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Happy April! While many otherfaraway lands may be pulling pranks today, the Mysgardian News only speaks the truth. (At least for this year? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) 
Anyways, here's this month's creature release!

The pattern on this small colorful egg seems to move slightly whenever you look at it.

These colorful little buddies can be found at the Fishing Hole. Good luck!

Thanks to Fae for creating them!


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(Gryffi has been busy, though i've been updating the site with new creatures! here's something else though: )


Programmer Needed!


Mysgardia is looking for a programmer interested in helping patch up holes and update new and upcoming features for the site! As y'all may have noticed, there's been a lack of non-creature release updates to the site, leaving a lot of things indefinitely inaccessible. As temporary admin and a site artist, I don't know programming enough to properly do much, nor have an interest in picking it up ^_^" So we've been really needing someone who's interested in taking up the coding mantle!

Mysgardia itself is powered by the Mysidia script so far, which uses PHP. I've heard it's similar to Javascript, in a sense?

If interested please DM me either here or on Discord (ZioCorvid#5167), and I'll get back to you with the specifics!

Thanks everyone :star: !

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New Release - April 2020


Happy April, everyone! Due to the silly shenanigans that tend to follow the first of April, the explorers who discover new creatures ended up returning late. Something about a wild prank slowed them down? Anyways, here's this month's creature's release!

You can feel something squirming around inside this egg.

You can find this creature residing in the Hot Biomes. Keep a sharp eye out, they're tiny!

Special thank you to dragontamer44722 for creating these lovely critters!

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