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Out of The Shadows

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It's night time as your sleeping soundly in whatever place you call home. All is quiet except for the night time Pokémon that are chirping away like Krikitune. You wouldn't have thought danger would strike until it was too late. In the midst of you sleeping, strange humans came and battled you by force. Of course, being half asleep, they quickly defeat you and captured you. Time passes by and the next thing you know, you're in a lab surrounded by strange people. They are doing something to you and day after day, you slowly realize that the more these people are doing to you, the more you hate them. Then one day, you try to lash out, a shadow aura engulfing you. You could tell the humans are excited. They continue to poke and prod you to the point where you can no longer take it.



You are a legendary Pokemon that has been captured by what thought to be the long deserted Team Cipher from the Orre Region. They are filling your heart with hatred to the point where they won't be able to control you much longer. Once you escape, you don't care who you attack or kill until you pass out. This is known as Darkness Mode and the ways to get out of this mode is if you pass out or get knocked out.


NOTE: The OOC can be found Here


Playable Characters:

Legendaries Pokemon: These are the wild Shadow Pokemon who have their hearts tightly sealed off and can only be cured by Celebi. There can only by one type of each legendary.

Cipher Members: These are the people who are trying to recapture the legendary Pokémon before they find Celebi and free their hearts. They are armed with some shadow Pokémon



1. No Godmodding or power playing. I realize that these are legendary Pokemon, but even they have their limits.

2. Respect other people and be nice to them

3. No killing other people's characters without permission. You guys can figh, so try to keep the gore and stuff to a minimum if they enter Darkness Mode and go on a rampage.

4. I want to see at least four sentences with proper Grammer and spelling.

5. No repeated Legendaries. It's first come, first served. Also, the legendaries can come from the movies if you so desire too.

6. Don't evade every single attack, it won't be fair to other players if you're attacks keep hitting but they miss you. If it's an attack like Swift, then there's no way to avoid it

7. All Character Sheets must be either PM'd to me or posted in the OOC

8. If you haven't posted in a while, I will send you a PM as a reminder. If I haven't heard back from you in a week, I will make your characters inactive.

9. You are limited to four characters only. Two Legendaries and Two Cipher Members.

10. No Shiny Legendaries. I might consider it if you give me a real good explanation and 'not that it looks cool'

11. Only one Legendary per fight can enter Darkness Mode. So if it was Rayquaza vs Deoxys, only one of them can enter it.


Character Sheets:


[B]Appearance[/B]: just write a basic description, color changes, just not too drastic, small markings, small variations in body type, longer/shorter fur, etc, are allowed. 
[B]Gender[/B]: (what you view yourself as)
[B]Moves[/B]: (Remember, you can have only four but they must be all shadow moves)



[B]Team[/B]: -Species, Gender, Nature, Ability, Move1/Move2/Move3/Move4

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Accepted Characters


Raptor Of Dragons:

Username: RoD

Name: Barry

Legendary: Celebi

Gender: Female

Appearance Barry is shorter then a normal Celebi and seems to have slightly bigger wings

Personality: Barry is sweet and shy. She looks out for her friends if they're in danger. She much rather avoid confrontation with a lot of scary Pokemon unless they convince her they mean no harm.

History: Since Barry can travel through time, she really doesn't know how she came to existence. She has lived any normal life of a Celebi until one day she started seeing threats in the future by Cipher. She knew if the other legendaries truly got under the bid of Cipher, they would try to find her and get rid of her. So, she traveled to a place in one could reach her, hoping in some way the other legendaries would try to contact her.

Nature: Bashful

Moves: Heal Bell, Magical Leaf, Recover, Confusion

Other: Celebi is the only nonshadow legendary. I don't mean to be greedy about taking her, but I don't want Celebi controlled by another player and have her randomly show up during the quest.


Username: RoD

Name: Soul

Legendary: Yveltal

Appearance: a dark red Yveltal that has sky blue eyes and the fur around her neck is really white.

Gender: Prefers female

Personality: Before her turning shadow, Soul was a really misunderstood Pokémon. She actually enjoyed life even though most other Pokemon was scared of her. After Cipher got a hold of her, she turns really nasty and violent during Darkness Mode. When she comes too, she gets frightened as she realizes what is going on.

History: Soul hails from the Kalos region where she became the unfortunate victim of sucking the life out of everything, she touched. She tried her hardest to enjoy life and try not to scare Pokemon by destroying everything that she touched with her wings, but more and more Pokemon became again of her so she foind a secluded spot, spread her wings and slept. For 900 years she slept in a cocoon before being woken up by Cipher.

Nature: Brave

Moves: Shadow Wave, Shadow Half, Shadow Pulse, Shadow Shed



Username: RoD

Name: Macaroon

Legendary: Victini

Appearance: Macaroon is a bit taller then other Victinis. Thanks to Cipher's experimentation with him his fur that makes the V of his ears and claws are red like a shiny Pokemon of his kind, but the rest of his body is tan, there for making him half shiny half normal.

Gender: Male

Personality: Macaroon is a fun loving Victini that loves life and macaroons, obviously naming himself after the really popular food. He always tries to find the good in every situation, never focusing on the bad. When he goes into Darkness Mode, however, he becomes nasty and has a fascination of watch people burn.

History: Macaroon lived his life in lighthouse living a sheltered life, never knowing what was out there, but always curious to see. He didn't know long he had been before this group Team Plasma arrived to liberate him, whatever that meant. Before they could do anything to him, a trainer arrived and scared them all off and Macaroon wanted to be that trainer's friend, no matter how scared the guy was. Macaroon was glad to travel as he grew stronger and got to see more Pokemon. Eventually it got to the point were they had to battle Team Plasma once again as Zekrom and Reshiram got involved. Macaroon watched with interest before they had to battle the top dude who, in Macaroon's opinion, was completely insane. Luckily they beat the crazy guy before he left.


Life was pretty great for Macaroon after that. He was exploring the town his trainer grew up in before he got ambushed by Cipher.

Nature: Jolly

Moves: Shadow-Create, Shadow Charge, Shadow Mist, Shadow Panic

Other: that poor trainer and yes. I went there




Username: RoD

Name: Shadow Master

Gender: Male

Appearance: No one knows what he actually looms like. He's always wearing a very long hooded cloak with a black mask over his face.

Personality: Will be revealed

History: Will be Revealed in Good time

Rank: Leader

Team: To Be Revealed

Other: Let's keep this guy a mystery, shall we?


Username: RoD

Name: Doey

Gender: Male

Appearance: Doey is really tall at 6'3" making him slightly taller then Shadow Master. He has brown hair with emerald green eyes and a dark tan for spending time in the Orre Region. He wears a white lab coat over a black shirt and blue jeans.

Personality: Doey has a really laid back personality that he likes to take it one step at a time. He takes pride in his experiments and is particularly happy with how Xerneas turned out. He likes to talk to the Shadow Legendaries and try to learn what makes them weak. He does have a much harder time with the more powerful legendaries however.

History: Doey has been with the Shadow Master from almost the beginning, while he may not know exactly what Shadow Master's past is like, Doey himself comes from the Kalos Region. He was an ambitious scientist, but had a much darker side. He loved to experiment with Pokémon which got him kicked out of his job for it. He then traveled to another region and during his second week, he met the Shadow Master. He agreed to be work with him to recreate Cipher and their Shadow Pokémon. Since then, they have made members and captured legendaries.

Rank: Admin

Team: Aegislash, Male, Careful, No Guard, Slash, Iron Head, Shadow Ball, Protect

Other: he is the one who created the Shadow Balls



Username: Dusky_Flareon

Name: Taint (real name: Shiro)

Legendary: Reshiram

Appearance: Similar to normal Reshiram, but she has a dark taint to her fur. This results in it looking white under direct white but the shadows being darker indigo-grey the darker they get. Eyes are are redvwith brighter red where her normal eyes would be blue with black.

Gender: Female


Normal- Taint has a massive just streak. She has very strong views about right and wrong. Traitors she will viciously attack, even kill. She is very protective and defensive of the weak. Taint has a weakness for spicy food. She has anger issues as well.

Darkness Mode- Vicious and nightmarish, her anger issues are amplified a thousandfold.

History: She was one of the Tao Dragons who split from the original thousabds of years ago and warrwd in Univa. She was sealed for thousands of years, until N Harmonia released her. After Zelrom defeated her and N, the duo travelled until N released her one day to join a new hero... and that was when Cipher caught her.

Nature: Lonely

Moves: Shadow Fire, Shadow Wave, Shadow Sky, Shadow Flare (100 base damage, 100 accuracy, 5PP, special, powered up if Shadow Bolt (Shadow Zekrom's version of Fusion Bolt) has been used on Shadow Reshiram. Basically Shadow version of Fusion Flare.)

Other: Level 70+ (level as of N fight in B2W2)



Username: Sugar-Free

Name: Soren

Legendary: Lugia


Appearance: Soren’s blue eye-and-back fins are a darker navy blue than normal. They have small notches near the front of each. His fur/feathers/down are mussed and lacking their silver sheen, a result of mistreatment and lack of personal hygiene. His scleras are black and the irises are yellow. On his shoulders are two metallic Limiters embedded in the skin.


Gender: Male


Personality: Soren is highly reclusive. While not unkindly to those around him, he does not consider himself a worthy part of any friend group, and grows anxious and irritable and often excuses himself. His time with Cipher has made him fussy to being touched, and he often forgets his own upkeep (preening and other grooming), deeming it unnecessary or too much work. He desperately desires a friend to talk to and grow close with, but shields them away with feigned disinterest or self-deprecation. He fears hurting his fellow Pokemon not only with his personality, but with his immense strength.


History: Before his capture, Soren dwelled peacefully in the depths of the Whirl Islands. Occasionally coming up throughout the course of history to quell the fervor of the Three Birds, he has mostly slept and waded through the ocean, losing himself in the beauty of labyrinths and coral caves, the muted sound of the distant tide.

Up until Cipher’s involvement, Soren had little experience with the world above, as he knew it was his duty to preserve humanity and let rest his powerful wings under the waves. He would often dream of sunsets over strange lands, filled with tall brown corals with green fish swimming interconnected, of tiny anemones that did not sting the flesh, gathered in friendly bunches around the caves of humans. He wanted to connect with the fleshy folks that worshipped him as a sort of deity—not for their devotions, but for a chance at kinship. Many centuries would pass, until unfortunately, Soren would see this day come.


As he surfaced to watch the moon rise and the stars peek out from the darkness. As he bathed in the glory and somberness of solitude, the whine of some aircraft he was not familiar with whizzed by, and a sharp noise of a hydraulic machine firing startled him. As he turned in the water to follow the craft, a piercing and unbearable pain punctured his shoulders, rendering his wings numb and lame. As he flailed in the water, relying on his fat alone for buoyancy, another dart (this one he saw) marked his flank. Slowly, his vision blurred and his movements became separate from his perceptions...


Nature: Modest


Moves: Shadow Blast, Shadow Panic, Shadow Storm, Shadow Down


Other: The Limiters on Soren’s wings act not only as a means to dampen his building-destroying wing flaps, but to encourage strengthening in those limbs that, when the Limiters are taken off, could cause destruction on an unthinkable level.


Username: Sugar-Free

Name: Valtome

Legendary: Mew

Appearance: Valtome’s fur is a plush grey-lavender color, and is evidently silky by appearance. His face is thinner than the typical Mew (much like a sphinx’s) and his ears are drawn further up his head, longer and pointed. His eyes are narrow and imperceptibly dark green. He has crow’s feet in the crooks of his eyes. His fingers and toes are more defined.His tail is of normal length and size.

Gender: Male

Personality: Valtome is a super-intelligent Pokemon, capable of thoroughly understanding and digesting human concepts and morality. He knows his ability is remarkable, and is highly egotistical because of it, often viewing “lesser minded” Pokemon with scorn and even pity. He relishes in complex problem-solving and assists (leads) the R&D of Shadow Tech. He tends to view humans as mostly ineffectual, but can see that some remarkable talents (like the Shadow Master and select R&Ds) are quite special, and allows camaraderie between them.


However, he has no tolerance for brutish displays and stupidity, and will quickly punish those who have wronged him. Valtome is opposed to physical altercation, and uses his shadow powers to manipulate people and Pokemon under his will—puppeteering them to do his bidding or using them as an extension of his (admittedly) short hands. He’s a master at gaslighting, and will use it as an excuse to torment particularly annoying Peons.

His Darkness Mode empowers his manipulation abilities, and allows him to block out noise and visual debris to make his focus pinpoint-accurate. He often enters this mode to accomplish work goals, though he has been known to kill or severely wound those who interrupt him.


History: Once residing in the depths of a distant jungle, Valtome lived his life free and purely. He was happy, yet bored, and after having traveled all over creation in order to sate his curiosity, he had little else to entertain himself.

After a time, humans came along. He found the way they grew, from so...primal and ugly, motivated only by need...into powerhouses of creativity and conquest...fascinating. After taking time to indulge in games of cat-and-mouse with random Trainers and Lab Techs, he settled on, by far, the most interesting bunch he’d ever come across: Cipher.


They had real drive, unlike the pathetic Team Rocket. They had an obtainable focus, unlike Team Magma and Team Aqua. They had tangible results, unlike Team Plasma.


Valtome tempted Cipher in with his impish, seemingly playful attitude. They couldn’t help wanting to corrupt a legend supposedly the progenitor of all Pokemon! They snagged him in a Master Ball, and with a bit of coy struggle from him, they closed Valtome’s heart. It was during this time, after he had awakened and the clamp on his was evident, that he met the Shadow Master. He had passed by his holding tank as he discussed his upstart for Cipher.


Valtome’s focus was clear. Through the glass, he reached out to the Shadow Master’s mind. He would speak to him. He would learn to speak to them all. He would help them in their ambition. Valtome wanted to join in this little game. If need be, he’d rectify the situation. If not...well...

At least he’d had fun.



Nature: Rash


Moves: Shadow Hold, Shadow Flux (substitute for Psychic), Shadow Shield (substitute for Protect) Shadow Spy (substitute for Transform)


Other: Valtome likes flavored coffees and herbal teas. He’s grown accustomed to human accoutrements, and as such, took money from their coffers to commission a set of clothes to wear; the lab is too well air-conditioned for his taste.



Username: DarkShinyLugia


Name: Aquamarine


Legendary: Suicune


Appearance: The crystal on her head has only gotten slightly darker. Most of her fur has turned a very deep and less saturated blue, with the spots turning black. The purple cloud itself turned white. The "north wind tendrils" are now gray, with a notch on the end.


Gender: Female


Personality: Honestly, she's gonna cling to any friends she somehow manages to make. This Suicune would rather not be alone in all this.


Aqua no longer has the ability to purify polluted water, which causes her to avoid such water for fear of actually managing to make it worse. And even if it's not polluted, there's always the chance that it'd still pollute anyway.


History: Aquamarine used to be on fairly good terms with humanity. She never took food from their hands, of course. It would have been a bit degrading.


But Aqua would help them by purifying water. It was mostly to just help the Pokemon that were going to drink it, but being on good terms with humanity was generally a good thing, considering there were so many of them.


Aquamarine needed a break at some point, though. To go out and help wild Pokemon with their issues. Water is life, after all, and why should only human-owned Pokemon have life?


She'd left just in time, as Cipher had been at the area that this Suicune had normally gone to when she was doing her job. But that doesn't mean that Cipher wasn't prepared!




After a long day of running like the wind, Aquamarine got to her final lake of the night. She was getting tired, and needed to sleep soon. There were a lot of lakes to purify-


-Wait. This lake was purple. It had to be the absolute worst lake in existence. How did it even get this bad? Aqua would sigh, touching her nose down to the filthy water...


And she collapsed on the spot. Partially because of the exhaustion, and partially because of what was actually in the water. Aquamarine wouldn't see water again for an awfully long time.


Nature: Careful (+SpD, -SpA)


Moves: Shadow Hold, Shadow Chill (if not allowed because ingame it's exclusive to S. Articuno, Shadow Mist), Shadow Wave, Shadow Blitz


Other: Well, she can still walk on water, at least. But that's about the extent of it.



Username: skwerl56767

Name: Alpine

Legendary: Articuno

Appearance: Alpine doesn't look much different from any other Articuno, though her wings are on the large side, making them difficult to fold up and hide. She has some symbol etching in her ice wings from when she would grow bored and practice engraving with her beak, but most of it is now obscured due to no longer maintaining it, and having new ice form over the old designs.

Gender: Female

Personality: Alpine has a curiosity for new things, but the trait that comes through the most is her protective nature. She has a tendency to stick up for her friends, even though she isn't very good at it, especially when it comes to fighting with words; in an actual battle though, she always tries to do things that help her allies rather than herself. This often backfires and ends up with her fainting, and she has yet to learn that this isn't exactly the brightest idea, but she still persists. Alpine will also often end up in a partially-conscious daze, not being very mindful of what she's doing, and - usually - ending up hurting herself. She explains that it's just her "mind running away with her", but really, what sort of intense thinking would any Pokemon need to do?

History: Alpine has lived a sheltered life in the mountains, and has never explored anything beyond the Kanto region. At first her life didn't have anything going on in it, until she discovered the excitement of guiding travelers through a nearby mountain pass. The pass was home to her, but during strong blizzards people and their Pokemon would often end up lost inside the pass; at first the cries of lost creatures were an annoyance to her, but after guiding out her first lost travelers she found the task to be rather exciting, and as such it became part of her daily activities. Unfortunately though, she was ignorant of her rarity, and was never shy of appearing before strangers, which inevitably led to many more people purposefully going through the pass to see her. It was only a matter of time until her latest charges - several strange, murmuring people who carried Dark-type Pokemon - managed to corner her and knock her out. She had no clue just how much of a threat Cipher was.

Nature: Rash (+Sp. Attack, -Sp. Defense)

Moves: Shadow Chill (Replacement: Ice Beam), Shadow Sky (Replacement: Hail), Shadow Mist (Replacement: Tailwind), Shadow Blast (Replacement: Gust)

Other: Alpine will refer to the other two legendary birds - Zapdos and Moltres - as her "brothers" or "sisters", and other Legendaries as her "brethren". However, due to knowing nothing outside of Kanto, the only other Pokemon she knows (right now) as "brethren" are Mew and Mewtwo. She starts out stuck at level 50.



Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Alter

Legendary: Giratina

Appearance: On first glance, Alter doesn't appear to have changed at all, aside from having a Griseous Orb constantly suspended in the middle of her "crown". But upon careful inspection, one will discover that the red stripes and spikes on her body have become slightly darker than they should be, closer in hue to blood...

Gender: Female

Personality: Alter is always careful and calculating, almost machinelike in efficiency and coldness. She doesn't appear to have changed much, even maintaining a startling amount of control over her Darkness Mode. Her moral compass is either nonexistent or broken, and she'll tear anything and anyone down for her own selfish desires. Years of being alone in the Distortion World have rendered friendships nearly meaningless to her, with revenge being the only thing she knows. She's patient if she has to be, something an eternity of banishment has taught her. Perhaps the reason she has so much control over her Darkness Mode is that her original personality wasn't much different from it...

History: Banished for violence, Alter lived out her days in the Distortion world, learning patience and coldness. She learned to harness her anger and use it as energy, unleashing it when she needs to. Knowing that she would appear if her home world was damaged, Cipher began to purposely create distortions in time and space. Furious, Alter planned out their demise, but before she could take action, she was caught in a severe distortion and subsequently captured by Cipher.

Nature: Serious

Moves: Shadow Storm, Shadow Down, Shadow Hold, Shadow Force (is it allowed? It does actually have shadow in its name and it's Giratina's signature...)

Other: Cipher attached the Griseous Orb to her in an attempt to study how the Distortion World works and she hasn't been able to get it off since. As such, she pretty much stuck in her Origin Forme all the time.



Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Essence (though he refuses to respond to that name anymore, saying he doesn't deserve it. Calls himself Echo instead, saying that represents how he's merely a hollow echo of his former self.)

Legendary: Xerneas

Appearance: His horns are no longer multicolored, instead permanently appearing in Neutral Mode. Even in Neutral Mode, his coloration has dulled to grayish blue and a lighter black.

Gender: Male

Personality: Gentle and optimistic, Essence hates having to hurt others and never held a grudge, instead believing that it was his fault when others got mad at him. He is very protective and loyal to his friends, especially Soul. However, he isn't naturally brave, actually being a bit shy and wary of new things or people.


In Darkness Mode his fear consumes him, causing him to believe everything and everyone is a threat to him. Normally, he wouldn't

History: Though Soul was the opposite of him and had to take life energy instead of giving it, Essence understood that she didn't really want to. She just couldn't help it if her natural abilities did that, and he worked hard to restore life to things she touched and explain to the other Pokemon. Sadly, not all of the Pokemon believed him. Eventually, when Soul transformed into a cocoon, he transformed into a tree, counteracting the effects of the cocoon.


When he next awoke, he was in a strange cell, being poked and prodded by humans. Though they hurt him, he forgave them and tried to convince them to let him escape. Of course, they didn't listen. Soon, the poking and prodding became more and more painful, leading to them eventually dealing him a fatal injury to get him to release a burst of life energy. They then artificially shortened the length of his sleep to get him to release more life energy whenever they hurt another legendary too much, or just to capture the power and use it. Still, he couldn't bring himself to hate them, simply living in constant fear of the humans. Unlike the other Shadow Pokemon, his heart eventually closed out of fear, not anger and hatred.


When the Shadow Master finally developed a Shadow Ball and captured him, he was forced to destroy life instead of giving it, causing himself immense guilt, despair, and fear. He was the Life Pokemon! How could he be hurting others? But even his innate ability to give life had been distorted, killing things with poisonous purple waves. Distraught, he retreated into himself, marking the perfect opportunity for them to try a new experiment on him. Knowing that he was protective of Soul, they created a new experimental machine. Now, whenever they hurt him, they used a machine to summon an image of another legendary attacking Soul and him in his head, conditioning him to see the other legendaries as a threat.

Nature: Timid

Moves: Shadowmancy (altered Geomancy, doesn't revive dead/petrified things), Shadow Storm, Shadow Panic, Shadow Mist

Other: He can still sense life energy, and can track other Pokemon down by their life energy signature. This is the reason why Cipher chose him to attack and kill the other legendaries instead of another legendary with a fiercer personality. In order for him to stand a good chance of killing/capturing the other legendaries, they artificially trained him to level 100 before closing his heart.










Shiko does not look much different from the regular Zekrom image. His eyes are more of a maroon than a red.




Shiko is a bit of a perfectionist and an idealist, and in his dormant state he would often spin wild images of a perfect world in his dreams. He is rather stubborn and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals once his mind is set on them. However, he is uneasily calm. He generally does not attack first...unless in Darkness Mode. Then he turns into a raging monster, attacking senselessly and without reason.


Shiko, often referred to by people as just Zekrom, was one of the Tao Dragons that split from the original being. In a contest for power and a bitter rivalry, he and his sister battled for thousands of years. However, being twins and identical strength-wise, they eventually tired and were sealed away into a deep sleep, waiting for a hero to awaken them and build a world based on either truth or ideals.

Then, one day, Zekrom was awakened by a human, a mere boy. Maybe about thirteen years old, by the name of Evan. Out of all the great warriors he imagined, this little welpling was just about the opposite of his image of "hero". Cowardly, nervous, stuttering, non-charismatic, all the qualities of a little wimp. But there was no time; they had an enemy to face. Team Plasma, they were called, and their leader a green-haired man with a threatening sneer and a cloak that made him much larger than he must have been. Unless he really was that large. A person who looked like his son was standing with....his sister. N, his name was. He was forced to fight, which he did not want to do; in all the thinking, he realized that he was wrong and that he and his twin should work together. But they battled, and the rest of Evan's team fought valiantly until they stood, victorious. Shiro and N fled, leaving no trace.

After living under Evan's care for a while, Shiko grew to care for his new master. At the same time, he helped shape the boy into a stronger individual, and for some time his dreams of an ideal world were coming true....




Shadow Bolt, Shadow Headbutt, (Shadow?) Fly, Shadow Strike










Once, Xorral was the typical appearance of the Rayquaza image. But, after being captured by Cipher, the testing permanently changed his pigments and turned him black- often known as the "shiny" form. His eyes are so dark they're nearly black as well.




Rayquaza is a peace-keeper. Being created by Arceus to act as a mediator between Groudon and Kyogre, this is not a surprise. When he has his head, he prefers not to fight by nature, rather to separate the rivals. The sky dragon is wise and likes riddles, and is very polite. Under pressure he can generally keep his head....but every soul has limits to how much they can take.

In Darkness Mode, he becomes terrible. For the most part he can think, but his common sense is overruled by an undying bloodlust. He will hunt any sentient creature and brutally murder them with no remorse.


When land and sea were being created and clashed, Rayquaza was made to watch in the sky and act as needed. Much more recently, he was summoned to destroy a meteor that would either destroy the world as they knew it or potentially harm another dimension. But he apparently did not choose the expected trainer to be his master; instead of the Dragon Master girl, he chose the teenage boy named Ruby. Using Dragon Ascent, they destroyed the meteor and defeated the Deoxys inside.




Shadow Ascent, Shadow Slash, (Shadow?) Fly, Shadow Dance


Edited by Raptor of Dragons

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Accepted Characters Continue


Username: Extra-Sugar

Name: Ash

Legendary: Ho-Oh

Appearance: All the red on his body has become a light gray like it was covered in ash. All the other colors are very dull and speckled with black and gray spots. The edges of his feathers are also quite ruffed up.

Gender: Malee

Personality: He acts very proud of himself, but is actually really ashamed of what he's become. He tries to hide his insecurity the best that he can.

History: Ash used to travel with the sun. He'd follow it across the world until night fall caught up with him. Eventually, Cipher calculated his path and set a trap at his next resting point. This is where he was captured and corrupted.

Nature: Brave

Moves: Shadow Scorch (Sacred Fire) , Dark Night (Sunny day), Nightmare Bird (Brave Bird),Shadow Screech (Extrasensory).

Other: Despite his corruption, he still loves Pecha berries.



Username: Scyther

Name: Shane

Gender: Male

Appearance: Messy brown mop of short hair, slightly narrow face with tired, emerald green eyes. Standing at 6'2, his long legs are accustomed to running and his arms are slightly muscled. His hands are soft and strong, and he usually taps his fingers on the palms of his hand when anxious. He wears a neutral face and his actions become robotic when he feels scared or threatened.

Personality: Shane used to be a strong, independent, happy go lucky teenage boy. Stubborn and hot headed at times, he enjoyed the company of his only friends who are his pokemon, and passed milestones of being a trainer before he was forced to join Cipher, and is now completely different. He is now weary and on edge, always looking behind his back. He has a deep fear of the Shadow Master, and will always try to avoid being near him. He will do anything to prevent more of his pokemon becoming corrupted and turned into shadow pokemon. Even if it meant hurting other pokemon to do so, but with a heavy heart filled with regret.  

History: Shane was a skilled and talented trainer, getting all but one of the region's gym badges. But rumors of an evil team tempted him into investigating himself, and that then led to Shane sneaking into a Cipher hideout. Filled with determination to stop the dark plot, armed to the teeth with healing items, he went to defeat 80% of the peons inside, before he was confronted with the Shadow Master.

After a long and hard battle, Shane lost. With his pokemon helpless, the Shadow Master was about to take them away and corrupt them when Shane stopped him and begged him not take his pokemon away. Telling the Shadow Master that he would do anything to keep his pokemon.

And so, that was how he joined Cipher under rule that as long as he did a good job, his pokemon would be left alone.

Rank: high rank

Team: Scyther, male, Adamant, Technician, Wing attack, U-turn, sword dance, night slash

Gyarados, Female, Modest, Intimidate, Surf, Ice beam, flame thrower, Thunderbolt

Staraptor, male, lonely, Intimidate, Fly, close combat, Thief, steel wing

Togekiss, female, hasty, super luck, metronome, protect, aura sphere, dazzling gleam

Nidoqueen,female, relaxed, rivalry, power up punch, dragon tail, poison jab, Earth power

Spiritomb, male, mild, pressure, imprison, sucker punch, shadow sneak, ominous wind

Other: Shane is 18 years old.

Edited by Raptor of Dragons

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Free So Far: Soul, Macaroon, Taint, Soren, Alpine, Aqua, Alter, Shiko, and Xorrel.

Captured: Essence and Valtome

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Available Legendary Pokémon:








































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((I guess I'l start, then. Come on, all~ let's do the thing~))




Soren buffeted his wings feverishly against the cloister cage the human Peons were pulling down around them. The machine's arms mechanically squeezed into him, like a paralyzing embrace, and the Peons were quickly latching the bottom of each onto the platform. Any other day, this would be a small, painless task; they had not intended on their anesthetics wearing off early. In his fervor, he could overhear the Peons cursing and yelling as the latches were continually knocked out of place. Blinded by fury, their reactionary scuffling echoed dully against the walls and into Soren's head.


This was his punishment.


I just...hahh...I don't want to be in here!!! Hah...NO! I...CAN'T AGAIN-!


He smacked his head up against the top of the claw contraption, trying in vain to somehow push it back to the ceiling, or maybe rip the already-closed latches free of the floor. It didn't matter how; it didn't matter that it was painful. Anything to escape--that was his instinct.


Blood rushing and heart throbbing, he screamed and repeatedly dashed his beak into the grimy metal cage. The dingy-white of the walls melted into the forms of the humans below, and the room spun as his desperation ate at his sanity. Even if they lashed him into dark obscurity, or if they dared to dart him again, it was enough---a moment of escape.


In these moments, the sea was so far away.

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Soul slowly closed her eyes. She was extremely tired and Cipher wasn't helping at all. All she wanted to do was to be left alone. She groaned as she felt them start to pin her the machines on her. She hated being a prisoner and she hated Cipher. Why couldn't they let her be? She didn't want to be used to suck all life around her. A then a loud screech jolted her awake. She knew that roar. She would often hear it echo along with the cries of other Pokemon. What was most important, she was awake.


The Peons gasped as she rocked forward sharply, freeing herself. Screeching loudly, she raised her wings and sent a Shadow Wave out, making the Peons hit the wall. She raised her head and then let out a Shadow Pulse at the little two way mirror that the Peons called thst one himan, The Shadow Master, would often watch them. He was the one that she hated the most and just he thought of him burned her with anger. She let out another Shadow Pulse before flying up and out of the cold white buildings. She wanted to get out of there and get as far away as possible.




Shadow Master stood, watching Yveltal as it was being contained. He showed no emotion and no compassion for it. And then a screech. He looked over calmly to the direction of the screech. "Sir! Lugia is escaping!" a Peon said, busting into the room. "What?" Shadow Master asked. He walked out the room and five seconds later, he turned to the room as a big blast hit it. He clenched his fists. "Apparently Lugia woke up Yveltal." He would look at Yveltal's cage later. He walked with the Peon to the area Lugia escaped. "Who is the idiot that let Lugia get loose?" Shadow Master asked. No one spoke a word. They could tell he was angry with the escape of two legendaries. "Get the others on lockdown. They are not to be tampered with until we get those two back!"

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His senses reeled as Soren bashed out the sides of the cloister. The arms snapped outward, flinging two assisting R&Ds backward. He quickly raised his wings out of the newly-formed entrances, and brought them down as hard as possible.


There was a sensation of a couple somethings giving under his fingers, cracking and deforming into a non-discernible pulp against the floor.


A heady darkness heaved through his stomach, crawling through his hairs and feathers, seeming to pull himself up by the muscles in his eyes, and he shot upward.


I'm losing it. They don't deserve this.


A smear of red and black crested the ceiling above, and blasted the glass and metal with a shadowy shot. The rubble came down, and the shrieking of the minuscule humans below deafened him. As his body followed the dark form to the dimming light, his eyes fell to the one fleshy biped he would ever know with a title.


The Shadow Master.




The one who had destroyed the balance in his world. The one who would keep his kind and so many others imprisoned, their mind claimed by shadows...







The Lugia rose, head battered and bloodied with regret and resolve, hate in the crook of his maw. Soren apologized, to the Pokemon he hadn't any time to save. To the humans he could never come to trust. To the red-bodied flash that had opened his door to freedom.


His heart was closed firmly shut.



((BTW, how do we indicate Darkness mode? I know it's early in the game for this, but Soren is entering it if that's okay.))

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One of Aquamarine's eyes opened up. Only a few minutes ago, the humans had ended their test of the day. Too exhausted to care about... what was it?


No, the thought's gone, replaced by a sudden roar. The screeches of some of the other Pokemon inside the prison. Not a normal screech, though, not the kind that's been grating at her mind.


Aquamarine began bashing her crystallized head into the sides of this cage.


Don't wanna be here anyMOREEEEE..!


Seems like the lockdown was taking its effect. Some of the doors were closing already. But this was not the way she was going to die.


Now Aqua began Shadow Blitzing. The cell was already semi-weak from the bashing...


She'd run uncontrollably through the closing door. It'd slam down behind her, narrowly missing a ribbon. Not that a torn ribbon would stop a Suicune at this point. Asymmetry is an small price to pay for a decent life. Aquamarine could barely steer this attack. She drove straight through several of the guards that were chasing a previous escapee (and may have "accidentally" impaled someone on one of the crystals!)


She didn't know where the exit was, and Aqua no longer cared. At least now, the Shadow Blitz ended, so she could actually steer herself-


-Wait, was that a human? Aqua fired a Shadow Chill at it, just in case. It was probably a human, right?


Doesn't matter. Just gonna keep going...


Aqua began sprinting in the direction that seemed most like it was an exit. Not that everything looked like an exit. This direction just seemed a likely place to put one. Not like she's a bird or anything, that could just aim up and fly out. No, that's not a Suicune's job.


But now Aquamarine looked up. At a window on the ceiling of this passage.


Why do they do that? To taunt me?


She began seeing quite a bit of red.


This'll be the last time they taunt me!


She sprang upwards, towards a wall. Something fired at her previous position; there's no time to look! Then Aquamarine bounced off the wall, keeping her eyes open, staring out that goddamn window. The sky beyond was getting kinda dark...


Except Aqua managed to break it. She almost didn't stick the landing, having to get her hind legs up. But now she didn't care how badly the glass had cut.


Aquamarine started run-limping as far as she could, due to a large piece of glass in her front foot. The pain was only emphasizing the importance of getting far, far away from this Hell. It doesn't matter what she'd leave behind. Regrets aren't a thing that can be had at the moment.


Aqua isn't going back. Not now, not ever, no matter what might still be in there. There's no time for that.

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Soul soared high into the sky. She cawed loudly at a Skarmory before taking it down with a Shadow Pulse. She was seeing red and there was nothing but sand everywhere. She felt nothing and only thought of one thing. Destruction. She needed energy. She spread her wings. She wanted to destroy. But something was wrong. Instead of stealing life force, she sent out a purple wave. She screeched in horror. What happened to her attack!? That wasn't the move she wanted.


She landed in the desert before sending out one attack of Shadow Pulse after another. She was screeching with rage. The Shadow Master did something that he took something she had the ability to do. Her heart filled with rage. Her heart was shut.




The Shadow Master watched Lugia as it flew high. Yveltal was probably long gone by now so he'd have to track these two before people noticed their little slip up. "Why is it that when one Lugia awakes," Shadow Master said in a calm and scary voice. "No one decides to dart it before it causes this amount of damage and gets away? Can someone please explain that to me?" "Um, sir," a new voice said. "What is it now?" Shadow Master asked, turning to the member who came creeping up. "Suicune just got loose. It hurt a couple people before it got away," the member said.


Shadow Master didn't say a word as he turned and walked into a room filled with surveillance cameras on each legendary. Yveltal's was completely destroyed. On a computer he pulled up a 3D model on all three escapees. "No matter how far you run, no matter where you go. I will find you"

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Aquamarine took a different path out. Everything around her just seemed to be a blur, but she had to have been walking on water. It felt kinda familiar... and almost pleasant. The pain wasn't getting any WORSE from having a glass shard inside Aqua's foot.


But it wasn't getting any better, either. The river below turned a maroon color. Aquamarine sprinted forward anyway, not even noticing these changes. Pure water began being tainted by blood.


Aquamarine'd stop in the current, looking around. A pine forest, with a red river running through it.


Red? What the hell? Aquamarine placed one paw into the water, only to recoil and raise it. This would be the object that's been causing her so much trouble! Aqua'd tear the glass shard out, opening the wound even further.


She'd swap feet, putting the relatively unscathed foot into the water. Nothing. The water seemed just as bad as it has been since Aqua got here.


O-okay, maybe I just need to use a little bit of effort. That'll work...


Aquamarine tried to use one of her older moves. Instead, she used Shadow Wave, causing the water to turn a near-black form of purple.


She'd scream at the murky water. Aqua was no longer in control of this... this... what was this? The Suicune began repeatedly using Shadow Wave, causing the water to become worse and worse. The river was now completely opaque. A red Basculin jumped out- it'd rather spend more time out of the water than in, clearly.


The fish got struck by a Shadow Chill, freezing it solid on the riverbank. Aquamarine began fleeing much deeper into these woods. She'd shut herself in, and her heart would go with it.


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Taint snarled in her sleep.


Cipher will pay


Pay for what they've done


They're going to regret it


Justice is eternal


With that note, her eyes flashed wide open, glowing. The traitors and criminals of Cipher must be brought to justice. And she screamed, screamed seemingly with the wrath of thousands. She looked up, unusually red eyes glowing, and flapped her tainted wings. The cold metal cell was soon blasted open by a Shadow Flare, part of the shrapnel blasting into peons.


Taint grined madly, curling her lips back. The monsters would pay all right. Then she flew out, Shadow Waves sweeping opponents asude as roared. Taint rose up, tainted fur gleaming, before landing hard enough to shake the earth, crushing grunts beneath her. Then a Shadow Fire was streaming from her mouth. After killing some other peons, the tainted Reshiram roared before slamming into another metal door. Weakened by other escapees, it gave way and she roared at the humans beyond. The monstrous humans. She was angry, but her heart was shut tightly...

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The fury took over the battered Lugia. As ragged as his locked heart was, the anger and sadness took over his form, forcing him forward to release the black swell in his soul.


The wind he once reveled in was nothing but a sensation. The world was colorless, the forms below two-dimensional, and there were no thoughts--just vicious intent. The bloody crimson of the blurry figure he'd seen only moments ago was his target; the color made him feel furious, made him feel something. He would find it, oh yes...in due time.


Anything for a moment of escape.


As he swept forward, battered by the heat and grain, his mind clouded further and further, 'till there was no sound or sight. The memory in red was vivid.


It had become him.


(I'm out for the night! Got work tomorrow at the crack of dawn; see y'all then!)

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Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

" Ugh, someone shut that bird UP!"

" I'm way over here! You do it!"

The two peons began shouting at each other, but the sleep-deprived Legendary just kept tapping the glass. This glass box they shut her in. Why... what did she ever do to them...

" Knock it off!" One of the peons shouted at her, but she couldn't hear them. It just didn't make sense... One minute she's helping people, the next she's in a box...


Suddenly, an object moved over the door in the room; some kind of seal. The sheltered Articuno stopped tapping and looked at the door; she could see the peons reacting to it, but of course she couldn't understand their conversation. The glass was too thick, even for her talons. Instead, she heard only muffled noises.

Tap tap! She drummed her beak on the glass. Tap tap tap tap tap-!

Someone threw a cup at her, and it resounded off the glass with a dull thud, making her rear up.

If only I could speak to you! She thought glumly. Where... why...?

The peons began to leave, walking up to the door and prodding a panel on the side. When the door opened briefly they both bolted out of it. The door closed.

She was alone.


Alpine ruffled her feathers and looked around the room. This whole place was still new to her. Computers... tile... strange instruments hanging from the ceiling... Ever since she had passed out she had been having nightmares about her brothers poking her, being lost in caves, being powerless... everything a Legendary bird shouldn't have to deal with. Her brothers would prod her, but their pokes were soft and teasing. She has never been lost in a cave before. And she has always had power!

And yet... What were these humans doing? For once she was awake, in this box; her nightmares evidently hadn't helped her sleep and have enough energy to be awake. But they wouldn't let her out of the box. They would interface with the computers and have the instruments dangling around her spring into motion, but nothing bad has happened yet...


Sirens went off in the whole base, even the room the Articuno was in; the screeching, however, was muffled to her. The lights went dim and a bright red light began flashing, high up on the wall. Alpine shuffled nervously, anxious to know what was going on, but even more anxious to get out of the box! She couldn't stretch her wings in this thing!

Tap! She pecked the box, growing frustrated. She only rebounded off the glass. But she was adamant.

Tap tap tap tap tap - Crack!

Finally! She felt her heart leap as a hairline fracture formed in her vitreous cage. She pecked it more, but the fracture barley grew and inch, and her beak was starting to ache.

Come on! Not even the ice at home was this difficult!


Home... how she missed it. The frigid breezes, the scraping peaks... hardly anyone bothered her up there. Only wild Pokemon in the lowlands to deal with, and they were nice neighbors.

Alpine paused in her pecking to let her beak relax from the constant tension; though, she was growing sick of this box. She had been cooped up long enough, hadn't she? Why would the humans put her in such a thing?!

Alpine foolishly tried to peck faster, to try and grow the cracks she had already formed, but the glass was more stubborn than she was!

Come. On. You. Stupid. THING! She shouted in her head, but the final peck mocked her with a strong rebound. She felt the back of her head strike the wall behind her, making her vision dance.

Uggghhh... I'm TIRED of this!! She screeched at the glass, and summoned up the winter's fury inside her. I'm getting out of here!

Alpine spat a stream of ice at the glass; she hardly noticed it was the wrong color, and the wrong consistency. But she could feel the cold, and that's all she cared about. The box filled up on the inside with freezing air, and ice crystals began forming real-time on the inner walls.


Black. All she could see was black, and she only felt cold. But that was a good thing, right?

Once her breath ran out the Articuno wrecked out more fury on the glass, pecking and scratching it up with her talons. Being frozen on the inside the fractures began to grow again, but she couldn't see the damage she was doing. She only needed to get out! OUT!

Crash! The black fog that clouded the glass erupted forth as the glass shattered, spitting out the Legendary onto the ground. Alpine landed awkwardly on her belly and squirmed, kicking glass everywhere which were cutting into her feet, but for some reason this didn't process in her head. In fact, nothing was processing well. It was almost as if she had no control over herself!

Alpine picked herself up and kicked a shard of glass viciously, her beak open in a silent threat. She then took on a defensive stance and threw her gaze all over the room. Normally she would be able to think these things through clearly, but something was amiss... she couldn't think. Or she could, but they weren't thoughts. They were reactions. And the reactions weren't very good.


The Articuno hissed at the blinking red light and cast a Shadow Blast at it, causing the hard surface to split. Her mind only processed that it was a Gust attack, never noticing the dark aura it had, or the way the attack seemed to whisper like it was alive. Instead she raised her wings and launched herself over several computers at the door, hitting it with a loud clang. After several failed attempts of pecking the door the same way she attacked the glass, she threw several more Shadow Blasts at it, denting the metal door and shattering the cover on the keypad's screen. She then threw herself at it again, her left wing striking the face of the keypad.

Computers must have feelings too, because the keypad let out a defiant beep and the door slid open into a dim hallway lines with more blinking red lights. Or maybe Alpine was just one lucky Legendary. Regardless, she seized the chance to run out like a mad creature into the hall, her massive wings brushing the walls as she ran.


" Huh? Oh HOLY-" The peon was cut off as Alpine tackled his legs and threw him over her head, making him land on the linoleum hard. His companion let out a shout and ran back down the hall, shouting something; but Alpine's attention was directed elsewhere.

A breeze! Cold! A hole in the wall! A suspiciously framed hole with broken glass in it, but a hole nonetheless. There were several peons around it, feeling torn about pursuing the Legendary that had broken the window; and now they had a new one to worry about.

Screeee!! Alpine screeched at the humans in her way, and they whipped around.

" Is that-?!"

" It's the Articuno! It escaped!"

" It's after me!"

" AHHH!"

Alpine pursued the humans and drove them off, snapping and pecking at them. One of them, evidently more experienced and not wearing a lab coat, stared incredulously at the situation.

" You dolts! Use your Pokemon! Don't let it escape!" Like a westerner in a gun fight, he seized a Pokeball hanging from his belt faster than one could blink. But Alpine had different plans.

The cold air! She needed it!


As the trainer threw the ball to the ground, summoning his own Pokemon, Alpine returned to the window and leaped up at it. Her flared wings, however, kept her from exiting completely, and she stopped halfway through the window, her rump hanging out. She still couldn't think straight, so she couldn't anticipate the attack coming from behind, but luck was still in her favor.

Smack! A stinging sensation erupted throughout Alpine's body, and she was launched through the window. A loud, frustrated growl came from behind her, but the Articuno paid no heed to it; instead, she started feebly flapping her wings, still trying to escape, trying to climb the air into the high altitudes that she loved. She didn't know that the trainer was cursing aloud, that the Liepard that had attacked her was eagerly waiting for its next order; instead, she stayed focused on the sky.

The sky was home. She needed to be there, clear her head of this madness! She needed to escape!


((Apologies for the long post; my introductions are always huge. :'D They'll grow smaller as I start interacting with people though.))

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Soul screeched loudly once again before falling flat on her belly. She was exhausted, the black, or was it purple, seemed to fade out as she faded fast. She couldn't move and therefore a sitting Ducklett. She was praying to Arceus that the Shadow Master wouldn't come after here. If Arceus wasn't captured. She lied in the sand as she fell asleep, her mind shutting down. There was something important that she was trying to remember before the whole ordeal. Something Xerneas told her. Something about a little small Pokemon. Started with a C Soul thought as she passed out.




Shadow Master watched as the Reshiram broke free. Of all the rotten luck. Now he had four escapees. Might as well deal with this trouble maker before it got free. He turned and calmly walked to where the Reshiram was roaring. Peons were cowering in fear of the Reshiram as it sent out a Shadow Flare. Peons were easily replaceable. These legendaries were not. He stopped as he finally saw the Reshiram. It was in Darkness Mode already from what he could tell. "Reshiram," Shadow Master said in a calm voice.


He was secretly cursing his luck that this had to happen before the Shadow Balls weren't done yet. He had calculated how much anger they were going to have, trying to plan if they were going to escape or not. The Shadow Balls were supposed to keep them contained as normal Pokeballs would have broke. And he certainly didn't know there was another escapee in the making. He was focused in Reshiram for now and worry about the others later.

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Hours passed.


The fixation of his malice had outflown him. But that didn't matter.


A dark aura was evident to his senses, far out in the desert. He roared against the sand, blasting away at his surroundings with Shadow Blast. The wind conspired to push him back, protect the prey doing its best to hide, but HE was master over this element. If he could not have the water, the sky would have to do.


He beat his wings without remorse, feeling the pulse of power in them. Great plumes of sand rode behind him, defeated by his adeptness. He would not be made slave to another's will again. If he had to drown the world in an endless storm, he would. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered but vengeance.


He felt himself closing in on the red one. Before long, it was a pinpoint he would bound upon. He whirled, clearing the air of any debris, and breathed in, deeply, intently. Preparing.


He would kill it in one shot. It would never know.

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Now. This was the time to escape. While the grunts were attracted by the commotion of the cells in the other room, she would get her freedom, once and for all. A notch in the material of her cell hidden in the darkest corner would provide her escape. With barely more than a poke, her cell suddenly shattered into millions of fragments. The months she had spent carefully carving invisible weak points into the material had paid off, and with the distortion field gone, she could slip away quietly. Floating out of her cell, she created a portal and slipped through it. Reappearing on the other side of the wall, she smiled sinisterly. Now, if she were an obedient Pokemon she would return to the Distortion World and stay there, but she wasn't obedient, was she? It wasn't her fault if the pesky humans captured her and forced her to stay in this world. All she had to do was avoid Palkia and Dialga, along with Arceus. Finally, after all those long years spent imprisoned, she could roam free. She would kill Palkia and Dialga when she could, maybe even take down Arceus. A world ruled by her... it didn't sound too bad. But first, she would kill these weak humans. Sure, they had given her the opportunity to become free, but they had also angered her. She could feel the anger growing inside her, and she used it to fuel the fires of her revenge. Oh, she'd get revenge alright.


The soft and weak humans would stand no chance outside of their home, armed with only a few weapons and without a distortion field. They would be lucky if they could hit her before she stained the ground red with their blood. She flew away quickly, high above the trees and watched the chaos in the building unfold. Perhaps she would break a few more cells, once the chaos increased enough. It wasn't her fault there were bloodthirsty legendaries in there just waiting to tear apart the grunts. They had themselves to blame for that. From the little she could make out of the human conversation, the legendaries had mostly injured themselves when they had tried to escape. Fools... If only they had been patient. Now they will be weak and easy to recapture, should one of them be discovered. She supposed she should go down there and help. A few words would be all it would take to convince them to massacre the puny humans for her, leaving herself free to scheme about more... important matters.


Floating down a little lower, she could spot an unconscious Yveltal on the ground and an angry Lugia. The Lugia appeared to be attempting to kill the Yveltal in its sleep, a smart decision if they were enemies, but a disgusting waste of life and resources if it were an ally. Judging from the appearance of the Yveltal, it had likely fallen asleep after escaping from the same facility as her. Killing it would not do. Swooping in, Alter picked up the Yveltal with her streamers just as a blast struck the spot it would have been. A narrow escape. Putting on more speed, she flew away from the scene. She would not go back into the Distortion World if she could help it. The Yveltal barely weighed her down, with it being only a third of her weight.


((Edit: I hope having the attack miss them wasn't too much of a decision to make on my part. Tell me if you'd rather them be hit.))

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Taint heard the call of her species name. She looked momentarily before opening her maw wide and letttting a Shadow Fire form. This human seened to be the head monster. He had to die. And... he did not even call her by her proper name. As if humans could know it.


She screeched before unleashing a stream of shadowy fire. Humans must pay for all the wrong they have done! I'll destroy them ALL!!

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(poor Soul is going to be unconscious for a bit, do you guys want me to make a Crazy for the battles?)


The Shadow Master quickly threw a Pokeball on the ground to reveal a Hydreigon that used Protect. "Use Dragon Pulse," Shadow Master said. The Hydreigon roared as it opened its mouth and let a stream of Dragon Pulse out. The Reshiram was feisty, he'll give it that, but it couldn't battle forever. All he had to do was stall it and wait.

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((Ooooh, looks like I'll just have to make Soren give chase! He prolly won't stand much of a chance lolmaybefainthim. Also, I don't know what you meant by "a Crazy", Raptor. I neeed elaboration~))


Glassy particles blasted around an against him where the shot hit its mark. He held his wings close and spun, unleashing them and the vacuumed air in a vicious burst. The red form was gone, and in the glint of his peripheral vision, he saw a serpentine figure dart away. He shook his head in frustration.


The red one was wrapped in its tendrils. He had no idea what it was and didn't care. It was a common scavenger.


He gnashed his beak together and snarled. His wings snapped up and he launched himself forward. The surge of the Limiters subduing him flooded him in darkness, but it couldn't for much longer.

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(FailFish it was meant to say Chatzy stupid phone I be breaking my rule, I'll delete this in a bit)

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(FailFish it was meant to say Chatzy stupid phone I be breaking my rule, I'll delete this in a bit)

((I'm perfectly fine watching the battle go down. I like watching Cipher do it's thing. Gives perspective.))

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Heavy. Everything felt heavy. Exhaustion was getting the best of her, and her wings felt limp. Raising her wings for each beat felt like fighting against a snow drift a thousand feet deep.

She started to fall.

Granted, Alpine hadn't made much progress in terms of altitude, but she had enough steady momentum to keep on pushing forward; problem was, she was running out of momentum, which required energy to remake. And that too was becoming problematic.

The Articuno tipped dangerously on her starboard side, scraping the grass with a wingtip before righting herself. The strange fog that had taken over her mind before was fading, and she was able to think clearly again, react like the sensible Legendary she was and not a panicked Rattata. This wasn't very good timing though; her only thoughts were about how she was going into the drink!



Alpine reared up suddenly as her cleared mind revealed a mass of dark water that she nearly plummeted in to. In a sleepy panic she beat her wings harder, but the rhythm was lost and she began to drop like a rock. She let out a startled cry as her feet struck the waves and her tail feathers became wet.

No! I'm not a Water Pokemon! I can't swim! Her desperate wing beats turned into a desperate paddle for the opposite shore. This is bad this is bad this is bad!

With water being splashed everywhere, it was no wonder why smaller Pokemon ran from Alpine, and why the bigger ones backed off and shrank into hiding. Then again, maybe it was because a Legendary bird was humiliating herself? That's not something you see ever day.


Alpine was lucky, and was close enough to the shore to drag herself out of the water. She stood on the beach and fluffed up her feathers to dry, shivering not because of the cold, but because of the sheer amount of nonsense she just went through. The glass box, the exhaustion, the nightmares, the people who attacked her... wait, or did she attack them? She wasn't sure. She remembered fighting, but who was the aggressor? Everything was a blur...

Alpine heaved a huge sigh and blinked. So tired... but she had to stay awake! She ran from people, and they're bound to come after her. Everyone likes following her. But these people didn't seem nice; unless she was the aggressor? Bah, who cares anymore...


Alpine began a slow shuffle along the riverbank, trying to process everything that just happened. She had never felt so hopeless before, like she wasn't in control, and it annoyed her because it didn't make sense! Maybe she just needed more sleep... yeah...

Something darted away from the Articuno's feet, and she looked up. She couldn't see what had she startled, but she did see something off in the water. A small, drawn-out stream of red going with the current. She blinked a couple more times, but it was still there.

Great, I'm going mad! She thought. First that crazy place she didn't even know what it was, and now blood in the river? What next?

She shook her head and disregarded the blood - if that's what it actually was - and continued to shuffle along. She seemed to be in a floodplain, and further upstream the land became thickly forested. Hopefully the river's origin was much higher up, and she could find some mountains to take solace in. Then she could figure all of this out!

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((Lugia is 20 points faster than Giratina, but Giratina has the Distortion World. If Soren were uninjured he'd probably catch them no problem with speed alone and then put up a decent fight, but in his current state he'd probably faint with a well timed Shadow Force. From Pokemon Showdown damage calculator: 0 Atk Giratina Shadow Force vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Lugia: 206-246 (58.3 - 69.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO. eheheh this might be getting a little technical but I can't help it, my competitive Pokemon playing side is taking over.))


Glancing behind her, Alter glimpsed the Lugia closing in on her. She wouldn't be able to outrun it, especially not while holding a Yveltal. Thinking quickly, she gathered up power in her tendrils before tossing the Yveltal upwards. Her crest was already glowing blue, and the second that she tossed the Yveltal she disappeared. Quickly reappearing behind the Lugia, she slammed the Lugia's head just hard enough to knock it out. Firing a point blank Shadow Hold, she checked the position of the Yveltal. It was highly unlikely that she would miss the Lugia, but she only had one chance to hit. By now, the Yveltal was right above her, just as she had calculated. Wasting no time, she quickly caught the Yveltal mid-air and set it down on the ground.

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