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How do you sort your scroll?

How do you sort your scroll?  

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(There is a poll about this from 2010 https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=81247&st=0 ; I got purpledragonclaw's permission to make a new one.)


I'm especially interested in how many players use Legacy Custom Sort (because of this suggestion I'm bumping every 1.5 years), but I'm also just curious about how all the scrolls are sorted. smile.gif


Which option do you use, and why?

If you use a custom sort option, what is your personal sorting system?


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I use Alternate Custom Sort, but I may switch to Legacy as my scroll grows larger... I'm not sure. Alternate is so easy and I'm comfortable using it, so I may stick with that no matter how big my scroll gets, but I think I'll quickly get tired of that once I get past 1,500 or so.


As for my personal sorting system, I have my dragons sorted by my lineage, which is the Elemental Lineage. I sort all the dragons in the 'Earth' category, then Wind, Fire, Water, Life... then my unbreedables just to break things up, then my frozen hatchling army, and finally my non-Elemental dragons, sorted by color as best I can (though I might switch to sorting them by name for ease of finding them). I don't know. As with most of my pet collecting sites, my way of organizing things is a bit convoluted but it works for me.

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My scroll is sorted by:


Regular dragons in a personal kinda rainbow




Halloween (new -> old)

Valentine (new -> old)

Christmas (new -> old)


Within these breeds dragons are sorted: CB - PB EG - EG checkers - other EGs - other lineages - messies - inbreds


Cheese, Paper, Chicken, Dinos


and at the end the dragons from my Descripdoom-rainbow lineage (might get sorted in now that it's finished, probably after everyone got their offspring and the descrips are all approved)

and a couple of extra frozen curly black alts for a song lyrics project.


I use Legacy these days because my scroll is over 5k dragons but every once in a while I use Alternate for "fine tuning" or to rearrange the place of larger groups relative to each other.

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Custom sort. I'm not organised, so I sort to just try making portions of my scroll look nice.


Some examples..

user posted image

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I use Alternate Custom Sort because all of the other ones are either not customizable enough to fit my needs, or a little inflexible and annoying to set up (looking at legacy sort).


I think legacy sort would make things easier than using alternate custom sort...but the initial setup is too intimidating. Plus if I ever decided I want to move all my holiday lineages together, it's a daunting task to renumber everything once I give the holidays the number that puts them where I want them. Also..if I try to use one number per breed, I'm not even sure how they get sorted within their number (by age? by gender?)


I think Alternate Custom Sort (along with the help of my spreadsheet) is the easiest way for me to keep track.


Here's the order I use:


S1 Hatchlings

S2 Hatchlings

Chickens, Papers, Cheeses, Dinos

My one CB Vamp

Pygmies (sorted alphabetically)


Trio dragons (1 cb of each gender of ice, magma, and thunder)

2-headed lindwurms

All the rest of the dragons, sorted alphabetically - including the rest of my trio dragons


Within the alphabetical sort, I divide them up by gender, and then within that, by generation. Ie. Male CB Aeons, 2G Male Aeons, 5G Male Aeon, CB Female Aeon, 3G Female Aeon, and then on to the next breed)


^ I haven't figured out any sort of automated way to sort things more than once (Ie. sort by breed, but within that, sort by gender, and within that, sort by generation).

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Alternate Custom.


I arrange my dragons in a general non-specific manner following just these rules: 5 CB males, 5 CB females, 5 lineaged males, 5 lineage females, 5 S2 male hatchies, 5 S2 females and 5 S1s.


After all that it's the collections, breeding projects, dinos, chickens and lastly excess dragons/zombie fodder.

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I use alternate custom sort. The top looks a bit unorganized but after that it's mostly by breed.



Frozen Nocturne


Kins I need to breed mates for

GoN 1

Dead lines/Zombie sacrifices that I'm currently working on

GoNs 2 & 3





Regular dragons by breed




Frozen hatchlings sorted by breed


Pinks are separated by gender

Any breeds with alternate colours are grouped with their colour

Alts are grouped together behind their regular breed sprite

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Also..if I try to use one number per breed, I'm not even sure how they get sorted within their number (by age? by gender?)

I use legacy custom sort like this:

10+ = Terrae

20+ = Marrow

30+ = Water Walker

40+ = Shadow Walker



Each dragon gets the number from the list plus its generation, so a CB Terrae is 11, 2nd gen is 12, and so on. Everything that is not even gen gets a 9 (so it goes at the end of that breed, along with the mostly hypothetical 9th gen and above even gens).


Dragons with the same number are automatically sorted by age.


The actual numbers 10, 20 etc. are usually unused (since there are no "zero gen" dragons). Sometimes I use them for a "separator hatchling" with a title, e.g. to indicate where Drake breeds start.


Originally I planned to sort the breeds by how much I liked them (Terrae were my favorite at the time smile.gif ), but that became impossible quickly, because I'd have to leave lots of empty spaces everywhere for new breeds.


There are also several exceptions and problems that evolved over time - I'll have to reorganize it all one day. But since it's the only way I found to have dragons sorted by generation, I'll keep using it.

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Legacy Custom Sort

I habe a rather complicated System, but so far it works for me.

I especially want my common PB Dragons sorted so that the 8th Gen (the Goal) is first, then the 7th Gens, 6th Gens and so on.

I might get into Trouble the more new breeds are introduced, but we'll see how it goes on. Maybe TJ will introduce something new for the 'extreme' collector?

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I've used Legacy for many years, mostly because of working with so many lineages.


0 - hatchlings, then eggs

1 - leetle tree and a frozen nocturne hatchling (so I'll know if it's day or night DC time)

2 - unsorted dragons and any potential zombies


after that, the numbers get weird, so I won't post them


Dorkface lineage dragons

Thuwed lineage dragons

Group and Personal linage projects

Spriter's ALT dragons


after that, is the Main Collection.. they are sorted alphabetically by breed name, but I don't always use the name from the Encyclopedia


after the main collection comes..


Holiday dragons

Holiday lineage projects

two heads








then, because I have so many of them... Dusk lineage dragons

Mayfair lineage dragons - this is sort of a dead project, so it's way near the end of my scroll

then comes the dragons from my completed 10 gen even gen Stripe project

then comes my herd of red Incubaters that do not breed

then comes my herd of magi Teleporters that do not breed

lastly are some extra frozen s2 paper hatchlings that are used for dividers, and the occasional tombstone from a dead dragon or failed zombie attempt


That's it... for now... I tend to redo it about once a year, but it's a PITA to do so. My dream sort will be when/if we get TABS, then I'll be in sort heaven.

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At the moment i use Legacy sort because of the Holly Contest. And then i think i will use sort by breed first and then finding the numbers for legacy sort to have my dream sorting:


Metasorting is by breed in alphabetical order with the exception of the Holiday, Halloween and Valentine dragons.


Then all CB female adults first, then all CB male adults, then the three frozen hatchlings (one female -> one male and then the ungendered), then lineaged ones mainly first the females then the males but for special lineage projects like the Targaryen lineage i will sort siblings together to see breeding pairs at first glance.


Until the Holly Contest is over it is kind of a mess, but i have a special number for every breed and new eggs and hatchlings get their breed number when they are still growing or if i see an adult in a strange place.


Custom sort was fine until i gotten a huge amount of dragons, then it was not so comfortable as it was a hundred dragons or so before. laugh.gif

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Ah, kind of fun to know I'm among the majorities.

I used Custom Sorting at first but my mouse broke and started messing up, so switched to Alternate Custom sorting. Somehow that works better.


Anyway, I keep my dragons mostly in color(rainbow) order, and might have just used the color option but wanted to put some favorite dragons such as my Black Tea Dragon family and CB Trios on top.


Wish there was an option to exclude selected dragons, and then sort the rest in certain order automatically. But then to think of it.......I'll probably still use Custom Sorting. Cause I'm a control freak and must micromanage everything. wacko.gif

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I've been using Alternate Custom sorting for awhile, using the combination of the Home/End and the PGUP/PGDN keys to sort through my dragons quickly whenever my newly grown dragons are ready to go.


The way I've been placing them for the past couple years is determined by which dragon species I obtained the day I started my Dragon Cave account to most recently. It doesn't matter if I caught anymore dragons of that species later on. They will all be bundled into one specific dragon group, including the hatchlings. Any alt dragons especially are a separate combination from their normal variations.


This idea of sorting is very unique, helping my scroll to stand out from other users.


I used to do a manual color sorting with my dragons before this, but it started getting a little confusing when I was obtaining dragons that were between primary and secondary colors.


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I use custom sort. I keep my eggs and hatchling on top and after them comes each female and male (cbs if I have them) of each breed in alphabetical order. Valentines are still grouped under V as are christmas grouped in C and halloweens in H (except Vampires). After this "breed collection" comes metals and others I might breed and after them comes my other dragons (non cb) in alphabetical breed order. When a hatchling grows up I just manually move it to the right place. I did try the legacy sorting, but I never really "got" it.


Someone somewhere has talked about tabs for dragons in scroll. That would be sooooo good! One could organize his/her dragons neatly. I could put the breed collection in one, breedings in one, checkers in one, the miscellaneous in one.. That would be the dream. As of now it is a hassel to try to find spesific dragon to breed... Luckily I do remember most of my dragons by name, so search ctrl + F is my tool of option.

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Custom sort, based on the date I first got a kind of dragon for the first time (but with prizes and avatars at the top of the scroll)

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Automatically by date, the same way I've done it since I began playing. biggrin.gif It's harder to find dragons, but easy to keep track of descriptions and recent/older creatures. I breed things for free if someone had the patience to slog through my scroll to find something specific. tongue.gif

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I use alternate custom sort. My scroll goes

Eggs and hatchies


2nd to 5th gen shimmers with mates

2nd to 5th gen tinsels with mates

Mateless shimmers and tinsels

CBs sorted by breed

Higher gen shimmers and tinsels which show up in breeding and stop me accidentally breeding the CBs and not CBs.

Not CBs sorted by breed, and generation within that.


Each group has a S1 frozen magi hatchie separating it from the next.

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Alternate Custom Scroll. I order my dragons depending on how much I like the species, my favorites go first, then Elementals, then Holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines -in that order-), Unbreedables, BSA's, other species I like a lot, Seasonals and all the rest of the species.


Each race is ordered by gender and by date, the most recent ones at the bottom of their species order.


After that I set up my scroll to show eggs and hatchies at the top.

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Right now I'm using auto sort by breed name. I accidentally updated it to the new version and now everything is scattered. I'll probably change to Rainbow sort soon since at least that's pretty.

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Holidays and special stuff at the top, then it's each breed in the order I first got one (much more relevant when I first joined), CBs first in order by date then all the rest.

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I sort automatically by breed name. I have too many dragons and not enough patience to sort them by hand, even though that would be my preferred method.

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I sort the regular both-gender breeds by breed's release date, in case of multiple breed releases those I caugt first go below those breeds I caught last. BSAs and zombie fodders go last, graves in the very end.

within the breed I put the adult male on top of the female, their 2g frozen children below them with male above the female and then the S1. If we could freeze eggs, then it would be placed below the S1.


My exact sorting is as follows:



*eggs/hatchlings I won't keep (trades, gifts, and the sort)

*Leetle Tree

*eggs/hatchlings I intend to keep

*the still growing zombie fodders

*Undeads(temporarily till I collect them all)

*Paper family (opens my scroll)

*pairs of regular breeds that I still need frozens from(once I breed the White Dtripe and the alt Black from my pairs, this won't be a thing anymore)

*regular breeds, Halloweens, Hollies and Mistletoes }by release date

(*Undeads - in the future once I get them all)

*single-gender Holidays in families (if I paired Yulebuck with Solstice, they'll be sorted as if they were one breed, S1 of the male breed on top of the S1 of the female breed)

*Cheese family (closes my scroll)

*additional useful BSAs (Pinks, Magis, Purples, Reds)

*not growing Zombie fodders

*spare CBs of Holidays

*graves after failed Revival


Sorting method used: Alternate Custom Sort

it just irritates me that just acquired eggs go in between the 2 Chickens instead of below the 2 chickens... I have no idea how to fix that...

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I use Alternate Custom Sort based on a rainbow. I started with the original Rainbow sort, but developed my own order over the years. smile.gif


Eggs and unfrozen hatchies on top, then GoNs and special, after that the rainbow starts with vampires. No disdinction between event and normal dragons. If there is colour dimorphism that doesn`t fit the rainbow, I keep them together anyway, like Vamps, Hellfire, Nebula,...

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