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Nerds, Band Geeks and Pencils

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I see you've decided to look. Well, I decided to spare you the pain of my old art thread, ditch it and create this new and dandy thing right here.


What do I do here? I draw. And lucky you, you get to see if I'm not feeling too lazy to deal with taking pictures on my phone and posting them to Imgur. 'Cause, y'know, I don't have the luxury of a scanner. I also sometimes write, but I rarely finish. And, of course, writers block can hit harder than puberty.


I have a dA, but I rarely use it to upload things. You'll just find most of my art here.


Without further a due, some examples. Because examples are fun.


Deryn, once a hero saving her world from a great threat, now an unwilling colony leader belonging to the evil Idran empire.


Aleksander and Magnolia from Flames, Ice and Darkness in the Freeforms section. Watching a human border town being burned to the ground. (Magnolia is the one sitting, and in this drawing she's pregnant.)


Ref for Aleksander


And that's all for now, folks. Dragons and wolves are my strengths. Anything else is out of my league.




I don't do commissions yet (maybe not ever). I don't have a set limit on how many requests I'll take at a time, but if I feel like I'll get overwhelmed I'll close requests until all of them are complete.


Keep being awesome, fellows shades.pngthumbs_up.png

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Pppffft I thought this was a General Discussion thread about band


Mmmm improvement! I'll be watching this thread!

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glad to see you back! this improvement is real good i like how firm and steady your lines are! : D

Aw Lady you make me blush o/////o


Oh look it's a hooman in my thread where did that come from


user posted image

{Original Image}


Went from drawing a ref to adding little doodads to it. One of my oldest characters, Tulvir. I made him in my younger roleplaying days (so he's probably a bit of a stu tbh) but he's one of my classics that I don't intend to change. At least not now.

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Grand opening of You As A Dragon 3. It's gonna be great. Can you guess the two characters shown below? (Though to be fair for people who weren't a part of original YAAD, I'd be happy if you could just guess the species ^.^)


user posted image

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