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The Dragoness

Glittering Gold Giveaways [STATUS: CLOSED]

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Dang. I'm a little sad that I missed the donation window. I something really nice for this one. Oh well, there's always next time.

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4G Silver Tinsel x Black - @marienine

3G Silver Shimmer x Omen - @Aalbiel

4G Silver Shimmer x Rosebud - @Terces

4G Bronze Shimmer x Thalassa - @osean


2G Purple x Soulstone - @DarknessDragon197

2G Daydream x Val '09 - @Dorchet

3G Flamingo x Val '09 - @jocosa

3G Diamondwing x Mutamore - @DarknessDragon197

3G Sunrise x Celestial - @Ruby Eyes

3G White x Rosebud - @dooblepurple

3G Diamondwing x Heartseeker - @TerraAnne

3G Whiptail x Mutamore - @banban007

3G Hellfire x Arsani - @Terces

3G Green Copper x Arsani - @dooblepurple

4G Golden Wyvern x Heartseeker - @dooblepurple

4G Vine x Radiant Angel - @Terces


Congrats, everyone!

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Thank you so much @The Dragoness and for whoever donated my lovely prizes! I was super thrilled to have won the Diamondwing since I own a grandparent to the beauty. :wub: 

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I hope the raffle wasn't too much trouble for you. D:


Thanks to all the donators again! I love my little eggy. Congrats guys!

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17 minutes ago, Aalbiel said:

First time lucky ! :shades:


Thank you @The Dragoness for hosting and whoever donated my prize ! :wub:

I bred that one. You're welcome!

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Now Accepting Donations!


Let's keep the romantic spirit around just a bit longer, shall we? This week's theme is Love is in the Air. Suggestions:



-Dragons with lifelong mates





-Lineages made with love

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Filled my scroll with donations. Hope you guys like 'em!

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Glad I was able to clear a bit of scroll space and get in under the donation deadline!

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Entered! Those are very beautiful and interesting eggs~ :wub: *cough* the movie themed setsong. XD

Good luck everyone!

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Paper - @uber1


3G Silver Tinsel x Yulebuck - @Cylt

4G Silver Tinsel x Arsani - @Tinibree

3G Bronze Tinsel x Heartseeker - @DarknessDragon197

4G Bronze Tinsel x Green Gemshard - @Kastriia


2G Cassare x Heartstealing - @MiserablePileOfSecrets

3G Bolt x Heartseeker - @onemessyperson

3G Silver x Heartseeker - @banban007

3G Black Tea x Almandine - @dooblepurple

3G Aria x Silver Tinsel - @Terces

3G Red x Yulebuck - @Echithan11

3G Sapphire x Solstice - @osean

3G Daydream x Valentine '09 - @marienine

3G Pyrope x Radiant Angel - @LibbyLishly

4G Almandine/Spessartine x Radiant Angel - @TerraAnne

4G Gaia - @JadeEyedJasmine

4G Kingcrowne - @Kastriia

5G Silver x Arsani - @Terces

5G Setsong - @Aalbiel


Congratulations to this week's winners!

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Congrats to the winners! :) I have sent my special delivery eggs winging on their way to their new homes.

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