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History Repeats Itself (IC)

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"History Repeats Itself"


It's the old statement heard by most. So why not apply that? In the fantasy world of Terra in the pirate age, the current events in our world repeat. In this world, there is a country named Yusa: a powerful nation undergoing a struggle for the throne as the king's life nears an end. The two candidates for the throne are disliked by many, and the citizens feel the inadequacy of the royal selection process. Wars are fought overseas, alliances are attempted to be kept, enemies create threats left and right.


And this is only one of the countries.


In this world of Terra, how do you hold your ground?


Additional Information:

-The "Current Events" section will be updated every two weeks and converts real current events into plot events in the rp. If something big happens, I will make a post in the OOC forum to inform people that a crucial event has occurred.

-The "Current Events" is only a plot guide. You can make any plot outside of it, even something directly associated with it, in which case I'll deal with the current events associated with it myself so it goes along with rp.

-You may discuss what to name other countries of our world in the world of Terra. Once a name has been established, it will be added to the "Official List of Countries and Leaders".



-DC Forums rules

-There won't be too many restrictions, though if I find a power too OP, I may ask you to edit.

-If you have a piece of current events that you believe is extremely important and want to create a Terra counterpart or want to inform me, please PM me.

-No character limit, go wild.

-You can edit your character sheets somewhat freely, just inform me when you do, so I can approve edits.

-For now, the power of controlling leaders resides with me, but this rule will likely be changed later on.


Current Events:

-Duchess Hilara Cline has difficulty keeping the faith of her supporters in the royal selection as the king’s Royal Guard discovers evidence from an ongoing case of leaked information to pirates gets linked to the Duchess.


Official List of Countries and Leaders:

-The Kingdom of Yusa (USA): King Bardon Ovina (Barack Obama)



King Bardon Ovina (73): The elderly and loving king of Yusa. Though well-loved, Bardon’s foreign policies have left many unsatisfied. As he nears the end of his life, he worries for the future of the country as the two candidates for royal selection have been largely unfavorable.


Duchess Hilara Cline (36): A strong leader of the province of Yorn. Ruling alongside her husband Wilford Cline, Hilara has been seen as a good leader in Yorn, though recent scandals with corruption in Yorn has left many wary of rule by the Duchess.


Lord Donvard Drimbor (38): A renowned Merchant Lord who inherited wealth and used it to dominate part of Yusa’s economy (though his domination fluctuated). His business has been noted to be shady by most, and his aggressive comments about races other than humans has angered many of the more accepting humans of Yusa.



[B]Full Name:[/B] 



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