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Which Dragon would be Which Type of Zombie?

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I hope this thread is not breaking forum rule.

This would be no spoiling cause zombie sprite update is already done.


My zombies are Brimstone(Western), Cheese(Western), Electric(Western), Flamingo(Wyvern), Magi(Western), Mint(Wingless), Ochredrake(Western, not drake), Pink(Western)


My zombies will not help you much cause most of mine are western.


What about yours?


We can help each other to check before killing.

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I believe this will probably be closed as a duplicate xd.png

If this is about information concerning zombie fodder, it should probably go to the zombie advice thread. There's also a list which dragon turns into which zombie variant there. Confused Cat is working on a list as well:

I'm working on a visual list of "which dragon makes which Zombie type": work in progress


If this thread is about chatting about your zombie attempts and their outcome, it should go to zombie success stories. To share your zombies so others can unlock them in the encyclopedia, check Encyclopedia Helpers.


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Thank you for the reply.

I didn't find it for several pages, and first post just linked wiki page, so I thought that bread specific sprite is not in that thread.

Can I delete this or should I wait for mod to close this?

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