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Members please feel free to post your Spreadsheets/Document links pertaining to DC dragons here.

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**Updated September 6th, 2016**



So, I'm a big fan of lists and spreadsheets. It's a thing. I wasn't sure if anyone had made something like this already, so I finally sat down and made myself a spreadsheet of all of the dragons available as of this moment and which ones I had.  I figured that others might find it useful as well, so here's a link! It'll take you to my Google Docs spreadsheet, but you can just copy/paste the whole thing to your own Google Drive (or a spreadsheet program if that's more your thing).  biggrin.gif




Spreadsheet includes:

Image of egg

Egg description

Breed name and link to wiki page



Whether or not there are color variations and how many

Checklist (column for male and female)

Total number of unique dragons

All the information comes from the Dragon Cave wiki, so if something is wrong or missing, please feel free to add it to your own sheet or drop a comment here! If anything isn't showing up or working for you, please let me know!

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I knew there was some kind of thread like this.


So I created my own DC spreadsheet with all of my scroll info. I already had a spreadsheet I was working with, but I just took an excel class and threw a whole bunch of fun formulas into my old one, redesigned it and revamped it! It's a good way to keep track of my scroll goals. Basically, if something is below my goal number, it gives me the amount of dragons I need to complete that goal. If I haven't completed my goal, and either male or female is below a certain threshold, it gives me a "male" and/or "female" value as well. If anyone wants a blank one with their own specific goals, lmk. ^_^ 




Does anyone else keep track of their exact scroll stats on spreadsheets or anything? :) 

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I keep track of all my holiday requests and trades in a big spreadsheet that's linked in my signature. I'll edit in my link shortly as I'm mobile. 

Edit: Boop. Have a spreadsheet.

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I felt bored, and decided to throw my hat in the ring, 

Made a spread sheet for myself to keep track of names and what breeds I have:

-My Scroll's Spreadsheet-

(Also my freind Dove uses the sheet above too and has her own, less complete tabs.)


And a blank Breed checklist one, for anyone intrested to use.

-The Blank Checklist Sheet for anyone to use-


Hope someone likes it. Took like a few hours to do cause im slow. 

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Here's mine. Breeding-related pages have draw.io links, those are only viewable to me but they're wonderful lineage planning tools.




Draw.io checker 5G template:


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