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In a world where everything but us is included.

Like a nightmare where you are 1/99 people invited to a party for your block.

Without people.

With the creatures in the past.

But this party is not fun.

It is covered in blood, and it reeks of death.

And there's no buildings or houses to have it in.

Only an everlasting forest.

With 100 ft trees.

Covered in yellow ferns.


Yellow Fern

Dinosaurs are what you will be playing, or just anything extinct. It doesn't have to be a dinosaur.


Fill out the form and wait to be accepted by a post approver before posting. (I will recruit post approvers who will do all the same things as me, except for control the main post.)


Only kill another player with their permission.


Please have your posts be five sentences or much more.


Email me your form. Post it on the OOC once it is created.


Have up to 6 characters only.

Play each in the same post.


You may post only twice in a row.





Username: Mandatory
Name: Optional
Species: Mandatory
Age: Mandatory
Appearance: Mandatory
Mate: Optional
Crush: Optional
Offspring: Optional
Personality: Optional
Backstory: Optional


Pm me for questions until the OOC post is created.


Here is the form mandatory for every post:

Current location: Mandatory
Character being played: Mandatory
Post comments: Optional


Map Description: (LOOKING FOR ARTIST)

Yellow Fern is an everlasting forest, but there are some places you can be that are different from others.

The lake: By the mountains. Surrounded by apple-tree-like-trees with poisonous apple-like-berries.

The mountains: Covered in snow and the apple-tree-like-trees called Mansurousus. (Pronunciation: Man-sur-OW-suss.)

The forest: Just the normal everlasting Yellow Fern forest.

The great tree: Great denning place. Hollow Yellow Fern tree. Biggest in all of the everlasting forest.

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Username: tardograd2

Name: pro

Species: opabina

Age: 1

Appearance: long, blind in one eye

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Username: tardograd2

Name: pro

Species: opabina

Age: 1278

Appearance: long, blind in one eye

This needs to be more detailed and dinosaurs can't live that long D: add a picture of the dino then explain some features of it.


*Coughs* not that I'm trying to do your job Lion

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Actually the opabinia are presumably ancestors of the arthropods. I can't find anything about lifespans on either on Wikipedia. Using the term long in relation to small species like this does need some further explanation though.


For an impression of what it may have looked like.


I also doubt the viability of an approximately 5~9 cm long bottom-dwelling creature in this RP being located in a forest.


Same as Raptor, not trying to do your job, Lion.

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