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1x1 with a really rusty RPer?

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Hello, it's me. I'm back from yet another huge inactivity spell.


I'm just looking to do a casual 1x1 with someone to help get back into the writing mood. I'm not going to be the most active partner for a wide variety of reasons ranging from college to mental health, but I'll try not to abandon ship!


I prefer original plots over fandom-based ones mainly because I'm not active in a lot of fandoms and prefer worldbuilding as I go, but I would be willing to do one loosely tied to one of these fandoms if you'd prefer:


- Pokemon

- Half-life

- Portal

- Fallout


As far as original plots go, I'm not too picky. I do have a few preferred themes, but I'd be willing to deviate if wanted. My preferred themes are as follows:


- Dystopian

- Fantasy/Modern fantasy

- Sci-Fi

- Post-apocalyptic

- Anything that has to do with really supernatural things in otherwise mundane settings tbh


I'm open to RPers of all skills, and I don't mind if your English isn't the best. Just know that I'm only going to be writing in third person. You can write in first person if that's what you're comfortable with, but I prefer third person writing. I also have a tendency to introduce new characters on the fly, so be warned.


Feel free to share plot ideas if you're interested! I'll make character sheets after we have a rough idea of the plot.

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o: It's not every day I come across someone with nearly-identical interests! I wouldn't mind starting up a 1x1 or a small group RP, though I will be slow as well for a medley of reasons (real life renovations, trying to establish a career, being in several roleplays already, the usual). I also tend to write long posts, especially long intro posts. If you're fine with those things then I have plenty of ideas to throw at you. xd.png (Note that I wrote these out for group roleplays; easily changed.)


The Crown Jewel. Fantasy, takes place at the start of a major conflict. The OP for this is pretty much finished.

A Waxen Sigil. Sort of fantasy, mostly post-apocalyptic (setting-wise; a lot of my post-apocalyptic RPs avoid typical apocalypses with typical reasons). Takes place during a war, but chances are you'll start out in a citadel that's sheltered from the actual fighting. The OP for this is somewhat finished.

Insurrection. Has a few sci-fi/fantasy-ish elements, but is post-apocalyptic (well, for one of the races, anyway). Setting is similar to Waxen Sigil, but with less inhabited areas and fighting in between humans. There is a supernatural element to the plot too. The OP for this isn't finished, but most of the important stuff has been taken care of.

The Petrified Egg; the updated information is on another forum, just so you're aware, but I'm willing to start up a 1x1 version if you want. This RP is almost entirely sci-fi, with aliens and everything. Obviously the OP is finished.


I just picked out the roleplay ideas I think you'll be interested in, but if you want you can look through my entire stash and pick out something there (yeah... I have a stash). We can alter any of these roleplays into ones requiring intro posts rather than sheets, or even open them up beyond 1x1s, if you want; I have a world-building problem, so it's not impossible for me to make up something new if none of them interest you. tongue.gif Just note that I do tend to put fantasy/alien elements in my RPs.

Oh, and if you want my opinion... um... I could go for Insurrection right now, it just needs to be finished so it reads a lot better and is less confusing due to random information being everywhere. Which reminds me, if you want I can give more information about any RPs you choose so you actually know what's going on.

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