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Chaos' Reign

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Chaos' Reign...

~As this is not exclusively a DC fan site, I have already run this by _Z_ to make sure it is okay~


We are a new Forum based Fan Site with a DC section (Discussion, Clicks & Views, Trading and Breeding and Wishlists!) But why is it called "Chaos' Reign"? The answer is simple! We've expanded beyond just DC adoptables, and hopefully to more in the future! It is a clash of various people bringing their critters from all over, and thus it is... Chaos!


We have a Games Section, a Shoutbox (found via the sidebar), Role Plays and more. smile.gif

Posts in the Games section do count towards cumulative post count!


As a note, I tried to make the site's theme somewhat dark and alien like (I thought it would be unique. cool.gif ), but if it poses to much of a problem for users, I'm open to changing it!


Guests may post in the Clicks & Views section.


All feedback is welcome and appreciated!






Myself, Sean175 (D.V. on Chaos' Reign) - PM

ViperSwan - PM


We'll be looking for more staff soon!




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