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Unburied Treasure

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Nearly 5,000 years ago...

You're a Homeworld Gem, nothing special. Maybe you're a soldier, a technician, a pilot, or a messenger; whatever you are, you know you're just one of hundreds of thousands like you. All of you identical, all of you disposable. You're nothing more than another cog in the machine, living and dying for the Great Diamond Authority. Some of you accept your fate and serve the Diamonds loyally; some of you rebel, demanding more from life than obedience and servitude.


The latter kind of Gem is why you're here on the organic planet known as 'Earth', part of the army sent to put down the rebellious Rose Quartz and her soldiers. A lot of your fellow Gems utterly despise her. They even say that she shattered Pink Diamond. Others say that couldn't have happened, it's impossible for a lowly Gem to shatter a Diamond - even the strongest Quartz couldn't do it - and it's just rebel propaganda. Lies. Some can only shrug and wonder if there's more to the story than they've heard. And some... Some simply don't care. They just want to get on with their jobs and maybe even leave this planet alive. But as the war grinds on people become more concerned, more angry, more scared. Rumours reach your ears that the war isn't going so well, that the rebels are driving the Homeworld forces off the planet...


One day, you're in a small group of mixed Gems, travelling across the countryside to the repair a Homeworld communications tower. You've just arrived when when your little work party is ambushed by a force of rebels. You fight back as best you can and for long minutes violence reigns, but then...


...Then you get the order - retreat! Retreat! Everyone freezes where they are. You look around in confusion at the mixed group of Gems surrounding you, all from different parts of the Homeworld and rebel armies; they look back with blank incomprehension. Suddenly, one of your fellow Homeworlders turns and runs as fast as she can. Panic ripples through the crowd and the rest of you follow suit, scattering to all directions as you desperately seek to escape whatever's coming. You and a few others follow the Gem who ran first, who's heading towards the ship you'd just arrived in.


"This way! In here!" the Gem cries, gesturing to you; her eyes are wide and full of fear, her voice is shrill. You and the others pile in, loyalties forgotten in the rush to safety.


"What's going on?" asks one of the others. You think she might be a rebel.


"What's happening?" demands another voice.


"I don't know!" she shrieks, hammering at the controls. You realise she doesn't know how to fly the ship. Does anyone, for that matter? "Is everyone inside?"


You look out of the ship's door. The skies as far as you can see are filled with ships. The Homeworld forces are leaving Earth en masse. But why? Why won't anyone tell you what's going on? You pull your head back in and tell the makeshift pilot that everyone is safe. She nods, swallows, and hits a few buttons. The ship rises, slowly and clumsily, and tips from side to side wildly as it careens through the air. Everyone wails as they're sent rolling from one side of the ship to the other. One unlucky Gem hits a wall hard and poofs. Another grabs her gem as it rolls past, holding safely it against her chest.


"DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT FLYING SHIPS, YOU STUPID CRACKED -" One of the rebels is trying to wrestle the Amber away from the controls. She fights back, and the two are sent slamming into the control board. The ship turns on its side before righting itself; three more Gems poof, their gems rattling around the ship like beads.


"GET OFF ME!" your pilot screams back as the ship does a barrel roll. You only just manage to cling on to a railing before you're thrown into the ceiling. The steep side of a mountain looms large in the viewscreen. "I said get off me! We're going to crash! We're going to cra-"


That's the last thing you hear before the ship crashes.


5,000 years later...

A group of humans uncovered your ship whilst on an archaeological dig. They dug the ship out of the mountainside, accessed the inside through a broken panel, found your gems, and took you all back to their museum. That's what you find out later, anyway. When it happened, you weren't sure what was going on or even what these strange pink-brown-black non-Gem creatures were. You guess the crash must have scrambled your head.


And they don't know what you are, either, so it's a surprise when the very large and flawlessly cut gemstones they'd found suddenly turned into a group of very confused multicoloured women. Thrown together by chance once more, you all break out of your new prison and run into the night together.


Outside, everything has changed. The communications tower is gone. The once empty countryside is covered in human houses. The air smells funny. You can't find the pilot or the rebel she was fighting with. You think they might have been shattered by the crash.


The mixed group from the ship forms a little parliament in the woods just a mile from the museum to debate what to do next. It's a difficult task, as all of you are equally clueless. None of the Homeworlders can contact their superiors, nor the rebels their friends. And by the looks of the retreat you'd witnessed, there was a good chance that the lot of you are the only Gems left on planet Earth. One of your fellow Homeworlders, a Ruby soldier, agrees to scout out around you, just to make sure.


"How about we find Rose Quartz? I know she wouldn't have left Earth." suggests a hopeful voice.


"Are you kidding? Of course she left, everyone left!" replies another Gem - an Amber - with a sneer, her arms crossed. You guess she's still a little bitter about crashing the ship and everything.


Then the scout comes sprinting back through the undergrowth, screaming on top of her lungs. "MONSTER! MONSTER!"


Behind her, something roars.

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Now the short version, please...

Five thousand years ago, during the Gem War, a small group of Homeworld and rebel Gems are fighting when the order is given for all Gems to leave the Earth - at once. Fearing for their lives, they all pile into one ship and attempt to make their way to safety. But their ship crashes and is buried in a landslide, ironically saving the survivors from what happens after - a great flash of light, and a sound or a song that corrupts all Gems still on Earth into monsters. These monster seem to have none of their intelligence or memories, and almost all attack Gems and humans whenever they see them.


Five thousand years later, a crew of archaeologists uncover their ship and frees the trapped Gems. They escape from the human's museum, lost and confused, and gather in a nearby woodland to discuss what to do. Some say they should try to contact the Homeworld. Some say that they should look for Rose Quartz and her Crystal Gems; others reject that idea outright. And some say that they should take advantage of being the only Gems on Earth to make a new life and be whoever they want to be - not what the Homeworld or even the Crystal Gems say they should be.


And as they debate, their scout runs back to tell them of a monster rapidly heading their way...



  • Three characters is the limit!
  • YES! You may play canon characters, but they might come into the RP later.
  • Follow all DC RP rules.
  • This RP is semi-lit RP. More than three sentences per post and your best spelling and grammar, please.
  • No Mary Sues, Gary Stues, Diamonds, half-human hybrids or Rose Quartzes (other than Steven, of course).
  • You can play a permafusion, but that counts as your three characters (eg, Ruby + Sapphire = Garnet would be your three characters).
  • No god-modding, apple-picking, or power-playing.
  • Characters may fuse if they wish but deciding who controls the fusion is gonna be complicated to say the least. Ideally, only fuse your own characters.
  • Have fun!


(PM them to me; posted forms will be ignored!)

[B]Name:[/B] (Gem type, facet, and cut)
[B]Allegiance:[/B] (Homeworld or Crystal Gem)
[B]Looks[/B] (Link to a picture and/or describe them here.)
[B]History:[/B] (What is their Gem-types purpose in the Homeworld? What did they do before the War? Why did they join the Crystal Gems, if they did?)
[B]Weapon: [/B](Just the one! Two for permafusions.)
[B]Hidden Code:[/B] (What can't you pick?)

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Username: Ruins

Name: Amber, Facet 5F3I, Cut 9EC

Allegiance: Crystal Gems

Looks ONE - by me. The url is my Tumblr. TWO - a commission by PrincessPeepo on Tumblr.

Personality: Amber has an artistic temperament, with all the mood swings and flightiness that comes with it. She feels all her emotions very strongly but very briefly, soon returning to an almost apathetic ‘neutral’ state. She has an eye for beautiful things, though her idea of beauty can be different to other people’s; she’s fascinated by death and especially decay, since gems don’t rot like organic beings. She seeks attention, praise, and validation - sometimes at the worst possible times, leading her take risks that are beyond her abilities - but finds actual socialisation exhausting at best and frightening at worst.

However, Amber can be highly-strung, suspicious of other’s motives, and short-tempered. She has a severe inferiority complex and low self esteem, hating being seen as weak, flawed, or lesser. When angered, she has a very vicious and caustic tongue. Amber craves strength, influence, money, and knowledge - anything that would give her the sense of confidence she so desperately needs.

She often talks to and sometimes argues with herself, seeming to have several voices - each apparently a different facet of her personality - existing within her mind. Sometimes these ‘facets’ do not get along at all.

History: Amber was ‘born’ to be an electrician, rewiring machines and gadgets for gems more important than her, which - being a mere resin-based gem - was all of them. On the Homeworld, Ambers use their control over and ability to absorb electricity to fix broken wires and circuits safely. Due to a ‘defect’ in her gem - she is actually an ‘amberoid’ or ‘pressed amber’, made from the shards of many Ambers who failed to gestate - this Amber was born with blue-green eyes instead of the usual yellow, as well as the ability to absorb and discharge far greater amounts of electricity.

One day, Amber was working on part of the Homeworld’s pod-based monorail transport system, along with several of her fellow Ambers and some Peridots, when disaster struck. Amber was watching a Peridot operating a crane when one of her fellow Ambers was knocked off her perch by the swinging beam, almost falling onto the active tracks below and to certain doom. The falling Amber snagged one of the tracks on her way down but was unable to keep her hold for long. Soon she would fall and be crushed by one of the pods running below. Instinctively, and despite her Peridot superior telling her to stay, Amber ran to help, using a length of wire to hoist the troubled gem to safety.

But whilst the other Amber was safe, Amber’s flight to help meant that the battery pack she was meant to be fixing overloaded and exploded. For her disobedience and the damage caused, Amber was sentenced to be shattered. Amber managed to escape the gem soldiers sent after her, with her electrical powers and a little help from the Amber she saved. She stole a scouting ship and made her way to Earth, hoping to find shelter with the Crystal Gems she had heard rumours about - or at least hide in the one world the Diamond Authority couldn’t conquer.

On Earth she learnt to fight, using her small but speedy frame, quick hands, and ability to control electricity to devastating affect. Amber turned from being a mere electrician to being a Crystal Gem warrior, though her habit of biting off more than she could chew often lead to her getting into scrapes and having to be rescued. She was chosen for the mission to destroy the communications tower thanks to her experience in fixing them - if she knew how to keep one going, then she could destroy one.


- Absorbing electricity: can store electrical charges within her gem.

- Discharging electricity: can discharge stored electricity in the form of lightning bolts or electrical shocks.

- Sticky spit: can spit a resin-like substance that quickly hardens rock solid.

Weapon: A metal bo staff. Amber uses it to channel her electrical charges and also hit things.

Hidden Code: That's for me to know...


Username: Ruins

Name: Ruby, Facet 4F2B, Cut 2XF

Allegiance: Homeworld

Looks ONE - made with the Gemsona maker

Personality: Ruby is, to put it politely, the typical Ruby - someone who is clearly expected to follow orders and not bother with any sort of independent thinking. She may be strong and fast, but she has an extremely poor memory, sometimes finds it hard to focus, and isn't all that bright. Thanks to her lack of knowledge outside the sphere of hitting people, she will fall for the most implausible lies if the speaker sounds even the least bit honest or is of a higher rank than her.

This doesn't mean, however, that Ruby is bad at fighting. She has a simple-minded glee about her when in battle, enjoying the chaos and violence; if Gems had blood, you could have called her bloodthirsty. Ruby mows down her opponents with glee, not a single second thought or regret in her mind about it. Her job is smashing whoever the Diamonds tell her to smash and she takes great pride in her job.

As well as fighting, Ruby has grown to love organic life - especially flowers. The one thing she'll miss about Earth is the flowers.

History: Ruby was born just two years before the end of the war, spending all of her time fighting. She was ordered to protect the work party along with three other Rubies, who were all poofed during the fight with the Crystal Gems and left behind in the retreat.

Abilities: None.

Weapon: Double-sided warhammer. Like this.

Hidden Code: ...and you to find out!


Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Neodymium, Facet 3F5E, Cut 7LW

Allegiance: Homeworld, but not strongly.

Looks: Unfortunately, her feet got cut off in the scan. Neodymium has medium gray skin with long, voluminous hair tied up in a high ponytail. Her dress, hair, and shoes are grayish-white with darker gray accents. The sashes tied around her waist, wrists, and shoes appear to have the texture of raw silk, but in reality are made of a flexible magnetic material. She is relatively tall, being a bit taller than Pearl but not quite as tall as Garnet. Her gem is a tilted silver square crisscrossed with lines and is located near her collarbone.

Personality: One could say that Neodymium has an almost "magnetic" personality. She rarely ever seems to be down or nervous, reflecting an inherent assurance. A great actor and extremely confident in her abilities, Neodymium's entertainment purpose extends into everything she does, even being able to make something as mundane as sweeping the floor seem exciting when she does it. However, though she flaunts her control over metal, her physical body is actually quite weak. It's hard to actually get a hit on her and demonstrate this, but she poofs extremely easily and takes quite a while to regenerate. She may not be the most honest Gem out there, but she truly doesn't have bad intentions. Sometimes, she's just oblivious to the deeper feelings of other Gems, causing her actions to grate on their nerves a bit. The only instances when she will visibly show sadness are when her "show" isn't appreciated by the audience, something which she doesn't always get but tries to. She can be surprisingly childish and stubborn in her ways when confronted outside of her usual "show", refusing to try and accommodate things she doesn't understand. In reality, Neodymium is a bit like a lost puppy. She keeps performing because she thinks that's what everyone else expects of her, yet she's unable to truly understand what everyone else wants beyond direct orders. Selfless at heart, she continually believes that she simply needs to try harder and improve her act even more, never blaming her audience for not responding correctly. Unfortunately, her act is often the very reason why other Gems become upset with her, believing that she's incapable of being serious and/or honest.

History: Neodymiums occupy a strange position in Homeworld, almost refined enough to be considered nobles, yet their status as a relatively common metal keeping them from being considered true nobility. Their jobs often range from putting on entertaining shows with their magnetic abilities to moving heavy beams during construction. Rarely, they are deployed in combat squads, but their showy nature often lets their opponents win despite their strong control over magnetic objects. Up until the war, they were mainly entertainment Gems, although the ones considered to be of "lesser quality" were relegated to construction. Even there, their true nature shines through. Neodymiums in construction positions often naturally take on the role of leaders and pep-talkers, inspiring the Gems they oversee to work harder and have fun while they're at it. Most Neodymiums are completely oblivious to the War that happened, even those in combat squads. They tend to view their existence as one big show, true to their main purpose. Neodymiums of a "lesser quality" are often rowdier and more energetic, while the "refined" Neodymiums seem to have an air of grace and composure around them, yet still keeping a playful quality. Their attire usually reflects this, and some have been known to poof themselves in order to wear a different outfit more suited for their current "show".


- Magnetic: She can manipulate magnetic material, even to the point of slightly shaking magnetic gems. Her physical body and gem are also magnetic, making her vulnerable to other Gems with magnetic abilities.

- Glass Shields: Can create panes of glass to protect herself, however as expected they're not very good at blocking direct physical impacts. She can shatter them at will, and often creates several of different colors and shatters them around her to lend dramatic flair to what she does.

Weapon: She has one, but barely summons it to the point that even she forgets what it is. Mostly uses the cloth-like metal sashes worn on her body to attack things when magnetic material isn't available.


Username: Esko_the_Wolf

Name: Obsidian, Facet 6F5P, Cut 5QS

Allegiance: No allegiance.


Uncolored version by TehUltimateMage

Personality: Obsidian is loud and proud, with little care as to her defects and differences. She wears her quirks like shining gold medals, and even boasts about being different from all the other Obsidians. She has a sense of confidence that can’t be denied, in both her actions and those of others. She tends to shamelessly flirt with both humans and other Gems, in the cases that she met them. Obsi is stubborn and a bit on the meatheaded side, tending to act before thinking things through, and having to deal with the consequences afterward. She has a sense of adventure and can rarely be in the same spot at one time, giving her a bit of a wanderlust. Obsi subconsciously loves the feeling of being praised or approved, and works hard to win pleasure in the eyes of those she looks up to or is close to.

Obsidian is open-minded and wild-hearted, and loves to have fun- whether innocent or suggestive. She has more of a human nature than most Gems, seeing more of the former on her travels than the latter. She loves food, and doesn’t mind the waste removal that comes with it. However, due to her raising, she is...hilariously oblivious to most of Gem culture.


Obsidian did not spend much time on Homeworld after being shipped there from the Prime Kindergarten. She was born to be a servant to Blue Diamond, but she was quickly declared severely defected and rejected by most Gems around her. Obsi didn’t really care; she thought her abilities were so much cooler than the other’s. And she had made one friend during her short time in service; a short gem named Kyanite with a big personality. Around the beginning of the war, she casually hijacked a ship, and the two flew away from her “home”. While they did not find themselves at Earth just yet, they ventured to several life-holding planets, where Obsi developed a freelancer career.. After an encounter that involved interrogation and a battle that nearly ended badly for them, Obsidian and Kyanite learned to steer clear of Gem outposts. However, this did not stop the former from interacting with the few Gems she met at various cantinas and trading posts across the planets.

Along the way, the duo met another wandering gem, Sodalite, who was guarding something or other on a remote planet. Obsi saw that this gem was very bored (and very cute) and offered her a getaway ride to see the great space. Soda agreed, and left whatever she was guarding in exchange for adventures throughout the galaxy. The three quickly bonded over various things.


-She can unleash a black flame-like substance from her mouth.

-Flight ability.


Weapon: Her weapon is a large scythe the color of her gem. She uses it for several things, including climbing, hitting people or trapping them by putting them against the wall with the curved blade in front of their neck.


Username: Esko_the_Wolf

Name: Peridot, Facet-2F5L, Cut-5XG

Allegiance: Crystal Gem

Looks Peridot


Whole personality here


Peridot was born as an Era 2 gem, where a lack of resources resulted in her being powerless; though the discovery of her “metal powers” could mean that more abilities are possible. She was originally equipped with technology such as limb enhancers to make up for her absence of Era 1 powers. Her superior, Yellow Diamond, sent her down to Earth with Jasper to check on the developing Cluster, but ended up getting stranded after the events of Jailbreak. After numerous attempts to find a way to escape, Peridot was poofed, only to be released by Steven for answers. While unwilling to cooperate at first, Peri opened up to the half-gem...and eventually to the rest of the Crystal Gems. Due to the fear of the Cluster’s potential to destroy the Earth, Peridot tried to convince Yellow Diamond to destroy the mass fusion. It was then that she revealed her true feelings about the Earth and betrayed the Diamond Order.


-”Metal powers” that she can’t fully control yet.

-Talented technician.

-Certified Kindergartener

Weapon: No summonable weapon.

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@TehUltimateMage Yes, please.

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hi, is this open?

Technically, yes. But I've only had two people express interest and I'm waiting on characters from one of them (no rush, if they're reading).


Whether it'll get started and actually become something is another question entirely.

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Technically, yes. But I've only had two people express interest and I'm waiting on characters from one of them (no rush, if they're reading).


Whether it'll get started and actually become something is another question entirely.

i think i know who those two people are tongue.gif


if they're Esko and Mage, i know. we've been talking about this rp a lot. esko and i are extreme su nerds.


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Question- Can there be duplicate gems? Because I noticed you had an Amber and I wanted to do my Amber. If you don't want me to play her, it's okay, i have a bunch more, but Amber is my first choice.

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Question- Can there be duplicate gems? Because I noticed you had an Amber and I wanted to do my Amber. If you don't want me to play her, it's okay, i have a bunch more, but Amber is my first choice.

If we worked out a system of differentiating between the two and explaining why they were different, sure.

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What if the different colors of Amber could do different things? like, yours is prolly a Honey Amber, and if i made mine a Cherry Amber, they could do different things? or even have some of the same traits and just have one significant difference? like, maybe ours both have the Sticky Spit, but yours can use electricity and mine can't? and mine can melt but yours can't?

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(Is this still up for members? I have some gem characters of my own that I've been waiting for the chance to use~)

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