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How do you sort your scroll?

How do you sort your scroll?  

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I had it reversed from the breed name setting, but then I guess there was some kind of change and when I changed it to try and get it from the A breeds first it messed up my settings and now my holiday dragons are no longer together. I'm trying to get them back together, and that's going to take a while with 35 pages to go through.

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Hello fellow Alternate Custom sorters! biggrin.gif


At the top of my scroll, I have my GoN, Holly olives, BSAs,

then lineage projects. After that, the main body of my scroll is sorted into CBs and lineaged dragons. I don't differentiate between my non-project lineaged, but I might have to change that based on some good ideas in this thread!


Within the lineage categories, I sort like this:




Two-winged amphipteres

Serpents and four-winged amphipteres




Western (two wings)

Western (four wings)

Holidays, Vamps



I just got my first chicken, and I'm planning to create a huge army once Holiveday is over, but haven't decided where to put them.

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I also use legacy and sort within the breed by gen from eg. 11-19, although I use -8 and -9 for my frozen hatchies. I only collect one of each hatchie sprite and like to split the stages, so 8's are ungendered and 9's are gendered. I might use -0 for them in the future if I start building longer lineages though.


Currently in the process of reworking my number system because my overall order is Gold - Silver - Prizes - holidays - everything else sorted by breed - some random projects/BSAs/name holder collections nobody else but me really needs/and now olives. So of course my breed sorted everything else was no longer in proper order after the change to the default breed sort. dry.gif but despite that annoyance it still works well for me because my metals and prizes and holidays are the things I breed the most for trading and gifting, so it means they're in easy reach when I'm using fertility or doing a bit of a breeding spree. I also like being able to quickly get a feel for gens when looking at each breed group, even when I don't remember all the names and what they correspond to lineage wise.


It's taking longer than I'd like to reorganise which is the downside of legacy (although I never really tried the other customs because I'm on my iPad so much, they might have the same problem?) but it did give me the opportunity to allocate numbers with more wiggle room (I allocate 5-6 breeds a number range and then leave a big gap before allocating the next five, so there's plenty of room to grow with new releases without renumbering loads of dragons at once like I am now sigh) than I had built in originally.

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Alternate Custom Sort. wink.gif My dragons have a rigorous standard to meet, and I won't allow any slackers. Not a single toe out of line!


I sort my dragons in this order:


- placeholder

- all freshly grabbed, trade-pending, or freeze-pending dragons

- poem

- tree to separate these guys from all permanent dragons


- my personal eggs and hatchies

- non-growing dragons that I am currently 'mirin

- second poem to round off these guys and separate them from the rest


then the bulk of them...


- pairs (F, M, F hatchie, M hatchie, U hatchie)


Which are sub-sorted by personal preference first, color second. I'm very proud of my personal rainbow. smile.gif


After those we have "the rest". These are sorted by...


- Avatars

- Christmas, Valentines, Halloweens

- every other dragon species, sorted by release date, from most recent to oldest

- Tinsels, Shimmers

- frozen hatchling army, sorted in the same way (Avatars, holidays, then release date...)


And all of those adults that make up "the rest" of them are sorted by lineage, with a secondary sorting of gender. So CBs, then PBs, then 3rd G PBs, then random lineages beneath those, etc.

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I have eggs and hatchlings first, then chickens because I like them and want them at the top.


After that, I have everything basically in release order. So White, Mints, etc. are at the very end, while the newest dragons are at the beginning. This way I don't have to move new releases very far, and I never have to decide where to put them. I used to do a custom rainbow/spectrum order, but so often it was a judgement call and I was never really satisfied.


The main exceptions to my sorting system is that I have all my Seasonals together even though they came out over the course of a year, and alt forms are with their standard breed even if they were released later. Frills and Bright Pinks are sorted at their re-release rather than original release.


I usually use the Alternate Custom Sort as it's the fastest imo. Occasionally I one of the other two custom sorts. I believe Legacy is the only one you can use on mobile - I haven't ever gotten drag and drop to work on my phone, anyway. So if I just want to move a few growing things and I'm on my phone, I use Legacy.

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Alternate custom sort


I wanted it to be similar to the unofficial Wiki's "Which egg is which" and "Dragon types" page, because I use it a lot for reference and my scroll goals checklist (which is huge) is based off that eggs page as well. I used to have it on automatic breed but it became frustrating checking my checklist against my scroll because they weren't in the same order at the time.


In order:



-ND experiment stuff

-Chicken(s) because I think theyre a cute start to a scroll

-Normal dragons in order of name of breed (there might be some anomalies though)

-Vaguely almost rare dragons like xenos, blusangs and golden wyverns (it doesn't make sense when I type it out but at least I know I can find things easily)

-Trio + guardians


-Prize dragons

-Holidays that go Christmas -> Valentines -> Halloween (incl zombies and vampires)


-Temporary BSA things that I don't intend to keep forever


I also automatically sort eggs into where I will want the adults to be as soon as I get them which is probably hard for people who want to see my growing dragons

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I use alt custom sort because I have thousands of dragons, and any other is a pain in the rear to use.


I sort my scroll by how much I like a certain breed, though there are certain exceptions. Like how all holidays are grouped together, no matter how much I like/dislike a certain breed. Also, all pygmies are right before the frozen hatchlings. Mostly due to how their size looks odd mixed in with their larger cousins. Although I adore the new zombie sprites, zombies remain at the very last of the scroll because they are tombstones the majority of the time I see them.

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Alt custom sort.

I'm a visual person, so legacy is scary. :x


My order:

-Newer adults and growing things, top oldest to bottom newest.

-Dragons to be used in lineage projects/WIP projects

-Rare lineaged things (ex. 2G Prizekin)

-Lineage projects

-Pygmy army

-Commons, sorted by encyclopedia name and age, with a few exceptions (Storms are sorted as Grays, for example)

-Holidays, sorted by holiday and age (Holidays, Halloweens, Valentines)

-Things that I still haven't sorted into the above groups because of holiday rushes (oops)

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Custom sort.

My order:

From important dragons to younger dragon (I guess you could say Bolz and Shiny are the oldest on my scroll...)

Eggs put at the bottom, hatchlings above eggs, adults above hatchlings.

Shopkeepers are put close to Bolz.

At the top is the dragon that is like the alternate version of me

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Default, by date, except reversed. With eggs/hatchlings on top. I've tried the custom sorts but they just frustrate me.

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Right now I'm super new so order hardly matters. But once my dragon hoard becomes bigger I want to sort by name? I give my dragons 'surnames' based on BSA/Affinity/Hybrids they can have.

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Since 2008/2007, I've sorted by breed order + growing hatchlings and eggs on the top. Especially as 1. I don't really care about lineages 2. It's a good way to learn breeds, since they're always alphabetical, and 3. I'd probably forget about my growing things if I don't put them to the top.

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Alternate Custom Sort.


Growing things at the top, and they get pre-sorted into their proper place once they're named and logged. The Name-Check Chicken halts anyone from proceeding to the rest of the scroll until they've been properly identified. Sometimes she has quite a line in front of her.


The GoNs next, then the Avatars and Trios, Prizes, Metals and Xenos, then....a very idiosyncratic sorting by breed according to how much I liked them at the time and how active they are in breeding projects. It doesn't strictly follow that priority system anymore, but it used to Now it's partly spaced out by which breeds I felt like seeing next to each other in the Sort view. Holidays are near the end (relatively, they're still several pages' worth), then a jumble of breeds I haven't collected many of, then pygmies, an incomplete wyvern rainbow, a jumble of frozens, my paper army, and then all the BSAs: reds, pinks, purples, magi.


I really ought to rearrange some things; move all that I'm not actively collecting/working with to one place near the end, and bump others upward.

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Alternate custom sort.

Eggs and hatchies on top with a few frozen hatchies that I named that I use to help sort the eggs and hatchies that are growing. I need to make sure I don't mix project dragons when I sort them later.

Then there are a couple of special code dragons (based on my handle, ytak).

Then start my CBs. I keep my metals on top (so people asking what I have can see them on the first page), then there are my regular CBs starting with the newest and getting older the further down the scroll. At the end of the CB section, I have the CB holidays together, the CB drakes, CB pygmies, and CB two headed.

Next start bred dragons with the holidays and extra special ones near the front of that group.

Then come breeding projects I'm doing. Some, like my PB guardian project actually have the bulk of my CB guardians. I found it easier to keep them further back on my scroll so they don't bloat the regular CB section. If I have any dead eggs, I stick them on the very bottom.


It works for me.

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I switched to Legacy Custom Sort from Alternate Custom Sort a few weeks ago - because Alternate Custom Sort took too long with over 7k dragons to load and look through.


I order my grown and frozen dragons by breed in order of acquisition, then by generation, then by age, so it's not like my order is close to anything available in the default options (Plus the leetle tree and my chickens live at the top, by the growing things.).


It would be much simpler to be able to input a sort position from the actions page of a given dragon - totally with you.

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I haven't actually bothered to sort anything yet, although I have a grand total of 4 eggs at the moment. I don't know what I'll choose when I get more.

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Basic custom sort.


I first did this when I had only four pages of dragons, using colours and sprites to decide who went where. I have a few sequences of alternating dragons (white/mint; white/black; mint/nhiostrife; yellow-capped/arias) and holidays tend to congregate within themselves.


Now that I'm up to seventeen pages, the hardest parts are adding the newer breeds as they arrive, trying to find where they'll look best, and remembering which page a particular breed is on if I have only two or four of that breed!


My unsorted dragons sit at the top below Welcome and the Ayn Rand hatchlings and above Please Sign Trotsky's Guest Book until they're named and shifted to their permanent homes. Anyone between Welcome and the hatchlings is usually waiting to be traded or dropped.

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I sorted my scroll in a new way now.

Hatchlings and eggs are now placed under the "goddess" (the albino). When the hatchlings grow up, they will be moved to the bottom of the page. Shopkeepers is kept around Bolz.

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I finally gave in and switched from Legacy Sort to Sort by Breed.  With a longish scroll and 199 dragon breeds it was getting too hard to find some of the newer breeds.

Goodbye Legacy Sort, I shall miss you.

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Up until I reached gold trophy, I used custom sort, but then it rapidly got out of control, so I switched to breed sort - and this last week adjusted from that "legacy" sort to the current breed sort because it's honestly the only way I can find anything anymore. I'm mildly annoyed at how inconsistent the various holiday breeds are in this mode, though.

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I do custom sort, manually sorting them by gen number. I mostly do even-gen, so it's nice to have all the dragons of the same gen together for figuring out breeding things and such. Plus I like the variety more than keeping all the same breeds together which is what I had at first, mixes it up a bit visually

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Just now, LibbyLishly said:

Up until I reached gold thought, I used custom sort, but then it rapidly got out of control, so I switched to breed sort - and this last week adjusted from that "legacy" sort to the current breed sort because it's honestly the only way I can find anything anymore. I'm mildly annoyed at how inconsistent the various holiday breeds are in this mode, though.


Yup, I noticed that too.  The quest for the perfect sort continues.

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Inconsistently. :rolleyes:


When I've got the time and I'm not flipping dragons like used cars in trades, I like to do a manual custom sort by color/rainbow, fix the few random dragons it sorts out of color and code my eggs, hatchlings, leetle tree and birthday zombie to the top in an aesthetically pleasing order.


I'd do the color sort all the time if I didn't have to manually resort those miscategorized dragons every time.


Usually I just default to a breed sort with the kids on top to make it easier for me to breed and trade.

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I sort the breeds into different types (pygmies together, two-headed together, wyverns together etc.) and then I partly put the breeds I like most on earlier pages and push those I don't like that much farther back.

On the last pages of my scroll are Reds, Pinks and Magi though, as I have so many of them due to their BSAs that I decided to place them there.

But as my least favourite regular breeds are Balloons, Water Walkers and Waterhorses, they are the last ones that come before the BSAs.


On the first few pages of my scroll are GoN Avatars, Metals, Prizes and Holiday dragons, immediately followed by my wyvern collection (which is coincidence, the wyverns just happened to land there).


I've been thinking about a new system, but since I have more than 2300 dragons at this point, my motivation is ... not that big. :lol:

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I used to do Sort by Breed, because when I got lazy and had Adults/Frozens pile up at the top of my scroll, I'd just automatically sort them. Now I have a Custom Sorting with Dragons in the order I want. Finding Dragons now is a pain in the butt, and sorting means I can no longer be lazy, but I like some Dragon Breeds more than others, and so I display the ones I like more first.

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