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Hey! Could I join this RP?



Quote: "A dragon's will can make all the difference."

Image:user posted image

Dragon Name: Naernia

Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Breed: Spitfire

Personality: Strong, quick to react, and determined. Quick witted. Observant.

Rank: Scout

History: A young Spitfire who grew up in a desolate wasteland alone. Hardened as a survivor and forced to fend for her self, when she learned she could help prevent wastelands like her home she just had to join.

Code: 5jDOH

Other: Expert Survivalist.

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First, not my place to say, but I would approve it only if two things were fixed on it. First one is code is wrong on it, but Lot might not see anything wrong with it. Two,could you repost your image, please.


As for a personal question is, could you expand on the history of her lore later on though story telling so I can get a better idea of this dragonness.


And now for my point of View. I would say yes join us, but only if you fixed the code and Image. Code is Apox.

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Hello! I'm interested in this RP, but I won't be able to come on much until the end of this month. Is it still alright if I submit my sheet in advance?



Username: Riath

Quote: "The gears of time turn for all and halt for none. Not even those blessed with the power to slow them."

Image: user posted image

Dragon Name: Toki

Gender: Male

Age: 558 (Possibly older or younger due to his manipulation of time, but he's kept track of 558.)

Breed: Chrono Xenowyrm

Personality: Toki is largely silent, used to being alone in his lair. He's used to talking to only one dragon, and with their death, has gone back to silence. He is adamant about not abusing time magic to disturb the natural order. He hardly has experience interacting with others, but is willing to try his best if it means being useful to the TSR.

Rank: Scout

History: Toki was part of a bloodline dedicated to protecting a vault filled with magical artefacts. Located in a dense, dark forest with twisted, malformed trees and strange animals distorted by time mana, the vault has been protected by generations of Toki's ancestors. With a massive nest of eggs by the vault, guardians who wished to leave would hatch an egg and entrust their role to the hatchling within. Raised by the previous guardian, and then once ready, abandoned at the entrance to the vault, Toki carried out his duties well. He created time-loops to prevent travellers from approaching the vault. He slowed down time to chase off treasure hunters. For five hundred years, none made it past him.


However, he began to shirk his duties one day, when a Pyralspite crashed into his lair, on the brink of death. As he examined the dragon's wounds, he pitied her, and slowed down time around her to stop her from succumbing to her injuries. Bringing her back to the entrance of the vault, he made the first friend he had in his life. He grew closer to the dragon, keeping her alive and fed, though not being able to fix her wounds. They spent years doing nothing but talking, knowing nearly everything about each other. She told him about her time as a senior scout of the TSR, and he told her of his duty to guard the vault. However, as their friendship blossomed, he soon realised that this dragon, the first person he had met in his time here and the only person in his life, would die one day. His magic, though it could technically extend her life greatly, could not stop her impending death from her injuries. Not even the best medical aid could help her at this stage, as she was seconds from death in natural time.


Eventually, at her request, he undid his magic to allow her to pass on. Not without a great deal of grief and reluctance though. Her final request to him was to join the TSR as a scout and carry on her work. He agreed, and with a final smile, his only companion passed into the void. He abandoned his duties completely, no longer caring about his role as a guardian. The vault had done nothing for him but isolate him for a lifetime. Not even bothering to raise a guardian from the pile of eggs to take over, he left to join the TSR and carry out the Pyralspite's final wishes.


Other: He has a few abilities regarding time manipulation. His most commonly used ones are the ability to slow down time in an radius around him (Though never stopping it completely), loop time in an area and speed up time for himself. Apart from the loops, he cannot rewind time indefinitely.

Edited by Riath

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So....hey, are we moving soon? We have new people interested, and it's been a long time sincd Esko posted.

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I have an idea for the rp, and Lot going to hate it when she gets back, but I could become a temp-gm right now. Only a suggestion, so we don't lose this RP. I could do an event that would get who is still here to come back and we can move the RP along.

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Username: Griffin_Lokison
Quote: "Hello, are you my new friend? If not, you must be my enemy."
Dragon Name: Matthias
Gender: Male
Breed: Mimic Pygmy
Personality: Matthias has the traditional personality of your average mimic pygmy, the whole super nice during the day, but at night he turns a little bit scary. He goes out to find prey to get the blood he needs to survive. He doesn't do it to his colleagues, that would be just rude. But he goes out to areas he knows are safer and finds prey there. Other than that creepy side of things, he is a very friendly guy seeking out new friendships. However, if he thinks you don't like him or something, he automatically assumes you hate him and that you are his enemy. He'll even say it out loud. And if he says it to you... he might just take some of your blood for his next meal. He doesn't understand the word no and will often go against orders. Like when there's danger. He'll refuse to go back to base and insists on going back to the carcass of the enemy to see what blood he can lap up. He is a very smart Dragon, though, and prides himself on his penmanship.
Rank: scribe
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