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The Modern World

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Writing can set you free. From your imagination, comes all sorts of strange beings. Sometimes you wish that game characters were real, or that anime characters could become your friends. The world is boring, sort of, and bland and normal. You live a normal life.


Until... But wait, that can't be. Someone must be cosplaying or something. But—but it is!

Something in you tells you that this is real, that they are here.


In the Modern World.




You aren't quite sure how you ended up here. You aren't quite sure where you are. You also aren't quite sure of who all these other... People around you are or how they got here. All you know is that there are towering buildings and screaming machines and so many people.


It's pretty terrifying, or frustrating, or just plain mind boggling for some of you. Those of you who weren't human are now, inexplicably, human, those who were once big are now small, those of you once small at least won't be stepped on and crushed, those of you once powerful, now weak, those of you invincible, now vulnerable and those of you once vulnerable and weak... Well, you aren't invincible or powerful, but you can at least go on par with everyone else.


Some of you are evil, some of you are good, some of you bare no such distinction, but all of you are now equals. No matter your creed, no matter what you fight for, you must try to get along and survive in the twenty-first century of normality and peace. And, hopefully, find out how on earth you got here.


Well, if you can.


Because this is not your world, but the Modern World.




Teal Deer (Too Long Didn't Read... It's not that long though)


You're a normal person, as normal as one gets, but with the penchant of creating characters or wishing that fictional characters existed. Then one day, you see someone who seems familiar and you just know they are not of this world.


Alternatively, your character can be anyone, or any intelligent being really, canon or original, from any universe or fandom. They've been transported to our world and weakened (if they had any superhuman abilities) and transformed into humans (if they weren't before). Either way, they're vulnerable, maybe not always to the elements, but definitely to the perils and strangeness of the twenty-first century. Luckily, there seems to be a couple of normal people who are willing to help you out... If you'll let them.


Will you get arrested? Steal food? Get a job? Blend in? Wreck havoc? Try to take over the world? ... Actually be interested in finding out what on earth happened to you and follow the plot (Plot? What plot? It's a really good plot, trust me) without getting sidetracked?


Try not to kill each other, please.


In a single sentence, it's a sand-box-y multi-fandom, multi-universe survival thing in the Modern World.





1. All forum rules apply

2. Be nice

3. Don't powerplay, shotgun or godmod

4. Characters are weakened and human, even if they weren't before. If your character wasn't human, you should provide both a human appearance and an original appearance

5. Both OCs and canonical characters are allowed

6. There's only one "You" per RP'er, but it doesn't actually have to be YOU, as in the you in real life

7. Keep things PG 13

8. You don't have to have a 'normal person' or "You" character, nor do you have to have a fictional character

9. I'm the Goddess of this RP and you must compliment me in the 'Also' and 'Other' sections of your forms to prove you've read the rules (just kidding, deleting all the brackets and parentheses and the words in them is enough, but, seriously, I do like compliments *wink wink, nudge nudge*)

10. You don't need a minimum whatever sentence per post, but decent grammar is required. Also, write in third person for fictional characters.

11. Have fun (the most important rule)




Character Sheets





I'm [age] years old and I prefer to be referred to by [prefered pronoun(s)].

This is what I look like: [Link a picture or give a description]

And you should know that... [Tell us something about yourself. Your past? Your personality?]

Also... [Anything else? Comments? Concerns? Complaints? ... Compliments?]


Fictional Characters


[B]Original Species:[/B] 
[B]Fandom:[/B] (if any)
[B]Canonical or OC:[/B]
[B]Appearance:[/B] (link pics)
[B]Existential Code:[/B] (Are they good or evil or neither? Is there some creed your character lives by? What are their values? Do they obsess over some conflict? What do they believe in? Or just their personality if you really want. Just gimme something)
[B]Powers:[/B] (The weakened version of them)
[Power] — [Description]


Welcome to the Modern World.


(P. S. Are there no spoiler tags?)

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