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CB Dragons that are common/rare to you...

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I find CB nebbies a lot.

I have two CB nebbies on my scroll and missed one a few days ago. On the "Swipe A Dragon" thread, the second most common thing people snatch from my scroll other than my beautiful Kingcrowne is my CB Nebulas. they're mine so no takeys ALRIGHT


On the other hand, I struggle to find Dark Luminae. I find a lot of people with loads of Luminae, dark or light and I only have one on my scroll.

Here's my only Lumina. Sob.

So what dragons do you have an abundance of that others would chop their dominant arm off to have?

Is there a dragon you'd chop YOUR dominant arm off to have?

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Well I have 7 cb silvers which I'm sure people would love to snatch



I would love to have a cb gold and cb neglected though

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I would really, REALLY love to see/get more Xenos, if they weren't that rare, or at least they are to me because I don't remember the last time I managed to catch one myself, that would be the only species I'd look for T__T


Another example is the Seasonals, till last year I saw and got many (from the Forest, I'm not that lucky with Winters), but this year I rarely see them anymore.


Basically those are the only 2 species (CB exemplars) I'm interested in, Xenos and Seasonals, every new release I just grab an "initial" quota of 16 and forget about them. So yeah, Seasonals used to be kind of common to me but now are rare.

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