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Warped: Multifandom RP thread

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The Black duo were running back towards Slumber as dragons panicked.


"Remember bro, we gotta kill him!"


Eternal heard that... and then a voice cried out. Wanting to talk. Talk? No wants to talk... or they fake it. I know all the tricks. I've seen all the tricks.


He put his head down, dodging a bit of magic, begore taking advantage of a nearby mound to run up it, catching the cool air with his wings, and taking off. He glided for thise first seconds, before flapping his wings and propelling himself up slightly. The fold air buffeted him, and he winced as cold spread through his body.




Voltalia noticed the suspicious disappearing figures out of the corner. Find them again, and interrogation time. She needed to know how they did that - it might help her against similar tricks.


Her hackles rose on her neck, and she whipped around. Something did not feel right about the creature. She wasn't sure what it was, but that something did NOT feel right.


"What, by The Grox, are you?! One move, and..." She let her energy blades hum threateningly. Hopefully the creature did not try to attack. Or it'd find out what a Volt could do... if it didn't overpower her with the strange energy.

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Dreamshade sat there and grinned. Oh, the dog could speak. Now that was interesting! He couldn't help but chuckle. He slowly slithered down a crack in the ground. The silly person and the dog was in for it now. He didn't know where the other human went, she suddenly vanished, but he'd find her, eventually. They should have heard him. Should have taken notice.




"Come on," Would Be Shimmer hissed. "Where is it?" She was still searching for the shimmer and having rotten luck. She was now climbing a rather cold mountain that held snow.

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Natevaelle's gray eyes followed the gaze of the man with hazel eyes and he revealed a subtle knowing look regarding her staff. In turn, she noticed a strange contraption strapped on his leg, one that she has never seen before. His manner of speaking was like those of the human outlaws that she has encountered in her travels, albeit more peculiar.


He did not stir when she made mention of her ship. Perhaps, like her, this man had been on a voyage as well before he found himself here. The strangeness of the disappearing ship and host still bothered her but she pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind. "I see. I had mistaken you for a local--" she began, when a roguish girl called out. She twirled a strange contraption in her right hand and it was similar to the contraption strapped on the man's leg. It was a hasty assumption that they were companions because of this similarity. As it turned out, the man responded to her as if he did not know her. The mannerisms of the girl appalled her, but there was a fire in her spirit that she admired.


After the man introduced himself, Natevaelle was relieved. It was good to know that he was a captain. This strengthened the theory that this wasteland might be a landing for derailed voyages.


"It is a pleasure to meet you, Han Solo," she said with a graceful nod. "I am Natevaelle of Lothlórien. How may I address you? Whence do you hail?" She asked, turning to the girl. "Perhaps I can be of aid?" Natevaelle added, beckoning to the girl's burned toe.




It was a dark and rainy night. Even with his keen sight, Beleg could only clearly discern the features of Gwindor in front of him when the lightning lit the sky. Túrin lay between them, unconscious, his arms and feet bound by rope. Beleg unsheathed his black-bladed sword and began to cut the ropes that bound Túrin's feet but the sword slipped and cut into Túrin's flesh. After the mishap, everything happened in a single breath. Túrin awoke and wrestled Beleg in the darkness, ending only when Túrin struck Beleg with his own sword. Beleg fell on his back and time seemed to slow down while he was dying.


Beleg woke up to the sound of a soft pulse. Rising to his feet, he looked around him. Had his adventures with Túrin and the outlaws been a dream? For a moment, he thought that he was back in his home in Doriath. The flowers, roots, and vines were a pleasure to behold, but Beleg sensed a corruption behind the beauty. Silently, he walked around the ruins with the graceful stealth of an elf. Not even the most vigilant creature would sense his approach.


The colorful flowers seemed to be following him wherever he went. Kneeling down, he caressed their petals gently and lovingly. The flowers overwhelmed him with their emotions. He sensed extreme sorrow and anger or a union of unpleasant feelings that he had no word for. They knew nothing of Doriath or Beleriand, Huorns or Ents. The children of Yavanna know all. But how could this be? Am I not in Beleriand? Beleg thought to himself. Drawn to voices in the distance, his attention shifted. The flowers confirmed the presence of others who had just arrived. Beleg thanked them and made his way towards the voices.


Beleg had arrived silently. He did not wish to startle the young man and woman wearing strange clothing and having a conversation. There was also a strange green creature by young woman's side, one that he has never seen before. "Ai!" Beleg greeted, as gently as he could, so as not to startle them.

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Something about this place was wrong, very wrong. The ground was... metal? And was that a meat fountain in the distance? I just hope I haven't wandered into a part of the Subnet again. This does seem a bit too weird for that though. Let's look if it's a bit safer here than in the previous two sectors... assuming I haven't wandered into another world. Again.


. . .


"There are powerful creatures showing up lately, one that's blessed by the Gods, and many others that are from other worlds." Mesyra said.


"Well... if they're powerful while awake... I wonder how powerful they are while dreaming... understand where I'm going, Tenebra?"


"Yes, Valanzes. I will enjoy watching them try to defeat me, completely in vain."


With these words Tenebra flew away, looking for any newcomer, preferably sleeping ones... dreaming ones...

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So you have no idea where we are, huh? Kouji had been talking to Chikako for a solid five minutes. To his dismay, She hadn’t the slightest clue where they were. She had figured that they were in “the Village of the Hidden Sand”, but then made a remark saying that that couldn’t be right, seeing as she had seen a village nearby, and the architecture was completely different… Whatever that meant.


Alas, no. Although the desert in the Land of Wind is vast… This definitely isn’t it. In the Land of Wind there are significantly more cliff-faces. Not here. I’ve seen little more than sand thus far. Where do you hail from, anyway? Your clothes don’t look like a typical shinobi’s. Kouji shook his head. Well… It’s because I’m not. I don’t know why you’re talking about things from Naruto, but I’m from Japan. Chikako’s eyes bugged, as if she knew something. Sort of. Wait, Naruto? Naruto? You know Naruto? Kouji face-palmed.





"I made you invisible for the others as well now, but I can only keep that up for 5 minutes. We'd better spend that time to run, as I don't know if I trust those others, they all seem fairly hostile. Perhaps you could carry me away? I feel like it's better to stay away from those plants; they look like that planty creature..." Planty creature… Max turned around to see who had called her. Her brown eyes bugged out of her head. censorkip.gif! And I’ve seen some mutants before, this is nuts. What kind of mutant looks like that…? What the hell was it? It certainly wasn’t an Eraser, and it couldn’t have been one. After all, those were all exterminated. And they sure as hell weren’t Flyboys, those had been taken care of too. And this creature didn’t sound like a robot, either. Not wanting to waste any more time, Max grabbed the creature, pumped her wings, and took off.


She cursed the stirring in the foliage from her wings.



“It is a pleasure to meet you, Han Solo,” Natevaelle had said, “I am Natevaelle of Lothlórien.” She had also turned to face the girl. “How may I address you? Whence do you hail? Perhaps I can be of aid?” Han glanced at the toe. That has to hurt like a censorkip.gif


She might want to cooperate. Han took a look around. We need to find civilization, and hope they’re friendly. I don’t like the look of this place.


He noticed a large green thing somewhere in the distance. Jeez… What the hell is that? I have a feeling we won’t have much time to stand here…



Magic. Lara couldn’t have been more confused. Magic? Jeez, Armin never discussed this in the books… “Let’s hurry,” Maksim said hastily, “If we linger too long here, we’re going to have unpleasant company.” He helped her into the boat, and it began to move.


A couple Grublins watched from the distance, flying off to go get others.



Whaaaaarp…. Whaaaaarp……


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Dedan stood up, cracking his back and rolling his shoulders to loosen up the aches. He had gotten through more than half the stack and will have to finish the rest later. He needed to check up on Pentel; a few reports have come in stating that there were Spectres antagonizing the cows. While he had a bias against such creatures (being bit by one when you just wanted to pat its head can be a memorable experience), the stress affected the output that the cows gave. Less metal and low quality meat, as well as the fact that it would mess up his workers and cause some Burnings to occur. His disdain for Pentel went deep, but the place was important to the production of the zone; while metal and meat could be recovered in Damien's mines and Alma's fountains, most of the stuff was low quality. Cows gave good, fresh meat and sturdy, smooth metal, and the workers there were trained to not damage the resources when dealing with the censorkip.gif** animals. The Elsens there were of a more gentle sort, possibly because of the contact with the animals, but it also seemed to make them more incompetent than other workers.


Dedan didn't think he'd ever let it go that they'd even think of letting a random passerby do his job. It censorkip.gif** him off, and the more he though about it the more he got aggravated.


By the time the Guardian had gotten out of his office and onto the train to Pentel, he was more than angry and was debating going back to Alma and ignoring Pentel's reports. Dedan wouldn't do such a thing with resources on the line, but the thought entertained him for awhile.


It had started to rain again, the liquid plastic splattering noisily on the metal ground. The train continued its trek to Pentel, the old machine making loud rattling and clacking noises as it rode the rails.

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Jude began to get tired. He realised it may not have been the best idea to practice this long without any water nearby... He decided to look for civilisation. I should've started out doing that... but it's too late to change that now.

In the distance he saw two figures that appeared to be talking to each other. He decided to walk towards them, goggles still covering his eyes as always, carrying his football under his right arm, his blue cape carried by the wind.


. . .


The girl seemed shocked for a moment, but carried him away in a couple of seconds nonetheless. "I have one thing I do want to ask you. What exactly are you? You look like a human, but you have wings. From a distance I thought they ressembled those of a Fearow, but from nearby yours look way more magnificent. So... what are they from?"


. . .


Ah, there is one... wait. That one escaped us before... I'll stay around here and wait until he falls asleep... In her wait, Tenebra flew to Pentel, knowing there were some tasty cows there. She picked up seven of them and ate them.

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In Sector 3, Darkness's gang were just touching down. They were in a metroplis made of cobblestone and wood. Various types if wood. Minecart trains ran on tracks, crammed with sentietrs small enough to fit in. Dragons, pigs, and horses were being ridden around. Wizards and players were occasionally brawling in the streets. Humans, players, Villagers, dragons, and wizards alike were working away, doing jobs ranging from blacksmith to cook.


It had been awhile since the tangle with the armored players. One thing was niggling at the back of Darkness's mind - according to what someone had told her, players here were not as vicious as those in Sector 7, apparently. And then these two show up, and outright attack when Sector 7 players were more likely to do that... yeah, someone was after her. She wanted to make them regret it.


The motley crew had to dodge a lightning spell and then a flaming sword, followed in quick succession by a flaming sword. Darkness gnashed her teeth at the street fighters, but she left them alone - she was here for dragons, not humans.


Then they saw another potential recruit. Rather, the Spessartine Pyralspite did.


"Boss? There's a Alt Vine over there. Engage or ignore?"


Darkness weighed her options, before deciding. Vines were vicious dragons, perfect for her purposes. Sure, they could be touchy and grumpy, but it was hard to not want to avoid six dragons attacking you at once. Yes, she would recruit the Vine.


"We engage." With that, the dark Alternate Black strode close to the Vine.


Said grey-eyed Vine snarled and tried to attack with dragon-grass, only for a burst of Pyralspite fire to burn down the vine that was being used to attack. The dark green dragon howled in pain and suprise. Then the other two Pyralspites, a Frill, and a Bleeding Moon lunged.


Moments later, the Vine was covered with her own blood. "Unfair!" she exclaimed. "Six on one..."


Darkness shut her up with a claw to the muzzle. "Two choices. One, submit to me. Two, prepare to die. Which will it be?"


The Bleeding Moon growled as his tail twitched.


"...I surrender," the Vine grumbled.


"Good. Now, for your information, any attempts at backstabbing will be met with death. Are we clear?"


"Fine, crystal clear..."


Darkness grinned. This was good. Now to recruit more dragons... and perhaps a... visit... to the local healer would be in order.


With that, the group of seven set off.

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The instant Dedan had taken a step off the train, an Elsen was there, babbling in a panic and smoking up a storm. It took a few minutes, Dedan grinding his teeth as he tried to calm the worker down and get him to talk some sense, but eventually it got through that something had come out of nowhere and taken off with a few of the cows. Seven, to be exact, and what it had done with them had not been pretty, scaring most of the Elsen into a blind panic.


Spectres did not eat cows, so of course it had to be one of the strangers that wandered around this world. This was unacceptable behavior, taking resources and disrupting those at work, not even speaking to the Guardian first. If he had met the thing before, he would have outlined the rules for the Zone. It would have known about the cows and to not touch them.


However, even if this was in fact its first visit here, Dedan was not going to allow this behavior to slide with just a warning. Destroying his property? Interrupting the work day, scaring his workers, creating a mess in the area? These damages were serious, and the long-term effects will not be pretty. Seven cows; how much of a decrease was this going to be? How much will this push back the Zones average output?


If he found this thing near Pentel again, he'd ring its neck. No excuse for this, none.


And, of course, there was still the problem with the Spectres in the barns. He didn't have time to look for the cow eater; the ghosts will be taking advantage of the panicked Elsen, and he didn't want to lose workers along with cows.


He tried to keep his voice calm, the growl in it muffled as he instructed the Elsen in front of him to stay near the train. If he sees anyone else around, get them to congregate here, but do not leave the station. It took a moment for the worker to process what he said, smoke still trickling out of his mouth and his body trembling, but he nodded and Dedan marched off, down towards the cows main pasture, a road branching off to the barns on his left. He didn't run, but kept a quick pace, thinking about putting up posters in the future. Obviously, the beings that lived in this world knew nothing of personal property or even just common sense. Even the ones he gave a building to live in were incredibly thick headed; in comparison, the Elsen at least did what he said without too much back talking. Maybe, when he had the time, he'd set up stations on the lines between the Zone and the world beyond. Regulating who entered and left, having a list of names and the like may keep out the miscreants and stop all this ruckus.

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Dreamshade started to wrap his vines around the woman and the creature like a tornado. These two were going to be victims to him and he wouldn't care.




Spector sighed and moved away from the humans who ignored him. There must be something interesting going on here and he was determine to find out what.


(Uh...sorry for the short posts, I really don't have anything to go based on other then these two :/)

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Voltalia yelped and snarled as the vines wrapped around her. The Volt strained, attempting to get her paw free.


She snapped at a vine coming close to her muzzle, before managing to brush against another vine with her Energy Blades. The hot plasma hummed.


Now, she was attempting to sink her teeth into a vine. Stupid vines...

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(Wooo I made a post!)


WHEEEEEEEE! THIS. IS. AWESOME! Lara squealed as the boat sped over the lava. Her hands were up in the air, and she was having the time of her life. Maksi smiled a little, but it looked somewhat… Sad. She never took this into account though, because even when her eyes were open, she gawked in awe at the scenery speeding by. The breeze seemed to cool her down just a tad- after all, her Survey Corps uniform was hot as all hell. Her jacket may have been off, but she still had the boots and the long pants.


As they headed out of the lava area, Lara noticed an abrupt change in scenery. Confused, she turned to Maksim. The sad smile had been replaced with a wary blank stare. Lara, confused, took a look around. The area was beautiful- grass, trees, plants… And a huge temple about ten kilometers away. From what she saw, it looked breathtaking. But Maksim continued to grow uneasy even as they headed further into the area. It was as if he knew something. But then again, he lived in this world for a long time- Lara was only here for… Jeez, she didn’t even keep track. But it hasn’t been that long.


They floated for five kilometers, stopped to exit the boat, and trekked for about three and a half kilometers when Maksim stopped next to the river. The temple loomed in the distance, and Lara was awestruck. Maksim took the water jugs he had and started to fill them up. Lara continued to stare.


It was the strangest thing she had ever seen.



“I have one thing I do want to ask you. What exactly are you? You look like a human, but you have wings. From a distance I thought they resembled those of a Fearow, but from nearby yours look way more magnificent. So... what are they from?”


Max frowned as she recalled the hell she went through at the School. She definitely trusted this creature some, but she wasn’t sure if she could trust it with that much yet. It’s… Complicated. I have avian DNA in me,I was born with these, but… Let’s just say that my childhood sucked censorkip.gif. She left it at that, continuing to fly. She hoped that wherever the hell she was going, that she would be safe… If not completely, then remotely.



What in the world is an anime??? Kouji face-palmed again as they walked.


How the hell do you not know? He cursed under his breath. Chikako raised an eyebrow at him.


Listen, I can hear that. Don’t act like I’m an idiot, okay? I just have no clue what you’re talking about.


They were unaware of the figure that was approaching them.

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Murtaugh was slightly surprised to see a humanoid creature walking that didn't look exactly the same as all the others here. It would sure be interesting to find out how exactly this specific instance got to look so different, yet similar, so he decided to talk to the person itself.


"Good... what time of day is it? I can't really tell here. You... look quite... worried? Anything I can help you with?"




Now her stomach was filled, Tenebra decided to travel further. Sector 11... nothing interesting there. That place is more confusing than helpful, rather not go there. What's going on with sector 5... looks like I can get some rest here.




Jude thought he'd now be close enough to be audible for the two people in front of him.


"Hey! Do you happen to know where I can get some rest, or food, or..."


He was now at a few feet distance, slowing down his pace, eventually standing still, and lowering his volume.


"...or where I am?"




DNA? Avian? What? Oh well, the girl doesn't seem to want to tell more, at least for now. "Let's just say my childhood sucked censorkip.gif"


Was nobody there to protect you? He thought, worried. He suddenly noticed he had barked this question out loud in Zoroark language. Quickly covering this up, he decided to talk to the girl by illusion again.


"Any idea where you're going? Or are you just looking for a spot that seems to be somewhat safe?"


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Blacky darted through hallways. The trio had regrouped. Wait, trio? Houndoom still hadn't shown up, but as far as Blacky was concerned, that meant nothing if he'd saved his own hide.


Mightyena and Flareon were easily keeping stride with him -- and then a gong sounded.


"Oh censorkip.gif," Mightyena growled. "They're --"


He was cut off by a Koopa yelling, "RAISE THE ALARM!! INTRUDERS HAVE BREACHED THE CASTLE!!" The footsteps of guards could be heard.


Mightyena turned the air blue with swearing until Flareon clamped a paw over his muzzle and told him to "shut the hell or so help me you'll regret it".


Blacky glared as he kept moving. "Less swearing and arguing and more moving. Got it?"


When the two others nodded, Blacky grinned like a vampire. "Then let's get this show on the road." Ge turned, Mightyena and Flareon following, before breaking into a run. Slow as Umbreon are, the other two kept up with it by trotting briskly.




They had just run into a hallway that was open. Very open. The "walls" keeping them on the raised area were pits of lava, with broken ropes overhead.


Then five Hammer Bros appeared out of the end.


"Oh censorkip.gif!"


"Mightyena, shuddup!"


"You two. Kill them."


The Pokémon duo approached the guards. The fight was short but but swift, and the end saw Mightyena and the guards burn up, while Flareon climbed out, eyes shining with power.




Bowser was angry. No, furious. "You mean to say guards got killed? After you said they were skilled and wouldn't get killed? Who the hell does Blacky have with him?"


The captain of the guard, a blue-eyed Espeon, gulped. "Well, your Majesty, preliminary reports indicate--"


"Enough with preliminary nonsense! Give it to me straight! And that is an ORDER, Captain Dawn-Heart!" Bowser snarled, leaning into the Espeon's face and roaring to get his point across.


By now, the Espeon was sweating bullets. He nodded his head, licking his lips. "Yessir-- Blacky has a Flareon with him."


In a deceptively calm voice, Bowser hissed "Oh? And what about the fact that reports state a Mightyena was with them? Huh?"


The captain ground out, "You didn't let me finish, your Majesty." He raised his sword as Bowser twitched. "Yes, Blacky had a Mightyena. Said Mightyena is now dead. The Pigmen out front also arrested a Houndoom who was working with them."


Whatever Bowser would've said in response was cut off by the door flying across the room.



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(I'm assuming Murtaugh is talking to Dedan?)


And of course he was interrupted before he could even get to the barns. The Guardian halted when the stranger approached him, eyeing them suspiciously. They definitely didn't look like they had just consumed seven cows in a messy way, but one never really knew with these visitors.


"Good... what time of day is it? I can't really tell here. You... look quite... worried? Anything I can help you with?"


Just pleasantries then. They must be new, someone who wandered into his Zone unannounced, and of course Dedan wasn't told of another visitor. While normally he'd give them an introduction and tell them the rules of his land, this was a bad time. The longer he was distracted, then more likely a Spectre will kill an Elsen.


Grinding his teeth, Dedan ignored what they had asked and cut to the chase.


"Now is not the time. You can wait here until I'm done with my job."


With that, the Guardian started again to the barns, not even giving a last glance to the stranger.

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Eidolon surveyed the hellscape he had found himself in. He's been in PRT headquarters only moments ago. Was this some kind of high-level Shaker power? One that could alter reality on large scale. Something like that did exist, Faultline's Shaker 12, but from what he knew it didn't work that quickly. He reached inwards, finding the mental "well" that represented his power. He needed movement, and attack. The abilities took hold, a form of tactile telekinesis and a combined matter creation and spatial pinning ability. He would've preferred a more standard Blaster power, but it would serve for now. Forming the telekinetic field around his body, he lifted off, gaining altitude as he looked for an end to the warped terrain.

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A pack of Zombie Pigmen were stalking a Wither Skeleton when all the Pigmen heard... something?


They turned, and rhe Wither Skeleton took the opporturnity to flee - but not before striking one Pigman with an arrow! The Pigman's flesh turned black and shriveled.


The other Pigmen paid no heed, approaching the strange human.


"What are you?" one grunted. They hadn't sen any flying, not blocky players. Besides, players usually made trouble. As one, they raised their swords, preparing for any hint of a fight.

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Eidolon paused midway when the voice came from... Some kind of humanoid, half-rotted and oddly geometric. Some kind of Master-created minion, or the result of a bio-Tinker. Except it spoke, which was unusual for both. Though, not unheard of. "Eidolon." He replied, though if it was a Master or Tinker creation, the creator would already know who he is. Very few people hadn't heard of the Triumvirate.


The Shrike's multifaceted eyes scanned across the horizon. Sand particles stopped midair as it shifted into fast-time, electrical discharges slowing to a barely visible crawl. Given enough hours or days, they would eventually reach the point they arced towards. It crossed the valley slowly from its perspective, its motion invisibly fast to an outside viewer.


The village was mostly deserted due to the sandstorm. Only a few people were still out, and the fewer robbers who still preyed on them. The man raised his weapon, a small flechette pistol powerful enough to turn a person into an unidentifiable mush. His victim was in the process of handing over their small sack of currency, when the pistol vanished. And the man's lower arm with it, only a surgically smooth stump remaining. The Shrike stood a mere two feet from him, the limb held in its knifelike fingers. He collapsed, pushing himself away from the metal monstrosity with his legs and remaining hand. Then it vanished, instantly and without anything to signal its disappearance, not even a scientifically accurate rush of displaced air.

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At first, the barns didn't look that bad. It was quiet, which meant that the Elsen here may have been smart enough to hide, and it didn't have black blood splattered all over the place. Dedan took this as a good sign, making his ways through the rooms, not bothering to quiet his steps. The Spectres should be attracted to sound, and soon enough one appeared. It was turned away from him, cackling quietly and floating in a mindless path.


The Guardian didn't announce his presence, instead opting to just tear it in half, the Spectre letting out a wheezing screech of pain before slopping onto the floor in pieces. His rage at these things was infinite, a never ending fountain of hate and anger, and Dedan wanted more than anything to have these abominations die in horrifically painful ways, but he couldn't let himself waste time like that. A simple attack on his part killed them fast enough.


The next room over, just before the stairs that led up to the second floor, confirmed his earlier fears. The Spectre there caught sight of him but didn't act quickly enough, wheezing as it sank to the bloody floor in shreds. Of course there would be causalities, Dedan knew that the instant he heard about the cow attack, the Elsen were too easy a target when panicked. Not a lot, not much of a dent in populace, but two, three, no four workers? What where they even doing, grouping up like this?


And of course the Spectres had been messy, had been more intimidating than dangerous. Dedan grinded his teeth as the hissing started up; one of them had survived, a new Burnt that stumbled up from the ground and leaned this way and that as it tried to figure out where Dedan was, headless and gushing out plumes of smoke and blood. The Guardian took a quick step forward, using a Sweep Hand to cut it down before it attacked him, and waited a moment as it's struggling ceased.


After that, he headed upstairs and dispatched two more Spectres, the fat things gurgling and roaming about randomly before his claws caught them. That cleared this specific barn; unfortunately, that left nine more. As the Guardian made his way out and to the next barn, he made a mental note to make sure that a janitorial team was sent here afterwards. Can't just leave a mess like this, contaminating storage and lowering moral.

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"Hey! Do you happen to know where I can get some rest, or food, or…


...or where I am?"


Kouji and Chikako stopped their bickering and turned around to look at the new incomer. To Kouji’s surprise, it was a boy close to his age, maybe a little older, with brown hair in a ponytail and goggles... And a football. (Mika’s note: I had to google Jude Sharp because I’m American and I needed to make sure it wasn’t American football. Oops.) Jeez, it’s Takuya with a ponytail. I have no idea. I just got here, and… He panted a little and took off his jacket, tying it around his waist. Jeez, I feel like I’m dying. Chikako shrugged.


I wish I could tell you myself, but alas… I have no idea. She tied back her long raven hair and sighed. Anywho, my name is Chikako Tanimoto. And this is Kouji Minamoto. What’s your name?



"Any idea where you're going? Or are you just looking for a spot that seems to be somewhat safe?"


Honestly? I’m just looking for somewhere safe. I wish I knew where I was going. Max looked around toward the ground. But in all honesty, I don’t even know if anywhere is safe here.



Lara was really nervous. Being near this temple, she had the weird feeling that she was in danger. She looked around, keeping her hand near her swords. I’m not sure about this place… It’s just too pretty.

She saw Maksim was looking really unnerved. This place must be a lot more dangerous than it looks…


Wary as she was, Lara had yet to notice the small fleet of enemies that loomed in the distance.



Malefor yawned and curled up on his throne. These minions better not bother me today… It’s naptime for Mally-Mal.

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A blue sky with a square sun; seemingly normal, except for the minuscule tear that opened up in it. The black streak was open for only a few seconds before promptly sealing up, leaving behind a couple of dark dots that fell from the sky. One of these dots fell through the tear at an angle, rocketing toward a patch of grassland, whereas the other dots slowly spread out as they tumbled toward the forest below.

The dots didn't care. Some of them were too stupid to realize the distance between them and the ground. One dot though was just a tiny bit alarmed, swaying its weight so it landed in the tree's canopy.

CRASH! Branches snapped and blocky leaves exploded into the air in a cacophony of noise! The crashing continued, before a mighty snap signaled the exit of a large, grey blob. The blob smacked into the grass and rolled a bit to the side, covered in pixel leaves. As the last of the tree's damages floated to the ground, the blob rolled upright and grinned up at the hole it made.

WOW! That was fun!


Grinning stupidly, she perked her ears and tail and began bouncing around in the leaves that fell, before bouncing backwards through the forest. This whole place was new to her, and she was excited! The trees here were much shorter than the jungle she came from, and had a very distinct, cubic appearance; in fact, everything here looked like it was made of cubes! Vastly different than the land she came from, which was very rounded, like the slimes such as herself.

Now that she thought about it though... where was everyone?

The slime stopped bouncing backward and spun around in place using her tail, looking past the rectangular tree trunks. All of the other slimes had disappeared. No Tabbies, no Pinks, no Booms... and the place was strangely void of food. Where were the chickens, and the fruit? How was she supposed to tease her fellow slimes by running off with a fresh carrot?

This was rather odd... and lonely. Slimes weren't supposed to be alone, at least not for long. Surely some will show up sometime?


Now more wary of this strange, new place, the slime scooted along with caution, the pixel leaves stuck to her slowly oozing off. It was quiet, but at least it was bright, and wasn't much life beyond the vegetation she was wading through. With all of the trees around there must be a lot of water, and slimes naturally congregate around water, so all she had to do was find a pond and she should be fine, right? A couple of her friends had tumbled out with her into this strange new place, so it wasn't like she was completely alone.

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It was only a moment ago that the Killjoys were racing down the Zones on Party Poison's Trans-Am, dusting Dracs and whatever else the BLI could throw at them while tearing up the asphalt of Route Guano, Kobra Kid knew it. He knew it very well. But what was happening... he couldn't understand how could happen.


His vision had filled with an inky black, the wind created by the muscle car he was riding in still whipping through his long blond hair as he gasped in surprise. Kobra couldn't see anything at all! He tried calling out to his fellow Zonerunners, trying to get a hold of the situation at hand, but found his jaw had become immobile. Kobra began to panic slightly, not knowing what on Earth was happening. Maybe the Dracs got me! He thought frantically, and although it was far-fetched and very unlikely anything went in Kobra's panicked mind right about now.


But it was then when the world jerked back into colour again, and Kobra felt the almost-sick feeling of falling as he was seemingly flung out of whatever he was in. Kobra let out a yelp as he hit the ground with a thump, quickly recovering from the fall and standing up to take a look at his surroundings and try and see what the Hell happened. But it seemed he couldn't for long, as suddenly he heard a yell and felt both himself and whoever had knocked into him topple to the ground. Kobra looked over to see his friend Jet Star staring back at him, the two both getting up awkwardly and dusting themselves off. And then their heads both bolted upright when they heard another yell echoing through their ears, and they saw Fun Ghoul come flying out of what seemingly was a rip in the void, landing with an unceremonious thump on the ground.


"Oh sh/t..." The short Killjoy said, but before he could really do much else the rip in the void opened once more to throw out the last Killjoy it had to offer. Party Poison landed right on top of Ghoul again with an unceremonious thud, the both of them letting out "Oof!"'s as they winced in pain. But when they recovered enough Ghoul had noticed the weird position they were both in, and made the situation actually kind of funny. "Why hello there." Ghoul said from underneath Poison, Poison's cheeks going as red as his hair as he scrambled to get off his friend and stand up on the ground. To which he did, Ghoul laying there with a mischievous smile on his face for a few moments more before following suit.


The heat seemed to burn at all of the Killjoy's skins as they surveyed the area, but were used to this kind of thing because well, summers on the Zones got very, very hot. It wasn't too uncomfortable, they could deal, but another thing they noticed was the lava surrounding them. It was mostly the source of the heat it had seemed, and well of course. It's molten rock. But what really surprised the team was looking up to see figures on cliffedges looking down at them.


"Hey guys..." Poison said, his voice carrying hints of worry as he unholstered his raygun and held it at his hip, eyes latched onto the cliffedges as he spoke. "I don't think we're on the Zones anymore..."


(in sector 2 btw)

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Dreamshade quickly moved his vines away from the pooch. "I wouldn't bite into me if I were you," Dreamshade warned playfully. "I wouldn't want you to die from my.poison right away. The girl never reacted so might as well have fun with the pooch.




Blue hissed as she lost the giant creature. After dealing with that stupid indominus rex, she never wanted to face a giant creature ever again. She chirped irritably as she kept seeing more things that wanted to attack her.




Hide and seek. That's the term Phillip had to use to describe this game. He was the seeker and the unfortunate humans that got put there with him were the hiders. Although, there always seemed to be only four of them at a time. He rang his bell, turning him invisible as he tried to find someone to hunt. Right as he was on the trail of one, he heard a generator pop. Turning slightly, he moved towards the sound only to see the guy had left. The Wraith casually strolled behind a wall to wait for his prey to come back. He didn't have to wait long as it came back to work on the generator. The Wraith watched with glee as the human scrambled away from the generator as he started ringing his bell.


It was a pleasure to see them run away. He swung his weapon once at the human and made contact, making the human bend forward, making it wheeze and groan in pain. The Wraith continued to chase the human and tried to lunge forward to hit the human right as a pallet hit him. He roared in pain but his weapon found its mark. The human was now lying on the ground. He was about to break the pallet, but a noise behind him caught his attention. Turning, the Wraith roared in pain again as a bright light hit him right between the eyes.


The Wraith huffed as his vision cleared but stood confused as he noticed he was no longer at Auto wreckers Haven. Instead, he was in a place with...what was the word he was looking for? He couldn't describe it in his own words, but the place looked weird. It got even weirder when a walking turtle crossed his path. The Wraith hissed in surprise.

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The small, wingless, bipedal dragon-like creature started to look rather... intimidated(?) by the shadowy creatures that were all around. It was desperately trying to run away from the giants whose attention it got and now it was about to be assaulted from close up by a bunch of those big spider-like things.


Jodis threw both of her spears to the two individual eight-legged monstrosities that were closest to the unique species while diving towards it. With her dagger she brought down three others as she retrieved one of the spears, which she then used to fight the beasts from a longer distance and to take out more than one at once. A group was approaching over an area that had particularly many of the plants she had seen exploding before, that only seemed to damage living beings. She retrieved her other spear and threw it at one of the plants, triggering a chain reaction that blew up a lot of the crawlers at once. She quickly turned around and pointed her spear forward before the last remaining of the shadowy brood could set it's mouth on her neck.


When she had pulled the spear back out and picked up her other spear from the explosion area again, she turned her eyes back towards the somewhat draconic creature.


She squatted and reached her left hand forward, trying to appear as friendly as she could to the being. "Hey, can you understand me? Can you speak?"




"I am Jude Sharp, from Raimon Jr. High." He responded to the question of the girl - who introduced herself as Chikako - with a dying voice. "So I guess we're all lost then? That doesn't really make things much better. Perhaps we could go look for a better place to remain in than the middle of nowhere?"

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Blue had to admit, the almost human that was killing the creatures that were trying to attack her was pretty impressive. It reminded her of the pests that can fly. Something about this one was different, raising her palm towards the sky. What was the command Owen taught her for that? It was asking her if she could understand. Well, this creature has kept her safe so far. She hissed slightly, waiting for a command from her.




The Wraith grinned as he turned invisible, his bell ringing out in the area. He walked along a path and found a place with...guards? What were they guarding? Surely, they wouldn't mind him "entering" would they? He softly growled as he passed the guards, not wanting to kill them...yet. They might be useful later. The invisible Wraith looked around the hall, noting it's dark, yet lit, interior. Clutching his weapon, this place sort of reminded him of the scrapyard he long inhabited. He grinned, hoping to make these creatures scramble for dear life. Of course, they'd have no idea where the tolling of the bell be truly coming from. He started ringing his bell as he stepped into another room, but stopping short of becoming visible. Let's see how these creatures would react.

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