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Death flies on swift wings. Sometimes, it comes earlier than expected. A group of teenage schoolchildren all find themselves encountering a strange woman claiming to be Death. She tells them that they will be permitted to live for an extra 30 days so they can make the most of their lives. But the real question is, why would Death want to make a deal like this? And why did they all die at nearly the same time?




You are a newly departed soul, having just recently died. Though you retain awareness, you aren't in the normal world anymore; instead, you find yourself in a house you are unfamiliar with, among teenagers you are acquainted with. However, you do know them, and they are in a similar position to you. While you know you have died, the specifics will not be clear, and you'll think it was some sort of weird dream.


Death's goal is to help these individuals transition into the next life, which is generally an afterlife or reincarnation. This trial method is to allow the transient deceased to revisit memories of their last month of life, thereby drawing conclusions about their own lives (and those of others, should they choose to accompany another into their own memory) and reaching some form of catharsis. The goal of the roleplayers depends largely on their characters, but should be to figure out how they died, and to determine what Death actually wants with them (since it's pretty fishy from the start).


While in a memory, one is known as an Observer. While visiting a memory, an Observer is just that: a passive onlooker unable to intervene. They are invisible, incorporeal, and for the most part unable to affect the world of the memory. All time elapsed within a memory will be taken away from the total of 30 days Death has allotted to each person. If they simply refuse her offer, Death will escort them to the afterlife at her earliest convenience. Observers can be seen by other Observers and themselves, though they appear in black, white, and shades of gray as they were before they died.



  • Above all else, use common sense.
  • Follow the forum rules.
  • Everything concerning the RP is to be cleared with me before implementation; I can bend the rules below if I am confident in your abilities to control your ideas.
  • Don't godmod or powerplay.
  • This is a literate roleplay, please use proper spelling and grammar.
  • Concerning post length, follow the skirt rule (long enough to cover the essentials, short enough to be interesting).
  • Don't make more than one character.
  • While you're at it, make sure your character is both a normal teenager and not a Mary Sue.
  • Make sure you post often! Often being at the very least once a week, preferably more often.
  • Character sheets are to be posted in the topic for approval. This way, the other roleplayers are made aware that a new character is joining them.


The city where the characters live is Radway, a major Canadian city located along the coast of Hudson Bay somewhere in the north-eastern parts of Manitoba. The year in which they died was 2016, the month being May. The center of the city is a sprawling urban center packed with people. Its residents are very diverse in culture and lead busy, often stressful lives working a job to pay for living expenses. Obviously, many people may have visited or even lived in areas outside the province, but one way or another found themselves here. Outside the center of Radway are the small local communities closer to the coast, most of which were formerly independent and became apart of Radway as it expanded over time. Of course, some people live in the pitiable conditions of the slums, generally due to an inability to find work or afford suitable housing. Radway is a built on a peninsula, with most of its population concentrated by the sea. Beyond the city, there are highways that lead to other areas and multiple wildlife preserves in the icy coniferous forests and open rocky plains.


Character Sheet


[B]Username:[/B] I will keep track of your username to ensure activity is consistent.
[B]Character name:[/B] What is your character's name?
[B]Gender:[/B] How your character sees themselves.
[B]Age:[/B] How old is your character, physically?
[B]Appearance:[/B] What does your character look like? How are they usually dressed? What's the first thing people think when they see your character?
[B]History:[/B] What background does your character have? Do they come from a family of wealth, or eccentric scientists, or something boring? Also, specify their cause of death, but remember that they don't know this yet. Your character needs to be acquainted with everyone else.
[B]Personality:[/B] What sort of person are they like? What is the basis for their behavior? Please include at least one flaw.
[B]Other:[/B] Anything that didn't make it into other categories.

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Accepted Characters


Username: Coryn02

Character name: Death

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Appearance: Death looks like a young goth, wearing black clothing, complete with a studded belt, buckled boots, and on some occasions studded bracelets or black gloves. Her skin is Caucasian, but pale by that standard. Her hair is black; while it is cut at just beyond shoulder length, it's not styled in a particular way and as such a bit unruly. She is wearing black eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, and has a black tattoo on her right eye that emulates the Eye of Horus. She is also wearing an ankh charm around her neck.

History: Death was born after the first living creatures were born. Her family were the Endless, personifications of the universe's essential forces: Born the eldest of a family of three brothers and three daughters. From the beginning, she served a single purpose: to escort the dead into the afterlife. At first, people were quite happy to see Death, and she served her purpose dutifully. But as time went on, humans grew afraid, and no longer greeted the inevitable. Deeply troubled, Death decided that if it would make them happy, she would no longer take the lives of others. Within hours, the world fell into chaos as pain would never give way to mortality, and the humans pleaded for Death to return. She agreed, and also decided that, to fully appreciate the value of the humans she served, it was best to live as one for a single day a century, and also to appear when a human is born as well as when they die. Her current appearance reflects the last form she took on as a mortal.

Personality: Death is a very caring and friendly person, doing her best to look out for others no matter what. She is also deeply involved in her family, and will even set aside her duties as Death to help them. Being the original psychopomp, she is very good at getting to know people so as to help them move on from the trauma of death. At times, Death is strict and enforces her authority rigidly when the need arises. She is also very wise, knowing a good many things about the nature of life and death from the many stories of those who have encountered her. Unlike what one would expect from the stereotypical Grim Reaper, Death can be somewhat quirky at times, displaying an odd fascination with all the little things most people don't care about in their lives. She always tries to have a positive attitude, and it's clear she loves her job.

Other: Death's life this century was spent as a young girl named Deedee.

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I finally got something for her history :v Let me know if I need to change something.


Username: Narvix

Character name: Alexandra “Alex” Pech

Gender: Genderfluid (they/them, she/her)

Age: 15 years

Appearance: They don’t believe they’re very stunning to look at. With plain features, Alex has sun-bleached brown hair that falls in somewhat unruly waves to their shoulders. Shorter strands frame the side of their face and hold more noticeable curls. The top of her hair is slightly frizzy. Her cheeks hide her high cheekbones, giving her face a faintly rounded look despite being more narrowly structured. Their nose is small, possessing a bump in the center of the bridge that’s hidden by the rectangular, black-framed glasses she wears. A light smattering of freckles dart across her cheeks and nose, almost invisible against her medium skin tone.

Green eyes sit beneath a shallow browline and gently-arched eyebrows. Alex’s eyes are rounded, almost almond shaped. Her upper lip is more on the thin side, her lower lip much fuller but the faint pink skin is cracked from frequent chewing. Almost unnoticeable, a small, faded brown dot rests on the inside left corner of her lower lip.

With a petite build, Alex doesn’t stand any taller than 5’0” (~152 cm) and is lacking any extra-developed muscle, leaving her about as weak or fragile as she might look. Her legs are long for her given height with thicker thighs that leave no gap when she stands, contributed in part with the slightly wider hips. She weighs roughly 100 pounds (~45 kg) and wears an A-cup bra size.

Alex feels most comfortable wearing her practice leotard and dance shoes (or whatever dance costume she’s come up with). When she isn’t wearing that, many will find her lounging around in sweatpants and a tank top with sneakers. Out in public, she still prefers wearing tank tops - when the weather permits - and bootcut jeans with a lightweight zip-up hoodie over her shoulders.

History: Growing up as a single child, Alex’s parents doted on her without actually spoiling her. They taught her how to work for something she was passionate about and how to be conscious of the economy. Her household recycled and often turned ‘useless’ objects into craft projects that resulted in a vibrant and colorful home. She spent a lot of time playing outside, with friends and family. Her grades were decent enough in school and she excelled in her language classes.

She wasn’t ready for it. Her death came unexpectedly while she was at a lake with her family. People often said she was too clumsy for her health and she would seriously get hurt one day. That day came and it resulted in her falling off the speed boat, hitting her head against the frame, and drowning without a life vest to keep her head above the water.

Personality: Alex is very clumsy, in a lot of things. She doesn't know how to interact with people very well, making her socially awkward and uncertain of how to respond to certain situations. It takes them a fair while to learn someone else's behavior and grow to understand them, which requires frequent interaction. But she's not very confident in herself and often avoids such interactions.

They do feel most confident when dancing, having taken to contemporary dance as a way to express themself when they were about ten years old. She enjoys moving through life as if it were a dance, doing her best with each move and practicing with the ones she didn't get quite right the first time. Of course, some things you just can't redo and she accepts that with some stubbornness.

On the quiet side, Alex tries to smile a lot. Though she isn't the best with social things, she excels at trying to encourage others in doing what makes them happiest.

Other: N/A

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