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Warped: Multifandom RP thread

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Rey continued to approach the lupine, wondering just what in the pfassk it was. What is it, and why?As she approached, it started to speak.



“What, by The Grox, are you?! One move, and…” She raised her eyebrow. Stars… What a hostile little thing… Rey put aside her pain and swirling emotions to the side for this moment… Because whatever this thing was, it was definitely a harsh little thing.



“My name is Rey. Who, and what the pfassk are you?”






“It is a pleasure to meet you, Han Solo. I am Natevaelle of Lothlórien. How may I address you? Whence do you hail?” This Natevaelle chick turned to Xhirra and gestured to her toe. “Perhaps I can be of aid?” Xhirra immediately shook her head.



“Nah, thanks,” she responded gruffly. She didn’t want to swallow her pride… She’d just have to take it. But she heard the other guy- Han Solo, was it? Wasn’t he dead? And ancient as hell? Why does this ‘Han Solo’ look young… And healthy… And, hell, alive?



“She might want to cooperate. We need to find civilization, and hope they’re friendly. I don’t like the look of this place.” That made her snarl.



Me? COOPERATE??? Listen, you son of a bantha! I will NOT cooperate with you by any means! I…” Her voice trailed off when she saw ‘Han’ looking off into the distance somewhere. “Now what the hell are you-” She turned to look in the direction ‘Han’ was looking in…



What the censorkip.gifwas that???






“Me? I’m from Tattooine originally. I’ve just been hopping around the galaxy trying to make sure everything’s okay… It’s been hectic since the Empire fell.” He glanced uneasily at the vines around him, but he did his best to keep calm.



After all, a Jedi always had to keep his cool, even in strange situations.





Phoenix watched as the runty Soulpeace turned tail and bolted. Shoulda guessed that would happen. Her six legs put on a burst of speed. While running from whatever they were running from, her brother would often catch her running in races and scold her for it. She'd still do it anyway. If she could do anything well, it was running.


She swore when he began to fly. A puff of steam escaped her nostrils, and she forced herself to control it. Gripping the staff tighter, she tried to match flight speed. 'Course he has to fly.

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The roguish girl had avoided the questions and had turned down the aid. Nevermind if she refrained from revealing her name and origin, but she must allow the healing of her wound. In spite of the captain's counsel, she still remained adamant. Before Natevaelle could urge the girl to allow the healing of her wound, the three of them fell in silent awe as they looked towards a green mass in the distance.


"It is best that we go." A tone of urgency in her voice surfaced above her composed manner of speaking. As much as she wanted to heal the injury now before it was beyond hope, there was not enough time. Natevaelle was ready to spring towards the village. She hoped that the captain and the girl thought likewise. Turning to the girl, she asked, "Are you able to run?"




“Me? I’m from Tattooine originally. I’ve just been hopping around the galaxy trying to make sure everything’s okay… It’s been hectic since the Empire fell.”


It seemed in his efforts not to startle them, Beleg hailed the people too silently. The man and the woman continued their conversation and took no notice of him. Fortunately, this was a favorable turn of events. It was only then when Beleg noticed that he was armed to the throat--an appearance that might not be met well by these strangers. The black-bladed sword that killed him was tucked in its scabbard and hung at his belt. He felt uneasy.


Beleg turned his belt to hide the sword between his back and his cape and put down his hood to partly conceal the bow and quiver that hung at his back. "Mae govannen," he greeted, walking towards them with a warm smile on his face. "Are you lost?"

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Tenebra was still roaming through sector 5, trying to find the source of the dragon scent as a beastman scout came to her. One of the bat kind, very good at traveling quickly past risky terrains. The beastman notified her of the sudden appearance of four men in sector 2, who were still somewhat disoriented. Four victims in one night, how delightful.


She took off and went to sector two.




In the distance Zoroark could see something big approaching. He decided to hide untill it had flown by.




During her flight, while she was soaring past sector 1, tenebra thought to sense some other presence, but she couldn't see it. There is no time to look for it anyway, I need to find those new people


When she arrived in sector 2, it didn't take too long to find the group of 4. They were so obviously out there that she started to doubt if they were really that significant. Alas, in the end, she was there, she had come there for them, and thus she would fly high above them in circles untill they'd fall asleep. How much she hated it when there was no good coverage near.

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