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The Dragoness

Glittering Gold Giveaways [STATUS: CLOSED]

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Some of them were super stubborn, but I did manage to get quite a few donations! X3 eeeee I can't wait!

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So many possibilities for this floral theme that I'm kind of glad some of my dragons weren't interested. :P

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I may have messed up my first two and sent the same lineage lmk if I did! One of my pairs didn't want to cooperate v.v

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Yay for donations in. I literally was so bad at being on Theme except the pretty obvious one, but at least they are interesting lines that various people should or would enjoy. I want some sleepy time, so I'm glad I got it in now and didn't miss it due to falling asleep! Cheers to all and thanks for Donating, certainly feel free to invite some people to come join the fun, it sounds like we will have yet another great round and might as well let people have some Holiday Fun, especially if they are feeling a little down from the DC Cave Raffle! Much Better Odds at this ONGOING Raffle!! Yay Player Events 😉 And it is the Glittering Gold Giveaway, so all prizes are Glittering Golds. Duh. Just read the title. They are Glittering Gold on them by default. No way to out-logic it!

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@Natayah True on that! Although honestly I barely ever bother to stay on theme <.< I just breed the shiniest things I've got and folks generally seem to like 'em :D

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No Longer Accepting Donations!


Thank you to all of the generous people who donated! These raffles would not be possible without you ❤️

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Aww the donations are closed!!! I was about to try to breed my dragons for a good donation!! Also, I was gonna donate a 3rd gen pb gold, but my 2 pb golds didn't have an egg sadly!

Anyways, have a great day/night to everyone!! 😊☺️

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@The Dragoness I forgot to add that my caveat in my Profile for "Gifting/Donating" for the Prize Baby apply. As I would hope that people here understand Internet Culture and understand they are about NOT Losing the Internet - I think something like that would be self explanatory, however, the rule is more than a decade old, and sometimes memories fade. So let's just respect the rules of the Internet and make sure we don't Lose, because that might cause the odds to be NOT in your favor - and I want you all WIN BIG! Luff to All, Flowers and Florets in your Futures and Fortunes! And ALL Glittering Gold. Can't win anything else like that anywhere else in all of DC!

Edited by Natayah

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So many pretty donations!  I'm in awe, I had a hard time choosing which ones to enter for, I had to limit myself. Thanks to everybody who donated! ❤️ 

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6 minutes ago, relaks said:

So many pretty donations!  I'm in awe, I had a hard time choosing which ones to enter for, I had to limit myself. Thanks to everybody who donated! ❤️ 


^ Exactly my thoughts! Thanks everyone, and best of luck!

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In the end I ended up with 14 entries, and that was *after* cropping down my list to most wanted! Oh they're all so pretty!!! Best of luck everyone!!!!!

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There were a ton of great Dragons and tons of people who also stayed with the theme. Plenty prizes to go round so I cannot wait to see how it goes!!

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Oh my! What pretty dragons. I'm afraid I entered for too many! XD 

Thanks to all who donated and to Dragoness for doing such a great job of organizing and running the raffle. It must have taken a lot of time to list all those dragons!

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There were so many great lineages that it was so hard to limit myself to favorites.  It was also nice to see one of my descendants in there as well! 

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Yaaaasss all of these donations are epic. These days I try to limit myself but always end up failing to do so. So I kinda just went with all of the ones I liked. 

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The Raffle is Now Closed!


Good luck, everyone!


Oh, and @Natayah, since you have decided to deliver the 2G Gold Tinsel yourself feel free to inform the winner of special conditions when doing so. I didn't have anywhere to put that information in the google form, so hopefully that's alright :)

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CB Dark Green hatchling - @Nandeenah

CB Black hatchling - @BlueLatios


2G Gold Tinsel x Rosebud - @Whirlaway

3G Silver Tinsel x Gaia - @Crookfish

3G Silver Shimmer x Gaia - @Ether-Equinox

3G Bronze Tinsel x Blue/Purple Nebula - @sbld

4G Silver Tinsel x Celestial - @Flamekitty48

4G Gold Shimmer x Gold Lunar Herald - @Ruby Eyes

4G Silver Tinsel x Indigo Lunar Herald - @stai

4G Silver Shimmer x Radiant Angel - @animatedrose

4G Silver Tinsel x Silver Shimmer/Radiant Angel/Red Copper - @QueenAquariusDragon


2G Ember x Floral Crowned - @Wolves-and-Wings

2G Gaia x Garland #1 (i4hgN) - @Dracaena

2G Gaia x Garland #2 (yNMZ2) - @Anneith

2G Anagallis x Floral Crowned hatchling - @bonvoyage

2G PB Purple Floret - @Din85

2G Black Truffle x Chrono - @DuskOfTheStars

2G Gold Floret from Purple Floret x Silver - @Abbeymore

2G Purple Floret x Silver - @Dalek Raptor

2G Purple Floret x Floral Crowned #1 (kmd6C) - @stai

2G Purple Floret X Floral Crowned #2 (EDtXq) - @Tinibree

2G Gold Floret x Floral Crowned - @Natayah

2G PB Golden Wyvern - NO NAME DRAWN

2G Gold x Floral Crowned - @MaeTM

2G PB Gold Floret from Purple Florets - @Rememberdrgns

2G PB Purple Floret from Gold Florets - @BlueLatios

2G Gold Floret x Bronze Lunar Herald - @Dirtytabs

2G Purple x Garland - @Nqli

2G Blue Zyu x Floral Crowned - @MaeTM

2G Black Truffle x Rosebud - @wheeloftime13

2G Gold x Silver - @GhostMouse

2G Silver x Heartstealing - @banban007

2G Terrae x Garland - @Aleoleo

2G Almerald x Garland - @rangerlucy

2G Green Fire Gem from Red Fire Gem x Floral Crowned - @Din85

2G Purple Floret from Gold Floret x Caligene - @MiserablePileOfSecrets

3G Silver x Gaia - @RAAMIsABeast

3G PB Seasonal breeding pair - @Okarnill

3G Pink x Aria/Yulebuck - @Ruffledfeathers

3G Razorcrest x Mistletoe - @Naraku

3G Pillow x Red/Mutamore/Valentine '09 - @relaks

3G Purple Floret x Gold Floret hatchling - @FAstudent12

3G Purple Floret x Antarean - @Aleoleo

3G Purple Floret x Astrapi - @Ruby Eyes

3G Gaia x Desipis - @Terces

3G Chrono x Aeon - @Lagie

3G Black Tea x Teimarr/Neotropical/Guardian - @Din85

3G PB Seasonal - @GhostMouse

3G Purple x Rosebud - @purplehaze

3G Almandine x Rosebud - @TheLlama

3G Chrono x Mistletoe - @wheeloftime13

3G White x Rosebud - @rinoa26

4G White x Rosebud - @LchTessMnstr

4G Black Tea x Thalassa - @Dirtytabs

4G Aria x Pink/Mutamore - @animatedrose

4G Monarch x Frost/Snow - @TerraAnne

4G White x Black/Radiant Angel - @sunshine_ley

4G Black Tea x Cavern Lurker/Gold - @Tinibree

4G Gemshard x mixed - @Flamekitty48

4G Gaia x Tri-color Snow Angel - @Terces

4G Striped River x Heartstealing - @Wolves-and-Wings

4G Black Truffle x Carina - NO NAME DRAWN

4G Waterhorse x Mistletoe - @Ruffledfeathers

4G Red Gemshard x Heartstealing - @rangerlucy

4G Gaia x White-tipped Snow Angel - @stai

4G Flamingo x mixed - @Abbeymore

5G White x Rosebud - @Wolves-and-Wings

5G Autumn Seasonal x mixed - @Rememberdrgns

6G Black x Alt Black - @Okarnill


Congratulations to the winners of this week's raffle! It's so nice to see feedback and suggestions from everyone who participated as well, so keep it coming :)

Edited by The Dragoness

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And prices are sent.


Thank you so much for this Wonderful raffle. And thank to all Who sent im prices. 

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