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Fortuna: Dance with Anarchy (OOC)

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In IC Thread (link below).



All cities of Fortuna are fairly clean. On the edges of the ever-changing borders between the Gears and Flora territories, it is much less clean due to the gang wars. Anywhere outside of the cities are littered with scrap metal either from bombs or abandoned vehicles from the war. The number of cars in Fortuna is fairly scant, though there are more in the Gears territory due to their emphasis on technology. Everything is run by clean energy.

The Gears territory is fairly strictly run, with rations and living quarters based on value to the gang. There is a main building/headquarters in Albany. Though the Gears has attempted many times to control the food going from the north to the south, they have been largely unsuccessful.

The Flora territory is much more loose, and is objectively less clean than the Gears territory. There is also a rations and residency system here, though it's much more equal, especially for the Leaves. They control the populace with drugs, and have tried often to infiltrate the north with them, knowing the Gears tactic to control food supply. Their headquarters is in Manhattan.

The Phi do not have any territory, as their objective is to have an information network throughout Fortuna and control the area through knowledge. They disguise themselves as Leaves, and usually live as such. In gang wars, their Pairnos are especially important to leave no trace of their fallen members. Despite the assertion they have no headquarters, they are centered in the west, near Buffalo.

Gang members can go freely from place to place, as no specific government has been established. However, in the case of the Gears and the Flora, members usually move in crowds to avoid being mugged.


user posted image

The Gears:


Remnants of the old Elite group, the Gears was the first gang to be established, on March 11th, 2114. Like its predecessor, the Elites, the Gears focuses on technology. It welcomes all who can use and create electronics, and the gang was the first to establish phone lines after the war. It was established with the goal of creating a society where people will be judged by their value to society and have a place in society based on that, though improvements in status is very possible. They have very strict values and rules in their areas, which turn more free souls away from their ideals. Starting out in the North, they attempted to take over all of Fortuna, but were blocked by the Flora, starting the first gang wars. The North is their primary territory, with some undefined borders due to frequent conflict.


Big Sister (Boss):

-Angela Maude Faye [belle]


Little Brother/Sister (Second in Command):


Truck (Collects Dead Bodies 0/4):


Drone (Intimidators 1/3):

-Rebecca "Bec" Laflamme [TehUltimateMage]


Wire (Sells and Creates Electronics 1/8):

-Neo Mi-sun Nang [hjy213]


Wrench (Medics 1/3):

-Harcourt Li-Summerfield [Chrysophylox]


Nano (Spies 2/3):

-Dominic "Ding" Rodriguez (Leader) [Epyon]

-Victoria "Vipra" Reese Clemings [Narvix]


Chip (Grunts 1/∞):

-Isaac Dae-won Nang [hjy213]

user posted image

user posted image

The Flora:


The Flora gang was created a few months after the creation of the Gears, in August 24th, 2114. It is primarily filled with Alphas, but there is still a considerable number of Elites and Locu, the Elites disliking the direction of the Gears, and the Locu interested by the trade of the Flora, which was drugs. Uninterested in the world value the Gears gave, and also suspecting the world value wouldn't be as nice as they try to make it seem, the Flora originally attempted to destroy the Gears by making them dependent on their drugs. Though that failed, the Flora were still successful in starting a currency system again with the dollars and other types of money people carried or found in Fortuna, and gets most of its resources through selling drugs. They claim to be able to create a free world where people can freely go through life without too much regulation, but their use of drugs makes some unwilling to rally behind them. They control the South of Fortuna, and usually have more promiscuity and violence in their area.


Boss Leader (Boss):

-Qiyan "Chi" Duan [Chrysophylox]


Little Brother/Sister (Second in Command):

-Monica "Mo Mo" Liza Higgins [Narvix]


Vulture (Collects Dead Bodies 0/4):


Fogger (Intimidators 1/3):

-Jocelyn (Yu Xing) Liu [TehUltimateMage]


Poppy (Sells Drugs 1/8):

-Theodore Vincent Groves (Leader) [hjy213]

-Henry "Jade" Ross [Thaelasan]


Dove (Medics 1/3):

-Cecil Owens [greenglassesgal]


Spider (Spies 0/3):


Egg (Grunts 0/∞):

user posted image

user posted image

The Phi:


The Phi gang was established on January 1st, 2120, and is not strictly a Locu gang, as many claim it to be. In fact, it was founded by Leaves who very clearly showed themselves to be separate from their original loyalties. They hated the extremes of the two existing gangs, and started one themselves, hoping to be more lax than the Gears and more strict than the Flora. They focus on gathering information for families who were separated during war, and haven't clearly stated a desire to one day rule Fortuna, so Leaves don't quite see them as a candidate for rule, though many have shown to like their way of working. The Phi don't have a set area, as they're not the very assertive, but do have headquarters in the West. They disguise themselves as Leaves, and live anywhere they please in order to gather Intel, which often gives them the nickname of Rats by other gangs.


Big Brother (Boss):

-Robert Justice Byrne [hjy213]


Little Brother/Sister (Second in Command):

-Nicholas Riley Freebird (Alpha) [Thaelasan]

-Rena Valorie Freebird (Omega) [Thaelasan]


Pairno (Collects Dead Bodies 1/4):

-Serena "Ren" Rivera Chua [greenglassesgal]


Tromazo (Intimidators/Guards 0/3):


Soph (Sells Information (0/8):


Giatros (Medics 1/3):

-Jason Irving Phillips [Narvix]


Kataskope (Spies 1/3):

-Henry "Jade" Ross [Thaelasan]


Neto (Grunts 0/∞):

user posted image

user posted image

The Leaves:


Not a gang. The Leaves are people who aren't willing to join a gang, and usually just want to go with the flow. Some may be more ambitious than most and dream of becoming the leader themselves, but for the most part, they're just there.


Leaves (4/∞):

-Jessie Leon Clemings [Narvix]

-Cameron “Cam” David Devereux [Narvix]

-John "Jack" Devereux [Epyon]

-Adeline "Addie" Davis [hjy213]

user posted image

Official Fortuna Rules:




Unofficial Fortuna Rules:


•Listen to those who rule the territory you live in.


•To disobey any Big Brother or Big Sister is to ask for death.


•Give up anything good you find to your ruling gang.


•Mind your own business and maybe you'll live.


RP Rules:


•Chrysophylox is co-host.


•No GM


•Keep the kinky stuff out. Since this is gang-related, violence is pretty unavoidable.


•Censor curses.


•Please listen to what I say.


•No character limit, just limit yourself if you don't think you can handle too many.


•As this is a post-apocalyptic rp, there are obviously futuristic items. However, there are limits. The following are fine:

-Faster healing (like the Cradle in Avengers: AoU)

-Ammo-less guns. (laser guns and the like)

-Renewable energy (actually this will be a given)


Ask if there's something else you want your character to have before using them.


•If you've read all the rules, please put Fates in the other section.


•Again, this is a post-apocalyptic rp. The area is not bountiful with resources. This isn't a specific rule, but I'd like you to keep this in mind.


•The personality and history sections of your characters don't need to be incredibly detailed, but it's always nice to have a little story to see why a character is a certain way. You can make these sections as long or as short as you'd like, though.




Skype Group Chat

Character Google Doc



[B]Username:[/B] TEXT HERE
[B]Full Name:[/B] TEXT HERE
[B]Gender:[/B] TEXT HERE
[B]Affiliation:[/B] TEXT HERE
[B]Rank:[/B] TEXT HERE
[B]Date of Birth:[/B] TEXT HERE
[B]Appearance:[/B] TEXT HERE

[B]Personality:[/B] TEXT HERE
[B]History:[/B] TEXT HERE

[B]Family:[/B] TEXT HERE
[B]Place of Family Origin:[/B] TEXT HERE

[B]Sexuality:[/B] TEXT HERE
[B]Crush:[/B] TEXT HERE

[B]Other:[/B] TEXT HERE

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Username: hjy213

Full Name: Neo Mi-sun Nang [낭미선/浪美仙]

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Affiliation: The Gears

Rank: Wire

Date of Birth: February 19, 2099

Appearance: Neo has black eyes with monolids, short black hair in a bob cut, and somewhat angular features. She is somewhat tall at 5’7”, and has a mildly pale complexion, as she often stays indoors. She has a slender body type, and doesn’t have much muscle, though she can still run very quickly. She has some burns from the war on her left leg and arm that she usually covers up with her clothing. She often looks apathetic, and rarely changes expressions. Most of the time, she wears jeans with a t-shirt, sneakers, and a long coat over this with many pockets to keep her various items, as she doesn’t trust herself with backpacks.


Personality: Neo is a very blunt person, almost always telling a person outright that they're annoying her. Her patience with people is always at a low, but when it comes to non-social things, she'll always wait as long as it takes for her to finish. She can be very social, it's just that other things will always take precedence for her.

She is also very protective of the people she values, especially her brother. Because she knows this about herself, she refuses to interact much with others, fearing she'll get too involved.

History: Neo was born in the Elite territory of Korea. She was a very obedient girl at the time, always following the orders of her parents and the Elite. When the war broke out, Neo was terrified, but still tried her best to calmly listen to her parents' orders.

At the age of nine, her family moved to America, which was somewhat safer. Because her parents were high-standing Elite officials, they had top priority in getting to America. The next plane that exited Korea was attacked by Locu forces, and hearing about it on the news made Neo shudder at the possibility of her death had their family not been seen as priority. Around a year later, Neo and her family watched as the Korean Peninsula disappeared under weapons strikes.

While living in America, things were surprisingly calm in comparison to her birth country. She managed to go to school occasionally, but because she relied on technology to translate people's words as they spoke, Neo never really learned English during the war period. As the war became more concentrated in North America, one of the few land masses left, and Neo soon grew used to running from place to place, eventually reluctantly giving up on education. Noticing this, her father picked up bits of electronics in their travels, fixing a music player for her to use, and teaching her how to fiddle with electronics. With this newfound passion, Neo happily went on with life. However, her notions of a slightly calm family life went down the drain when the military facility she was in was bombed, Neo barely noticing because she had grown far too used to hearing the bombs and didn't wake up from the sounds nearing the complex. Her parents barely managed to get her in the bombproof zone of the facility, but ended up dying in the process, leaving Neo alone with her brother at the age of eleven, and had to wander from then on. Realizing she could figure out a way to avoid the bomb strikes and reach safer cities, Neo relied on topographical maps and news stories as long as the translating technology survived before relying on her brother to dumb down words to ones she could understand. When the war ended, Neo arrived in Fortuna with her brother. She worked hard to make sure she and her brother had food, and learned English by immersing herself in the music and people. After getting proficient at English enough to understand and say basic sentences, she stopped really interacting with others as she knew death would be imminent in Fortuna, and she didn't want to befriend anyone before possibly watching them die.

When the Gears formed when Neo was fifteen-years-old, she joined immediately, using her ability with electronics to get herself in. Six years later, she had her brother join as well.



-Gun-hyung Nang(father;deceased)

-Jin-hee Kwon(mother;deceased)

-Isaac Dae-won Nang(younger brother;alive)

Place of Family Origin: Korea


Sexuality: Demisexual

Crush: None


Other: None




Username: hjy213

Full Name: Isaac Dae-won Nang [낭대원/浪大元]

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Affiliation: The Gears

Rank: Chip

Date of Birth: March 21, 2105

Appearance: Isaac has black eyes with monolids,short, dark brown hair that is often messy, and somewhat angular features. He is tall, at 5’10”, and likes to wear boots with thick soles to look even taller than his sister. He has a somewhat skinny, but toned body, and has tan skin from going outside a lot. Often seen with an almost perpetual grin, he almost already has wrinkles near his eyes from smiling so much. He will usually wear jeans, t-shirts and sneakers like his sister, and carries a dirty, run-down, black backpack that his sister used to carry.


Personality: Isaac is very nonchalant about the way he does things. He enjoys being carefree, and always tries to tell others to let loose to avoid being too stressed. If he doesn't want to do something, he'll just say so, but if he does he'll get invested, but not too much to the point of being obsessed.

History: Isaac was born in the Elite territory of Korea. He was born just before the war, so he grew up believing the noises were a normal part of life. Unlike his sister, the Elite values weren't quite instilled in him, but he still followed whatever rules there were as he grew older.

As his family stayed in military complexes in America, Isaac was practically raised by the American military men in these areas, as his parents had to work, and his sister was a bit too young to take care of him well. Due to this, he grew up learning English rather than Korean, an issue that made it hard for his sister to converse with him. The two grew apart up until the deaths of their parents, after which his sister grew very protective, though Isaac never really knew she was protective all the time. As his sister had to concentrate on getting to safe areas, Isaac believed she was simply ignoring him, which he often felt depressed about. Despite his young age, though, Isaac still understood that his sister needed to be left alone, and learned quickly to not care. When Fortuna was created, he still had this nonchalant way of living, which he knew annoyed his sister, but he still did it to avoid getting stressed. At the age of fifteen, at the urging of his sister, he joined the Gears. Not wanting to become a big part of the gang because of his personality, Isaac was content with staying as a Chip, and continues to be one now, surviving with his wit to avoid getting in large gang wars.



-Gun-hyung Nang(father;deceased)

-Jin-hee Kwon(mother;deceased)

-Neo Mi-sun Nang(sister;alive)

Place of Family Origin: Korea


Sexuality: Heterosexual

Crush: None


Other: None




Username: hjy213

Full Name: Theodore “Ted” Vincent Groves

Age: 46

Gender: Male

Affiliation: The Flora

Rank: Leader of the Poppies

Date of Birth: November 11, 2080

Appearance: Ted has green eyes with double-eyelids, light-brown hair that is often slicked back, and square features. He is tall, at 6’, and has a broad body type, with tanned skin. He has minor scars on his body, and one on his chin. Despite his scary demeanor, Ted often has a warm smile on his face, no matter the circumstance. He will often wear a blue business shirt, black pants, and loafers, seeing everything as business.


Personality: Ted is a cynical, aggressive, and persuasive man hardened by war. He'll do anything to get his way in Fortuna, not caring if his way involves the ruination of thousands of lives in Fortuna. He always claims he works for himself, but he is still fairly obedient, listening intently to any rules that come by. Though he may be the leader of the poppies, he has no desire to make it to the top. All he wants is to go on with life, but in a comfortable state that being in a gang provides him with.

History: Ted was born in England in the year 2079. England was an Alpha territory, so he grew up with Alpha values, being taught to use his creativity to the greatest extent. At the age of 20, his family moved to America, and Elite territory, as his parents believed that Alpha values were beginning to look weaker in comparison to Elite values. Ted saw this as a betrayal, and quickly abandoned his family, spending time hitch-hiking around America, through the hidden Alpha enclaves.

During his travels, he met Iris Agnelli, who grew up in the Alpha territory of Italy. Both were ardent Alpha supporters, and seeing how similar their lives were, they became a couple, but never officially married. Several years later, they had their son, Von.

The family expected to live happily, despite living in such a strong Elite nation, but soon their dreams were crushed when World War IV broke out. Iris was killed in the midst of the war, and Ted was alone with his infant son. He moved from place to place at all times to survive with Von, but soon even he died. Crushed by the circumstances, Ted gained a very cynical personality, though the Alpha values were still strong with him. When Fortuna was established, he believed he would live the rest of his days with no goal, but when the idea of an Alpha gang forming went around, he quickly established himself as a major player, being the one to suggest the act of selling drugs.



-Iris Groves(wife;deceased)

-Von Theodore Groves(son;deceased)

Place of Family Origin: England


Sexuality: Heterosexual

Crush: None


Other: None




Username: hjy213

Full Name: Robert Justice Byrne

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Affiliation: The Phi

Rank: Big Brother

Date of Birth: April 1, 2091

Appearance: Robert has brown eyes with monolids, short brown hair, and squarish features. He is tall, at 6’2”, with a slender but toned body type and tanned skin. Robert looks very friendly, and keeps this look so people are more willing to speak with him. He wears anything from casual to formal clothing, whatever the circumstance may be so he looks normal/inconspicuous. To hide his features, he usually wears a facemask, that doesn’t look suspicious with the dirty air, and glasses that have fake lenses.


Personality: Robert is a very ambitious man with a lot of charisma. He is a master of using words to sway another to his side, and can easily read another person. He loves to socialize, usually for the reason of getting information out of someone.

History: Robert was born as the only son in a multiracial family in the US. His father was an Australian army man who moved to America and became a Major and his mother a doctor, so he was usually left alone to do as he wished. Whenever he had alone time, he would often go out with his friends, tagging along for whatever plan they had for the day. Knowing they were somewhat of a bad crowd, he would often use his speaking skills to get out of a situation before it got worse.

When the war started, Robert had been separate from his father, and traveled to safe zones with his mother. He tried to convince his mother to go certain routes, realizing they could be safer, but his mother wouldn't listen due to her own stubbornness. Not wanting to end up possibly dying one day, at the age of eighteen, he ran from his mother and began moving about on his own for the last three years of the war.

In Fortuna, Robert just lived by watching to see what may happen in terms of power, especially when the three leaders said to leave behind the old values. Seeing how no one really dropped the old values, Robert scoffed at how no one was willing to change, gathering people who didn't join the gangs that mirrored the Elite and Alpha. Most people assumed he was from a Locu country because of his Australian accent, so he simply let others think the way they wanted to think. Considering what the other two gangs controlled, Robert decided he would use the fact that people lost family during the war to give his gang some semblance of power.

Despite being the Big Brother of the Phi, Robert does not openly show himself to be the leader. Instead, he hides his true identity and often keeps himself from showing how he looks so he could go into Flora and Gears territory.



-Arthur Dean Byrne(father;deceased)

-Heather Ji-min Byrne(mother;deceased)

Place of Family Origin: USA


Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush: None


Other: None




Username: hjy213

Full Name: Adeline “Addie” Davis

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Leaf - Eastern Fortuna, near Gears-Flora Border

Rank: N/A

Date of Birth: April 23, 2108

Appearance: Adeline has light brown hair that reaches just past her shoulders and dark brown eyes. She has a pale complexion, and often wears light-colored long-sleeved clothing, a hat, and a mask to avoid too much sunlight. She has some freckles that dot along her nose and cheeks, and a small scar on her chin from a childhood incident. Though she appears to be very thin and fragile, Adeline has some muscle that just isn’t very noticeable with the clothing she wears. Because of this appearance, Adeline often carries a weapon that she makes sure is visible, whether it be a bat or a gun or a knife. When not wearing a mask, she usually has a calm disposition, expressions ranging from apathy to mild happiness.


Personality: Adeline considers herself an actor. She can usually guess accurately what kind of personality will open up another person, and acts according to each situation, though she keeps a baseline of an ambitious, charismatic person to assure people that she is not fake. She genuinely believes in her core principles of unity and peace, and has an odd sense of justice that comes from this. Though observant, she is not a completely calm or collected person, often acting rashly. She doesn’t think too far ahead, often not even caring about the long-term consequences of her actions. However, she is not stubborn. If someone can manage to speak with her and convince her that what she is doing may be bad, she is quick to consider, making her someone who can be easily manipulated, if she is spoken to before she commits to an action. As such, she is flexible, but has something like a time limit for when she can be flexible.

History: Born during the war, Adeline was what she considers to be the replacement for her older brother, Adam, who got drafted in the war and was reported KIA at age 19. Though initially safe, the family’s home was one of many that were under threat of bombing and attacks and the family moved towards New York, which, despite being at the edge of America, was surprisingly well-guarded. By the end of the war, Adeline was 4-years-old, her mother was dead after succumbing to injuries suffered while taking Adeline to safety.

In Fortuna, Adeline grew up in the South, helping out when she could and watching her father get close to a woman who had lost her husband in the war. Adeline came to like the woman, and was ecstatic to find that she was pregnant with a baby who would become Adeline’s half-sibling. Despite the harsh conditions of early Fortuna, Adeline was happy to be with her father and new family, and would have been fine to have everything stay the same. Instead, she was disappointed as friends she made while growing up went away in support of groups like the Gears or the Flora, and watched as the ideological barriers that defined life before Fortuna come back to Fortuna. However even then, she decided to go along with life as it is, as she had a younger brother she wanted to take care of. At least she would have, until she overheard her father and step-mother speak of Adam, the older brother she had never met or even knew about, when she was 15, and began to believe she was just a replacement. Angry, she ran from home, going to the border cities. While travelling, she met people who did not like the rule of the gangs, who wanted another reset to create a truly unified area. Being young, Adeline was fond of the idea of a reset, as she preferred life before the gangs much more than the current situation. This being the case, she took the next four years going back and forth between the two major gang territories to find snippets of the clip of the original Three Leaders announcing the end of the war to remind people of the event that created Fortuna, and perhaps even to remember the feelings of anguish they may have had in order to create chaos that could spark the reset she desires.




-Darrell Davis(father;alive)


-Victoria Davis(mother;deceased)


-Elizabeth Portman(step-mother;alive)


-Adam Davis(older brother;deceased)


-Xavier Orlando Davis(younger half-brother;alive)


Place of Family Origin: USA


Sexuality: Homosexual

Crush: None


Other: None

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I'm considering joining but I wanted to begin my own form of gang with a focus on economic control and trying to reclaim the knowledge of the past. Is there a gang that falls under that category?

Basically one that unlike looking to the future, they also want to remember the sins of their fathers, trying desperately to avoid the mistakes of the past. Kinda like the Brotherhood of Steel, though less elitist.


-- Also I'd need both the Big Brother and Little Sister roles because I always make couples, so I'd need both of my characters to be leaders. I know I'm asking a lot.

Edited by Thaelasan

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@Chrysophylox, I'll reserve the position, but I have no idea what to do for the name of the title so I'll leave that to you.


@Thaelasan, The Gears and the Flora are both trying to gain economic control in their own ways. The Gears with tech, and the Flora with drugs. In terms of knowledge, that would be the Phi. So if you don't quite like the descriptions of any of these gangs, I would be ok with you creating your own gang, but I would prefer it's not established before the rp even starts. I feel like if I let that happen, others will pop up with their own ideas of a gang, and the rp will end up with a bunch of small gangs with one or two characters rather than three large ones with the differing ideologies of the war, which is the fictional history of this rp. So you can make your own gang, but only if I see its development. It would be even better if you're able to win over other characters to your side. If you'd like, I can create a Leaf character for you to collaborate with, since right now there's obviously not a great number of people in this rp.

As for your characters being Big Brother and Little Sister in your gang, I can't have people taking more than one leader role. I chose to create a Big Brother/Sister and Little Brother/Sister system so there can be more than one opinion leading a gang, and allowing you to take both positions would break that. I understand what you want to do, but this is something I would like to stay firm about. Other than both characters being the leader and sub-leader, you could maybe instead have a leader and leader of a section of the gang, or any other combination.

I hope you understand my reasoning about your requests, and this doesn't turn you away. There are just some things I fear may happen, and these are all just precautions.

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I've been kind of eying this. Would you mind if I reserved the Second in Command for the Flora and a Giatro for the Phi? I'd also like a Nano for the Gears, please.

Edited by Narvix

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EDIT: Actually scratch that.

EDIT AGAIN: I really should read things. Second in command of Phi's rank. jeez.


I have plans already for certain things. Gotta get some things written and do a bit more development of Phi people.


I want to bring a character based on this.


I'll send you the sheets.


If I can't have two of the higher ranking roles, can two people hold the same role if I make it make sense?

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Sorry, I think something got lost in all the edits. Could you possibly clarify your words? I'm not really understanding.

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Basically, I want to create a pair of characters with the same role in Phi - the second in command, or whatever you're willing to hand me. The idea of them shall be explained in the sheets I'll be writing very shortly. :I

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I hath sent you mine sheets.


EDIT: Here they are


Full Name: Nicholas Riley Freebird

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Phi

Rank: Second in Command Alpha.

Date of Birth: April 2, 2100

Appearance: A lanky man standing at 5'11". Nicholas has streaks of grey through short, black hair, due to radiation effecting the pigmentation of his body after the incident. He has a goatee of black. His eyes are green. He normally wears a ragged pair of overalls with a brown overshirt underneath. His very appearance is of an inventor or researcher.


Personality: A man absorbed in the past, Nicholas was the son of a pair of Alphas, who wished their son would become a genius who could bring the world back from the brink of its current situation. As such, Nicholas tries hard to create as well as find old things of the past. He has a quirk of trading valuable food or even drugs for CDs and casette tapes, as well as holograph recorders. He wants to find the music and movies of the past, to bring back the glory years before WWIII.

History: Nicholas' mother died of radiation sickness when he was thirteen. With her gone, Nicholas' father, Riley, decided to become more rigorous in Nick's training as a "Paragon of the Alphas." He began to teach the child difficult maths, engineering design, and kept the same quote rolling in Nick's mind.

"If you dream it, you can build it."

So, Nick began to aspire. He wanted to create a new world, beyond the bunkers and desolation of new Fortuna. But he had no idea of the world outside.

He was then informed by his father, in 2117, that they would be leaving the bunker that had kept them safe for all of the war. His father stepped out first, and then vanished into the wastes, leaving his son with the last line "If you can dream it, you can build it. Be strong son. I love you."

And he left his 17 year old son to forge his own path in this destroyed world. The two had already planned that in ten years, they would meet again. But they left no trace of their escape from the bunker, nor that it ever existed. It was meant to be a new life. But what sort of life could a man without knowledge of the outside world create?

He followed the teachings of his father, and survived in the wasteland as best he could without any outside assistance save some survivors he found in his journeys.

That's when he found the scavenger, Rena. She had escaped a Subway system after a gangwar four years ago, and had no place to go. Together the two struggled to survive until a new gang began to make itself known - the Phi.

Realizing their ideals collided, Rena and Nick attempted to make their way in this new family, until the present day. Through their engineering skills, their desire to build, and their wishes to try and fix things peacefully, they made a name for themselves as the "Alpha and the Omega," becoming the second-in-command of this new gang.

Family: Riley Freebird: Father. Alive. Location Unknown.

Marissa Freebird: Mother. Deceased.

Rena Freebird: Wife.

Charlie Freebird: Son.

Place of Family Origin: Bunker 2213, a bomb-shelter created in the event of nuclear war by Nicholas' eccentric great-grandfather. Turns out, he was right about the whole thing.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Crush: Married. Rena Freebird.

Other: Nicholas is the Alpha of the Second in Command. As such, most ideas are spoken to him, with Rena being the decider. They work together to make most choices.

"I am the beginning,..."


Full Name: Rena Valorie Freebird, Maiden Name: Rogerson

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Phi

Rank: Second in Command Omega

Date of Birth: June 10, 2102

Appearance: Rena wears a torn up jacket she claims came from her parents. She has rolled up jeans, rain boots, and glasses. Her hair is brown and normally tied up in however she fancies on a given day. She stands at 5'10". Her eyes are brown.

Personality: Rena has a very broad view of the world. She's infatuated with inventing and engineering and wishes to remake the world of the pre-war era. She can start talking for hours once something new has been introduced to her, and has been known to jot down her ideas in a small, beat-up journal she always keeps on her.

History: Rena, unlike Nicholas, knew the world outside of the bunkers very early on. She wasn't lucky enough to live in one, and lost both of her parents to fallout during the war, saved only by hiding within a subway system with a hundred other survivors. There, she created a new family, and for most of her life, learned how to survive and live on her own. The only other real friend she had was Patty, a girl she also found down in the subways.

Rena became fascinated with the subway trains. She would pull apart the old wreckage to take pieces of them back to her shelter. She'd try her best to fix them up and pretended she was driving them. But she knew, deep in her heart, there were no rails any longer to ride on on the surface, only down below.

When she turned thirteen, a gang war between the Gears and the Flora destroyed half of her home and killed Patty along with many of the survivors. It was then Rena realized how terrifying people could be, and she fled to the surface with only a handful of those who could escape. She was lost. She was alone. And she had no one.

During her survival in the wastes, Rena found a fellow scavenger two years her senior, Nick. She became infatuated with his skills in engineering and technology and began to work with him to live in this new world. The two became inseparable quite quickly.

Like herself, he had no place to go, and with his father missing, he was confused. But she noticed he had a knack for fixing things, even broken light systems and replacing fuses at a moment's notice. He had manuals for old building structures that he just began to collect whenever he found them. He could read within moments and understand how things worked within seconds. His abilities rivaled her own, and it enticed her. She made one demand of him,

"I want you to help me."


"Help me build a subway train."

The very idea made him chuckle but she was serious. The trains had represented a method of freedom to her. When he began to realize her tone, he nodded.

"Of course. We can do that. I'd love to."


Soon after she found him, a new gang known as the Phi began to develop near them, a group very "under the radar." After discovering their existence, Rena convinced Nick to join her with them, and he agreed. The two worked together to make a name for themselves.


Four years ago, before the events of the current setting, Rena gave birth to a child, Charlie, and has begun teaching the four year old recently of machines and inventions. She hopes it will stick.


Family: Arnold Rogerson: Father. Deceased.

Rebecca Rogerson: Mother. Deceased.

Place of Family Origin: A small city near Buffalo.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Crush: Married. Nicholas Freebird.


Other: "...and I am the end."

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I'll be making the first post soon after Chrysophylox posts a character. Either tonight, or tomorrow noon-ish (EST), the rp'll begin. If anyone thinks they'll be done by tomorrow and wants to join in when rp starts, tell me and I can delay to tomorrow night.

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I've been sick this week and I'm currently trying to wrap up some homework due tomorrow. I'll do my best to have my sheets in tomorrow but I won't guarantee it. So, don't wait up for me smile.gif I'll get my three in ASAP, promise. ^^

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Alright, I hope you feel better! Don't force yourself to finish by tomorrow, since school is definitely important.

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Oh I forgot to mention that Nick's middle name was the same as his father's first name, Riley. I'm sorry about that. Can we add that in?


Also I'm ready to start whenever we can.

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There're no instructions on where to send sheets so I hope it's okay for me to post them here?


Full Name: Victoria “Vipra” Reese Clemings

Age: 27 years

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Gears

Rank: Nano

Date of Birth: March 21, 2100

Appearance: Vipra is small, around 5’3” in height and weighs about 115 pounds. Her face is round, possessing low cheekbones that aren’t very visible. Her eyes are a bright shade of brown, sitting on either side of a pointed nose. Freckles dot her brown skin, hardly a shade darker. She keeps her black hair cropped short, sporting a ducktail in the back (that’s held in place with gel) and an A-line in front that frames her face.

Typically, she wears a dark green leotard with tattered jean shorts and a leather belt. Biker gloves cover her hands but reveal her fingers while heavy boots protect her feet. When she’s working, she wears quieter shoes, a full-body suit of her design, and a trench coat loaded with equipment.


Personality: Vipra is a very curious and energetic individual. She loves to break things down and put them back together, especially technology. She’ll tinker with just about anything, often creating her own unique tools or devices. She’s opinionated and driven, often willing to take risks in order to see a job done successfully. Highly and widely skilled, she lives with the knowledge that she could be a dangerous threat to the Gears if they decide to view her as such. As a result, she treads carefully and ensures her loyalty to Big Brother.

History: Growing up with a decent household of four, Vipra was closest to her twin sister. As children, the two were constantly coming up with various adventures to entertain themselves. Eventually, Vipra took to electronics while Jessie found a love in art. When they were about twelve years old, their house was raided and the sisters became separated from their parents. Alone, the duo managed to survive, falling into the arms of a kind old woman until she passed three years later from old age. About that time, Vipra was absorbed into the Gears and Jessie developed an unknown illness, theorized to be caused by radiation. To protect her, Vipra hid Jessie away from the eye of the Gears, fearing what they might do to her.

When Vipra was twenty-two, she found their father alive and well. But she didn’t approach him and he was gone once more, traveling to some unknown place. By the time Vipra turned twenty-four, Jessie had become comfortable, living simply in Fortuna as a humble Leaf. Her sister now has a fiancé and a two year old daughter named Vicky. However, much to Vipra’s aching heart, her niece inherited Jessie’s illness.

Vipra’s on a mission to make a device that can cure them.



Geoffrey Larson Clemings - Father | Alive | Unknown

Monique Krystol Clemings - Mother | Unknown | Unknown

Jessie Leon Clemings - Twin sister | Alive | Leaf

Place of Family Origin: Central America


Sexuality: Asexual/Aromantic

Crush: N/A


Other: Super skilled, Vipra has successfully produced several tools designed for various jobs, including her own. However, she is talented enough to not need them like other spies do. Still, she keeps them on hand to cover her tracks.



Full Name: Monica “Mo Mo” Liza Higgins

Age: 32 years

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Flora

Rank: Little Sister

Date of Birth: June 6th, 2095

Appearance: A tall woman, Monica almost looks sickly. Standing at roughly 6’ tall, she has very pale skin and not enough meat on her bones. Some of her joints, especially her shoulders and a few knobs of her spine, are starting to show. Her brown hair is dull and straight, falling to the bottom of her shoulder blades with zero luster. Sharp facial features give her a narrow face with visibly high cheekbones. Her green eyes are harsh, her nose dipped, and her lips severe.

Generally streamlined, Monica prefers wearing tank tops and skinny jeans with black, knee-high boots.


Personality: Monica is the brooding type. She doesn’t like to talk nor does she care about opinions unless the discussion is business-oriented. Her humor (and general point of view) is dark, quite often morbid, when she does display it on the rare occassion. Frequently, she’ll disappear for her own personal reason but always manages to pop up where and when she’s needed. Blunt, Monica reserves no sugar-coated words for anyone.

She’s very organized and detailed when it concerns getting a job done. However, her personal space is in complete disarray. Secretly, she daydreams when she isn’t busy with something else more important. Her attention to detail is phenomenal and it’s transformed into a private passion. To practice it, she’s made a habit of writing in her extreme level of description.

History: As part of an ‘abnormal’ family that included an adopted sibling, Monica’s best friend had become her legal sister by paper when Cathy’s family was killed in an accident. The two had connected during elementary school when the other children weren’t too fond of Monica’s worldview. Fast friends, Cathy was her source of support when her parents were caught in the crossfire of a territory dispute. Only fifteen at the time, Monica started smoking and drinking, quickly becoming dependent on the nicotine rather than the alcohol. After a couple years, she dropped the bottle and stuck to the cigarette.

When they were in their twenties, Monica and Cathy wound up in Fortuna, taken in by Flora where Cathy quickly became lovers with the gang’s drugs. At thirty, Cathy overdosed and Monica felt betrayed by the very family she’d grown to love. Vengeful, Monica is driven by her ambition to tear down Flora from the inside. Whether to completely destroy it or remodel it, she hasn’t decided yet.



Dominic Tyler Higgins - Father | Deceased | North Africa

Ivonna Phin Higgins - Mother | Deceased | North Africa

Cathy Susan Higgins - Adopted Sister | Deceased | Flora

Place of Family Origin: North Africa


Sexuality: Bisexual/Biromantic

Crush: N/A


Other: N/A



Full Name: Jason Irving Phillips

Age: 30 years

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Phi

Rank: Giatro

Date of Birth: April 13th, 2097

Appearance: Blue eyes stare out from his rectangular face, a mop of unkempt, light brown hair resting on top. His lips are thin and his nose has a bump in the bridge. At 6’2”, he weighs around 180 pounds with a broader chest and shoulders. He could look imposing if it weren’t for the goofy smile he likes to wear and the unnecessary, red-framed glasses. His muscles are toned but modest, suggesting a slightly active lifestyle.

Commonly, he wears v-neck t-shirts with neutral-colored slacks and weathered sneakers.


Personality: Jason is a rather strange individual. Many do not feel comfortable around him and probably for good reason. He likes to stare at people, often thinking of dissection. He’s hungry for anatomical knowledge and is constantly experimenting on dead things. Of course, he’s got his more social side, eager to help anyone. Frequently, he’ll quote someone if he thinks it fits the situation. Mostly, the quote he recites doesn’t and he sometimes gets multiple quotes mixed up or meshed together. On occasion, he’ll make something up on the spot and then give a fake name to make it sound legitimate, rather than admit it was his own phrase.

Jason’s not a fan of war and certainly doesn’t like history repeating itself. But he loves the concept of death and is thoroughly intrigued by disease. He has a high ambition to cure cancer and he’s very certain that he will - some day.

History: Jason lived in a happy home with a younger brother who looked up to him. In school, he was very focused on science and mathematics, taking particular interest in biology. Enough of an interest to warrant a conference between his teacher and his parents. They tried to interest him in various hobbies, hoping to get rid of his unnerving fascination. It didn’t really work. While he did pick up art, it quickly shifted to a focus on anatomical art.

When he was about thirteen, he accidentally killed his brother in play gone wrong. He was pretending to be a doctor, his brother as his patient. Jason lied about what happened, blaming it on his little brother and scraping clear of persecution from his parents. Several months later, his mother didn’t survive her grief. Being the one to discover her, Jason began to explore instead of running for help. His father walked in on his study and Jason was ostracized.

Around twenty-five, Jason joined with Phi, taking a role as one of their medics.



Henry Tyson Phillips - Father | Alive | Unknown

Natalie Georgia Phillips - Mother | Deceased | USA

Henry Tyson Phillips Jr. - Brother | Deceased | USA

Place of Family Origin: USA


Sexuality: Homosexual/Homoromantic

Crush: N/A


Other: He owns a bunch of medical charts and drawings, some created by him.

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I realized I should probably add a username part to the form, so I just added it. Thaelasan and Narvix don't need to worry about this, since I modified everything in the masterpost of characters, but I thought I should just point this out.

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Sorry, looks like things won't occur as planned. I had a lot of things to prepare for in school, and I have to wake up early, so I can't start the rp just yet. Tomorrow though, I promise to start it.

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