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Tokyo Ghoul || 1x2 || Closed

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I would like to do a sandbox, 1x2 with someone people, focusing on Tokyo Ghoul. I don't want to anything canon or involving canon characters though, if there wants to be background mention/cameo, I'd be fine with that.


Is anyone interested? I have a CCG boy all fashioned up and ready to go. I might make a Ghoul person but I'm not sure.


EDIT: Since we now have Coryn02 and Chrysophylox, there's no room for further members. Maybe in the future, there might be an agreement to let in one or two more people but, for now, it's just us three.


Character Sheet:

Feel free to modify this as you please. This is just the basic template that I used.




My Sheet:

Username: Narvix

Name: Juba “Jiro” Kenjiro (Surname, First name)

Age: 20 years

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Appearance: Kenjiro has an angular face that is lightly framed by dark strands of hair. His black hair is kept relatively short, the straight locks falling in wisps and ending at the nape of his neck. His eyes are either a rather dark brown or boarding on black, resting beneath a shallow browline and thin eyelashes. A narrow nose sits above a thin upper lip and a slightly fuller lower lip. His skin is olive-toned and tan. Standing at about 5’9”, Kenjiro has an athletic build. He prefers to wear basic t-shirts and jeans on his days off. Otherwise, you’ll find him in a decent suit while on duty.

Personality: Kenjiro is a quiet, observant individual who prefers actions over words. Sometimes possessing a calculating demeanor, Kenjiro is intelligent and quick witted. He makes a point to trust those around him as he understands that loyal teamwork will help you survive much longer in a battle against ghouls. Serious with only a bare hint of humor on the side, Kenjiro doesn’t always believe in seeking out the pleasures from hobbies or pastimes. He’s dedicated to his work and is never outside of arm’s reach from a case file.

History: Kenjiro was born and raised in the fifth ward. His mother was the owner of a restaurant while his father was a stay-at-home dad. In school, he kept to himself most of the time, but possessed a handful of friends and acquaintances. When he was almost sixteen, his father was attacked and killed by ghouls one night on a trip back home from the grocery store; his mother and Kenjiro didn’t find out until several hours later.

From then, Kenjiro wanted to become a member of the CCG. Not for revenge, however. The ghouls that killed his father were later killed in turn that same year. What Kenjiro wanted was to investigate other ghoul-related crimes, to separate the vile parasites from the law-abiding cursed. He was about eight when he had met a ghoul child and their mother, interrupting their meal by mistake.

He’s had to question the motives of the CCG a few times before, whether they were honest or just outright hateful. Recently a new recruit, Kenjiro hopes to do what he can to make everyone safe.

Occupation: CCG - Ghoul Investigator

Rank: Two

Quinque: Shiori - a whip-like bikaku kagune that possesses a curved blade at the end.

Other: N/A

Edited by Narvix

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I want in; especially since we were going to do a TG 1x1 together that I let die. Assuming you want me in? I'm sorry.

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^^ Yes, and that's alright smile.gif my posts will be dispersed a little too since I'm in my final year of college and have a part-time job.

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Only if you want to make a CCG. That template was just what I used. You could be a Ghoul if you wanted to and just make your own template (or modify the one above).

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I sort of had fun writing this character.


Username: Coryn02

Name: Nakano Hiraku

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Ghoul

Appearance: Hiraku is a young man of Japanese ethnicity, being about 185 centimeters in height. His black hair is long at the back, down to his shoulders. He usually wears clothing of dark colors, his most common outfit being blue jeans, a brown jacket overtop a plain white T-shirt, and light brown boots. His ghoul mask is a simple, unadorned, and has a hole to see out of his left eye. Where his right eye would be is painted with an eye that has a black sclera and a red iris, reminiscent of a ghoul's eye.

Personality: Hiraku has a very warped perception of reality. He doesn't see himself as fitting in with the world, since his own parents abandoned him and humans shun his kind. Additionally, spending a lifetime learning from and assisting his father in murders leads Hiraku to devalue life. He is ruthless, bloodthirsty, and avoids association. Hiraku and his father both share a morbid fascination with killing, and he wholeheartedly plays any part in their schemes. He can sometimes feel like he's useless if he isn't playing a crucial part in a murder, though his self-confidence is growing now that he has mastered use of his kagune. Hiraku is also very good at judging others, especially through facial expressions, but is excessively proud of himself and his achievements.

History: Hiraku had the great misfortune to be born a ghoul in the second ward. Additionally, his parents were so unloving that he was abandoned shortly after birth in the streets. The man who found him turned out to be Nakano Nobuyuki, the serial killer known as the Carver, so named because he would mark his victims with kanji carved into their flesh with a knife. Seeing no sport in murdering an infant and realizing that a ghoul would truly be able to understand his work, he raised the child as his son and accomplice. Ever since then, Hiraku has aided his father in his murders while also subsisting on their victims, honing the use of his kagune.

Rank: Rank 2, on account of his consistent scrapping with, and defeat of, other ghouls even if he actively avoids CCG encounters. In their records, he is known as Slice due to his preference for blade use with his kagune.

Kagune: Hiraku's kagune is a shade of deep crimson. It is most often deployed offensively as a blade-type weapon around his arm, though it can be made into a variety of other shapes. While flexible, Hiraku's need for concentration while using it makes its changing shape a bit jerky at times. He can also use it to pick locks, though it is generally far easier to smash the door off its hinges when subtlety is not required.

Other: Nobuyuki's usual killing method is to kidnap a young woman, torture them with cuts, burns (both chemical and combustion), carving his negative messages into them (death, God is dead, plague, etc.) before killing them and throwing their bodies into the street for display. Hiraku's role was generally small, but once his kagune developed he started to keep watch in case of outside interference. Now, a regular portion of the kills go to him.

Edited by Coryn02

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Username: Chrysophylox

Name: Tensho Yumeko (天鐘 夢子)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Ghoul

Appearance: Yumeko may be a legal adult, but her petite stature and youthful features make her seem several years younger than she actually is. She has waist length black hair with bangs that hang in the middle of her face down to the tip of her nose. Her eyes are bright blue and large, like those of a doll. She stands at exactly 160 cm (roughly 5'3"). She loves the gothic lolita style, but she only wears her dresses when she's out and about doing Ghoul things. However, she doesn't always wear her costumes due to the hassle of putting on all the accessories and making sure the lace doesn't get too dirty. Her mask is a black, lacey affair, with layers of black lace obscuring the areas around her eyes and a heavy veil starting from her cheekbones to cover her mouth and nose. The veil is weighed down by strings of beads to prevent it from flying up in case of a breeze. The veil can be lifted when she eats. [kind of an image]

Personality: Yumeko is a sweet, seemingly innocent girl, shy at first and slow to warm up. She tries her hardest to seem like a friendly neighborhood girl, but underneath all that is a strong urge to drop the facade and just be her true, cynical self. Growing up as a ghoul and watching her friends be hunted has made her jaded, but she knows she has to stay under the radar lest she suffer the same fate. She keeps to herself, despite her near-constant, approachable smile, fearing that someone might turn her into the CCG.

History: She grew up in a relatively peaceful family in a small town. Her parents raised her with love, and she moved out at the age of 17 to Tokyo, a decision that was frowned upon because of all the doves in Tokyo. Ultimately her parents relented, and she found a job as a librarian. It doesn't pay much, but a ghoul never needs to spend much money on food. Her older brother stayed with their parents, but he told her to call if she was in any sort of trouble. She hasn't yet, but his number is still on speed dial in her phone. She made plenty of ghoul friends in Tokyo, sharing feeding grounds with them and evading the doves together, but watching them get hunted down one after another took its toll, and soon enough she stopped going out at night as frequently, only leaving her apartment in the evenings when she really needed the food.

Occupation: She works as a librarian during the day but also runs an online store selling handicrafts from amigurumi to cosplay to pastries. Really whatever strikes her fancy at the moment.

Rank: B. She rarely causes any trouble. She is a nimble fighter from hanging out with so many ghouls, but she avoids confrontations with CCG Investigators and other ghouls as much as she can.

Kagune: She has a bikaku shaped like the tail of a scorpion, and it curls from a hole in her skirts to reach above her head.

Ward: 10th (Meguro). She lives in a small, three-room apartment with one bathroom, one kitchen, and one larger room that she spreads a futon in during the night.

Other: She doesn't have a registered alias due to not going out very often.

Edited by Chrysophylox

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