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How do you sort your scroll?

How do you sort your scroll?  

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Rainbow, but my own version. I'm not really a fan of the site's version. I also like to keep the breeds sorted with 4 adult males, male hatchling, ungendered hatchling, female hatchling, and 4 adult females (or just 4 adults, gendered hatchling, ungendered hatchling if the breed has only one gender, or adult, gendered hatchling, ungendered hatchling in the case of GON's) I keep the breeds I'm still working on at the top and my zombie fodder at the end too.

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On 1/21/2019 at 9:18 PM, jewel21 said:

I ended up doing a manual custom sort to recreate the Legacy Breed order which took me hours and hours. It sucks though, because now, every time a dragon grows up, I have to manually insert it into the right place. I wish we could go back and re-click the Legacy Breed Name option. Visually it's much nicer than Breed Sort. 

That's exactly what I did :P I had to search for scrolls which still had that order to recreate it as accurately as possible. I think it took me 2 days between searching and reordering. I really miss that option.

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14 hours ago, PinkyHedgehog said:

That's exactly what I did :P I had to search for scrolls which still had that order to recreate it as accurately as possible. I think it took me 2 days between searching and reordering. I really miss that option.


Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who did this! I really miss this option, too. I don't know why TJ can't put it back. 

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Mostly legacy, sometimes alternate.


I'm very particular about my scroll order, so here goes:

1. all growing eggs

2. all growing hatchlings

3. special things (leetle tree, CB prize, upside down mint)

4. CB non-holiday breeds sorted alphabetically (within each breed: 1 CB female and male from each location available [in order of alpine, coast, desert, forest, jungle, volcano], 2G purebred frozen hatchlings of each stage, all other CBs of that breed)

5. Holiday dragons (sorted by year, oldest to newest) - Valentine's day, Halloween, Christmas - (CB first, then correctly lineaged in order of length of lineage [all dragons within each category sorted alphabetically by mate], then any misgendered dragons)

6. Holiday x Holiday dragons, sorted by holiday and year

7. Bred and Hybrid dragons - sorted by breed


Is it sometimes a pain in the butt? Yes. But it does satisfy my need for spreadsheets and order? YES! :)

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Breed sort, with groups where I keep all my shiny and special things like rares and stuff, plus a dozen other groups for various things. I use breed sort in almost all the groups, though in some I use age sort and in my group of dragons that need holiday mates, I decided to try out custom sorting to organize the list and help me find dragons that need mates from specific holidays.

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Sorted by the date I first acquired that breed..... so yeah, makes it super difficult for anyone else to find things on my scroll! Luckily I joined in 2010, so it's basically ordered by release date past the second page.

My holidays all ended up under the first one of that holiday I aquired, so it goes halloween - christmas - valentines on my scroll!


My first 4 dragons were magi, water, waterhose and mint, so these are the breeds at the top of my scroll. I did however put the small sprites at the very top (back when there were only a few pygymies) so they wouldn't get lost......... well this has gone a bit crazy and now i have pygmies/chickens overruning the first page 🤣.


I sort using custom sort and dragging them to where they belong! Males of a breed go above females, so the oldest male is higher, then younger males, then oldest female, then younger females.


Eggs and hatchlings at the top. Then adults stay there under -to be sorted- until I've added them to spreadsheet/bred them.


The only good thing about the way I sort is that new releases are always at the bottom.... and I've gotton used to it and can find breeds quite easily now. Sorry to anyone else looking for a certain breed on there!

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I do custom sort but I honestly hate it because it's a pain having to manually sort each dragon once they've grown but I also don't like any of the other sorting options.

My whole scroll is organized based on where I feel dragons should go together, nothing fancy like rainbow but colors do play a part in what I group together. 

I do keep all water-types together at the tail-end of my scroll.

Holidays are all at the very end. My zombies & leetle on top right after growing eggs & hatchlings. Wait no, I forgot about my chickens XD The other after growing things is: Leetle, Chickens, and zombies XD 

The only unbreedables I have up-front. I have Aethers after that but that's just because I like them (basically how my entire scroll is organized: You go there because I like you there/these colors look good)

Having custom sort means I even have to sort my eggs to every time I grab something from cave or AP. 

I guess you could call my scroll organized chaos.

The one thing I'm strict about is separating CBs and bred though which is an absolute pain because there's no indicator of what CB is so every time something grows up I have to sort through my dragons. Honestly one of the reasons I love different gender sprites is because they help make sorting soo much easier for me especially since I don't have many named dragons so it's really hard for me to differentiate from male to female while sorting.

I always have to have at least three tabs of my scroll open just to sort every time.


I really wish there was an easier way to differentiate CBs and bred. But yeah every breed on my scroll is sorted CB first, bred, then frozen mature hatchlings, and finally frozen hatchlings. Clumping the genders together helps me differentiate cbs and breds. 

I did try to sort by rainbow and then breed once but I really didn't like it and didn't want to try using it and permanently lose my own custom sort settings. So I guess I'm just stuck OTL

I don't know why I make things so hard for myself T^T

I'm so used to where everything is though that if I change it now I'd probably end up confusing myself.

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I use custom sort. 


0 - eggs

1 - Special Dragons (for me)

2 - My "family" collection (Male - Male hatchl. - ungenered hatchl. - female hatchl. - Female)

3. Holiday Families + zombies + dinos

4. holiday dragon Hoard

5. Green dragon army

6. everything else


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I've been swapping between the automatical breed sort and the growth sort. It's easier to do mass-breeding with the breed sorting, but lately I've been very keen on the growth sort. I like to reverse it, so that all the new dragons stay in the top of the scroll. When all the new stuff goes to the top it's easy to spot the unnamed draggies and remember all the breeding projects. Also everyone get's to be at the top once x3 I also get very bored with the sortings, but this isn't boring!

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On 1/21/2019 at 7:40 PM, Draco Knight said:

Legacy Breed Name. Couldn't even tell you the difference between legacy and reg breed name.


I'm 100 % lazy and scared of change.

Same. The two are not that different, the most notable change is that two-headed dragons are placed much, much earlier, the holiday dragons sort under "Christmas", and the zyumorph sort right behind diamondwing.

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Honestly I haven't really settled on a way to sort, being that I'm forgetful it's just been set as 'Most recent', it's not pretty to look at it, but my worry being that I'll hatch a new dragon and forget about it before I have a chance to see it... 😅 Which is not a big deal with duplicates, but if it's a new breed eventually I'll come across it like, 'wow where did that come from?' Memory problems are *chef's kiss* 👌

But I very much enjoy the visual of 'color' sorting, but also the organized quality of by breed... While I've been using this site for 2 years I really haven't gotten started on making legacies to be honest, it's taken me awhile to figure out what I want to do in terms of legacies, but that's off topic... Once I get that going sorting by legacies/legacy names would be a cool way to do it I reckon. 


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I do a custom sort.  Except for zombie fodder, I generally sort each breed males, females, male hatchie, female hatchie, ungendered hatchie.  I leave the current release in my "active growing" area until I meet my scroll goal or the next release, whichever comes first.  None of the automatic sorts work for me.  I'm too used to this, as I've been doing this since I first started 10+ years ago, and I don't want to change (and have to get used to) a different sort.  It's not a big deal for me to move things manually when I need to.


1. Active growing dragons

2. Leetle tree and upside-down mint, as a divider (If I get a "full group" of upside-down mints, I may move them to the holiday zone.)

3. Pink and Red dragons, as I use those BSAs most often

4. Neglected, as a divider (I only have a couple, and adulting has me too busy to try for more NDs)

5. Regular breeds, in reverse release order (most recent on top)

6. Holiday breeds, each one sorted in reverse order - Holiday, Valentine, then Halloween

7. Zombie fodder

8. Dead dragons, until they leave my scroll


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Custom sort, all the way!  I have a very specific layout based on number of limbs and breeding group, plus a few extra criteria:


1. non-adults

2. Western dragons - arranged by body type/physique, from the slimmest to the beefiest, basically, with Pinks first for convenience

3. Weird multi-winged things that don't fit any other definition

3. Easterns

4. Wyverns

5. Wingless dragons

6. Ungulatiform/Cervid/Equid dragons

7. Lindwurms

8. Amphipteres

9. Wyrms

10. Aquatic dragons

11. Hybrid Dragons

12. Feathered Dragons

13. Unbreedables

14. DC Drakes

15. Two-headed dragons

16. Pygmies

17. Special codes I collect in bulk (fantasy names, palindromes, & faux number codes)

18. Special collections (mostly dragons collected for the 'Win a Holly' contests, which needed to be together for ease of counting)

19. "Scroll Guide" (frozen hatchlings with the above categories and what page they're on, to help people navigate)

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I'm in the process of renaming every single dragon on my scroll (nearly 10k) so that I can use name sort to get the custom sort I want. I want them sorted by breed, then generation, then date, basically, with some modifiers.


Every breed has a four-character code that sorts in the correct order alphabetically, then there's a single character "source" notifier, then a generation count, then the maturation date, and then a call name.


So "SILVC01-191225 Example" would be Silver, Caveborn, Generation 1, matured on December 25th, 2019, and called "Example". 


Source modifiers are C (caveborn), L (lineaged), S (self-bred), X (frozen ungendered hatchling), Y (frozen gendered hatchling), and Z (inbred adult dragon), so each breed basically sorts in order of breeding ease/availability. 


This is a modified version of the way I maintained my extremely detailed spreadsheet (and extremely time-consuming legacy custom sort) - basically at this point I don't want to maintain that kind of database on my dragons anymore so I'm making my scroll work for me instead of google docs.


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Alphabetical, so I can find anything. I wanted to be all ~kewl~ and do custom sort, but I'm too lazy to move things after they grow up. 😩

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Custom sort, but it's based on breed sort as they appear in the encyclopedia. Growing and newly-grown unsorted stuff at the top, then my leetle tree, then a group of frozen hatchlings that explain my naming system to any visitors I might get. Under those are my three GoNs, and then the regular breed sort starts. If I ever get neglecteds I'll probably sort them at the top too. Within breeds, I usually sort by gender, all the females together and all the males together, and by lineage. It's cb--2g--3g+--stair/spiral/arrow--messy. Frozen hatchlings are all sorted the same way but in their own section at the bottom of the scroll. That part is a holdover from when we didn't have groups and I didn't want my hatchlings getting lost in the larger adult sprites, but I'm used to it now and don't want to change.

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Eggs and hatchlings first, leetle tree, then dragons starting from the order I caught the breed then every one of the same breed goes below the first one of that breed I caught. Holidays together, the first Halloween with the rest of the Halloweens below and same with Valentines and Christmas, same also with pygmies, they are all together except wiith pumpkin which is with the Halloween dragons. I name some dragons with the breed name so I can find them with page search, and frozen hatchlings go on top of every breed they belong to.

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I used to sort by colour, but switched to breed name because I find it clearer and it's easier for me to know which dragons are where. But I still sort most groups by colour, though I do it manually by custom sort, because the automatical rainbow sort imo isn't that good.

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Breed name for me!  It's easier... or it was, till all the holidays got re-named from "[holiday] [year]" etc. to their breed names.  It was nice having them grouped together.  It's still a handy sort method, overall.


I wish there was a way to make it sort eggs and hatchlings separately, though. I hate seeing [egg] [hatchling] [hatchling] [hatchling] [egg] [hatchling] [egg] [egg] [hatchling] [hatchling] [hatchling] at the top of my scroll.  It makes it harder to immediately see how many eggs I have, whether any eggs are influenceable, and which hatchlings have gendered, and just generally looks disorganized even though it's technically sorted.  I'd much rather have [egg] [egg] [egg] [egg] [hatchling] [hatchling] [hatchling] [hatchling] [adult] [adult] [adult] etc. 

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I still use the Legacy Breed Name sort, with hatchlings/eggs on top. :P I'm too lazy to manually sort them, and knowing I can't go back to Legacy Breed Name if I change to a different sorting option, I won't be changing it to anything else because I'm quite used to it. 

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Once upon a time, I used Alternate Custom Sort, but am now using the Grid Custom Sort. I'm also trying to create various Group sorts, but it will take me a while to get all my groups put together, especially my CB breeders (2760 at this moment) and my 0-click dragons, over 1900 at last count four years ago. Scroll total right now is 5880 dragons, and it needs a LOT o work.

 Currently, my scroll is set up in this order:

1. Messages regarding my Zero click dragons at the start of my scroll followed by a few specially named dragons, my first GON, Leetle Tree and my beloved Neglecteds,

2. Favorite breeds including most of my Mints, the Frills, the Royal Crimsons and the Black Marrows.

3. Regular breeding dragons sort by color through reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, pinks, whites, grays and blacks. I follow the Black Dragons with multi-colored breeds such as the Nebulas, Seasonals, Stripes and Gemshards. I guess the Fire Gems will sort here as well, and I have to find the proper places for the 35 new breeds I have started collecting in the last three and a half weeks.

4. Drakes, again starting with red/reddish colors.

5. Two headed dragons, starting with the originals blues, led by my treasured Isildur-Anarion Dorkface Uruloki, https://dragcave.net/lineage/6mmFs. He did have a description relating to the very unusual an tragic love story of his grandfather, but that description (and several others) seems to have disappeared during my absence.

6. Pygmies, back to the red starting color cycle.

7. Valentine lines, grouped by original release year, then by generation within each breed.

8. Winter holiday lines, same as the Valentines.

9. Gonkin lines, grouped by generation 1, 2, 3...

10. an odd personal project I started and have not finished.

11. Thuwed lines, by generations.

12. Dorkface lines.

13. Selkin lines by generation. (Tinselkin)

14. Merkin lines by generation. (Shimmerkin)

15. Code Talkers - some off my dragons with cool codes.

16. New dragons wait here until I find the proper place for them in other sections.

17. The Sacred Order Of Name Holders - these dragons are those who wait and hold names until a dragon comes forth for their true name.

18. The Freezer Section - Most off my ffrozen hatchlings are here.

19. The Dinos, followed by my 2nd GON. He protects the dragons from those that follow.

20. Vampires and 

21. Zombies and their intended victims.


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