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Parallel sister's

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It is a old house, its stood in all of its old majestic glory. The style was a 1870 Victorian home, dabbed in colores of dark grey and black.


On cold days the house had the typical old dusty smell, caused by dust and little ventilation in some areas. Accompanying the smells was the sounds of the house. As it settled the house would creak and pop, setting a reminder as to the age and history of it.


The land it sat on was wide with some small hills, most of the property was closed off by a river that curved back around. Just past the river, between it and the house, tall pine trees stood like old reminders of a time mostly forgotten.


Now the land, house, and all other remnants that remain belongs to me. If you are wondering who I am, I can tell you. Although my story isn't nearly as exciting as that of my grandmother and my great aunt. They originally lived here with my great great grandmother, their mother.


You see, my family has a secret, one that we don't like to talk about. Its something that most people would think us crazy for, they would want to lock us up and never let us see the light of day again. We have a long ancestral line of communicating with the supernatural. Although its more than that, we have a connection with them.


I didn't know about our profound abilies til I turned 6, in our family, those with the ability usually see it manifest at that age. Unlike most other people though, I was lucky enough to have someone like my grandmother there. she walked me through everthing that was happening and made it ok.


Though one time I had asked how they knew these things, besides the obvious. I had the opportunity to learn about their "adventure" into and around the paranormal.


I would gladly tell you about it, but I think this is something better left for them to tell. As it is their story, listen, if you will as they tell you. I promise you won't regret it.

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ninja.gif name: Erin , younger sister

Looks: pale skin, shoulder blade length wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. Triple D boobs and really curvy but a round face making her seem a lot younger than she is. Loves to wear a black hoodie and jeans with a tee but will change it up from time to time.

Personality: strong-willed and stubborn,levelheaded, loud and typically annoyed about something and a tad selfish.

Abilities: psychic and uses various methods to control her power.

Likes: sharp objects, and her family ( most of the time), and reading

Dislikes: ghosts( they tend to hate her too.), Onions,fish,and any creepy crawly.

Pets: has a cat ironically called Salem .

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Name: Liliana lemaster, older sister


Looks: slightly darker skin from spending more time outside in the sun, small frame with small curves to accent. Will were just about anything, but generally wears a black jacket a shirt with a picture on it and jeans accompanied by a pair of boots.


Personalty: mostly calm, goes with the flow. Likes to but punctual, hates being late to anything. When she does get angry she explodes. She is impossible and this has lead her to some mistakes. She cares for her family alot.png and will do just about anything to help.


Ability's: can catch glimpses of the future in dreams, like her sister she has psychic abilities.


Likes: loves music and art. Very creative. She loves stones and making jewelry.


Dislikes: not much. She will try everything one before she decides if she likes it or not. So far she doesnt like beets, and annoying people.


Pets: no pets, taking care of her sister is enough for her.

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The room was dark with only a little light filtering in through the windows. the room smelled of old things, musky with a hint of warm apple pie. The smell was almost gone like it had been baked a couple of hours ago.


In the back corner, near a window there was the slightest shuffling, on closer inspection anyone could have seen the little old lady. She was small, her face held a look of sorrow and pain. Her skin was weathered and wrinkled with age, but it was her eyes that held the fascination of the onlooker. Stepping a little closer one of the floor boards creaks under your weight, stopping, you hold your breath. waiting and watching, hoping not to disturb her.


Slowly, as is not of this world, her head turns. Tilting a little as she brings her face to you, eyes milky white. She looks at you as if she could peer into your soul.


"hello, I've been expecting you."



Her voice echos out into the room. There wasn't a sound other than your breathing and the occasional creak of the house settling.


"come closer, sit in a chair across from me."


She beckons you closer with a flick of her wrist. Her eyes following you as you silently walk closer to the small chair in front of her.


Taking your seat she leans forward slightly squinting her eyes as if to get a better look at you. Judging that you are truly interested in her tale she looks past you shoulder to a door that you had missed seeing upon coming into the room.


" sister, we have a guest. Sent by my granddaughter. Come out so we may tell this story as one."


Looking from her to the door you have a moment when you question her mental state. It was eerily quiet, you hadn't seen anyone else when you walked into the room.


Deciding that you would give it a go and see what tale she throws at you, you are started back to the present. Now there was two old women in front of you, she was so silent that you must have missed her entry.


" i am Liliana, you may call me lily."


The first old woman whispers to you.


" and i am Erin."


Hearing the second talk for the first time her voice was a contrast to what you would have expected. She held a tone of power and authority.


" we hear you want to know our story, so we will tell you"


As both voices come together you feel them resonating through your soul. The two voices together are powerful, like nothing you've ever heard in this world.


"we will tell you of our journey through life, just listen. If by the end you learn something, good. If not then at least you have a fine story to tell. But listen well because if you ever find yourself in a position where you need help like the kind we offer you will have to turn to my great niece".


" for she has inherited our abilities. My soul weeps knowing what she has had happen and what she will go through. But she was not alone, as we were."


Lily looks back at Erin with a sad and knowing smile. Whispering under her breath to her sister in a voice lost to your ears you wait.


Turning back Erin looks to you and smiles, eyes bright and full of life.


" let me start at the beginning. It is where all things start and where all could have ended."

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For as long as I can remember I have been able to see strange things. And I knew, from frequently talking to my sister, that I wasn't only one in our family with this ability. Liliana and I often wondered if our abilities would ever come back to bite us the butt. One day Sarah, a friend one year younger than me, approached me but she was acting strange, nothing I could put my finger on but something me told me to run. Her room was being repainted and she was wondering if she could stay over the weekend. Despite my misgivings, I asked mother and with her permission Sarah came over to spend the weekend.Upon arrival at our house, Liliana took an instant disliking to Sarah.

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I dont like Sarah, never have probably never will. Its not that shes a bad person, Shes actually pretty cool to be around. But she does things I dont partially like with no regards to other people.


But because she was a friend of Erin's I keeped my mouth shut. She may have some bad tastes in friends but that was here choice. Still though if she asked for help, whether it pertained to her of a freind of hers in need I would always be there.


It's late friday, around 6 and the sun is starting to sink low in the horizon. As I sit in my old room upstairs I can hear the suttle creaking of the house around me. The rooms slightly chilly do to my window being open. It gave the room a cool crisp smell, with no curtains to block the window sunlight pooled into the floor near my bed warming the floor.


Standing up from my bed i sigh as I leave the comfort or my small twin size bed to meander to the window. It was beautiful outside, the sun was sinking below the tree tops creating a sinister contrast to the dark woods below.


Our drive ran a path along the woods, white and grey from the gravel that layed down to form it. It stood like a dare to the woods, taunting it, waiting for the woods to edge its way over and reclaim what was once its land.


Dust rose from the back, signalling that someone was coming. Even from my perch at the second floor window I could spy the little midnight purple car of mine come down the driveway. Erin and mom where back, along with Erin's friend.


Turning I walked across my hard wood floor to my heave white oak door open. Twisting the handle I pulled it open and stalked out into the long hall that lead to the stairs.


Watching my steps down, I came to a stand still at the bottom and waited to hear the door open. I would round the corner and suprise mom and Erin. Ready to ask questions.

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