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A Tale of Two Schools - a side story

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like A Tale of Two Schools but different. this is before the old school splits into two different schools and when our characters first meet.


you may read along but please don't post a form to join. if you're interested to join the A Tale of Two Schools ic thread]group rp, you may but you'll have to post your form in here or pm it to one of us.


My form:


Username: DP

Name: Veronica (Ronnie) Rogers

Gender: female

Age: 14

Appearance: human and wolf

Personality: kind, competitive in Physical Education but not too competitive that she hurts the other students, rebellious (doesn't follow all the school rules), nice, and shy. she'll no longer be shy after she meets a few new people that she can call friends.

History: she was born a werewolf but her first actual shift wasn't until she was eight years old. when she was old enough to attend school, she was sent to the first school after a small fiasco at the human school she first went to and her parents thought that this other school would be better for her and her abilities because there would be other unique kids like her. she does visit her parents over the breaks/holidays but then has to go back to the school afterward.

Supernatural type: werewolf

Powers/Abilities: she has heightened senses while in human form but they're more powerful when she's in her wolf form.

School: Supernatural Academy (just made up a name for the old school.

Electives: Art, Geography, and Natural History

Roommate: singles room

Other: will like Blacwin later. is also mainly barefoot.

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Sorry for the lateness! >.<


Username: Saikachan

Name: Blacwin Thierry Lovell

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: Blacwin is in possession of short, straight, midnight black hair, which stands out in many different directions whatever he does. The only thing that seems to calm it down is water, but it is just as unruly when it dries again. His eyes are a grey colour, but if one look closely enough green flecks can be found scattered around his irises. He isn't one of the tallest males around, but he stands quite safely with his 5 feet and 8 inches and doesn't have any issues with his height.

Personality: At first, when getting to know him, you would say Blacwin is a quiet, elegant person. When at home he spends his days playing the piano, reading, and playing with his sister in the garden. Then you get to know him a little better, and you realize that what you know is only the beginning, and that the real boy is much more than that. You start to understand that he is a very passionate person – a perfectionist, if you want. Everything he does, he does while intending to be the best. But you still don't understand all of it. You don't know that he is rather fond of cooking – because that is a secret he has to keep from his father – or that he slows down time in the evenings so that he'll have more time to research his own powers. You don't realize that his playtime with his sister is only for show; he'd much rather be in the study, or experimenting with his powers. And most of all: you don't realize that while he might seem like a nice boy on the outside, Blacwin is constantly searching for more power. But you don't realize this. You don't realize this, because Blacwin is a very talented actor.

History: Blacwin comes from an old, important family of elementals. The Lovells have always been looked up to, and so Blacwin learnt from a young age that he was special. People deferred to him even though he was much younger than them, and this led him to think highly of himself.

His mother died when giving birth to his younger sister, and so Blacwin grew up with only his father and his sister. Because of his mother's death, one of the maids took care of him when he was a child. However, she was fired when his father found out she had been teaching him how to cook.

The Elemental ability runs in his family, and it is very important that the children are born with the powers - anything else would be a disgrace. It was therefore a great relief to his father when he - at the late age of eight - finally started to develop his powers. It was worth the wait, however. While Blacwin’s father was a fire Elemental, he himself turned out to control the powers of time and space, a rather rare and valuable ability. He was soon sent to school to further his control.

Supernatural type: Elemental

Powers/Abilities: The power Blacwin has been gifted with is the power of manipulating time and space. This means that he can control the time around himself in terms of slowing it down, stopping it, quicken it, or sometimes even make it go backwards. Because he is the one controlling it, he is also able to remove his own body from the flows of time (at least while he is messing with it – too long could be dangerous), so he would be moving in normal speed while everyone else was moving slowly. But time isn't his only gift; he is able to control space as well. In theory, he would be able to bend the space around himself enough to appear on Pluto, but something like that is rather powerful magic, and would put a great strain on his body – he might not even survive it. However, he is capable of moving objects small distances (but again; the longer the distance, the more strain). Living beings, like animals or humans, are also harder to move. These powers are mostly limited by his own creativity, but also by his body and stamina, and he uses his time power much more often than he uses space.

School: Supernatural Academy

Electives: Physics, Business, Psycology

Roommate: Singles room

Other: Will fall in love with Veronica later, but at the moment doesn't even consider that a possibility.

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((it's okay smile.gif. I was visiting my Grandpa out of town when I got the email notification that you posted in here. I got back on Sunday and then had to think about how I was going to post in here both that day and yesterday))


Veronica was a bit nervous on her first day of school. It wasn't the school itself that made her feel that way but the people in it and her "unique situation" that would cause others to be uncomfortable around her. She didn't know that her parents had already told the principal about it and that he would be the only person to know aside from her family. When she had eaten her breakfast and then had finished getting ready, her mom drove her to the school that was just a normal person one and that's what caused her to be a little uneasy. She got out when the car pulled up to the curb and waved to her mom before she entered the school building.


((I thought that I would start her out at the school where she had the small fiasco at before I had her be at Supernatural Academy))

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((Again, I'm so so sorry for not posting sooner! Here is the post, at least - I decided to have Blacwin be in school already, as he would have started at the school when he was eight smile.gif ))


It was distracting. Not terribly so, but enough so that he felt distinctly annoyed as he looked at the other students. Why were they all so incapable of doing independent study? This was a Powers class, not a Logic or History class. The teacher was there to guide them if they had questions regarding the tasks they were already set to do, not to tell them specifically what they should be doing. Why such idiocy was allowed into one of the best schools in the world was something he would never understand.


Making a concious effort to smooth out his frown Blacwin turned back to his own task. It was not that he was stalling from doing what he was supposed to do in this class - far from it. It was simply that his task included slowing time down, thus getting the dubious honour of watching his classmates be incompetent in slow motion. He would like it if the class went by quicker rather than slower, so that he could experiment with his powers on his own in the privacy of his bedroom.


He watched silently as a flame user managed to set fire to himself. Incompetent fools.

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((like I said in the ooc thread for our group rp, it's okay and that's fine about Blacwin smile.gif. I have her be at the school that she had been going to before Supernatural Academy, a human one by the name of Greystone Middle School, to see how she'd fare. it'll be when she has a small fiasco occur that she'll be transferred to SA))


Ronnie found her first class by looking at her schedule and also by asking one of the faculty members there before going inside of it and taking a seat. She then got out a pencil and started to draw in her notebook that she had gotten out while waiting for the teacher to arrive and start the class. When the rest of the students and the teacher arrived, the class started and she started to take notes of what they were going to learn. The class she was in now was Language Arts and the one she had after this one was Math. She didn't really like Math that much but she had to take it anyway. At one point during the lecture, she got a bit bored with what the teacher was lecturing about and went back to the drawing that she had started on earlier to add a few more details to it.

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should I just initiate a ts to when the incident with Ronnie occurs that causes her to get transferred to Supernatural Academy if that'll help you with posting something?

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He could not help but heave a deep sigh as he finally rose from his position at the ground. This class had felt like forever, and, he supposed, not in the least because he had been practicing with time rather than space. He shot an irritated glare at a few overly loud classmates as they gallivanted off to do whatever it was such brainless people did. He had throughoutly not enjoyed watching them all fail spectacularly at doing what they were supposed to do in slow motion.


A small voice in the back of his head told him that that wouldn't really have been a problem if he'd decided to practice space instead of time like his teacher had suggested, but he pushed it away. It was not that he was procrastinating, he told himself. It was simply that he wanted to feel a little more accomplished with the time part of his power before he invested himself more fully into the space aspect. He almost managed to ignore the little voice in the back of his head saying Sure, and it has nothing to do with how out of control you feel with space, you control freak.. He was a little less successful when it started to snicker.


Shaking his head he decided to get a little more sleep this night.


((I should be able to post a little more regularly from now on smile.gif I don't see any reason to wait with the incident, unless there's something you'd like to do first? smile.gif ))

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((yay biggrin.gif and no. I was just suggesting that in case you needed something to work off of in order to post in here again if you had writers block))


When the bell rang to dismiss the class, Ronnie was one of the first ones to get up and leave in order to head to her next class. She did enjoy the class but the way the teacher was talking in a slow-like way had gotten her feeling a bit bored. She still took notes on what she needed to know, though so it wasn't a complete waste of time. When she got to the other classroom she was supposed to be in, she found a desk near the back of the room, sat down in the chair and then got out everything that she needed like the book, her notebook, and a pencil.


((sorry. didn't know what else to post ninja.gif))

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His feet moved slower as he left the Powers 'classroom' - it wasn't really a classroom, spacious clearing as it was, but it was where they spent the hour and where they were allowed to practice their powers. Not that it was forbidden to use one's powers outside the space (and he wouldn't have let such a rule stop him had it existed), but it was frowned upon. He could see that, he supposed - usually using one's powers is tiring and that would cause many of the students to be overly sleepy in the rest of the classes.


A derisive snort left him before he could stop it, and he cast a quick glance around to see if anyone had heard him make such an undignified sound. He hadn't meant to, but the thought of himself having so little self control as to appear sleepy in a class had been ludicrous. Fortunately most of his classmates had moved ahead of him, and he relaxed, satisfied that no one had heard him. His father relied on him to present a proper image, after all, and not doing so would be... unacceptable.


And dallying was not accepted either. With that thought in mind he sped up, intent on getting to his next class with time to spare.

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Ronnie put her notebook and pencil away when the teacher and the majority of the class arrived to the room. The teacher sat down and got a few things situated on his desk before writing the day's assignment on the board. He was waiting for the rest of the class to get there before it would actually start. As she waited for the rest of the class to get there, she looked out the window and daydreamed of running through the woods before curfew (thought that they could have rooms there at the school) to feel the wind blow through her fur. She did that sometimes and especially after a boring day in the classrooms, today was no exception to that. There were about four or five more classes to go until the day was over and they were free to do whatever they wanted to.

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