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witchlight breeding plans

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Since me and my boyfriend each have one of each gender of Witchlight (lucky gendering :3) I'm thinking of doing a little spiral lineage, with a common breed in the middle.


What blocker breed would look good with these guys?

Or I could use Aeons, I need more of them... what does everyone else think?

Aeons look pretty great actually. smile.gif



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Wow, so many amazing lineages. I went with female silvers, but I wish there was a second Halloween breeding period during the year wink.gif


(I also wish I would have more than ONE FEMALE Witchling rolleyes.gif What is wrong with them all gendering male?)

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wonder what they might look like with Diamondwings...

Do you mean a real breeding or a mockup?


I posted diamondwings a few days ago.


Here's the female with four full gens filled: https://i.imgur.com/aLkvjDL.png


I like them with candelabras, blue and green nebs, moonstones, and kinda speckle throats.


Here's mine: http://imgur.com/a/SaWFj / http://imgur.com/a/SaWFj/layout/horizontal


Albino, Anagallis, Blacktip, Bolt, Caligene, Canopy, Carmine, Diamondwing, Frill, Frostbite, Gray, Harvest, Monarch F, Pink, Spessartine, Striped River, Sunstone, Terrae, Turpentine, White, Yellow Crown


user posted imageuser posted image

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Thanks Sock!

I didn't see your post, sorry.

I really like what you posted here. biggrin.gif

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Oooh. I wasn't expecting to like that pairing, but the male Witchlight x female Diamondwing actually look really good. Finally got to breed a few of my own! Abandoned a couple of these, kept the rest.


F Witchlight x M Bright-Breasted Wyvern



F Witchlight x M Green Copper



M Witchlight x F Celestial



F Witchlight x M Celestial



M Witchlight x F Hellfire Wyvern



F Witchlight x M Lunar Herald (Gold)



M Witchlight x F Spirit Ward



M Witchlight x F Falconiform



I like F Witchlight x M Falconiform better, but didn't get an egg from that attempt.

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Speckle throated, Bright breasted wyverns, Celestials, Albinos, Waterhorses! These are what I'll be looking for and breeding this Halloween wink.gif

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user posted image


It will be near impossible and take at least two years or more to breed but it would be lovely.

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I'm doing a Witchlight x Anagallis dragons because of how much these guys reminded me of Dead by Daylight (I was super into that game back in October and I miss it 😞)

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Seconding Witchlight x Black! I have a ton of Blacks from a trade partner that I need to find Witchlight mates for this Halloween, so hopefully the pairing is popular! 

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I'm going green this Samhain.


Witchlight (m) x Almerald (f)

Witchlight (m) x Anagallis (f)

Witchlight (m) x BBW (f)

Witchlight (m) x Green Copper (f)

Witchlight (m) x Dark Green (f)

Witchlight (m) x Green Fire Gem (f)

Witchlight (m) x Frill (f)

Witchlight (f) x Jade Gemshard (m)

Witchlight (f) x Green (m)

Witchlight (m) x Mint (f)

Witchlight x Green Nebula

Witchlight (f) x Neotropical (m)

Witchlight (f) x Spotted Greenwing (m)

Witchlight (m) x Spring (f)

Witchlight (m) x Summer (f)

Witchlight (f) Gold-Horned Tangar (m)

Witchlight (m/f) x Terrae (m/f)

Witchlight (m/f) x Undine (m/f)

Witchlight (m) x Gaia Xenowyrm (f)


I'm also considering Aeons, Blacks, Black Teas, Bolts, Brutes, Diamondwings, Fells, Fevers, Golds, Hellfires, Silver Lunar Heralds, Monarchs (m), Silvers, Thunders, Black Zyumorphs, and most other non-holiday pairings already mentioned in this thread.

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Miral, I love the combination with Aeons. That's one I wouldn't have thought of myself and it looks fantastic. My other favourite from the ones you posted was Gaia which also looks fantastic. I haven't actually started breeding these guys myself, but I've got many more ideas now. Thanks guys!

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Bumping because it's only one month left before there be witches again! 


Anyone got any new ideas for witchlight pairings? Personally, I'm still rather attached to matching 'em with Gaias and Monarchs.

Floral-crowneds, maybe?



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I like to pair them with greens, so last year I worked on a Terrae pairing! This year I'm planning on green Fire Gem and maybe Gold Horned Tangars. 

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Ash Dragons, Ash Dragons, ASH DRAGONS

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Now that I think about it, Green Siyats actually look pretty good with Witchlights.




(Previews made with Heart of Blue)


I especially like the one with male Witchlights.

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