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The Dragoness

Glittering Gold Giveaways [STATUS: CLOSED]

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I'm not sure how long I can still be online today - am very tired already ^^"

In case I should win something and it dies, hatches or grows up on your scroll while I'm asleep - don't worry, you don't need to replace it or something. :)


If someone entered for the prize I donated, don't worry either! It will be ER in a few hours but before delivering it to you I will hatch it with a proper influence. In case it still genderfails I happily replace it. :3

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Names will be posted today. Hopefully soon. I've been having conflicts come up all day, so I'm doing my best to get it sorted out. (Huge thank you to the people who offered to help and those who posted sweet words here <3). I just want you all to know that I didn't forget. 


Thankfully, after this raffle I will have some time to get IRL things sorted out during the holiday raffle break, which will make running this thread 1000x times easier.

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Whoever is gonna win the eggs I donated is gonna get a double gift as they are now properly influenced and hatched (or on the way there) :D 


The Dragoness, we are aware that these raffles are a lot of work and we appreciate you putting in so much effort - ESPECIALLY considering how busy your life is right now. Don't you stress too much over it, we are patiently waiting and taking care of the eggos in the meanwhile :) 

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My donated egg is just fine <tucks more warm sand round it> thank you for organising, I can't imagine how much work the raffle is. I just wanted to say, it's late here and I need to sleep. I'll check first thing and send this little egg on it's way first thing in the morning. No worries here :)

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We really appreciate all you do with this raffle, Dragoness! Don't you worry. Make sure to take care of yourself and IRL. That's most important. :)

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BTW Gratz on 100 pages of GIVEAWAY Awesomeness as we get ready to round out the year with an upcoming Holidays Marathon. I'm excited 100% and find the numbering delightful! Cheers for the fun! Can't wait to see everyone get more and more excited!

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I hatched my donation too~ it has been properly influenced and I will send it directly to its winner later. 


Good luck everyone! 🍀

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If my donations get close to the 3 day mark I'll do the same, but they still have a good day and 6 hours before that happens. And if they do somehow misgender then I'll happily replace them ^_^


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CB Gold - @ninish

CB Celestial - @Abbeymore

CB Nebula - @Dalek Raptor


3G Silver Shimmer x Striped River - @osean

3G Silver Shimmer x Celestial - @Belisar

3G Bronze Shimmer x Bronze Lunar - @BrazenChase

3G Bronze Shimmer x Deep Sea - @Dracaena

3G Bronze Shimmer x Garland - @bonvoyage

3G Bronze Tinsel x Thunder - @Tinibree

3G Gold Tinsel x Silver - @_DeadPool_

4G Silver Shimmer x Celestial - @Okarnill

4G Silver Shimmer x Nebulas - @Kiki

4G Bronze Shimmer x Chrono - @BrazenChase

4G Gold Shimmer x Autumn/Arcana - @Okarnill

4G Silver Tinsel x Black Marrow - @Nandeenah

7G Gold Tinsel x mixed - @Ruby Eyes

8G Silver Tinsel x Celestial - @Abbeymore


2G Carina - @RAAMIsABeast

2G Silver x Celestial - @DuskOfTheStars

2G Bronze Lunar from Indigo Lunars - @RAAMIsABeast

2G PB Bronze Lunar - @Winddancir2

2G Bronze Lunar from Gold Lunars - @Abbeymore

2G PB Red Dorsal - @Din85

2G Nebula x Tan Ridgewing - @animatedrose

2G Neotropical x Witchlight - @DuskOfTheStars

2G Aether x GoN - @animatedrose

2G Yellow Zyu x Aeon - @Winddancir2

2G Chrono x Witchlight - @Syiren

2G PB Setsong - @Tecca

2G PB Risensong - @Seahorse

2G Arcana x GoN - @osean

2G Bronze Lunar x Gold/Silver Lunars - @RAAMIsABeast

3G PB Carina - @Din85

3G Sunrise x Solstice - @Seahorse

3G Moonstone x Rosebud - @Tinibree

3G Celestial x Green Copper - @Okarnill

3G Celestial x Witchlight - @Dalek Raptor

3G Moonstone x Silver Shimmer - @wheeloftime13

3G Almerald x Bronze Shimmer - @Terces

3G Nebula x Solstice - @Wmctalon

3G Yellow-Crowned x Antarean - @MaeTM

3G Purple Nebula x Gold - @Wmctalon

4G Purple Nebula x Shadow Walker/Moonstone - @Xili_Rem

4G Red Nebula x Sunsong - @TheLlama

4G Tan Ridgewing x Carina - @osmarks

4G Turpentine x Brimstone - @RAAMIsABeast

4G Celestial x Desipis - @Rememberdrgns

4G Avatar of Creation x Purple Nebula - @Terces

4G Brimstone x Frost/Snow/Floret - @TerraAnne

4G White x Tricolor Snow Angel - @BlueLatios

4G Dark Lumina x mixed - @TerraAnne

4G Sunsong x Lumina/Wrapping Wing/Garland - @Ruby Eyes

4G Moonstone x Soulpeace - @Rosastrasza

4G Stripe x Yulebuck #1 (tr8Jj) - @Natayah

4G Stripe x Yulebuck #2 (TM7dG) - @Abbeymore

4G Celestial x Daydream/Shadow Walker - @Rosastrasza

4G Bleeding Moon x Balloon - @Nagapie

4G Royal Blue x Royal Crimson - @RAAMIsABeast

4G Green Two-Headed Lindwyrm x Gilded Bloodscale - @TheLlama

4G Moonstone x Sweetling - @Tinibree

5G Sunrise x Val'09 - NO NAME DRAWN

5G Green Nebula x Black - @sunshine_ley

5G Green Nebula x Ribbon Dancer - NO NAME DRAWN

6G Royal Blue x mixed - NO NAME DRAWN


Donors: I will not be able to deliver prizes today as I'm currently on my phone with the worst wifi possible. I'm not even sure when I'll be home next. Thank you for understanding!

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Prices are sent out.


All gendered hatchies gendered correctly *phew*


Thank you Dragoness for all your work, now get a bit of a rest before the Holidays are starting^^

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@TheDragoness the 4G Silver Shimmer x Nebulas that Kiki won.. could that be a Silver Tinsel instead of Shimmer? If yes I know whom to send what xD If no, if it happens to be indeed a Shimmer, then I have a freebie for the thread :)

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1 minute ago, Belisar said:

@TheDragoness the 4G Silver Shimmer x Nebulas that Kiki won.. could that be a Silver Tinsel instead of Shimmer? If yes I know whom to send what xD If no, if it happens to be indeed a Shimmer, then I have a freebie for the thread :)


I don't remember a 4G Shimmer x Nebula but I do remember the Tinsel (since I entered for it 😂). Pretty sure Kiki won that beautiful Tinsel! :D

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That helps, @MaeTM! I wasn't 100% sure anymore! Am currently hatching and will send it out then :D


Thank you Dragoness for hosting the raffle despite all the hardship for you!!


And congrats to all winners :3

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Holy fffFFFffagwghWhhazhaghAvvS


Uhm. I've delivered my donation! o7 let's hope xem like it 😁

I SURE like what I got!! 


thanks, TheDragoness, for holding this raffle! And to all the donors~ Merry X'mas to everyone! 



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Grats winners and thank you for my prize!


I've sent out my eggs from the list save two.  One doesn't appear on the list to know if won or unclaimed, the 5th gen striped from yulebuck checker.  Please let me know where it should be going. 


The other is the unclaimed 5th gen nebula from ribbon dancer checker.  Maybe someone here would like it? gone home with Din83, enjoy. :)

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Both my eggs I entered also don’t show on the list so I’m also unsure if they were unclaimed or if I just entered them too late? ^^;

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Thank you so much to all the donors and to The Dragoness for holding the raffle. I am absolutely thrilled with my winnings!!

They will be treasured. :) 

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Congratulations to all the winners! I will be sending all of mine out in a few minutes once my coffee is done brewing. Thank you donors for my lovely presents!  They will be treasured.  


Thank you @The Dragoness for your lovely raffle!!  I want you to know that all your hard work in keeping this raffle is very appreciated!  If real life gets in the way you can always ask me for help. 

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