary "Gazza" West

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Hetero

Species: Human

Personality: Outgoing and friendly, and enjoys chilling back and having a couple beers. Garry is adventurous and athletic, and has always loved swimming and exploring the wonders of the ocean. After downing a couple he can get a little more outgoing and possibly a little violent.

Appearance: Tall with an athletic build. His skin is slightly tanned and he has thick curly brown hair and brown eyes. Generally wears a tank-top and board-shorts as well as a pair of thongs (flip-flops), though does put runners on when it's required.

Ability: Can produce a small level of electricity (about the level of an electric fence) and manipulate the particles in his surroundings to direct it. He can use this to perform electrolocation (like sharks).

History: Born and raised in Cairns Gary grew up loving the water, and would often hop on a boat and head out to visit the great barrier reef, and go snorkeling with friends. When the ocean grew off limits he restricted his swimming to public pools and his own backyard but was always quite vocal about his longing to head back out to sea. He moved to Klolis when he reached 19 due to his parents longing to get him away from the reef after his obsession with getting back into the water got him into a fight with a friend (while drunk though).

Other: Can hold his breath really long.



Name: Ejderha (Age-Dar-ha) lung. (Young)

Age: He looks as a human, 23 but is actually 198

Gender: male

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: bi

Species: Water Dragon

Personality: He's quiet, extremely observant. Perceptive gentlemanly, kind generous and polite. He studies a person on creature before he speaks. When he does speak, his voice no matter what form, is smooth, deep and resonating; this is stronger as a Dragon than a human. He moves on land like he does in the water, a dance of liquid grace, each movement moving flawlessly into the next. When it comes to romance, he's often shy. Very slow to anger, very benevolent. In fact the only time he was ever malicious is when a sea monster tried to eat Atasi. He is very protective of her and very fatherly towards her. He loves riddles and riddle games.

Appearance: He's a massive Red Dragon, although he looks like a malicious beast, he's quite gentle. He's large enough to dwarf a large merchant ship and cleave it in three with his razor sharp teeth. Unlike the legends of iron hard Dragon hide, his scales are cool and soft as silk, although it is still hard enough to break a shark's teeth and perhaps some swords and spears on his back side, his underside is soft and vulnerable. His eyes are actually an intense, glowing fervent red gold color of lava. This intensity tones down and changes to a kaleidoscope of color similar to the Black fire opal when he turns human. As a ,human he is quite tall, 6'10" to be exact. Although slender, he carries the strength of a Dragon, and the muscles of a man who can swim long distances. His skin is slightly tanned, and his hair is a bold red, long hair. He can't judge temperature, his body adjusting to make him comfortable as a natural survival method, so he often prefers silks or linen usually with vibrant colors with patterns on it, or embroidered with either, cherry blossoms, lotus flowers, koi fish, dragons holding pearls or a Phoenix.

Ability: turning human and understanding/ speaking/ writing all earthly languages fluently.

History: His kind was known as a blessing to man. His ancestors long long before man knew how to function as men, came ashore and taught a good leader the language the dragons used to speak to each other. So, when he was awakened by humans and came ashore of his homeland, the people rejoiced and celebrated. This however was years ago. Now only a few seek his wisdom and knowledge, fear his strength and ask for his protection. When these few devout people had a famine strike their lands and their fish population depleted, their offerings of food became meager until they left a human for him to take, believing if he was not fed, his wrath will occur swiftly. Ejderha didn't need to be fed, and took the offerings only to be polite. When he came out of the sea to find a human maiden offering her self up to him as either a bride or as food, he sent her back, dripping with jewels, pearls and jade to ensure that his people will not harm her nor dishonor her along with a message that he'd return to them when they could fill their bellies and have food left over. He then took Atasi and left till he reached the area of Klolis, refusing to go farther north, respecting another sea serpent's territory.

Other: In the myths of his people, water dragons could fly through the air as well as they can through the sea. This is untrue, however he can leap out of the water like a dolphin or shark, reaching great heights before splashing down. This takes a lot of room and deep water for him to build up enough speed. He can go halfway out to catch birds for a meal without jumping.


Name: Atasi Nukamari

Age: 18

Gender: female

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: heterosexual

Species: mermaid

Personality:  Atasi is curios, talkative, playful and adventurous. Given that her adopted father was a well respected benevolent sea creature to the people of his native homeland and her own as well, her attitude towards humans is one that's affectionate and kind. Her actions are often childish and is distracted by anything bright, shiny, or a toy of some sort.

Appearance: Atasi is four feet two inches on her upper half, and around five feet four on her lower half. A total of 8'6". She has beautiful Japanese features and skin tone, wide eyes so dark blue they look black. Her long hair is white and black matching her bata fish tail. As a human she is slender, willowy and stands at 4'9". She often wears wrapped cloth around her chest, mostly colored silk, and would wear some of the embroidered clothes and robes she found in chests of wrecked ships. Her feet are tiny,and she's unstable on her feet.

Ability: turning human and speaking to animals. (Limited to those of or live off of any source of water. Etc. Crocodiles, hippos, whales and dolphins.)

History: She was orphaned young, then taken in by Ejderha who raised her like a daughter. He taught her three human language and how to read words and write them, well the traditional ones did. Although she's unstable on her feet, Ejderha spends most of his time on land among people who worship him. Recently they had to move, food was scarce and the people where starving themselves to feed their protector. However when they offered a maiden to him, he refused to eat her, sending her back to her village with the words saying that he'd return when the famine has left the people of Chin-ha and will continue to protect them. Now they live off the coast of another country who doesn't like his kind. This confused Atasi, being used to people being kind to her.

Other: Her first language was manderin. English is her third and speaks very little.


Name: Engel Elizabeth Starr

Age: 20

Gender: female

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: heterosexual

Species: human

Personality: distant, cold and dead. At least to the city. She barely talks, has the same routine and avoids any eye contact whatsoever. However, she comes alive underwater. The salt acts like a shot of caffeine, giving her energy and curiosity, a bravery she'd never known she had. She explores the caves in the Cliffside beneath the city wall, finding mazes of tunnels leading to different drains and other entrances of the city. She's playful and sometimes can be found sunbathing on the sand away from the town with a group of seals, feeling like she still has a family with them around. She's often playing tag with the babies.

Appearance: Engel is a slender, athletic woman. Born with a birthmark on her ankle in the shape of a black seal. Her eyes are silver, so light many think she's blind (and was given the nickname Dead fish for her natural blank stair.) She has long midnight black hair that is naturally straight and falls to her knees. She's 135lbs and 5'6" tall. She has the tattoos on her arms, showing she chose to live outside of the wall and is human. She's hauntingly beautiful, with moonlight pale skin.  She often wears neutral colors such as brown (of various shades), grey, black and white, and often barefoot or with sandals. When in the city she wears a cloak made of leather and snowy owl feathers. Her fashion is often of her own making, sewing her own outfits, however they are almost always undecorated and simple.

Ability: she can breathe under water, withstanding the pressure and able to understand what is spoken beneath the water.

History: Her mother died in child birth. Or so she's been told by her father. He had a different ability, one of strength that helped him construct the wall, but his home is on the outside of the city, out by a old harbour that has been destroyed by a sea creature, it's very back was the wall he built even constructed from the same materials. He warned her to stay away from the water, specifically the sea, or salt water. A fresh water lake inland, whose waters pass through the middle of the city is where she goes to fish and swim. Her father said once (and only once) that she swam like a baby seal.

Her father died when she was seventeen. Since then she has broken his rule, and made herself a recluse. She only steps into the city if she absolutely has to. Since her father's disappearance into the sea and never to return, rumors have flown from the lips of the town's residents about her mother. Saying she's a abomination between sea and land.

Other: she has a necklace made from seal bone with this design carved in it. It has been rumoured that her mother was a Selkie.



Name: Arkhesis Ornaleim

Age: ~140

Gender: Female

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Heterosexual

Species: Sea Serpent

Personality: Arrogant and disdainful, Arkhesis dislikes humans as much as they dislike her kind, although she is slightly more sympathetic to those of the sea. It isn't quite at the point of being warm, but it's better than her attitude to humans whom she believes are firmly inferior. She isn't the easiest to get along with, but if you get close enough to her she'll at least stop giving you a constant scowl.

Appearance: Being an "ancient" sea serpent, Arkhesis resembles serpents of the old myths. She looks somewhat like this picture but with smoother features, bluish-green fins, and electric blue bioluminescent patches on her sides. In both human and serpent form, her eyes are a piercing electric blue. She's quite a bit larger than most sea serpents, easily towering over small seaside towns.

Her human form isn't short either, being on the rather tall and slim side. This isn't to say she's a stick, but her human form seems to possess the same streamlined elegance as her serpent form. She displays a fondness for light, wispy fabrics and often wears various shades of blue or other cool colors. Seemingly unaffected by the cold, she usually wears loose silks even at subzero temperatures. It can be a bit conspicuous, but then again she doesn't often venture into towns during winter. Even if she did make an attempt to blend in, her long hair's natural teal highlights catch people's eyes anyway. Overall, her features are youthful and delicate, yet still exude a sense of maturity.

Ability: Can temporarily freeze those who make direct eye contact with her by forcing them to stiffen all their muscles in their current position. They're still affected by gravity and other forces but won't be able to move until her ability wears off. Duration of the effect can change but it usually lasts about a minute. As a warning sign, her eyes usually begin to glow slightly the moment before she activates her power.

History: Being one of the larger and stronger sea serpents, she got used to being respected at a young age. Since her kind lived in the deep sea, away from most other intelligent species, she was used to other animals being "below" her. When humans ventured deep enough to discover her community, she became rather annoyed. Did the humans not understand that they, the Ancient Deep Sea Serpents, were supposed to rule over everything in the sea? Human  invasion into the community's privacy was taken as an unforgivable offense. Though angered, the majority of the community decided to simply move and ensure no humans entered the new territory. However, more and more humans began to invade their territory, unwittingly and on purpose. Deciding that they had no choice, the serpents began to attack back. Arkhesis was then sent as a scout and warning to the town of Klolis, which happened to be the closest town to her territory.

Other: Can echolocate as an adaptation to the deep sea, but this only works while she's in the water and in her serpent form.



Name: Vogel Avem

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Grey Aro/Grey Ace

Species: Selkie

Personality: Vogel shows an intent focus towards things that he is interested in, but is otherwise scatterbrained and disorganized. He frequently forgets to eat because he’s too busy researching. It’s not unheard of for him to stare off into space mid-sentence, forgetting that he was supposed to be speaking. This, among other things, tends to lead to misunderstandings. He’s unusually apathetic towards many things, including the danger or lack thereof that sea creatures pose to society. Despite this, he has a tendency to shoot strangers with the bright blue saltwater pistol he always keeps on hand if they so much as “look suspicious”.

Appearance: Vogel has straight, messy black hair that reaches slightly past his ears. His eyes are a deep brown, and switch between flickering around and staring off into space. His skin is light brown. He has a lithe build, and is 5’8”. As with most selkies, he is often described as pretty. Notes and doodles often line his arms and hands in black (or whatever color he got ahold of at the time) ink. He always carries around a full black and white backpack, which he is quite protective of.



In seal form, he takes the appearance of a ribbon seal.

Ability: Upon touching a dark liquid or the liquid’s container (ink works best, but he’s noted that it works with blood as well) and a surface, he can cause the liquid to appear on the surface. The markings appear slightly faster than they would have had he written them by hand, but otherwise appear normal. Usually, the writing looks like it has been applied with a rollerball pen, though with some types of ink he has noticed different line thickness. This is mostly useful because ‘writing’ something with his ability solidifies his memory of it, much as though he had actually written it by hand.

History: Though they lived in the sea, Vogel’s family had frequent contact with humans. They lived on a beach only a few miles from a large port town, and so could easily watch them going about their days. At the point he was considered old enough, at around seven or eight (as he never paid much attention to his birthday), his mother began taking him into town for short periods of time. Being a curious person, he quickly became enamored with human culture and sciences. His mother taught him how to read, and the discovery of his ability only increased his desire to learn. In particular, he was drawn to marine biology and legends of sea creatures.



When he was twelve, he parted ways with his mother and ended up swimming to the vicinity of Klosis. He was evasive about his past, but somehow managed to avoid suspicion. Using the knowledge he had accumulated, he enrolled in university courses about five years ago. By this point, he was staying on land for up to a year at a time. When sea creatures were revealed to be real, the high demand for researchers led to him easily getting a job.




Name: Li-on

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Pansexual

Species: Mermaid

Personality: Li-on is independent and introverted, more used to making her own rules than obeying someone else's. She has a tendency to hear rather than speak; however, her inquisitive mind and curious nature has gotten her a reputation for being rather strange. She has an admiration for humans, wondering about their technology and sudden powers; however, she is mistrustful of other species due to past events, and this situation leaves her a little lonely more than anything. 

Appearance:this anatomy tho excuse the colouring i got lazy towards the end and just made her dress white : ' D

Human: as a human, Li-on has a petite figure, at 5'0". She is slender, with light lavender hair that she always keeps in a bun, and dark blue eyes. Her skin is pale and spotless, and she favours loose, flowing clothing such as one-piece dresses and large hats.

Mermaid: as a mermaid, Li-on's hair is light lavender and her eyes are dark blue. Her hair is impossibly long, flowing freely around her form to surround her movements. Li-on's tail is that of a white-spotted jellyfish, fanning to appear as if it was a dress. In this form, her full height is 5'9".

Ability: Li-on is capable of making nature react to her touch, doing small things as blooming flowers or encouraging roots to grow. However, she thinks this power utterly useless for a mermaid who lives in the ocean, and rarely uses it.

History: Li-on's childhood was uneventful if anything; she was raised by pacifistic parents, who taught her different worldviews and encouraged her curiosity of the world. Growing up, Li-on was subject to harassment due to her strange name and features, and she was more often alone than not. As a result, Li-on developed a fascination with other species and often wondered about the outside world, which lead to her careful investigation of the city of Klolis.

Other: Li-on is likely to mistakenly write her name as lion. Luckily, she has no idea lions are actual animals.


Name: Villads Lind

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Bi

Species: Human

Personality: Villads is confident and happy-go-lucky, having barely passed school and hopped between jobs all his life. He prefers to live in the now rather than thinking about the future, and as a result is a well-known party fiend with an extroverted, optimistic look on life. He is rarely serious, even in situations that require as such, and does not concern himself with political/social issues. In fact, he's not likely to even think about the ocean at all. Despite his wrongdoings, Villads is a good friend and supportive person, who will be sure to look after those he cares for.

He is also despairingly flirty.

Appearance: this is from another rp & i'm reusing the image i promise you he does not walk around half shirtless/looking like he just stole your mother's coinpurse

Villads is 5'8", which a muscular form and sturdy build. He has green eyes, and changes hair colours often--currently, it is dyed a shade of light pink. He favours clothing that both makes him look younger and slightly like a jerk. He is very confident in his looks, and will look after his appearance often. There's a mirror in his back pocket.

Ability: Villads has the ability to, temporarily, remove weight from an item. This results in said item being very easy to lift for him, though there are limits on the amount of time his power will remain activated (and he has to keep that in mind, or else he will end up hurting something, seriously). Villads commonly uses this for his own convenience--such as making his backpack lighter--and as party tricks.

History: Villads lived a normal childhood, born into a middle-class family with three sisters and two brothers. In a large family, Villads rarely felt neglected nor unwanted; however, therein came the issue of him wanting to create his own person in the world, not become an extension of his family name. With this in mind, Villads took a look at his options--he wasn't doing too good in school, but he had his music and his creativity. He headed out to Klolis with nothing but some extra cash from a summer job and his guitar in hand, ready to begin his new life.

Other: Villads is unlucky. Very unlucky. He has a tendency to appear suspicious, which often results in people both avoiding him and accusing him of supernatural ability. He's sworn multiple times that he is a human and nothing more, but that doesn't stop some people.

Villads likes music, and is currently attempting to peruse a career as a musician. He can usually be found on street corners, singing and playing the guitar.



Name: Takuma Himeji

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Homo/Ace

Species: Merfolk

Personality: Curiosity is a staple of Takuma’s demeanor. He’s as audacious as he is reckless, often allowing his overwhelming droughtiness to overtake any sense of reasonable caution. Though generally cordial, Takuma tends to use the same lighthearted tone when chastising someone as he would when giving a compliment. His experience alone has taught him to not be naive, but his natural sense of optimism makes him think the better of strangers as opposed to the worst. He is obscenely stubborn in the sense that once he has committed to something, he will do everything in his power to see it through. Although not easy to anger, Takuma is petty and will go to ridiculous measures to spite someone should he hold a grudge against them. He treats every species just about the same and has yet to develop any great prejudice against any single species.


Human: As his name would suggest, Takuma descends from two merfolk who originated from the waters around Japan. He has an angular face with dark brown eyes hooded by arching bushy eyebrows that are thicker on the outer ends than the inner ends. He has thin lips and smooth skin with little to no blemishes in sight. His prickly black hair is pushed backwards and cuts off a little above the nape of his neck. He stands around 5’6” with a semi-athletic build. He doesn’t own much clothing and normally just throws on whatever he can get his hands on.

Merfolk: Not your average merman, Takuma’s tail is similar to that of a bluespotted stingray. Starting at around his waists are the pectoral fins of a stingray. The fins narrow all the way down to the pelvic thin which ends with the long barbed tail stingrays are known for. Waist down, Takuma’s body is dark green speckled with blue spots. The underbelly of the pectoral fins is white and the long extended barbs are black and white respectively. Although Takuma’s length may appear to be 8’2” with the addition of the fins, the barbed tail, which is much thinner than the rest of the body, adds another nine inches when fully stretched out. The blue dots etched along Takuma’s tail are dotted faintly along his abdomen and his hands become webbed when is a merfolk.

Ability: Takuma’s ability is less magical and more biological. Just like the species of stingray is tail resembles, Takuma possess two large barbs (one of which is much larger than the other) that are highly venomous. With a single whip of his tail, Takuma can sting an opponent with his barbed tail, injecting them with venom. The sting is extraordinarily painful, potentially causing nausea, muscle cramps, and laceration in the puncture among other things, but is rarely fatal unless a major organ or vein is hit. As Takuma has no reason to harm or kill anyone, the barbs are primarily used to ward off predators who do not heed the bright blue warning rings on Takuma’s body.

History: Takuma’s life can be summarized by “a series of misadventures”. He was born to an enormous family of twelve that was constantly on the move. As both of his parents were self-proclaimed explorers, they made sure to educate Takuma and his siblings upon every little thing they came across in their travels. Unlike some of his siblings, Takuma embraced his parents’ teachings and craved for each new lesson. Unfortunately for Takuma, his parents, in light of the troubles brewing with humans, decided that they needed to teach their children less about arbitrary trivia and more about how to survive. Though their lessons were ultimately helpful, Takuma did not want to live each and every day just trying to get to the next. At the age of sixteen, Takuma slipped away from his family to start an adventure of his own. Although his travels have been far less glamorous than he had originally anticipated, Takuma has thoroughly enjoyed his time acquainting himself with a wide cast of different peoples, exploring desolate places, and, seeing just what the world has to offer. Venturing off towards the wondrous city of Klolis is just another step in Takuma’s journey to explore the world.

Other: Takuma has an enormous sweet tooth that is best sated by baked goods which, unfortunately, is something only humans can make. On more than one occasion, Takuma has tried to snag human food off boats or small poorly protected areas in order to satisfy a craving he obtained after eating a shortcake he found bobbing inside a plastic bag.


Fractional Pi Day

Name: Ren

Age: 17

Gender: Poorly defined, to say the least (they/them)

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Why do you need to know this

Species: Merfolk

Personality: Seeing as they don’t even have proper lips in their true form, Ren rarely speaks more than a few words at a time and almost never changes their expression - but their personality is pretty much the exact opposite of what that would imply. They’re curious and impulsive, often doing odd things on a whim just to see the result, and have a habit of following people around if they don’t give them satisfactory answers. Their flightiness has gotten them into a fair bit of trouble, so they’re clever and quick on their feet by necessity, and have an uncanny instinct for identifying trustworthy people.

Appearance: bad ref 

Ren is tiny, barely clearing two metres in length in their true form and 140cm as a human, and their big black eyes and slight build only serve to make them look even more like a small child. They have the tail of a Pacific viperfish, iridescent dark silver-blue with a row of luminescent spots on each side and a lure extending from the fin on their back. They have fluffy black hair reaching their mouth in the front and their waist in the back, usually tied up in a simple ponytail. In their true form, they have two pairs of slits along their neck with feathery red gills protruding from them, the hinged maw of a predatory fish rather than the mouth and cheeks of a human, and a greyish pallor to their brown skin, all of which disappear when disguised as a human.

Ability: Ren can create and manipulate small flickering orbs of light.

History: Ren would describe their childhood as “uneventful”, but this would be false by anyone else’s standards. They grew up in the open sea near Klolis, and despite their parents’ best efforts, they repeatedly managed to slip away to explore the ocean floor and the nearby reef. When news that humans had discovered the existence of merfolk reached their family, their parents (whose best understanding of sonar was “magical technology that can detect things in open water”) were deeply concerned and decided to move away from the human settlement. Not wanting to lose their favourite playground, Ren parted ways with their parents and headed in the opposite direction.

Other: Haha what a nerd

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-Tyne is trying to make Atasi owe him something. He's not succeeding, as she just slapped his hands away from her tail.

-Bhrys was almost eaten by Arkhesis, who is currently having an... Argument of sorts, with Ejderha.

-Engel was trapped in a cliffside tunnel. Bhrys is trying to get her out.

-Villads got sprayed in the face with water by Vogel while trying to sleep on a bench. In revenge, Villads took his bag, gave him is guitar, and ran. Vogel chased. Caithness spotted them and is following because he's scared.

-Alison witnessed a merperson getting dragged away, and is currently working at a cafe.



Q. Do merfolk have to be fish? What about aquatic mammals or invertebrates?

A. Merfolk can be anything aquatic, really! ...Mooostly because I plan on having an axolotl merperson. (Edit; an axolotl sea serpent sounds more fun to me, but the point still stands!) But the only thing is- Actually, discuss whatever, and if you do it in a creative way, there's a high chance I'll be fine with it- I'd love to see what you can come up with! Invertebrates and aquatic mammals are fine with me. (Same with amphibians, though it depends how you play them- Axolotls are a-okay because they're aquatic and rely on their tail more than their legs, for example, but salamanders, not so much.)


Q. Wait does this mean we can have frog merfolk?

A. ...Technically, if you did it creatively, yes, I would allow that. It'd be interesting, to say the least.

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Do merfolk have to be fish? What about aquatic mammals or invertebrates?

Merfolk can be anything aquatic, really! ...Mooostly because I plan on having an axolotl merperson. (Edit; an axolotl sea serpent sounds more fun to me, but the point still stands!) But the only thing is- Actually, discuss whatever, and if you do it in a creative way, there's a high chance I'll be fine with it- I'd love to see what you can come up with! Invertebrates and aquatic mammals are fine with me. (Same with amphibians, though it depends how you play them- Axolotls are a-okay because they're aquatic and rely on their tail more than their legs, for example, but salamanders, not so much.)


If you're having that sea Prince, I'll play Engel! 💙 can you save me a sea serpent and a merfolk?

I think I might tinker with him a bit? But yeah, I'll have him! ...Well, a variant of him; Might not be as friendly, but, well, considering the circumstances... But alright, I'll reserve them for you!

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Wait does this mean we can have frog merfolk?


user posted image


I'm telling you now that I am very tempted.

For the sake of my character could there be a couple other humans? It's just me and Mew and I'm already outnumbered.

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...Technically, if you did it creatively, yes, I would allow that. It'd be interesting, to say the least.


And I'll work on a few humans right away! I've been trying to multitask- But there shooould be another soon, too? So!

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And the human Engel if course. I'll have to tweek her. Tomorrow is LOTR day (annual tradition in my family) so I can't send sheets until Sunday or Monday.

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Alright! I hope you have fun! I might expand a bit on the info tomorrow if I have the energy and inspiration to? I think it might be somewhat lacking, so if any of you have any recommendations for things to add, then please tell!


Also, I think I might make an OOC for this soon-

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When does this start? And are we going with the "you get clothes when you shift because magic" reason or something else?

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...Why would I give people clothes that easily? Unless that's their spare power, nope, they only have on what they wore before. So... Supply your own clothes, whoops. And I think we'll start once I get Aroara's characters? So, soon, hopefully!

...Selkies in legends don't get clothes when they shift, so why should I give the rest any- Though uh. This is still staying PG 13, it's just. Get your own clothes-

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It's alright, I understand completely! I don't mean to rush you; I just thought that it might be nice to start with the whole 'group', heh. And that way, no one is too far behind- Take your time, though!

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Please reread the rules! Along with this, I think actually that? Might be a bit much, having two sentient beings on one- If Katy was just a lure, and nothing else, it'd be acceptable, but keeping it like that would lock up both sea serpent and merfolk in one go.

That, and if Katy can 'detach' herself and change the attachment into a psychic link, that'd be a power in itself; Which already presses the limits.

I'm really sorry!

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Looks interesting! May I please reserve a selkie?


I'm planning for my character to be a scientist; is there anything about what humans know about the sea creatures that I should be aware of?


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this looks super cool! the ocean is so aesthetically pleasing.


i'd love to reserve a mermaid and a human, if you'll have me. <3

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Oh this looks really cool! Would you mind if reserved a merfolk? I'm a bit busy atm to make a sheet but I should be able to do one soon once I clean a few things out.

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Oh seacat! I'm not done with Atasi! Her personality isn't finished. May you send only her back and allow me to fix it? Oh and I have a minor spelling mistake in Ejderha's history. See instead of sea. Auto correct failure! xd.png

Edited by AroaraAngelwolf

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I'll send you whatever comes to mind tomorrow morning that you'll need to know, and for the rest, all are reserved! And yeah, alright- They're really good so far though!!!!

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...Why would I give people clothes that easily? Unless that's their spare power, nope, they only have on what they wore before. So... Supply your own clothes, whoops. And I think we'll start once I get Aroara's characters? So, soon, hopefully!

...Selkies in legends don't get clothes when they shift, so why should I give the rest any- Though uh. This is still staying PG 13, it's just. Get your own clothes-

This has... vaguely disturbing implications. I don't know how or where any of our merfolk characters are going to get clothes and shoes for one thing, but more importantly, what happens if a merfolk is splashed with water while they have pants on??

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From shipwrecks of course! Cloth in chests can still be used for clothing or clothes off of dead sailors although full of holes can still be warn. They may be out of date but still fictional (or be like Ariel and use a fishnet xd.png)

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This has... vaguely disturbing implications. I don't know how or where any of our merfolk characters are going to get clothes and shoes for one thing, but more importantly, what happens if a merfolk is splashed with water while they have pants on??

Aroara's got it! Or... Or, if your merfolk is feeling particularly bloodthirsty, you could always take a corpse's clothes.

As for if they're splashed with water while they have pants on... They rip. It was either that or make it very painful for them as their legs try to join but can't. I decided to be merciful; There's ways to keep the water from doing this, but most merfolk aren't aware of this. (For example, salt water is the only kind that'll cause this, unless their bottom half is completely submerged, or mostly submerged, in it. But for merfolk that aren't aware of the fact freshwater doesn't do all that much... It's fun to see them panic sometimes.)

Honestly, I'm going off the Little Mermaid. Ariel got no clothes when she turned, after all.

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