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Trickseh's Scribbly Stuff

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So.. I'm kind of bored atm xd.png


So, I thought I'd share some scribbly drawings I have done.


I don't really think they're any good at all (especially compared to some of the amazing art I've seen on this site)

But I have this style, of drawing in pen, and just..scribbling kind of, to make the lines in images. I will admit that often, I find an image I like on the internet, and copy it in my own way, and sometimes modify them, ect. I'm not the best artist in the world by far, like I said. I just do it for fun. happy.gif

I did used to own a tablet, but the drivers refused to work (tyvm huion i knew i should of paid extra for a wacom...)

I also never tend to colour (finish) drawings very much. I suck at shading. xd.png


So, Imma share some scribbly drawings just for the fun of it, feel free to give advice on how i can improve in drawing, or whatever :3


They will be linked because of size...and they're pretty bad quality camera as well, I'm afraid >.>


A Sphinx from the movie "Mirrormask" One of my favourite movies that not many people seem to know about. tongue.gif


A Random Tim-Burton-esque cat thing


And a more normal drawing of my character "self" done in pencil, that as you can tell, I suck at noses and mouths... even when using reference images.


Righhttt here...


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