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Glittering Gold Giveaways [STATUS: CLOSED]

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 The Raffle is Now Open!


Agh. I'm all over the place today. I'm very sorry for the delay. Today was much busier than expected and the raffle was at the bottom of to-do list unfortunately. But...the raffle is open now, as it should have been two hours ago. I will extend it for another two hours tomorrow to make up for this. Again, sorry! All should go smoothly tomorrow, but let me know if there are concerns. You can either ping me here or send me a PM :)

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Woooo Lots of lovelies and entered and thanks so much for running this Round, These are some fantastic awesomeness!

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17 minutes ago, Wmctalon said:

Since I can't donate an entry for next week here's a freebie while we wait for the form to open! 


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

(Blusang with alt Caligenes at base!)

I claimed it, solely because I have been longing to get some offspring from those amazing SA's. Thank you. I'll be sure to donate something amazing next week to make up for it. Thank you so so much. :wub:


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WOW! SO MANY AWESOME EGGS AND HATCHIES XD I have to enter for those pygmies, can't resist! :wub:

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I entered for them too. I love Magelights, with or without the SA's in the mix. 

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Wish there were more Pure Bred 2Gs, I felt so unworthy of those awesome lineages above 3G XD


I'll take anything, and nothing is also a thing :D

Best wishes to all!

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Quite the list of dragons again! :D  I grabbed my raffle tickets!


I donated babies from my Ghosts of Christmas Past lineages plus a Thuwed crimson flare/pumpkin checker.  The raffle list doesn't mention the Thuwed part but it's even better as it's a Dusk lineage too!


None of this "I'm not worthy" nonsense,  enter for any of the dragons you like (and have scroll room for if you win ;)).

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Wow this is such a lovely thing you are doing (and everyone who donated eggs <3) Entered for a few lovely babes, good luck everyone ❤️

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I am going to bed if you need or want to send or get something from me it will be tomorrow. Night, I'm tired and grumpy and snarky. But I didn't want you to think I don't care or are ignoring, Luffs and Lucks to all. Thanks for all being all-some awe-some. Or Some-some. Bedtime for realz. I'm already past that death gnoll and I hate undead dog hyena things. So if you got the Perfect Warlock, you understand what I mean. And I don't feel like being someone nearly dead and having someone else want to run some tolling bell to cement my coma zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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CB Neglected hatchling - @Ether-Equinox


3G Gold Tinsel x Garland - @Ruby Eyes

4G Silver Tinsel x Stripe - @Wmctalon


2G Olive x Gold Floret - @GhostMouse

2G Ochredrake x Night Glory - @Wolves-and-Wings

2G PB Seragamma - @ArgentiAertheri

Pack: 2x 3G Misift x Pumpkin *SAs* - @osean

3G Tan Ridgewing x Black Marrow - @warriorjames

3G Seragamma x Red Crimson - @CrazyChess

3G Ember x Hellfire - @BlueLatios

3G Ember x Harvest - NO NAME DRAWN

3G Bronze Lunar Herald x Grave - NO NAME DRAWN

3G Gold Floret x Harvest - @MiserablePileOfSecrets

3G Monarch x Whiptail - @Dirtytabs

3G Monarch x Candelabra - @Wolves-and-Wings

3G Golden Wyvern x mixed *Thuwed* - @Natayah

3G Golden Wyvern x Shadow Walker - @Syiren

3G Crimson Flare x Pumpkin - @banban007

3G Brown Copper x Shadow Walker - @Anra7777

4G Autumn x Shadow Walker/Snow Angel - @warriorjames

4G White x Autumn/Shadow Walker *SAs* - @must_ingel

4G Autumn x Snow Angel *SA* - @Jack_Indivisible

4G Golden Wyvern x Heartseeker/Royal Blue *Thuwed* - @Rememberdrgns

4G Autumn x mixed *Thuwed* - @TerraAnne

4G Red Copper x White/Shadow Walker *SAs* - @Reshiram5875

4G Magelight x Pumpkin *SAs* - @osean

4G Monarch x mixed *SAs* - @Kiki

4G Pyro x Brown Copper/Shadow Walker *SAs* - @Wmctalon

5G Black Truffle x Olive - @Dirtytabs

5G Gemshard x mixed *SAs* - @GhostMouse

5G PB Crimson Flare - @Dracaena

5G Candelabra x mixed *SAs* - @Syiren


Congratulations to everyone!

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:nyan:  Grats to all the winners! :nyan:


I've sent out my prize donation links and hope folks enjoy my snow angel and shadow walker lines from my Ghosts of Christmas Past lineages.

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Ouuu~ Thank you so much for my wonderful prizes! :wub:

And a big congrats to @Ether-Equinox for winning that amazing ND baby! Well done! :D


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2 hours ago, GhostMouse said:

somehow this little pygmy missed the raffle entirely!

Snagged it! Thank you! :) 

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