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Underrated/Unknown Artists

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Hey, I don't think there's another thread like this


The aim of this thread is for people to be able to share music with people, or more importantly, to share music that isn't as well known.


Not only are we doing a favour by suggesting each other music - but we are helping to spread just a little more recognition to some amazing artists that deserve it! smile.gif



Currently, I'll share a few to begin with, I look forward to seeing other's recommendations. It can be any genre whatsoever!


is one of my favourite artists to listen to when I'm in the mood for something touching, emotional, yet calming. She's also a writer, and created her own Record Label, she's pretty amazing xd.png


I actually only found out about him a month ago, when I found his cover of Rihanna's Disturbia, and I just loved his voice.


is another singer I only found recently, but I love her, her voice is soothing and powerful at the same time. :3


is a singer I've known about for a while,her music is amazing... plus I love the her voice and the accent she sings with too xd.pngplus i find her cute as heck >.>


and of course, even though she may be quite a bit more known (though still not as well known as the big, popular chart toppers), I have to add my all time favorite singer,

, because I love her so much happy.gif she's gorgeous and so is her music xd.png



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although one of the members is from a popular band, not many people listen to electric century and that makes me sad because it's so good???


sayk is pretty good for that kinda lo-fi stuff

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I think that  tristam is a very good edm artist. And i love the songs he makes, but everyone i ask has never heard of him. 

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Yann Tiersen!! For those who appreciate more "instrumental" style!

He is a very, very good French musician. There are many songs I love by him and I never get tired of them.

Here are some of his/their songs I love! (Personally, I think the albums "C'était Ici I & II" are the best!!)


La Valse des Monstres (accordion version)

Comptine d'un autre été (piano)

L'absente (piano)

La Noyée II (accordion)


Les Jours Tristes (piano + vocal)

Monochrome (piano + vocal)

Le Jour d'Avant (accordion)

Le Banquet (accordion)

Le Chambre (I'm not sure of the instrument... banjo?)

Rue des Cascades (piano + female vocal)

Le Quartier (viola + drums) & La Crise (viola + drums + bass(???))

La Valse d'Amélie (accordion)

J'y Suis Jamais Allé (I'm not sure of the instruments 8D)

Déjà Loin (apparently banjo + other instruments...)

Summer 78; Goodbye Lenin (piano)

L'autre Valse d'Amélie

Les Jours Tristes (instrumental)

Pas Si Simple

That's it for now I guess, there are more songs I like but I can't really find them on youtube as they are specifically from the albums "C'était Ici I & II", I really recommend these! :) Also the album "Rue des Cascades" is pretty good!


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I think Alexz Johnson is so underrated, no one I know had ever heard of her before I mentioned her, though her Facebook is fairly active with fans. I first learned of her way back when she played the main character in season 3 of the Disney channel show So Weird (in 2000 and 2001), I actually didn't like her character at all back then but I loved her voice, then years later rediscovered her. Some of my favorites:


Look At Those Eyes


Skipping Stone





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Broken Iris is an interesting band.  Not sure what genre they are, but they have some amazing music.  It's dark and very poetic.  Not sure what happened to their website,  but it's possible that they're revamping it.


 Like a Storm is also really interesting in my opinion.  They make hard rock music and one of my favourite songs from them involves a didgeridoo.  I think they're from New Zealand.


Theres also Fabel, which is a small Hong Kong based Cantonese pop band.  It's composed of two people and their music has a bunch of electronic bits and uses 'vocal glitches' as effects.  As their music is entirely in Cantonese and there's no English translation (since it's such an unknown band), idk if you'll appreciate them too much.  I'd translate if I could, but my Chinese isn't great and trying to read the lyrics is hard.  


Nothing More is amazing as well.  They're not amazingly well known, but they're popular enough.  Their music tends to have a critical nature towards society, which I personally like.


Theres also a bunch of obscure vocaloid artists which I enjoy, but I'm not gonna go into depth about here since there's just so many of them.  Most of them don't have an insane discography and some have only ever made one song (that I'm aware of).  ChikuwaP, who I've talked about on the forums before, created my all time favourite song, Itai Atashi Ashita Aitai.  Machigerieta, who pretty much specializes in weird music with slightly disturbing artwork.  Yuyoyuppe who makes vocarock (vocaloid rock music) and is also a utaite.  There are more, but it's just too many to mention.

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