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witchlight breeding plans

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Been looking through pairing them with more recent breeds and found I quite like em with the following:


Lacula - looks quite gloomy




Pyrovars - poses!



Boreals - nice contrast



Purp Florets - lots of purple




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1 hour ago, Dalek Raptor said:

Ash Dragons, Ash Dragons, ASH DRAGONS


I agree, it's currently my favourite pairing for Witchligts:

Yuj8a5h.png IGANZa6.png

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I have such a hard time deciding what I want to do with my witchlights, now that I've taken an interest in lineages.

At first I was thinking pairing them with dragons with similar colors, but I realized it was too dark for my tastes. I love some contrast! But there are so many options... 


I love male witchlights the most, because they are badass af. I've narrowed my choices to two potential mates (I cannot do too many things because I also plan on breeding my desipis).


With Fever wyvern - love the contrast, it's so pretty.



Or with Freckle Dragons - I don't know why, I love the pair.



For females I haven't even been able to narrow down to my 2 faves 😢I'm such a mess.


With Albinos - *shocked gasp* I don't even like albinos, but I like this combination ???



With Daydreams - pretty!!



With Sunrise - gosh, the colors are amazing together 😍



With Floral-crowned Dragons - I think it's my favourite pair but also the one that asks for more commitment because ... two holiday dragons 😱




Why did I decide I want to make lineages ? Why did I put myself in this situation ???

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So far, my favourites for the male are Khusas and Hellfires, whereas the female looks gorgeous with Green Nebulae. (The males look great with a number of breeds as well, e.g. Storms, Gaias, Almeralds, and Green Firegems. I'm very drawn to green here!)


Both males and females go nicely with Spotted Greenwings, but I'm not a big fan of that particular breed. They do match Brutes as well, but I prefer pairings with a bit more contrast.

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