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Warped: Multifandom RP thread

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“Oh dear, oh no! What have I done? This isn't what I meant to do at all! All I wanted was….”



Congratulations! You are among the first to witness the resurrection of the destroyer… And the end of the world a first-of-its-kind multi-dimensional transporter created by the notorious inventor only known as Professor. Alas, there are still some kinks that need to be worked out, and as such there have been a few minor mishaps. While the upside is that some of our favorite fictional heroes can now exist, as well as your babies original characters… The downside is that a bunch of villains managed to slip out of their dimensions! Oh no! ...Or oh hell yes, if that’s what you prefer. I’m not going to judge- I’m just the person spreading the news.


You (as in the characters) all meet on a large, recently discovered planet named Mul’tilennaya. It’s pretty, and it’s very similar in environment to modern-day Earth. You're stuck on a turf you’re not entirely familiar with. So you’re going to need to adjust. As Dorothy would say in The Wizard of Oz, “Toto… We’re not in Kansas anymore.”


The villains all begin to gather up in one place on Mul’tilennaya, their home base if you will. They start to wreak havoc on the innocent inhabitants, and now they’re under the villains’ control, and under a new government name: the Dark Order.


But this newly-established regime won’t be unified for long. With no leader to keep the Dark Order in check, it quickly begins to fall apart, with its members fighting each other for control.


To put an end to the overall madness, one villain rises up and crushes the budding civil war. They divide Mul’tilennaya into different sectors- with each member (or members, if they actually did get along) in charge of a sector. However, they still fight bloody battles amongst themselves, with their “citizens” being drafted quite often. The citizens are suffering more than ever.


So what are you to do? Stuck in an unknown place out of the blue, how will you get home? First you have to worry about all these villains, and then you have to figure out just what the hell is going on. Can you put an end to this madness somehow? Will you be able to make it out of this alive? Most importantly...Who is this Professor?


With your fellow heroes (or, hell, former villains if you want!), you will try to unlock the mysteries of the multiverse. It works in many mysterious ways, ways that (evidently) haven't been discovered. Now here are the rules.





General Rules

  1. All Dragon Cave Forums rules apply
  2. No god-modding.
  3. No suddenly “figuring out the answer to everything”. I don't even know it yet. The multiverse is very mysterious like I said before, so it's not going to be discovered right away. Especially if it's by a character that's usually deemed “weak”. That's not only cliché, but it's not fair to the other people in the role play. It should be a team effort. If you have any ideas, please discuss them in the OOC thread.
  4. Make sure you double-check with someone before you battle/make romantic advances/interact. Don't make another rper’s character do what you want them to do.
  5. Try to avoid explicit scenes. My line: If clothes start coming off, black out. Not sure why you'd wanna do that anyway in the middle of battle or something, but okay.

    All cursing past “hell” or “damn” should be censored. And please don't curse all too much unless your character is a sailor-mouth. But like I said, censor it.

  6. Please do not begin until I give you the okay to do so. smile.gif
  7. BE POLITE TO OTHER ROLEPLAYERS AT ALL TIMES!!!! I cannot stress this enough. I don't want to see people bashing each other. You will be reported. I'm not playing.
  8. Be patient with me. I have a lot on my plate outside of school, so I won't be on all the time. But if I'm absent for too long, just send me a quick private message and (nicely) remind me.
  9. TO SIMPLIFY THINGS: We will be using 20 sectors for now, Sector 1 being in the middle and the sectors being centered around it. BUT I can add more depending on how many villains we get.
  10. You can absolutely join if you don’t know all the characters. That’s why we have character sheets (see “On Characters”.)
  11. Rules are subject to change, be added or removed at my discretion. Be sure to check back often.
  12. Have fun~!


On Characters

  1. You can have up to six characters. If you take the lead bad guy or Professor, then it's seven. I'll have a character list down below.
  2. You MUST fill out a character sheet. This is so everyone is aware of the diversity of characters and the characters’ personalities, etc. BUT: Your character can’t automatically know everything about another character UNLESS they're from the same franchise. If it's an OC, they can know a character from the same franchise, but you have to put in the character sheet HOW they know the canon character!!!!!! It's not magic, you know.
  3. You can use both OCs and canon characters. Just take a quick peek again at rule number 2.
  4. NPCs are allowed.
  5. PLEASE KEEP CHARACTERS DIVERSE. I had tried this RP on Flight Rising, and there wound up being a lot of a certain fandom, and someone left because of that, among other things. Just check the character rosters before you sign up. :3
  6. When it gets to a certain point, I will up the character limit. This will depend on a- How far we are in the story, b- How many people have joined, or c- If people leave and nobody else signs up. The new limit will be to my discretion. (Edit as of 8/17/16: I have upped the character limit to six. This may or may not increase. Check back often.)
  7. Two characters can fill one character slot, AS LONG AS they usually work as a unit. Like a trainer and a Pokemon, (going by all seasons except Season 4) a Digidestined and a Digimon, Rey and BB-8, etc. I'm okay with that.
On OCs:
  1. NO MARY SUES. Please.
  2. Like I said above (see “On Characters”, 2), your OC CAN know a canon character. But you must say HOW they know each other in your character sheet! Please.
  3. Don't make them friends/enemies with everyone. Just because everyone is united for a cause doesn't necessarily mean that they're all buddy-buddy.
  4. Please don't give your OC’s past away in the first actual RP post. These things should take time to be revealed piece by piece. You do need to give a character’s background when you sign up, but it's not necessary when you start your RP posts.
  5. Don't put too many OCs in. If this were an OC roleplay, I would have put that. BUT it's a multifandom. Please put in some canon characters. And make it diverse!!!
  6. Try not to break any canon relationships. I will delve into this further in the next set of rules.




  1. Keep in mind that any romance should be relatively subtle and not the focus of everything. This is a rule that applies for every character, i.e. if Anakin and Padmé are together and you're playing them, don't make it so loud-and-proud that it interferes with everything. There's a reason those two had to keep their love a secret. Other examples: Taran and Eilonwy in the Prydain Chronicles, Max and Fang in Maximum Ride before the book Fang, Alek and Deryn in the Leviathan series, anything that is NOT Twilight. Anyway. Just be mindful of that.
  2. I strongly suggest no incest, unless it's joking. That's just a personal thing. Also a general rule.
  3. Please don't have characters already dating each other at first! If they have a significant other at home, cool. But otherwise, if there's romance off the bat, sometimes it becomes either obnoxious or nonexistent.
  4. Don't argue over popular ships! If you can't agree on the ship, I will ultimately decide what becomes canon or just say ships with said characters cannot happen. Mikasa361 ex machina, if you will.
  5. Ships may be based on the sexuality of the character.
  6. Like I've previously stated (“General Rules”, 3), talk to other rpers before you make something happen if both characters aren't yours. If they're both yours, fine. But go back to romance rule number 1.
  7. Like I mentioned in my OC rules, I would avoid breaking a canon relationship. It makes sense if a character hasn't seen their lover for a long time that new relationships can form. But I don't want this to be abused, so avoid it if you can. And refer to the general rules if you really want your character to fall in love with a character being played by someone else.
***List your favorite fandom if you've read the rules!!!***


Notes on the sectors:

  • You can make up the sector if it’s the one your villain is in charge of.
  • Make sure it’s possible for all characters to somehow navigate your sector, as we will be moving around sectors. It can be a challenge, that’s okay!
  • They can be based off of settings in books/games/movies, etc. Not the exact same thing, but similar turf is okay with me.
  • We'll center ourselves around Sector 1, and then have characters land in sectors around S1. With the exception of Professor and the main villain, it'll help if we specify which sector we land in on the OOC thread. It'll be some time before everyone finally gets the chance to unite in one sector.
  • If someone can make a map and update it, that would be much appreciated. smile.gif Thank you!



    Notes on Mul’tilennaya:

    • In ways, it is similar to modern-day Earth (i.e. Sustains life, lots of industrialized/modernized areas, plus many rural areas. Continents aren't the same as on Earth, probably closer to the supercontinents right after Pangaea. But the oceans are just as vast.).
    • But the sectors can be similar to the environment the villains in charge are from, if they so choose. If not, the environment will be a destroyed version of what I described above ^^^)
    • Villains in charge of a sector can also occupy another sector, as long as it's mentioned somewhere (preferably the character sheet). This also means that a villain can knock another villain out of their sector, but remember that if you're not playing the villain you're knocking out of their sector, come to an agreement with the player whose sector you want your villain to take over.
    Our heroes:
    • Mikasa361- *Professor, Han Solo, Lara Kashirin, Maximum Ride, Chikako Tanimoto, Kouji Minamoto
    • Felixr2- Zoroark, Murtaugh, Jodis, Jude Sharp
    • Dusky_Flareon- Dusky F.(lare) Eon, Voltalia Thunders
    • Esko- Rey, Xhirra Tikan, Luke Skywalker, Phoenix Arc
    • Raptor of Dragons- Blue, Zoey and Globbers, Totem
    • RottingWyvern- White Face/HER
    • Natevaelle- Natevaelle, Beleg Cúthalion
    • TehUltimateMage- Guy Cecil, Naomi Kobayashi + Biyomon
    • SogYothoth- Eidolon (David)
    • colourcodedchaos- Jonathan Strange
    • petewentztheemogod- Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Jet Star, Kobra Kid
    Our villains in charge of a sector:
    • Raptor of Dragons-Dreamshade -Sector 1
    • Mikasa361- Malefor- Sector 2
    • Felixr2- Daughter of the Moon- Sector 6
    • Dusky_Flareon-Bowser Koopa - Sector 7
    • TehUltimateMage- Richard, King of Windor- Sector 9
    • Esko- Kevin Beckman/Rowan North- Sector 10
    • RottingWyvern- Dedan- Sector 12
    • SogYothoth- The Lord of Pain- Sector 14

    Our villains running loose:

    • Dusky_Flareon- Burakki "Blackmail Blacky" Kuroihoshi, Darkness
    • Raptor of Dragons- Specter, The Would Be Shimmer
    • Felixr2- Tenebra the Shadow-Mistress
    Our characters who just don't go either way:
  • Dusky_Flareon- Eternal Slumber
  • Skwerl56767- Squigglepuff Jr.
OUR BIG BADDIE- Darth Aeris, played by Esko


*NOTE: Professor is MINE. This is not to be greedy, but this is to ensure that they stay mysterious. If their secrets are let out all too early, that makes the roleplay less interesting.

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Whaaaaaarp… The machine made more warping noises as it continued to rip more and more beings from their home dimensions. Oh dear, not again… Will this work? Professor grabbed a gadget from their table and attempted to tinker with one of the circuit boards. Electricity reached for their face, and Professor jumped back in shock. Professor cursed and watched as the machine made a huge lurching movement. Whaaaaaaaaaarp… They sighed. Oh dear… What have I done? I really need to be careful with this machine…



. . .


Malefor made another round through his new temple. He quite enjoyed having all this space to himself. Mostly. Of course he had a few underlings running about, eager to please him. There were also his slaves, those who refused to bow down to him when he claimed his territory. The fools… This land is mine now. There is nothing else you may do about it, hm? Indeed, many who attempted to rebel were crushed, only a few dozen were spared.


Ah, but that is all I need, Malefor thought as he headed back through the large ornate door to his throne room, I have plenty of willing servants and soldiers, all ready to fight for me on a whim. It matters not that I failed in the past, what I have now is more than enough… For now. He chuckled softly to himself. Just as he was getting comfortable on his throne, an Orc rushed over to greet him.


What is it? Is there something important? The Orc nodded, and Malefor sighed. Then do tell me what it is. I refuse to be kept waiting. Hurriedly, the Orc nodded and began,

“Yes, sir! There have been sightings of unfamiliar new creatures in the sector. Three have been reported so far.” Malefor acknowledged the news. He tapped his claws and thought. Then he spoke. I see. Any further description? The Orc nodded again. “Yes, sir. They all seem to be of Ape descent- hairless Apes. I believe one of them was once in charge of one of the sectors, but it’s not certain. Another has some strange equipment. But that’s all I know.” Malefor sighed.

Send out a couple of small fleets- one Troll, a dozen Grublins, and four Orcs each. Have all three of them captured and bring them to me. I’ll decide what to do with them.


The Orc nodded and scurried off.


. . .


Yes, Leia, I’ll be back. I just need to check on the Falcon and make sure Chewie has the blasters ready. I’ll see you soon. Leia nodded and murmured sleepily. Han placed a kiss on her forehead and left their room. He grabbed a blaster, as per usual protocol, and walked down the hallway of the Rebel base. He supposed it didn’t need to be called a Rebel base anymore, as the Empire had been destroyed two months prior. But nothing had been renamed as of late, so he wasn’t going to bother talking about it. All he needed to do was make sure the Falcon was ready for another mission. Of course there were still going to be remnants of the Empire- which was why the Republic had to send fleets on missions like this- to eradicate them.


Han sighed as he approached the hangar. The falcon was in sight---



Han woke up in a very hot patch of dirt. Confused, he looked around. Huh? Where am I? This isn’t the base. Did I faint? Am I hallucinating? Um… Guys? This isn’t funny. Han stood up and walked around the area. Your Worship? Luke? Chewie? Anyone? Confusion bubbled into rage, rage as hot as the lava that- censorkip.gif ! LAVA?! Han gawked at it. What the hell is going on…? Han looked to his left (the lava was on his right) and saw a few small buildings in the distance. He shrugged and started walking that way.


Hopefully if there’s civilization, I can get some damn answers.


. . .


The last thing Lara remembered was walking with Armin and Jean out of Eren’s hospital room. Now she was on an island surrounded by orange fluid that she figured would be dangerous to try to cross. She had a gut feeling, considering that the air was heavy and insanely hot. She didn’t want to chance it. Just to check, Lara threw one of her extra hair ribbons into it. It burst into fire and disintegrated on contact. Okay, so it’s like fire. Don’t want to touch that.


Lara looked behind her and saw a small hut, with a very haggard looking man trying to repair it. Um, sir? Do you need help?


The eye contact he made with her made her extremely uncomfortable.


. . .


Max flew over a few more small creeks as she looked to see if there were any Erasers in the area. This is kind of pretty, but… Jeez, I’m unsettled. I wonder if there’s civilization.


This really confused her. How the hell did she go from saving her mother in Hawaii to flying around on her own in… Where was she, anyway? Somewhere in the midwest?


Something wasn’t adding up, and she was going to get to the bottom of this.

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Voltalia stumbled and swore. One moment she had been with her crew, investigating a strange portal. The next? She'd tripped through the portal, and now instead of lava-scorched land, she stood on green, springy grass. There were massive trees here too...


How on all the worlds, had this portal taken her HERE?! There was a ... wrongness to the air. Like there was some sort of strange energy. Energy that was not energy. Nothing to do but investigate and keep your eyes peeled, right?




Bowser snarled. These idiots were getting frustrating! "SHUT UP!" he roared.


"But, your Majesty--"


"I'm tired of listening to your darn fighting!"


That shut them up. The King of the Koopas glared around the dimly-lit room.


Bowser continued, "You lot do know I could have you thrown in the lava. Now stop fighting, or else. Back to what were talking about. Samuel Samuelson?"


"What is it, Your Grouchiness?" the Dry Bones asked.


Bowser mentally growled at the stupid nickname. Kamek was going to pay for coming up with that one...




Blackmail Blacky stood in the entrance to the hallway, blue bands glowing in the barely-lit darkness. He stepped out of the other hallway, his paws caked with bits of dark red stone. Tpp tpp tpp.


He wound through the hallways, occasionally running into his guards. If they pretended he wasn't there, he threatened them. Most of them got the hint. The few that hadn't... well, he needed meatshields for his spies.


A soft creak could be heard as he nosed open the door to the Nether Fortress. Then he stepped out into the ashy air. The air was so smoky in Sector 7 it was grey all day long, except for what were assumed to be dawn and dusk. Then the sky turned blood red. It perfectly matched the Netherrack on the ground.




Dusky shoved past a Koopa Troopa and a Zombie Pigman who were loudly arguing. Sounds like they're gonna bust out the weapons soon. Best censorkip.gif off before the swords are being used and hordes of Pigmen and Koopas flock over here. So long, suckers!


She darted past a street stall, and another. Hawkers were yelling, advertising their wares.


"Come and get your Nether Wart flour heeere!"


"Pork meat smuggled out of Sector 8!"


"Fresh Nether bread! Fresh Nether bread!"


"The lot of you shut the hell up!" Dusky yowled in exasperation. She continued through the crowded hallway, until she stopped short. She had an idea. "If you can't take the heat... then take off!" she snapped.


Her body glowed with fire energy as a hot wind swept through the area. "HEAT WAVE!!"

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"Connn-kelduurrrr!!!" A fierce fight had started. A Conkeldurr had stolen the berries of a group of weak wild pokémon. Zoroark noticed this and - of course - couldn't let the Conkeldurr get away with it. The only attack that would really be able to do serious damage to this Conkeldurr was Aerial Ace, for which he had to get close to his opponent. This was a serious risk as Conkeldurr are generally very powerful close range attackers. But Zoroark had an advantage; he could decide what Conkeldurr would see. The Conkeldurr, stupid as he is, didn't figure out his environment was an illusion untill he suddenly fell through the ground - Zoroark had made him see a cliff as a meadow - and Zoroark decided to let the illusion wear off.


He picked up the berries and returned to the wild pokémon that had picked them, but right before he could give them back, he vanished instantly. The berries fell to the ground, but they were with enough pokémon to catch all of the berries before they'd splat on the dirt.


Zoroark was very confused about what just had happened - was he being tricked by another very powerful Zoroark? But why? And since when was there even another Zoroark in his area, not to mention one as strong as he himself was - or even stronger. He decided to wait; creating an illusion of a clock to keep track of the time. After the usual 5 minutes, the clock disappeared, but he was still in this weird place. But how?


When he looked up in the air he saw a figure fly through the sky, from what he could see it was like a hybrid between a human and some bird pokémon - the wings most resembled those of a fearow, from all the bird pokémon he had seen, that is. He knew he had to be oriented in order to help anyone, so he decided to make the figure fly downwards, by causing an illusion of a shout for help coming from the place where he was. This illusion would only affect the creature in the air, so it wouldn't draw any unwanted attention.


. . .


Murtaugh was just feeding his cat Einstein as suddenly some tear-shaped rather ethereal-looking glowing object appeared in the air. Out of his curiosity, he decided to touch it - he has never been very careful - and this brought him to... where? There wasn't really much to see besides some huts in the distance.

"There is no way of turning back... just like what happened with those Submachines. I think I can best look what's going on in that village over there"


To save time he decided to make a karma portal to the village. Having passed through it, he saw the inhabitants looked rather violent. It's fine, Murtaugh thought, I just go and ask what this place is, and if they attack me, I run. It's not like they can possibly know how to use a karma portal.


He stepped towards one of the people, tried to look as polite as he could and asked: "Excuse me, sir, but can you tell me where I am? It seems I have gotten a little lost."

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Dreamshade sighed, rather bored to death. Might as well talk to the trees and find something interesting to do. He leaned across the hollowness of the tree that he housed his kingdom in. The trees were his eyes and ears in his Sector. He didn't need no subjects. Every little disturbance, he would eventually know about. He almost sat straight up when he felt the tree vibrate with the air of disturbance. A bird? No, birds didn't make that big of a disturbance to the trees. He pressed further into the tree. A black fox with red fur tied into a ponytai that stood up. A human that had wings. There was one more. A dog. Although it was a weird dog, it was still a dog. He leaned away from the tree, wanting to go visit the human with wings and the fox creature first. The dog could be there when he got there, but he couldn't be sure.


"Time for a bit of fun," Dreamshade said, smiling before constricting his vines so that he'd become a squirrel. With that, he leapt out of the nearest hole before jumping in between tree branches.




Blue sniffed around. One moment she was with Echo, chasing a pig, the next moment, she was somewhere. She looked around. The plants and everything around her had changed. The scent that she had been tracking was gone and for that matter, so was the rat. She hissed before catching a new scent. She swung her head around. It was an interesting smell. From what type of creature did it come from? She chirped before deciding to carefully track the smell back to the original owner. As Blue traveled, the weirder the place was for her. It was really cliffy for one thing and she could see this tall like black tree in the distance.


She snorted. Must be one of those man-made things. One thing Blue was for certain, she was no longer on the island she was trapped on. She was free to roam without getting bored. She stopped when she caught sight of a small black creature. She chirped at it. She didn't know what the creature was, but if it attacked, she would harm it.




Specter blinked. He tapped his fingers on the arm of his chair, looking around. The area he was in was very hot. The next thing that caught the white ape's attention was lava. Hot, boiling lava. He paused for a moment before breaking out into a grin. Was he free from Spike? He was mad at the human and teleported out of fear and rage that a human of all things was getting the better of him. Specter rubbed his hands together, trying to think of places he had traveled through time that had lava.


There was one or two that he could think of, but that was during dinosaur times. But this didn't look like the dinosaur times, and the fact that he teleported, did he, by chance, hit something as he did? He moved forwards, hoping to find someone who knew some answers. And hopefully, the being wasn't human. "This got a lot interesting for sure," he muttered to himself as his chair moved forwards, turning his head to observe the scenery.

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Bowser growled. After he'd commanded Samuelson to give the amount of oil they were using, the idiots in the meeting had started fighting - and here came Kamek. Time to make him pay.


The Koopa stood, readying his claws. "Kamek...?" Bowser snarled.


"Yes?" the Magikoopa replied.


"No more ridiculous names. It's Your Awesomeness or Your Majesty. Got it?"


Kamek gulped. "Y-yessir."


Bowser turned to the fight and roared. The Fires lighting the room panicked, so that the area was suddenly flickering. Then he leapt into action, fire spewing from his mouth as he punched and clawed at the other fighters.


Kamek waited till the fight had died down somewhat to speak. "...you do realize that Aeris won't like this? You did roast one of his representatives."


He doesn't have Junior, so I don't care. Speaking of Junior... has anyone found him?" The way Bowser said this last bit, observers could tell was worried about his son.


A Bob-omb started talking. "No, your majesty, not so far--"


Bowser's eyes flashed with anger and worry. Then he roared, "Well, find him then!"




Blacky scurried out into the open expanse. He looked around. No band of Pigmen today. And no 'players'. He was not interested in picking a fight - after all, he was not very strong when it came to fighting.


The package he carried in his mouth was blackmail, as was typical for the Shiny Umbreon. Blacky never fought himself - it was always his cronies who did the physical work for him. In fact, three were following him right now - a Mightyena, a Flareon, and a Houndoom. It also contained two small cameras - one that he usually put on his chest, and another to set in the castle. Not that Castle Koopa didn't already have plenty of cameras.


Speaking of cameras, he already had an order in place for fifteen to be Murkrow mailed to another sector. He had secured the order in typical fashion - threaten the storekeeper (a Paratroopa) he'd out the affair said storekweper had with a married female Koopa Troopa.


The air was hot, and some fire was burning on the Netherrack when two Koopa Troopas with black shells and a Blaze accosted them. Immediately the goons sprung into action.


The ensuing fight was short and sweet, consisting of the goons 3-on-1ing each oppoment in quick sucession. The Blaze was the problematc one due to being fire, but a melted Hidden Power Ice from Flareon had freaked it out and caused it to flee.


Blacky poked through the dropped items, finding nothing of value other than a potato. Which begged the question of where it had come from. If there was a secret potato farm, an impromptu bit of theft might be in order. No time for that right now, though.


Blacky snarled at his minions. "You two Fire types, get me some lava. We're going to use it as a distraction, so you better have your obsidian buckets!"


All three looked up from licking their wounds.


"Yesss...." Flareon snarled. He and Houndoom trudged off, leaving Mightyena with Blacky.

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The time of the Elves has passed and the time of Men has come. The thought lingered in the mind of Natevaelle as she watched a white swan-like ship approach the quay and a few mariners prepare to attend to it. She stood alone among a group of Elves, some of the last ones that were to sail to Aman from Middle-Earth, and waited for the ship that would take her back to the home she has not seen in several thousand years. Soon after its arrival, the ship was ready to receive them. After settling down on a seat by the edge of the ship, Natevaelle waited for the rest to board and, to pass the time, went through her possessions--a white wooden staff, a curved elvish sword, and a satchel containing a few books, all of which were treasures that she brought to Middle-Earth from Aman. Deep in the flurry of conflicting thoughts and emotions, she looked thoughtfully upon the sea throughout the voyage.


The voice of a singing Sinda minstrel. The music from a harp. The sounds of the waves. The whispers of the wind. The smooth wooden surface of the ship. The cool sea breeze. The scent of saltwater. The smell of volcanic ash. The smoldering heat. The grainy texture of the earth. The bubbling and sizzling sounds of flowing molten rock.


Natevaelle awoke and found herself lying on her chest against the ground. She sat up and looked at her surroundings. This is not Aman. This cannot be Aman, she thought, observing that the place resembled Orodruin* in Mordor rather than Valinor in Aman. Where is the sea? Where is the ship? Where are the others? As she stirred, her hand touched her staff, which lay on the ground to her right. It was a relief to see and have something familiar in this unfamiliar land, even more so finding her sword and satchel by her side. Natevaelle held the staff and used it to support herself as she rose to her feet. Her staff remained white and pristine, with the soot slipping from it like water on glass. Alas, it was the not the same for her dress. The grime clung and spread in her attempt to dust off the ash.


In the distance, a man was headed towards her. Or so it seemed. Turning around, Natevaelle spied what seemed like a small village. Uncertain of what the inhabitants might be like, she decided to approach the man in the distance. If the inhabitants turned out to be of the hostile sort, there was less peril in defending against one than in defending against a company.


"Mae govannen," she greeted, stopping a few feet from the handsome looking man. Although her hands kept away from her sword to seem less threatening, her grip on the staff was firm. Those familiar with mages might not be fooled but others would simply think that it was an ornate walking stick. The man looked rather strange, but almost everything seemed strange to a curious eye. "I was on a voyage to the Undying Lands but the ship I was in seemed to have taken a wrong turn. What is this place?" Without a body of water or a ship in sight, she fell silent, secretly hoping that somehow, there was a shore in this burning wasteland that the man might know about.




* Mount Doom

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A year after the destruction of Starkiller Base....


The sound of the wind reminded her of tortured screaming, as drenching rain beat down the fire from earlier. The temple that her master hastily constructed to train new Jedi was burning once again. If only she had been stealthier on her mission! Then the First Order- they had the nerve to call themselves the New Galactic Empire now -would have not found Tython.


What sounded louder than the wind was the clashing of lightsabers. Rey watched, from her hiding place, the red crossblades screech against the green single blade. Ren's face was lit up by the glow, revealing a snarl. Clearly he was frustrated, the old man he hunted for years would not die. Meanwhile Master Luke's expression was calm. There was a glint of delight in his eyes.


"It's over, Skywalker. You're dead. Your students may have escaped, but they will be mine. They will become Sith. Especially Kira, the little gem of the galaxy that you tried to hide from me." Kylo Ren barked. "Imagine that, the daughter of the hero, becoming a loyal warrior to the enemy. Kira will become great under us. Unfortunately, you won't get to see."


Master Luke's expression was far from dismayed. In fact, the corner of his mouth twitched into a smile. "I may not live, but I have faith that your vision for my daughter will never happen. Or any of my students. You ended my friend and my sister in cold blood, and I will likely go the same way. But Kira will stop you, even if she never knows who she is."


Ren was unsatisfied. "How are you calm?! You're about to die! You should be afraid! Aren't you scared? Your visions for the future Jedi Order are gone, gone! How are you not afraid, shaking in fear?!"


"I have lived my life. You could have lived yours." Master Luke sighed, lowering his saber. Ren took the oppertunity and struck, the red blade sliding home through his heart. The Grand Master fell, leaving only his saber and cloak. Ren barked a laugh and placed a boot on where he once stood. He did it, he sealed Luke Skywalker's fate once and for all.


"No!" Rey yelled, giving herself away as she jumped to face him. She ignited her lightsaber; she preferred not to use it after the visions it gave her, but it was the only weapon that stood a chance against her enemy. Kylo chuckled, and spoke...


"Kira. So you were stupid enough to stay?"


"My name is not Kira. My name is Rey." She growled.


"It may be now. It may have become your name in your state of confusion. Your family's departure was all too tragic." His smile was sickening. "Kira Skywalker, that's who you were supposed to be."


"Kira....Skywalker?" The possibility was one she didn't want to face. "You're kidding!"


"Oh no, far from it. Funny story, really. The hero who came from humble beginnings on Tatooine had a daughter with his wife. When said daughter was about four or five, big bad Ren destroyed his life and forced him to abandon her on Jakku, unaware of even her own name. His nephew searched every scrap of the galaxy to find her, but the obvious answer was right under my nose. Kira...you will be mine."


It was hard to believe that Master Luke was her father, of all things. And he was dead.


Kylo Ren killed her father.


Rey charged when sparks flew in her vision. She fell down, unable to move. Ren's expression went from confused to surprised. He reached toward her, as if she were vanishing and he didn't want to loose Sith material. She lost conciousness...




Ow. Rey's eyes painfully blinked and opened, and she rolled off of whatever was digging into her back. Turns out she was laying on her quarter staff and her saber. But where she was confused her the most. Was she in a forest? It looked very different from Tython. Standing up, she started walking aimlessly, hoping to find civilization.





Before knocking out, she remembered being clonked in the head with a mug. Exactly why I stay away from cantinas....bar fights. She was confused as to why she felt burning pain, until she opened her eyes and looked at her foot. A bit of her shoe was burned off, and her pinkie toe was submerged in lava.


Yowling, Xhirra jerked her foot away and sat up, shaking her foot up and down. Where that toe once was was now a searing stump, and it felt like a mini blaster had hit it. The smuggler stood up and looked around. She was surrounded by a burned wasteland, though she spotted a village in the distance. She headed towards it, cursing and wondering what the hell was going on.





His eyes opened, and he sat up in his bed. Yawning, the Jedi rolled out and walked to get some grub. His stomach bothered him like he hadn't eaten in three days. I didn't even skip dinner. Weird. Luke Skywalker, the hero of the Galaxy, walked down to get coffee and food in a fluffy blue bathrobe and slippers.


When he walked into the breakfast room, the pilot Jyn Erso was chugging down a cuppa caf. He briefly saluted and grabbed a mug.


"Look tired. Hunted Stormtroopers in your sleep again?"


"Hah hah, you're funny. That only happened once." Luke chuckled as the machine filled the cup. He picked it up and took a swig. "I dunno what it was. I couldn't sleep."


When the pilot was abou to respond, sparks filled Luke's vison. He wobbled and leaned on the counter, holding his forehead with his other hand. "Luke, are you alright?" Jyn asked, her expression worried. When the Jedi fell, the last thing he recalled was hitting his head against the hard surface.




He woke to the feeling of eeriness. Luke quickly sat up and stood, looking around the terrain. This wasn't the Rebel base. It looked like old ruins...was he inside a tree? It felt like he was swallowed by a nerf, inside a pulsing, living, breathing creature. It felt unnerving, like bugs crawling inside his skin. He shivered, then began walking in no particular direction. He hated the look of this.





To a newcomer, the view would be stunning. The Supreme Lord's massive window gave a view of the open sky, with Sector 1 resting below. It was quite the drop to anything that couldn't fly, and the location provided maximum security. Darth Aeris stood in front of this window, observing the guard activity. His chamber wasn't the neatest, with several things scattered everywhere.


The buzzing of wings caught his attention. A Crimson Flare Pygmy messenger flapped in. Aeris liked them as messengers, for their speed and loyalty. Even better, they could send each other new reports instantly by telepathy. Valkemarian Dragons were so, so useful.


"Speak." The Sith Lord rumbled as the pygmy saluted.


"Your agent in Sector 7 is...roasted."


Aeris sighed, exasperated. "Does that lumbering mass of idiocy convince himself that he can do whatever he wants? Background checks are exhausting. Well, I won't do anything right now. Anything else?"


"Yessir! There have been reports of strange figures popping up around the sectors."


"Strange figures, hmm?" Aeris chuckled. "Looks like the Professor's at it again...."


"...and two of them have lightsabers."


"What?!" The Sih grabbed the messenger and squeezed hard. "Where?!"


"One in Sector 1, and one in 9." Aeris released him, and the pygmy gasped for breath.


"Bring the lightsaber-wielders to me. The rest of them.....exterminate them all."


((Please exuse any typos, I wrote this on mobile. Feel free to interact with any of my characters))

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Well, this was...different. Wrong, maybe, was the correct word.


It took awhile for him to actually configure his surroundings. It was such a surprise, being in the middle of something very important and personal and then the next moment being somewhere...unknown and not his. That specific player was not a very nice one, and all that play got a little rough in the end. He should have been deleted by now and then reopened by someone else.


Except, instead of being somewhere that he knew, he was somewhere...somewhere that he's only seen in pictures. Specifically, pictures brought up on the browser, usually Chrome but sometimes Firefox. Players liked to look at these pictures sometimes, and he liked to look at the players.


What was more jarring was the fact that he could feel the air. The very flow of it, the sounds of the picture that he seemed to be in. It was green, vivider than anything that he himself could have ever created, and it was light out. Not the foggy white that he usually spawned, but...something else he could not name.


White Face also couldn't find the player. Usually, there were certain codes and switches that went off, things that the program could start up and run, but now there was nothing there. It was as if that part of himself was suddenly erased. He couldn't get anything that was normally available to him. It was usually a part of his coding.


But it now seemed like the player was void, as well as all his control and everything that had been his. Where he was now must be under someones control, someone who wasn't him. Which was unnerving and very impossible.


He was always in control, or at least always in control until the end scene. He had the right to control, because all of it had been a part of him. Every setting, every spawn, every item and graphic design; it was his and he was it.


So this situation was impossible and not understandable. It didn't make sense to the program that was White Face and that made it freeze up, which would normally have allowed him to shut down, but instead just made him become unresponsive. Players were the ones who closed out and then opened the program when this happened, but there were no players, and that just made White Face even more disoriented and distressed, his form glitching into another face sprite, something jarred and broken.


To anyone close by, it would be an odd sight seeing a floating face in the middle of the forest, surrounded by the tall trees of nature that clashed with the face's pixel form.

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Eternal Slumber was running. Running away from the humans.


"Demon of Peace, you end is ni--"




An ethereal tear opened up, and the pale Soulpeace ran straight into it before he could stop. The humans were luckier, skidding to a stop before they entered it.



He landed on Mul'tilennya running for dear life. He did not look back, he only ran. Eventually he had to come to a stop, winded and exhausted, his breath rattling in his scarred throat. The pale dragon crouched looking around.


He had landed in a valley bridged by two gigantic mountains. A stream ran near his feet, drying up at some points and shallow in other points. He reached out, and flinched back instinctively at the cool water, colder than most other water he had tasted. Then he looked around.


Darting eyes saw nothing, but he prepared his muscles to run. His magic sparked within, and he hastily quashed it, shivering slightly. Then he drank. It had been so long since he had had a refeshing drink, even longer since a scrap of food.


Once refreshed, the dragon looked around, noticing trees. Are... there any fruits? Or meats? Hungry, hungry...The pale Soulpeace looked around once again. Once he was sure no one else was there at the moment, he began to scramble up towards an oak tree.


Awhile later, he was there. Slumber reached up and slashed at the tree leaves, searching for food... and then an apple fell out. He let out a thin, suprised squeak. Then he looked atound. Still nothing. Crouching, he tore open the apple and began to gnaw at it.




Darkness growled angrily. She had been sucked into a strange ethereal tear along with some associates. Now she was here on a vast savanna, occasionally broken up by trees and plateaus. There were houses dotting the savannah, and a massive mansion in the distance. Ah, a group of dragons. Datkness grinned before striding over.


"I am Darkness. Who leads this area?"


The Spessartine Pyralspite looked up, a fearful expression on his face. "The leader...? He is a greedy human. His name is Malfoy."


Darkness didn't say anything aloud. Internally she thought, Perfect.


Then she grinned. "Well, then..."


Some time later, she had convinced the group of dragons that it'd be a very good idea to listen to her. Probably helped by stories they had heard of the Northern Tribe. They were flying through the cool blue skies when a pair players wearing armor and riding on a Hooktalon waylaid them.


"You lot are dead!" one yelled.


The only indication that one might be a diffrent gender was the pony tail hanging out of the shouting one's helmet - otherwise they looked identical in identical suits of armour.


Darkness snarled. "You two, burn that one. You two, scan the area. You, take out the Hooktalon. Ponyboy... or Ponygirl... whoever... is mine."


The Spessartine and Almandine Pyralspites flew up. A couple seconds later, metal was dripping and flesh burning as the player screamed in agony. Darkness grinned at the sound. She enjoyed that type of noise... heh heh.


Now, Ponytail was swinging their aword at her. Darkness dodged the first sweep, but as she flew in to attack, the blade left a gash in one forearm, which elicited a roar of wrath and and pain. Then Darkness struck. Her sharp claws tore through armour like a knife through bread - admitedly crusted bread - leaving a gash on her opponent's forearm.


Now the player slashed again, slicing Darkness's lower jaw. The angry Alt Black wasted no time hurling the player towards the ground, where said player snashed against the ground hard enough the leave some blood where they fell.


Then just the Hooktalon was left. He ws looking nervous, and who could blame him? After all, Pyralspites were infamous for their hot fire. The Pyrope hissed up a breath of flame, and the Hooktalon countered with his claws before getting a head burned. That head screamed in pain as the Alt Black glided closer.


"Finish him."


With that, all six dragons lunged at the Hooktalon. The two-headed dragon might have put up a good fight, but he was overpowered. He fell to the earth, blood streaming out.


Darkness swooped down behind him, still bleeding. One after the other, her group landed. The six dragons, finding an abandoned house with supplies including a first aid kit, meat, and some bedding, decided to camp out and nurse the wounds from the fight for now.

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Zoey was still awake, listening to the waves as it hit the the side of the ship she was on. She was holding onto Globbers Pokeball as her mind traveled to what the Sinnoh region was going to be like. It was exciting, traveling to a new region. She really didn't like Globbers at first, but the more she battled, the more she relied on him. It eventually came to the point where she could hear him. She could hear him during the final battle of the Unova League. It wasn't really strong enough to win her the league, but she felt confident that Sinnoh was going to be a different story. Putting the thoughts on hold, she started falling asleep to the rocking on the boat. The lush gentle waves. The pulsing vines.


Pulsing vines? She jerked herself awake, thinking it was a dream. She blinked the tiredness away before realizing it was no dream. She looked down at her hand to notice she was still clutching the Dusk Ball. She then looked around. Was she inside some ruins? She had to think. Which region had ruins? Unova had underwater ruins, by it looked like she was inside a tree. Johto? There's no way she could have teleported to Johto. It would take a powerful psychic type to actually teleport her and the Dusk Ball she held. Something about this place creeped her out. She finally decided to let Globbers out.


Globbers looked around before spotting his trainer. He smiled before floating over to her and giving her a big hug. "Globbers!" Zoey said, trying not to laugh when he let go. Globbers looked around and made some unhappy sounds. "I know Globbers. Let's go find someone." With Globbers following closely behind, Zoey started walking in a random direction. Globbers then ran in front of Zoey as he heard footsteps in front of them. Were the steps coming towards them. Globbers tensed up, ready for a fight. "Globbers, we need to run if it's needed," she said quietly to Globbers, stay close behind him.




The Would Be Shimmer grunted as she got hit from an ice blast from a Frostbite dragon. She looked up at the dragon and hissed. "Why are you helping the shimmers?" Would Be Shimmer asked. "They don't deserve to live!" "It is you who don't deserve to live Shimmer killer!" the Frostbite dragon said. "Shimmerscales are magnificent dragons!' Would Be Shimmer hissed before having to back up as the frostbite dragon let out another stream of ice at her. What Would Be didn't know, when she backed up, she entered through a portal. She paused and looked around. The lush green forest was gone and was replaced with...dragon bones?


She got ontop of one and all around her and all she could see was either the ground and dragon bones. She hissed, trying to figure out what was going on. It was then a little yellow dragon caught her eye. It was a pygmy dragon. "Hey you," Would Be Shimmer hissed at it. The dragon looked up, surprised to hear another voice. "Where am I?" "Sector 5," the dragon said. "Sector 5?" Would Be asked confused. "You have a leader?" "Not that I know of," the pygmy said, stretching out. The Would Be Shimmer hummed. She could use this place as her base. She tapped her claws thoughtfully before getting thoughts into her head. She smashed her front right paw onto the pygmy's tail to keep it from escaping. "H-hey!' the pymgy said in protest. "Put me down!" "You're going to help me pygmy," The Would Be Shimmer spat. "I want your wings to help me find a base and I need you to get any and all dragons in this Sector afterwards. If you disobey me, well...let's just say you'll be begging for death."


The pygmy's eyes grew wide before nodding. The Would Be Shimmer let the pymgy go as it dropped to the ground. "And if you see any Shimmer scalies, let me know immediately," The Would Be Shimmer said. The pymgy looked up in slight horror at the tone of Would Be's voice.

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Max heard the screams for help. What the- Who the hell is that? She looked around, trying to see if it was another Flock member. Fang? Ig? Gazzy? Nudge? ....Angel? She continued to see nothing. Hm… This is really suspicious. But unless those M-Geeks can mimic real voices, I highly doubt it’s anything too dangerous. Hoping her survival instincts weren’t failing her, Max began her descent, using her hearing to pinpoint where this voice was coming from. She started her fast dive.



If someone needed help, they were going to get it fast.


. . .


Stars! Han turned around to face the newcomer. He was ready to draw his blaster at a moment’s notice. Wait- huh? Most smugglers Han knew would’ve dropped their guard at this women, figuring that she would be harmless. Knowing a certain double-bun-sporting Princess, Han knew better than to underestimate her. Han’s hazel eyes scanned this woman- taking note of the grip on her staff. Well, she could most likely beat me with that thing if I start any trouble. Best not to do anything too stupid.


I haven’t the slightest idea where we are. All I know is that it’s hot and there’s lava. He kicked a pebble into the nearby lava. There are buildings up ahead, could be civilization. Maybe they can tell us where in the blazes we are.

He hoped with his life that she wasn’t going to try and kill him.



(NOTE: Lara and Han are in different areas of that part of the sector. Han is near the large lava lake, while Lara is on an island in the middle of the lava lake.)



So, you’re saying some “Orcs” trashed your village? Wow. That really sucks. Lara finished hammering some more boards into place. It’s days like this that make me hate having curly hair She wiped the sweat off of her forehead, knowing by now her hair was frizzed from the sweat and the heat.

The tired-looking man sighed and nodded.


“Indeed, it isn’t pleasant. I haven’t had to repair my home this much since before Malefor took this land over.” Lara raised a brunette eyebrow.


Malefor? Who’s that? The man met her eyes again.


“You mean you don’t know?”


No. I just got here. He nodded and offered her some water. Water.[/color]


“Malefor is a large purple dragon, one we thought was similar to our deity. But alas, we were fooled, and he had taken our land by force. His armies went on a spree and attacked our villages. We were forced to obey Malefor. Those who didn’t…” He sighed and looked off into the distance, toward an unmarked grave. “I lost my brother to his troops. A Troll, in fact. He was crushed.” Lara’s eyes softened with sympathy.


Oh man… That’s rough… I’m so sorry.


“Don’t be. There’s nothing you can do. Probably nothing you could’ve done. You may have gone the same way, if you resisted.” He had put the finshing repairs on the hut. “Finally, that’s fixed for now.” He looked at Lara, who took another swig of the water. “That water comes from the rivers around the temple. I can show you, if you want. It is my job to transport water back here.” Lara raised her eyebrow again.


But… You said this was an island. An island surrounded by lava. Lava. Stuff Armin talked about once. He read that it was so hot, you’d lose a limb trying to touch it. The man gave her a grin.


“Well, yes…. Come along. I’ll show you how we get off this thing.”



Kouji sighed as he whipped out his phone. He saw a message from Takuya and rolled his eyes. Someone was trying to bully Tommy again. AGAIN? He put his phone away and started to run. Out the door, down the street, to the nearby plaza.

He started running down the stairs that would have brought him to a small bistro area, until à la his twin brother he tripped-


AAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Kouji continued to scream. WHY AM I STILL FALLING----- He soon landed in… Sand? Sand? Why the hell am I lying in the sand? He sat up and looked around. Kouji tried to get his phone, but instead he felt something all too familiar. Huh? It’s my D-Tector. He wondered why exactly it was in his pocket. Refusing to question it any further (after all, he just landed in the sand, it must be a dream), he stood up and walked around.


It was unbearably hot, but he kept walking. It wasn’t long before he saw a girl a couple of years his senior. Her hair was long and a rich black color, framing a fair face with large green eyes. He also noticed that she had--- A KATANA? Kouji whipped out the D-Tector, but he didn’t have the chance to use it before-


Oh, hello! Do you happen to know where we are?


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After some walking, she concluded that she was in a dream. No way could she have suddenly ended up in this strange land. Less than five minutes ago, she was ready to cream Kylo's arse. Less than five minutes ago, her father died. No, Master Luke died...her father died? Luke was her father? She got a headache trying to wrap her head around it. Could the Jedi have ever abandoned anyone? But he was forced to...was he ever going to come back?


Rey thought she heard something in the air. She turned her head, looked up at the sky...and saw something diving. Fast. She rolled out of the way, ignoring the digging of the quarter staff in her back.




The smuggler was swearing as she walked towards the village. Her burned-off-toe was still locked in a burning pain. I paid a lot for those shoes. Nearly got my head popped off by that one cult for the debt. It'll be hard to replace these shoes... She looked at her foot. That'll be fun to talk about, loosing a toe.


Unless her eyes were failing her, she spotted two people up ahead. Here for a daytime rendezvous? A literally hot, sweaty and steamy playtime? She chuckled lightly to herself. Hate to kill your buzz, but I need some answers. A lot of answers. Twirling a blaster in her right hand, she whistled as she approached. The man looked to be in his twenties, maybe thirties. The girl...she couldn't tell. Didn't matter.


"Oi! You two!" Xhirra barked. "Any idea where we are?"




He had to admit, the place wasn't exactly a nightmarish realm of horrors. But everything was creepy. The air felt alive, vines pulsed like veins. Everything was...abandoned. Hopefully there's people here. Somewhere. And food. Stars, I'm hungry. Luke looked down at his abdomen. His stomach gave a pissed growl in response. Yeah yeah, I get it. His shoe stepped down towards one of those glowing mushrooms. He poked it with his foot and it recoiled. Weird.


"Globbers, we need to run if it's needed."


What? Luke was confused. Globbers? Running? Luke slowed his pace, but he saw people...things up ahead. What looked like a human and an alien. Nothing he hadn't seen before, anyway. He never saw that kind of alien before, but he wasn't startled by it. Interesting. "Excuse me, but do you happen to know where we are?"




"Urghm...no, don't take the apples. I need those. I said, no apples for you. HEY! I said no apples! Sit and a corner and think about what you've done..."


Phoenix opened her eyes, expecting to see a hatchling pouting at her. Instead, she saw a Magi looking at her. She stared at him for a while, blinking occasionally at him. "Dude, ever heard about personal space? Get your cute snout away from mine." She pushed his face away gently and stood up, all six legs scrambling on the ground. She seemed to be in some sort of forest? There was a collection of dragon dens, and several dragons standing by the entrances, staring at her. A mother was holding hatchlings back. The magi who was by her was looking at her, perplexed.


"Okay, before anyone asks, I'm not a mutant. Or a monster. Or a nightmare. Where am I?" She asked, scanning the villagers for an answer. Finally, the magi spoke.


"You're in Sector Three, led by...Lucius Malfoy." He shivered. "That man...anyways, I am Terri Loraka, leader of the village."


"Sector Three? Uh, last time I knew, I was in Galsriem....what the hell is Sector Three?" Phoenix cocked her head to the side.


"Hm...so you're from Valkemare? I've come from that place..." Terri sighed. "Anybody who comes from Valkemare, nobody ever knows how we got here."


"Weird. Anyways, got some food? I'm starving." Phoenix rubbed her stomach with her middle right leg. Terri nodded and directed her to a food pile. Soon she was chowing down on peaches and salted beef.


"We're lucky to have enough food. Lately we've been stolen from." Terri sighed. Phoenix stopped mid-bite, peach juice running down her talons.


An elderly white piped up. "It's the Demon of Peace, I tell you!" That silenced everyone.


Terri rolled his eyes. "I told you before, the Demon of Peace isn't here. He is back in Galsriem."


Phoenix shrugged. "Eh, doesn't sound that bad. Heard of him before. Soulpeace who killed four people and dragons. Though, why call him the Demon of Peace? Killing isn't peaceful. Why not Danger Dragon, or Murderous Monster, or even Deathmetal Edgelord? Demon of Peace actually sounds kind of nice, when you think about it." She shoved a strip of beef in her craw. It would be cool just to chill here and fill her stomach with peaches and meat.

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A Grey Dragon looked up. "I've been telling you, it was not just four people! Everyone who went to kill him... died. Well, almost everyone."


The Grey, noticing Phoenix, looked at her. "He's called the Demon of Peace because, you see, he uses Expunge to kill other dragons and humans. You know, the ability of Soulpeaces' that gets rid of zombies and ghosts? His is so powerful he could tear a living soul from its body. I was there. I saw it when my caretaker was killed. He just... we had approched him - and then a starburst of magic hit my caretaker. It was Expunge. I barely dodged it. And then I had to run...


The stories don't say how scarred he is. How much he survived. The towns... don't tell stories of their would-be heroes he killed. But he's scarred and moves silently.... and he escapes almost any situation. And when you finally track him down, you've sealed your fate...."




The pale Soulpeace crouched down under a tree. It was a verdant one, with vibrant green leaves, contrasting the emaciated and abused Soulpeace in its shadow.


Eternal Slumber approached, making as little noise as he could. He crouched down, tiptoeing over the cool green grass, until he had gotten close to the food pile.


Everyone was paying attention to a strange, firey six-legged Shimmerscale. He took the opporturnity to snatch a bit of salted meat - before turning, his dirty and cracked feathers hissing, and darting into the shadow of a den and a bush.


There, he gnawed on the salted meat hungrily before getting up and slinking around back. It was at that precise moment a Frill looked up and spotted the tail.


"There's someone behind that bush!!"


Two Black Dragons immediately dashed over. "Where?" the older one asked. The Frill jabbed a wing out towards the mound over the den.


Both Blacks headed in that direction, spying a Soulpeace. "Is that...?" Then the younger one caught sight of the scars.


Slumber heard a noise. He turned and -- oh Avatars of Nature those were Black Dragons!


The Black pair were hyperventiliating. "The Demon of Peace! He's here!"


Slumber heard the Blacks. The name Valkemare had given him. Experience told him angry dragons -- or humans, but there were none here -- would soon be chasing after him. He turned and ran, flaring out his wings to generate lift.

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Globbers tensed up when a man appears din his vision before he spoke. "Easy Globbers," Zoey said, pushing Globbers out of the way a bit. "Uh...I was hoping you would tell me, but I guess not. Last thing I remember was being on a boat to the Sinnoh region." Zoey turned her head when she heard Globbers do a cry of surprise. "Globbers?" Globbers was staring at something. He turned and looked at Zoey with his eyes very wide. He only gave that look when he was truly startled. She face palmed, knowing what Globbers was about to do.


Globbers started making noises and waving his hands in a panic. Knowing Globbers wouldn't calm down anytime soon, she took the Dusk Ball back out before returning him. "Sorry about that," Zoey said. "You know how they can be when they panic like that. Name's Zoey Smith. What's your name?" She had a feeling this guy wasn't going to harm her, so she was relaxed. She didn't know why she felt it, but if he wanted to harm her, he would have already attacked Globbers.




Dreamshade paused when he got to the scene. There were newcomers. A human was there, rolling out if the way of the human with wings. He was hidden from them, but he didn't see the two legged fox. He felt the tree he was standing on vibrate. There was one more being in his Sector. He wasn't too concerned with that one. For now, he'd concentrate on the two he was observing right now. The girl that rolled out of the way was wearing what looked like a uniform and the other seemed to be sky diving to the ground way too fast.


Interesting. Why would the girl from the sky coming in fast? What did he miss? There was something he was missing. Perhaps the newcomer insulted the one with wings? He itched, no longer resisting the urge to have some fun before he manipulated his vines to turn into his dragon form before landing on the ground. "Alright then," Dreamshade said, announcing his presence. "This is where it gets really interesting."




"Miss," the Pymgy said. "One of the pygmies from Sector 3 just told me that there's a six legged shimmer that just arrived." The Would Be Shimmer's wings dropped and her mouth hung open. "I can't get rid of them, can I!?" Would Be hissed. "Where is Sector 3 at!?" "Uh..." the Pygmy said. "You either have to cut through Sector 4 if you head west before going south in the sector or if you cut down southwest through Sector 1. That's the faster route where we are located. Just becareful of Dreamshade." The Pygmy couldn't even finish her sentence to Would Be as she was already running southeast.




Specter paused when he noticed two humans. He clicked his tongue. Of course there's be humans here. He sighed and rubbed his head. He can't catch a break, could he? Might as well play the manipulation card and get rid of them when he got through with what he needed to know. One had pulled out a gun of some and the other had a staff. "Well that certainly got interesting," Spector said amused as he put his head against his hand, watching the event. "But can either of you tell me exactly where I'm at and how I got here?"

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“Oi! You two! Any idea where we are?” The sudden bark made Han jump and turn to face… Whatever it was. To his annoyance, the noise came from a 16 year old girl, definitely quite average height. Okay, she was borderline tall. Han also noted her sturdy build and the way she dressed. Smuggler of some sort, no doubt. Dammit, he was just about to introduce himself to the woman like an almost gentleman. Now he had to deal with a brat.


How the hell do you expect us to know…? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I just got here, I don’t know about… Um… He turned to face the woman who initially greeted him. …What’s your name?



. . .


Uh…. Great. Usually I don’t act like this around pretty girls. What’s wrong with me? Quick- say something intelligent. Um…. No. …I’m an idiot.[/color] The new girl laughed and held her hand out.


My name is Chikako Tanimoto, of the Hidden Leaf. And you are?


…Of the Hidden WHAT?


. . .



Max landed gracefully on the ground, taking note of the turf underneath her feet. Huh. Nice. She began to walk around in pursuit of the voice she heard, not even noticing the girl she would've hit had said girl not moved. Hello? Where are you? I'm coming!

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"This doesn't really feel like the digital world... even if it does kind of look like it. There's bits and pieces of everything, which is the data thrown away by the human world that ends up here -- assuming here is the digital realm..."


Naomi gave a slight nod, pulling her hood closer to hide her head and face. The residents of this place sure fit the bill of monsters, standing on each side of the hall, advertising their strange wares. Though her digivice didn't seem to recognize any of them when she tried to scan them. It worked fine in the human world when digimon emerged. She chalked it up to the fact that there was probably no signal here for it to fetch creature information.


One thing she noticed about this region was that humans were completely absent -- not a uncommon thing, according to Biyomon -- but it was a little concerning how they seemed so openly hostile towards humans. Honestly, she was surprised that the little trick her digimon pulled actually worked. Biyomon's bravado had some use other than getting them into trouble after all. A simple "They're with me," followed by a show of puffed up chest and flared tailfeathers was enough to convince the pigs to back down for now.


A sudden scorching wind buffeted Naomi and she had to grab her hood to keep it from getting blown off.


"Hey, what's the big idea?" If Naomi didn't already have her face covered, she would have covered it with her hands. At the moment, she wanted to find a corner and pretend she had nothing to do with Biyomon, who was confronting some sort of black cat or fox digimon with a red mane. The bird clenched her fists and widened her stance. Some of the stalls were already vacating, either because of the heat that burned her face, or because of the threat of a fight. "You're the one who needs to cool down!"


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Dusky snarled. "Silence. These idiots needed to be taught lessons."


She glared at the cloakwd figure, dragging her claws across the dark red brick. Why were they here...? She couldn't get this feeling out of her head. Unworthy... flawed... wrong... She shook her head. Best not to think...


She growled, and scratched at the red brick again...







Bowser was angry. Meeting gone wrong, check. Aeris's agent watching? Check. Yes he had roasted the idiot, but given his luck.... Others being stupid? Check. It may have been hours since the meeting, but that was hours for Bowser to stew.


He paced, muttering to himself.


"Urm? Your Awesomeness, someone is at the gates...?" the Zombie Pigman guard said.


Bowser jerked, fully alert. "Who is it?


"A Shiny Umbreon."


"What?! Blacky already?! Kick him outta here!"


"As you wish, Your Majesty!" With that, the Pigman departed.


Bowser groaned. Could today get any worse? He didn't know today was going to get worse.




Blacky stood at the gate. Flareon and Houndoom did not look happy as they jiggled a bucket of lava each, while Mightyena was staring nervously at rhe lava.


Blacky still carried the blackmail package, but as they waited he turned to Mightyena. "Go deposit this somewhere in the castle. Either the meeting room or the royal chambers. When you finish, meet me in the banquet hall."


"Of course," Mightyena replied in a silky smooth tome. "Of course." Then he was off, leaping up and hanging onto the side of a building. Up the side, and on the roof, before disappearing from sight.


A few seconds later, multple Zombie Pigmen guards arrived. The lead guard scowled. "Buddy ya ain't welcome here. Leave or we make you."


Blacky yawned, making sure his teeth were visible. "Oh really? I'm sure Bowser wouldn't be too happy if I were to dig up that picture of a drunk him kissing--"


"Shut up!" The Pigmen looked at each other, but that was all the distraction needed for Houndoom, who had slipped past during the conversation, to kick over a trash bin, drawing the guards' attention.


"OI! Don't kick the waste disposal into the lava!" a Pigman yelled.


"Come over here and make me!" Houndoom barked back.


Blacky and Flareon slipped by during the shouting match, and into the castle.

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The bird Pokémon/human hybrid came flying down to the cry for help. It worked. But before the girl hit the ground, an even stranger creature appeared. Zoroark hid himself completely by illusion. When the girl landed she started searching for the one who shouted. I will reveal myself to you, only to you, if you promise you don't reveal my location to the creature over there., Zoroark told the girl by illusion, pointing an illusionary arrow at the creature that was lurking at them.


. . .


Murtaugh managed to get some information out of the people he came across. He seemed to be in "sector 15" on "Mul'tilennaya". The people said creatures were being spawned from other worlds by a certain professor, and that he was one of those "creatures". The rest was some stuff about a certain Darth Aeris and Dreamshade but it didn't sound all that plausible. At least it wouldn't to a normal person, but he was Murtaugh, who discovered an arm made of some mystic energy after losing an actual arm by falling off a waterfall, and used that arm to explore, and unintentionally upset and almost destroy, a seemingly impossible world. He kept the stories as possibilities, but the scientist in him wanted actual proof before he'd believe it. It did sound like that "professor" was the only way back to Elizabeth and Einstein though...


. . .


The dirt was just as black as ever when Jodis slayed a Shadow Giant for like the hundredth time now. How long wss it ago that she somehow went away from West Kruna? She didn't even remember. She walked further. *crunch**crunch**crunch* - *Fif-**teen**weeks* Right, and long enough to decipher the differences between the snow of the tundra - her home - and the black dirt of whatever this place may be.


Lately she had seen a strange small dragon-like creature walking around, but it seemed to be the only one of it's species, and as much as she loved the hunt, she also respected nature and the right of this seemingly not very dangerous dragonling to live, so she didn't fight it, but killed anything that tried to attack it before it got even remotely near the endangered species.

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Votralia grinned. No one has noticed her despite the swearing! Oh, the winged girl was a fool. Not paying attention to her surroundings.


She needed to learn that ignoring the area was a bad idea. There was another creature lurking that she took note of, and a black-and-red fox. None of these fazed Voltalia. She'd seen weirder. But she was on high alert for another reason. The strange pulsing energy. Definitely something to watch. Not literally watch, of course.


Well... she may as well take control of the situation as best as she can. Whrrr.... Her Bladed Knuckes activated, and she set them to max level. That would drain power faster, but it'd be worth it in case someone here was hostile. Besides, she had a portable generator, admittedly a very small recharging model and not a battle one.


Chk! As her energy blades hummed and she slashed, partially burnt leaves and vines dropped to rhe ground. Then she looked around, before stepping out and taking another look. Just in case someone was hostile. The Volt tensed her muscles in preparation to spring at the first creature to indicate hostility.

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Rey stood up, shooting a fierce glare towards the flappy girl who almost dove into her. Though she seemed to be disconnected from the world around her, which pissed her off even more. Did that girl see her at all!? How could she just keep walking? Rey gripped her saber, then forced herself to calm down. It's not worth it.


Something shiny caught her eye. She turned to face some sort of lupine creature that looked like it was the lovechild of some living creature and the Millennium Falcon. She then tried not to think about the old ship, it made her think of Han, which in turn reminded her of Master Luke. Both deaths hurt, and she needed a distraction. The death of her father -no, Master, Kylo Ren could've been lying to manipulate her- was too much to bear.


The lupine. She stared at it, then began to approach.





She let out one long whistle. "Snappy! How could I tell if you live here or not? I mean, I was hoping you do, obviously not." Xhirra crossed her arms, the blaster still in her hand. A wisp of steam came off her toe. Thanks for reminding me of your painful absence, jack***. She grimaced, then waited for a response from Princess or his friend-with-benefits.






"Actually, I've never seen one of those before. Nor have I been to the 'Sinnoh' region." Luke scratched the top of his head, beginning to feel awkward. Was she weirdly dumped here like him? Something fishy was going on, and he couldn't wrap his head around as to why..


"Pardon my manners. My name is Luke Skywalker."





"Hmm, sad." She said through another peach. Though from what he described, it might've been accidents every time...maybe? It did seem a bit fishy, the reoccurring deaths, but if this guy was cornered....


The startled shouts surprised her. "I TOLD you, the Demon of Peace is the thief! He will kill us all!" The elderly white from before rasped.


Phoenix stood up and cast a glance at Terri, who looked utterly flabbergasted. "Feeling salty now, bro?" She said before running after the Demon. She needed to see this guy for herself. Holding Sekaiju's staff in her middle left paw, she chased. "Hey, wait! I wanna talk!"

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Blue paused. There was someone following her, but it kept its distance. The black thing noticed her, but took no interest so she walked away from it, her instincts were telling her that it was dangerous. She chirped loudly, not really happy with the situation. She was wishing she was now back on her island or better yet, with her pack. She looked at the ground to feel vibrations before looking up at this huge creature coming at her. She snarled. Guess her chirping attracted this creature.


Blue knew what battles to pick and so, she turned and ran. This was one creature she was definitely not picking a fight with.




Totem looked around. Where was the human? Its eyes scanned the place. It looked like Monument Valley, but at the same time, it wasn't. It was following a human. The human would go up to it and pat it which made it...happy? It really didn't feel emotions, but when the human came up and did the patting thing, it made Totem happy. It also felt anguish. It only felt it one time and that was when the ceiling threatened to collapse on it and when the human eventually passed, Totem feel to pieces at the bottom of the sea. There it learned another emotion, one that it felt for a long time before the human found it.




Luckily, the human came back for Totem and it could help out once more. The Totem was happy to help once more. Totem started to move before it encountered some of those pesky crow creatures. It narrowed its eyes. It really didn't like these crow creatures. All they could do is caw, but the human it followed never said a word. It was weird for the Totem. The human looked sad, yet so full of..love?




Zoey wanted to stare at Luke like he was from another planet but resisted the urge to. How had he not heard of a Reuniclus, was it his first time seeing it? "Alright," Zoey said, trying to think. "If I had Sunburst still with me, he could have lit this place up." Too bad I left him with Juniper Zoey thought. She scratched her arm a bit nervous as she tried to decide what to do next. "So where are you from?" She finally asked. She really wanted to take her mind of the creepy vines that seemed like they were pulsing.




Would Be Shimmer huffed. Was she getting close to Sector 3? She should have asked the Pygmy what Sector 3 looked like. She figured she must have run through Sector 1 already. The landscape had changed to dragon bones everywhere to a lush green forest. Now the scenery changed to plains. Was she close? The shimmer was just a reminder of what she could have been, but wasn't. She was running fast, not knowing if she could really fly or not. She paused to take a breather. Running could be exhausting for her at times.




Dreamshade sat there. Wow. Rude humans are rude. So he sat there observing what they would do next. What he loved was the thrill of a chase. These people weren't running, not realizing the danger right in front of them. He flicked his dragon like tail before the dog came into view. Well that was an interesting pooch. He grinned. All the more fun to chase them.

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“I will reveal myself to you, only to you, if you promise you don't reveal my location to the creature over there.” Max furrowed her brows. Not wanting to question the logic of this place, or the possible danger (of course, she should’ve realized this when she went barreling through the air- maybe she should’ve made sure the area was safe first), she made a slow nod. In a low voice, she murmured, I won’t give you away. Of course, if it hadn’t been for your call, I wouldn’t have put my censorkip.gif into a possible threat, she thought, gritting her teeth a little. With the confusion of this place, she needed her survival instincts more than ever. If this setback cost her her life, she was going to be pretty damn annoyed.



. . .



Lara was in awe at the thing she saw next to the shore. Holy censorkip.gif, what is that?


"That," the man who revealed himself as Maksim stated, "is a boat." Lara wanted to roll her eyes. But she held back.


Well, yeah, I knew that much. But how exactly does it even float? This stuff is like FIRE.


"Ah, yes. So it is." Maksim tipped the boat over, and Lara realized it was- suspended in the air???


What the- How the censorkip.gif does that- What?? WHAT????? Maksim chuckled a little bit, loading some tanks onto the boat when it flipped back over. It continued to float. HOW THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN WORK????? Maksim hopped into the boat.


"Magic." Lara's face went blank.


. . .What.


. . .


I'm not quite dressed for the heat, am I? Han faced the brat again. If anything, I'm more dressed for flying around and smuggling, thank you very much. Han sighed and angled so he was facing them both. Anyway.... I'm Han Solo, captain of the Milennium Falcon.


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"Ugh, where am I?" Jude clenched his fingers in the sand that was everywhere. This loose ground... I'd better practice a bit.


It wasn't very hard when he got the hang of it, but there's always room for improvement, so he kept practicing until he'd eventually get tired, not noticing the two figures in the distance.


. . .


"I won't give you away"


Zoroark trusted the girl on her word, she had after all exposed herself to possible threats just because she heard his call for help. He removed the illusion for the girl, but a strange dog showed up that was now distracted by the other girl. Perfect time to hide myself from that dog as well, he thought.


He expected the girl to look at him immediately in a reflex though, so he made her invisible to the others as he revealed himself.


"I made you invisible for the others as well now, but I can only keep that up for 5 minutes. We'd better spend that time to run, as I don't know if I trust those others, they all seem fairly hostile. Perhaps you could carry me away? I feel like it's better to stay away from those plants; they look like that planty creature..."


. . .


Murtaugh's curiosity to the other sectors rose, but he wanted to work with a system, so he asked the way to the next sector in reversed numerical order, sector 14. In addition to bring told the way, the sector 15 inhabitants also gave him the tip that they were located in a spiral. This immediately came in handy as sector 14 and 13 didn't seem to like his presence. For sector 12 the people of sector 15 had given him a bag of "credits". He'd soon find out why...

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The January hissed and wheezed before leaping at him, claws extended and mouth gaping with harsh breath. It was dead before it hit the ground, a quick Minute Hand snapping its neck.


Dedan was getting more than irritated with how this was going. He glared at the corpse in front of him, grinding his teeth for a moment. It hadn't taken long for the Spectres to get out of hand, the infestation interrupting every little aspect of his Zone; it wasn't uncommon for him to get a few hundred papers every day that would state who died, when, and where. It wouldn't make a dent in the work force, as the population was in the millions, but it was harrowing and the damned creatures invaded the work space, halting production and causing a low moral in the general society.


Take these mines, for example. These shafts connected to Shachihata and the Offices basement, but someone had let the lamps burn out and now the Spectres patrolled the place, killing anyone who tried to do their job. This January in particular had probably killed at a few of his workers; the damn thing still had blood on it. Dedan would have spat on it if he was capable of such an action; death was too good for it.


Huffing and giving the corpse a swift kick, the Guardian continued forward, eyes peeled for more of the gruesome creatures. It took almost an hour for him to make his way through the tunnels, delivering swift death to any of the Spectres that he could find. Some of them were smarter than they appeared, and the tunnel would have to be continued to be blocked off to keep workers safe until he could do a thorough cleaning of the area. Once he neared the entrance to the Office basement Dedan left the mines, giving the lone Elsen that worked there a quick run down on how nobody was to be allowed in to the shafts, no matter what. The worker was more pitiful than usual, cowed by Dedan's intimidating presence and possibly terrified of the idea that he worked so close to a Spectre infested area. Dedan would have scoffed at him, scolded him on his cowardice, and give him a harsh reprimand, but he didn't need to deal with a Burnt on top of Spectres and he let it slide. He'll think about replacing this particular Elsen later.


Making his way up to his small office in the 10,000 story building, Dedan quickly gathered up any papers that had found their way onto his desk. Thank the Queen that these Elsen were competent enough to stack things neatly and keep the place clean; of course, the ones in Alma had more common sense and would have sorted it all in categories, but at least it was organized. Shachihata at least had more sense than the incompetent idiots in Pentel. Dedan was still pissed off that they had let some random stranger into the barns to do HIS job.


With papers and stamps in hand, Dedan took the train and passed through Alma, judging the fountains with a quick glance before making his way to his main office. The workers here were doing their best and it showed in how low the meat was; a flooding was not going to happen any time soon. Once in his office, the Guardian took his time going over the stack of papers. Most were on the numbers and how the storing was going, with a few death notifications here and there. Sometimes he got little letters, things with shaking hand writing that said 'thank you' or the like. Kind of his workers to send such things, but it was a waste of paper.


It wasn't that he didn't appreciate the gesture; every boss wants to have productive, and content, workers. But it may have meant more to him if he was actually in his original Zone. This was a mock copy, though it was quite close to the original.


Dedan remembered the Chief of Spectres, remembered that damnable censorkip.gif*** who had caused so much trouble and who started to assault his workers, interrupting the flow of his Zone. He had given the fool his warnings, told it to shove off and take the Spectres with it, but that had done nothing, so of course Dedan resorted to attacking it. The fight hadn't been pleasant, that idiot smiling the whole time with his workers blood splattered all of it, and Dedan didn't like to admit it, but he would have lost the fight in the end. That thing had been determined, he had to give it that much.


But instead of dying, the Guardian had woken up in his office, everything normal and quiet. At least, until Dedan looked out from the roof of Shachihata and realized that everything outside his Zone was not normal at all. His Zone was supposed to be enclosed by liquid plastic, not a weird assortments of things in the distance that he couldn't recognize or name. The Elsen here didn't seem to notice much, though with the sudden influx of strange visitors made them stressed out and he found that such visitors made even him uncomfortable. These...strangers were nothing like what Dedan knew, though his old friend Japhet might have known, the book worm that he was. He had quickly learned that they had nothing to do with Spectres and thus stopped his hostile behavior. He disliked them, yes, but since they had nothing to do with Spectres and were not interrupting his work force, he had nothing to argue about.


As for the fake Zone itself, it did a good job fooling him. If not for the visitors or outside world, he would have truly thought it was his own, not a mockery. The Elsen here were almost exactly the same, with a few odd quirks here and there he did not recognize. They seemed more pitiful that usual, that was for sure, but he didn't care as long as everyone was working and no one was Burning.


The only problem now, it seemed, was these 'representatives' that kept popping up. This 'Aeris' seemed to be the man in charge, though Dedan had never heard or seen anything about him before these diplomats. Most of them didn't have much to really say, besides things about 'pledging his allegiance to Aeris' or something on those lines. It didn't really matter, at least to Dedan, so he of course agreed, just to get rid of the bothersome creatures. That didn't stop them from appearing and soon enough he had to section off a building just to house them. They weren't saying anything interesting or very important, but if keeping them and this 'Aeris' happy was the way to keep his Zone and workers safe, then so be it.


Letting out a long sigh, Dedan leaned back in his chair, taking a breather from all the paper work. He had a window installed here a few weeks ago, just so that he could keep an eye out there in case some creature or other started to cause trouble in Alma. They shouldn't be in Alma, but that didn't seem to stop the flying ones and the Guardian had to yell at a few of them more than once already.


But it was calm right now. Which was exactly what Dedan wanted for his Zone, even if said Zone wasn't the original version.

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