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Polar's Raffles!

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Flash Raffle!

Breed: Undine

Lineage: Tada!

Donor: Dusky_Flareon

End Time: 1:45 PM EST


Thanks to Dusky for donating!

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Winners Announcement!


The winner of the Undine flash raffle is... FAstudent12! Congratulations, I will send you the link soon! And again, thanks to Dusky for donating!

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Hey Polar, just wanted to give a shout out that I haven't forgotten about you! Between the new release, people catching up with the new release, the Holiday Kin Breeding Event and then Clya's Raffle, this holiday weekend coming to a close will help wind some of that down. I'll make sure we get you and PF4E's Raffles back up in the spotlight for donations and activity some time this week.


Thanks for being awesome like you always are. And if people are looking for places to donate things when you get a little more room upcoming this week or next, this is always a wonderful place to do so! (Or visit my Sig for Other Places to do this as well). And if nothing else, don't forget to check in often for a chance to win free fun and awesome stuff. Free, nothing required! How does it get any better than this? It doesn't!

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