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--------- Dreams ---------

Link to the OOC.


You stand before a large array of doors along with many others. Some doors are fancy, some are old, some are even broken. But the one thing they all have in common are the labels they bear. A scaly teal door with pulsing lines reads "Tourmaline", while another smooth silver door reads "The Silver Pool". As you walk down the seemingly endless hallway of doors, you read their labels. A few are seemingly nonsense, and a few are amazingly descriptive. The sound of footsteps draws your attention as you notice others like you wandering around the hall also. Suddenly, a flash of light reveals a slab of rock in the middle of the hall. Everyone scrambles over to read the slab, and a few arguments erupt from the tightly packed crowd.


You have never seen the language written on the slab, yet you are able to understand it easily. It says:


"Before you are a series of challenges. Some will be easy, and others difficult. You are to complete them all in order to proceed. Once you have completed the objective set forth in a particular level, a door will appear. Walk through the door to continue. If you manage to walk through the final door, you will be rewarded with immense power, enough to make your wildest dreams come true. However, if you die during one of the challenges... you will not be able to return. There are no time limits, and you may explore the particular setting of a challenge for however long you wish after you've completed it. However, you will not be permitted to revisit any previous challenges, nor will you be able to return to your homes once you have entered."


When you finish reading, the slab grows into a door. It is made out of sleek glass and opens automatically when you walk near it. Do you choose to enter?


--------- Info ---------


You are a challenger transported to a magical hall of doors. Your job is to complete all the challenges so that you may earn what you desire. Each character is required to have something they need that cannot be easily obtained. They are going through these trials in order to obtain that thing. You can be any character from anywhere as long as you meet that single requirement. I'm choosing not to use a standard character sheet and allow you guys to use your own character sheets. Please don't make unreasonably minimal character sheets, if you're going to bother making a sheet you might as well tell us something. However, I also don't expect a full page essay about their strengths and weaknesses. Having 4-5 sentences in their appearance and personality section is fine.


Every couple of posts, I will post an event that will progress the story further. I will also RP the various NPCs you will encounter. The rooms will be kind of quest like with an objective that needs to be fulfilled. It doesn't matter who completes the objective, as long as someone does. The characters also may get teleported to different rooms.


I'm limiting this to 5 people in total (if that many even want to join) cause I'm lazy and don't want to be overwhelmed.


oh and just in case you're wondering there's nothing behind or around the doors if they're in the middle of nowhere, they're like interdimensional portals xd.png

--------- Sheets ---------



Slot 1 - Thaelasan


Username: Thaelasan

Character Name: Emperor Lokus De Volus Ferellian

Gender: Male

Age: 273 (Appears to be in his late twenties)

Personality: The demon king of another world, Lokus is a brutal and tyrannical leader, giving no regards to life or the existences of others beyond those who serve him. His desires are above all others, unless his beloved succubus asks for something, then... he is a bit more lenient. He wishes to aid no one, unless aiding them shall further his own ends. He also demands obedience, and those who turn upon him may find him a very violent man.

Appearance: Clad in the black, silver armor crafted by his finest blacksmiths, Lokus is a regal and intimidating archdemon. Horns of black and red curve from his skull. Black hair falls down his shoulders, braided in some areas. A crown of black and gold fits perfectly and tightly over his horns, signifying his status. A cloak of purple casts down his backside, flowing as he moves. A greatsword, forged of some ancient, unknown material lies sheathed on his back next to one similar to it. His face is shaven save a small bit of hair on his chin. Wings span from his backside, black and mighty. A tail follows suit, tufted with a small bit of fur. He stands at 7'4". His eyes are purple.

History: His people were once a coalition of rabble and pagans against a god they feared and adored. Yet this god was no god, but a man who had attained power beyond imagining and used it to become an idol, a greedy monument to the avarice of man, who demanded their objects of wealth and enslaved them to his own desires.

Lokus, furious at this "self-imposed" god and finally realizing his true nature, amassed an army and stormed his cathedral, decapitating the god in a brutal coup and taking his power for his own. He erected an empire on the remains of that god's broken temple, as a testament to future lords.

"There is no god but the gods we know in the heavens." Lokus said to his people, holding his hands out to the sky. "And we will not work for a man who demands our sweat and blood, but for they who watch us from above. Serve me well, men and women of the under planes. Serve me, and I will give you all you desire."

True to his word, the nature of the kingdom changed entirely. Within the span of a century, the world went from a black pit of pain and suffering to an empire worthy of a king to lead it. During this time, Lokus was approached by a succubus, one of his own generals who had helped him usurp the king. He had been enamored by her, and to take her as his queen was only fitting.

Desires: Meaning to his existence. Years have passed, yet it feels as though he no longer has purpose, has something to seek. His life as a king feels meaningless.


Username: Thaelasan

Character Name: Empress Syllana Ferrellian

Gender: Female

Age: 239 (Appears to be in her early-late twenties)

Personality: Devious and sly, Syllana was quick to gain power during the rise of Lokus, knowing that his strength and strategic mind would gain her favor. Her life has an empress has not changed her much, as she is still the quiet-speaking, enticing maiden she was before she married her husband.

However, her facade masks a hot-blooded warrior, worthy of the title of general. She despises the weak and the unfit, those too frightened to battle for what they truly want.

Appearance: She wears a suit of armor to compliment the armor her husband wears, yet without metal over her arms and legs. Instead, she wears leather straps, and a dress over her bottom half to hide the armor behind it. Her horns are less pronounced, slender and elegant. Her wings are curved, and noble. Her tail is a bit shorter than Lokus'. She is only 6'9", as she is not an archdemon as Lokus is.

History: Lokus' call to action was not unheard. Alongside many others who shared his sentiments, he built a great army. But that army needed leaders, those who would answer him without question, without mercy.

Enter the legendary Syllana, a succubus notorious for winning the hearts of many and gaining political power through her wiles. But, for once, she had laid down her red dress and seductive aura for a blade and a mind to fight. Confused, the men gave her weird glances, but Lokus saw within her promise, and immediately promoted her to one of his generals.

No one really knew why he trusted her so much, when so many had been corrupted by her before. Some suggested she had already used her abilities on him, making him her own. But Lokus did not seem controlled, and many doubted he could even be swayed so easily.

Upon his victory, she returned some years later without being halted by his guards, finding him within his new castle, and proposed herself to him as a possible candidate to be his queen.

Whether she truly possesses his heart or not remains a mystery.

Desires: Her husband's desires align with her own, yet whatever she TRULY wants is an enigma. For now, she seems content to follow him around, even into this land that seems cursed by some strange, magical force.


Slot 2 - Raptor of Dragons


Username: Raptor of Dragons

Name: Dreamshade

Gender: Prefers Male

Age: Real Age is Unknown (looks to be about 16)

Appearance: Dreamshade takes the form of a big cat. What he really looks like, no one really knows as he is constantly changing forms. The forms he really likes is the cat form, dragon form, and shark form.

Personality: Dreamshade is cunning and smart. He prefers to play dangerously when it comes to deals and decision. He loves to find loopholes in deals and often enough if he can't find a loophole, he kills the person.

History: Lore rumors around Dreamshade that was originally a plant and the last of his kind. Rumors had it that the rest of his kind died out by a huge fire. Dreamshade has a type of deadly poison that can kill anyone within a half an hour if they touch even the smallest drop of his poison. Rumors have spread that Dreamshade grew close to a human once and took pity on the human when the human was killed in a fit of jealous rage. Once Dreamshade could move, it is rumored he killed everyone in the village the human came from. After that, he dropped off the radar for a really long time before resurfacing and continuing his wild habits.

Desire: His wish is simple. He wants more of his fellow plants to live. He has no other option to get them back


Name: The Would Be Dragon aka Batty

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Appearance: Batty is a bat dragon and he is a medium sized dragon and his scales are a mixture between fur and actual scales. His snout is batlike and he has small bat ears from the side of his head. He has a short stubby dragon tail.

History: Batty used to be a bat back in the days were dragons were everywhere and plentiful. Batty tasted a drop of dragon blood and grew hooked. As time went by, he figured out that dragon fights was the best place to get dragon's blood. With each sip, he started to grow until he got bold. He started sucking the yolk of unwatched dragon eggs, progressing into the creature he is. News of Batty spread and dragons started to get weary of him. One day after outright attacking and injuring a dragon, the dragons got togethwr with wizards to trap and put a holding spell on him to trap him before getting rid of him. Batty couldn't resist the challenge of facing a dragon so he went to the place where he was trapped. Somehow the spell backfires as multiple wizards tried to hold Batty, but it froze his genetic genes to grow. He was literally frozen in that form, half-bat half-dragon. After he escaped the trap, he became sneaky and survived decade upon decade, watching the dragons and wizards dying as man came. The only magic that was spared was him. The spell from multiple wizards was so powerful, it lasted.

Personality: Batty is curious about the world around him and would love to speak English properly. When he gets angry, he will attack anyone near him.

Wish: He wants to go back in time and reverse the spell that keeps him frozen, he's tired of living forever.


Slot 3 - Dusky_Flareon


Username: Dusky_Flareon

Character Name: Eternal Slumber

Species: Soulpeace Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: 57 (Young adult)

Personality: Eternally frightened, both of his magical power and of others. He mostly runs on survival instinct... including lashing out when cornered. Would much rather flee than interact. Will not consciously use his magic. Lonely and scared to show emotion. He also is more willing to eat meat than the average Soulpeace. Does not trust others.

Appearance: A male Soulpeace who is much paler than normal, to the point of his blue barely being blue and his gold feathers washed out into dirty white feathers which are ragged. Overall, he is small and scrawny, bones jutting out. 3/4 the size of a normal Soulpeace (8 ft tall at shoulder instead of 12 ft). Has scars on body, wings, head, neck, and legs from draconic claws and human weapons. Also has a particularly large one on his neck created by a chain.

History: As a hatchling, he lived a normal life until his magic began to show itself. One day, he accidentally Expunged a Silver dragon. His owner whipped him to "cure" him of dark magic, but it happened again. His owner then chained him to a rock. He struggled to escape, but all he managed to do was badly injure his neck, leaving a large scar. A human found him and took him to his dragon tribe. Another accident with his magic resulted in the death of a Gray and his being attacked by the other dragons of the tribe. His new owner then abandoned him, telling others about the Soulpeace with black magic. As a result, he was attacked and shunned everywhere he went, causing him to hide in the shadows and fear the light and life his breed was usually associated with. It also resulted in his taking to scavenging what he could find for food.

Desires: To not be seen as a monster and to be able to live a life not trapped in pain and torment, and to be loved. Also, to have magic normal for a Soulpeace.

Other: His Expunge is unusually powerful (can expunge living magical humans/dragons), but he is too scared to use it unless he was cornered and his magic acted to defend himself - in other words, when he can no longer run or fly away. Actually, he is too scared to use magic in general. He is physically weak due to long years of abuse and near starvation. He fights mainly with claws, teeth, and tail (weakened). (Based off actual dragon on my scroll with approved description.) Expunge cool down: 15 of my posts from when he uses it before it can he used again.


Slot 4 - Sugar-Free


Username: Sugar-Free

Character Name: Laloch (LAY-lock)

Gender: Female

Race: Manakete (Dragon; Divine/Earth)

Age: 27

Appearance: Laloch stands at around the height of 5’2”. Her skin is pale with a bit of yellow cast to it. Her hair is a dark olive green, and is braided in two tight tails that hang in front of her shoulders, just down to the start of her breast. She has a small frame, and her eyes are maroon, with black scleras. Her draconic wings have a span of approx. 16ft, and have green-brown feathers adorning olive-green scales.


Dragon Form: This form is taken when Laloch uses her Dragonstone. It is twice her size (10'4") and considerably more powerful. It combines the Western dragon body shape of the Divine Dragon with the plated body and alligator-like head, and combines the wings for a muscular, yet still regal appearance. Her scales retain their olive coloration, and take on a bluish iridescence, common in the feathers of some Divines.


Her outfit is a tight-fitting, thick-cuffed tunic made of dark maroon velvet. There are two false-backs for each wing. The collar laces with a leather tie. Her pants are of similar, darker maroon leather, and are tucked into brown leather boots reaching up below her knee. She wears a cowl around her neck made of heavy black-brown fur.


History: Laloch is a descendant of two races of dragon: a Divine mother, and Earth father. Soon after her birth, she was cast from the Ingress, the bridge between Medris (the dwelling place of the Divine dragons) and Carrefel (land of the humans and sleeping Earth Dragons.)


Her birth was an infraction upon the unwritten edict—that no Divine body would sully with the Earth dragons, as it was them who helped the humans drive the Divine Dragons to Medris after being falsely accused of hoarding the continent’s life force. It had, indeed, been a foolish choice, because the balance between the two had been upset, and without the suppression of their nature by the Divines, the Earth Dragons eventually became feral, twisting their forms into Dark Dragons.


Laloch was left to die at the altar before the Ingress, where she was found by a kindly Wind Mage, named Mahmet, who took her in. She was surprised when the tiny dragonet grew into a humanoid child later into the night, and she decided, regardless of her dual nature, she would raise her as her own.


Mahmet had dwelled in the valley of Laloch’s ancestors, and had not only taken on her own name from their history plaques, but had decided to impart the name of one of their hero-Dragons onto her: meaning “the sun through a summer oak leaf”. Together they lived, nestled in a vine-stridden vale in a cold brick home. That was, until, the Inquisition occurred.


Stories were being strewn around Tiergris, the cosmopolitan capitol of the country of Anapelle, of a dark dragon who was born of the hatred of the departed dragons. Bards sung of a hero, wielding an ethereal halberd, who would ride bravely into the tangled and poisonous forest of the beast, and slay it, bringing eternal peace to the continent.


Before long, when Laloch turned 23, the tavern-lackeys and barkeeps would whisper of a boy with dark blue hair, raised in the mud of sties and fed upon the milk of goats, who would take up the mantle of “Hero” and finally find the halberd “Cuchulain”, buried deep within ancient texts and folklore, seen only in tapestries of the glory of the Old. Mahmet knew that they would search for her daughter.


Laloch took it upon herself to protect Mahmet, working through traps day and night, scouting under the cover of darkness to make maps, find how to exploit their weaknesses. She had told the mage to go, to hide, that she was more than capable of handling herself against a no-nothing, corn-fed ingrate. She had her dragonstone, capable of turning her into her hybrid form, and her leathery wings that never failed her. But she did not listen. She would not leave this little girl she’d been gifted with so long ago.


They eventually came: a tall man, wielding not a halberd at this point, but a silver sword, mounted on a dust-colored steed, clad in a makeshift set of armor. Though he did not look the part, the bravery and assuredness in his heart made him a lord, and his band of fighters, myrmidons, mages, archers, all men and women of all talents from many stretches of life, followed him without pause. But they were all misguided. On that day, Mahmet had instructed her to go into nearby Usser to pick up groceries. She would be too late coming back.


They tore through her nets, leapt over her pits, dodged her acid darts and slaughtered an entire flock of wyverns. They were unassuming, but they were hardened, as if they had fought a thousand battles together. They came, and Mahmet struck out, summoning her most powerful wind magic.


She was felled by two arrows from a sniper. His poison arrows met her heart together, and the poison ended her moments later.


On that day, as her home lay in ruins and her adopted-mother slain, she swore to find them—not just the misguided human knight who thought he’d done some good, but the mother and father that had cursed her world with her existence.


Desire: To find closure--to find answers.


Other: Laloch’s Dragonstone has 50 uses before she must generate a new one at the Ingress Altar. She uses it to turn into her Dragon Form. Once Used, it can be used to do one major action; sustain for (one) Use Point per post; if sustain is broken, she reverts to Human Form; and has no cooldown. [she will not use her stone without reason, as she does not know when she is next able to generate a stone.]


Slot 5 - Felixr2


Name: Mygon Agh'Nahgal

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: About 1.7 metres tall, muscle size slightly under average. Short blond hair and eyes as blue as the ocean. A bit ripped clothes made of brown rags, but leather shoes. Carrying a bow that he got from his parents at his thirteenth, he looks like a skilled hunter.

History: He was 3 years old when he befriended a wolf. Not wanting to frighten his parents, he kept it a secret. Mygon sneaked into the forest once a week and started to call the wolf Agh'Nahgal, he hadn't really learned any language yet and this was the word he decided meant something in between "father", "brother' and "friend". Later this name became only the wolf's name, the wolf was Agh'Nahgal, nobody else could be described like that. Not after so much time.

At his 6th year he made himself a dagger from some wood branches and a sharp rock, so he could fend off threats himself, rather than relying on the wolf whenever he's in the forest. For the shape of the rock he looked at the wolf's teeth and claws, as he noticed those were efficient weapons.

When he was 13 his parents found out he was going to the forest once a week to see a wolf again. They knew it was too late to keep him away from there, but they didn't think a dagger along with help from a wolf would be enough, so they gave him a bow to protect himself and taught him how to use it.

At his 15th birthday he went to the forest again. He got chased by a dragon. This adolescent wyvern had already devoured his dear wolf before noticing Mygon. To commemorate the wolf he decided to bear it's name along with his own name. While running from the dragon he lost his dagger and eventually got trapped in the web of a giant spider, a web that contained neurotoxins that made him faint. Just before he blacked out he was sure he was gonna die, either being eaten by the dragon or the spider. He just wanted that... he could've saved Agh'Nahgal.

Personality: He is a brave hunter that will never leave an innocent person up to his fate, he will always help endangered others, or if they're enemies he'll kill them quickly to spare them from the suffer. Because he's been isolating himself so much it's hard for him to trust someone, and even harder to start caring about someone. He is able to use magic to create burning, freezing, grappling, electrocuting, flashing and exploding arrows.

Skills: He does pretty well at sharpshooting, but in the forest he also learned the know-how for selecting non-poisonous foods.

Desire: He desperately wants Agh'Nahgal to live again.

Other: Due to lack of melee weapons he is bad at close-combat fighting, he lost his dagger while running from an adolescent dragon trying to eat him. He can use his arrows melee, but this isn't very effective. Mygon has a fierce hatred against dragons, as his first, and yet only, encounter with one lost him his only friend, the only one he trusted.


Slot 6 - Ruins


Username: Ruins

Name: Damien Hurnst

Age: 17

Species: Human... ish.

Appearance: Damien is 5 foot 7 inches, unhealthily skinny with some muscle; his face is thin and pinched, and there's bags under his eyes. He has shaggy, knotted red hair that desperately needs a cut, light brown skin, and emerald green eyes that dance with an almost feverish light. He is wearing a crudely-made brown shirt, rope belt, and dark grey trousers - both made of some rough, scratchy material. His feet are clad in leather shoes that leak, held together with strips of cloth. Damien keeps the weather off himself a sort of mantle seemed to have made from old sacks held together with twine. His right hand is wrapped in filthy, frayed bandages. He always carries an old, rusty scythe, the blade which he's sharpened at both sides.


Hidden under Damien's sleeve and bandages is his infected right arm. The skin on his arm, hand, and much of his chest has turned brown and gnarled, almost like wood; dark veins spread from the infected areas, fanning across his torso and up the side of his face to the corner of his right eye. The infection is obviously very painful, the skin bordering it red and raw. Inside him, it has spread to his lungs and constricts his ribcage. Damien loses his breath easily and often has coughing fits that can lead to him coughing blood.

Personality: Damien is twitchy, paranoid, and doesn't trust easily. He thinks that everyone secretly wants to hurt or use him in some way. His emotions are volatile, easily running from sadness to rage and back to sadness again; happiness and hope are rare emotions for him. Damien is very determined and tenacious nonetheless, never giving up on something once he's started it.


But he has a soft spot for people as scared and down on their luck as he is, showing his kind and gentle side to them. Damien will do anything for anyone who manages to win his trust and makes for a very loyal - if unpredictable - friend.

History: Damien was once a friendly, happy-go-lucky young man living on a farm with his parents and three siblings. He was relaxed and cheerful in personality, always ready to lead a helping hand, and had lots of friends. Although it's hard to believe to look at him now, Damien once had a bright future ahead of him. He was a good student who did well in his local school, especially in the study of magic; he excelled in herbomancy, the magical control of plants and plant-life. It was Damien's dream to become a full-trained herbomancer when he grew up and use his magic to help his parents on their farm. But that dream was never to be.


When Damien was out in the woods one day collecting plants to study, he was attacked by a creature or monster whose lair he had disturbed - what it was, nobody ever quite worked out - which bit him on the upper arm and injected some sort of venom into his flesh. This venom seemed to react with Damien's natural magical energies, turning the flesh around the bite wound into something like wood.


And the more Damien used his magic, the quicker it spread.


Damien's parents were driven to despair by their son's predicament, helpless to cure or even slow the rate of the infection. They tried in vain to soothe his pain and fear as it spread, spending themselves into debt on medicines and potions that did nothing to help their boy.


And, whether it was the fear and pain of it taking their toll or some side-effect of the venom, as the infection spread Damien seemed to lose his sanity. He became emotionally volatile, weeping one minute and lashing viciously out the next. He hid from people whenever he could, only emerging from his room to steal food from the kitchen; they could hear him weeping and muttering to himself all day and night.


Then one day they woke up to find his room silent and empty. Damien had taken a bag and everything he could fit in it, leaving a note that said: Gone to find a cure. Back when I'm better. If not ever back, then dead. I'm sorry. Goodbye.


That was two years ago and Damien has been looking ceaselessly ever since.

Skills: Control of plants: Damien can make plants grow and control their movements; make seeds sprout into full plants in a matter of seconds; and control wood, even dead wood. He always has packets of plant seeds in his pockets.

Woodcraft: Can easily tell edible from inedible plants.

Cooking: Is very good at cooking, when he manages/bothers to clean himself up.

Weaknesses: Not much stamina; physically weak; sometimes 'zones out' due to pain; panics easily; doesn't trust others.

Desire: A cure for his otherwise incurable infection and to be normal again.

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--------- What's Happening ---------


Here you can find a short paragraph summary of recent events, the latest post from Silver, and various details about your environment. You'll also find recent news right below this short explanation.


School. Bleh. We're waiting for people to post so we can progress.




--------- Summary ---------

This will only be updated once everyone has moved on to the next challenge.


Somehow, you're in this hall of doors. It doesn't matter how you got here, but it seemed to happen when you were thinking about your deepest desire. Eerily, this arrangement of doors promises a way to obtain what you wish for, almost as if it can sense your desire. Perhaps it can, perhaps it can't. It doesn't matter. What does matter is whether or not you choose to enter. In case you're a bit too intimidated, a teleport panel appears on the ground. It offers an easy way to escape and forget all this ever happened. A large crowd has already begun to gather around the exit panel. Some of the crowd has attempted to open the varied assortment of doors, only to find it as futile as trying to open solid rock.


--------- Environment ---------

This will only be updated once everyone has moved on to the next challenge.


Challenge Number: None yet


Appearance: A hall of doors. The doors are incredibly varied, but the floors and walls are all uniformly pure white. There doesn't appear to be a ceiling or an end to the hall, instead the hall seems to stretch infinitely upwards and sideways. In the presumed middle is a wider section of hall without doors. This is where the slab and glass door are.


Temperature: Seems to automatically adjust to the perfect ambient temperature around you, regardless of your species or powers. Everyone will feel comfortable.


Wildlife: None yet


Sentient Lifeforms: There's quite a large and varied crowd here. They're all a variety of different species and there's the loud chatter of foreign languages surrounding you.


NPCs: The whole crowd.

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You may now begin to post. I'll pop in with a post every so often, but right now I'll leave it in your hands!

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I have to do this.


Mygon saw a lot of creatures, many of which he had never seen before, leave the room they all had somehow entered, giving up on their dreams. But he wouldn't do that, Agh'Nahgal deserved to live. This was the only way to get him back. He looked around him, nobobdy seemed to be moving to the door. He felt at his back, his bow was there, and his quiver filled with arrows. He took the bow and an arrow and readied to fire. He focused, and saw the magic doing it's work shifting through his arsenal; first a flaming tip, then a tip shrouded in an icy wind, followed by the sense of electricity flowing through the arrow as he held it, next an ethereal rope running from the base of the arrow to the wood of the bow, fifth a very subtle glow and at last the smell of gas coming from the tip. He put the bow and arrow back. He was ready.

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Eternal Slumber looked around. What was this place? Why was he here? There were so many creatures here... too many...!


Thee was sone sort of panel surrounded by creatures. There was chatter in strange lsnguages that scared him. Roo many creatures... and then the pale dragon noticed something.


He wasn't cold... what did this nean? He twitched slightly, frightened. On Valkemarw, he'd akways been cold. This was a far cry from Valkemare, but yet he thought he could see some creatures staring at him. Disapproving, angrily, hatefully. Pain shot up his oeg wwhen he dared put it on the ground.


The Soulpeace skittered away from the crowd before breaking into the run his insticints screamed at him to do. He was panting before long, and had slowed down rather quickly. He looked back. Creatures still watched him! The pale Soulpeace turned and hobbled tiwards a door to hide behind it. His leg hurt...


His leg bad been broken by a Magi. He'd managed to escape that sticky situation, but only barely. The Magi had been cjoking him when his magic boiled up... Slumber shivered, recalling the incident of 7 sunrises ago.


The door he hid behind was made of something that looked like the blue scales of a Sapphire Dragon. But why did it look like that? There was writing on the door, but he didn't dare to try reading it. If the creatures spotted him, thry'd attack, right? Like everything else would - if not straight off, then once they knew who he was. Beside, his leg hurt too much to consider trying to run again. For now. If they attacked, he'd have to run for his life.

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The last pyre lit in a rush of flame. At last, the final preparation had been made. Quelling the pitch-lit staff in a stray puddle of rainwater, she walked to the gaping maw of the long-past guardian.


It had been long fortold...the magical properties of the Aeshirlaloch, the resting place of her namesake, the Rippling Leaf of the Old Pantheon: Laloch the Earth Dragon. Though his body had been lent to the earth from whence he'd spawned during Exordium, his soul had never truly ascended, as was his will--his eternal spirit kept the Aeshirlaloch brimming in anima and flora, and to this moment, it was left unsullied. Keeping with his intent, she buried the spent staff, dusting her hands.


Inside his mouth, the subtle glow of magic emanated. It was time.


She immersed herself in the eldritch light, taking one final look out toward the vale: the bone-rocks, supporting vines and moss, long ago losing their fury; the evening sun streaming through the leaves of oaks and maples, setting them afire in emerald; the flicker of fireflies and the clamor cicadas and crickets.


She clutched at her dragonstone as she floated away into particles. Slowly, she lost all sense of feeling. It was peaceful...



She awoke as she reformed at once. The hushed sound of voices echoed dully off of walls in the open room. Keeping her wings tight, she walked around the crowd, taking notice of the huge slab before a glass door. Not too far from it, a young human stood, nocking an arrow. She watched curiously as the arrow tip cycled, from fire to ice and--


Her wings prickled in horror. The tip sparkled and cracked with an electrical energy.


Thunder Magic. The boy was a Sagebolt.

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((Double-posting for the sake of getting this thread up there!))


Laloch carefully approached the boy, a look of scorn on her face.


"You there! Boy! Why do you brandish such a weapon in a hall of innocents?" Her immediate reaction may have been of fear, but no human would suppress her will again. She would not await his attention. She would not be taken unawares this time.

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Mygon heard a shout behind him. Accusing him of using his bow.


"I was just testing if my magic worked in this place, before passing through that door to return my best friend from the dead. Anything wrong with that?"


He felt somewhat insulted by the accusation, but he wasn't angry. He didn't attempt to grab his bow, because it didn't seem like this person, although he did have wings, was capable of doing him a lot of harm; other than slamming him with the stone she was holding.


(at this rate this might almost become a 1x1, but then again silverphoenixx will post at some point, like, when we enter the first room I guess)

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Laloch took issue with the boy's tone. Humans. They always take offense.


Amused by his answer, she scoffed and pushed past him to the slab. He needed to know his boundaries, anyway. Looking upon the inscribed slab, she read:


"Before you are a series of challenges. Some will be easy, and others difficult. You are to complete them all in order to proceed. Once you have completed the objective set forth in a particular level, a door will appear. Walk through the door to continue. If you manage to walk through the final door, you will be rewarded with immense power, enough to make your wildest dreams come true. However, if you die during one of the challenges... you will not be able to return. There are no time limits, and you may explore the particular setting of a challenge for however long you wish after you've completed it. However, you will not be permitted to revisit any previous challenges, nor will you be able to return to your homes once you have entered."


Excellent. She had indeed arrived. She was unconcerned by that which was described; Manaketes were hardy and aged well beyond their years. Her answer would be known before long.


She took a look back at the bitty scrub, noticing his eyes upon her hand. She reclipped the metal-wrapped stone to her silver necklace and smiled.


"So you have one who has passed on...and you would suffer them back to life at the probable cost of your own?" She shook her head, whispering a muted slur.


Disinterested, she glanced back down the hall. A white blur of motion bounded behind a door, awakening her curiosity.


"Seems all sorts of rats dwell here..."


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This woman started to get him a little bit angry.


"I'm sorry, but until that wyvern attacked us, our lives were perfect. He died bare minutes ago, and I would've been dead too if it wasn't for being summoned to this place. Yes, it can sometimes be dangerous in the forest, but it was fun. Also, in case you happen to not know, there is nothing like an "afterlife". It seems like you're assuming there is, but if there would be, I would've been able to accept Agh'nahgal's death. He deserves a place like heaven, if it'd exist. But it doesn't."


He stumbled his way through the crowd and entered the door.

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Dreamshade prowled the hall. He didn't know where he was. Where was he? He swooshed his plant like tail. This was interesting. Last of his kind and he managed to teleport? That was interesting. There seemed to be a lot of other creatures here as well. He yawned before prowling over to a commotion. What was all the fuss about?

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The last thing Damien knew was curling up under a jutting rock to sleep, sheltered from the rain and wind, and wishing with all his heart that the pain in his chest would stop. Then he woke up and he was standing here, in a place so gleaming white he could only just bear to look at it. There were people in this strange place and he found himself shrinking from them, raising his scythe in readiness to defend himself. Was he dead? Was this the afterlife? Had he just died and gone to heaven?


Damien shook his head. No, if it was heaven then he wouldn't be hurting. This was magic if he ever saw it; someone had taken him from his hiding place for some reason unknown to him, but he guessed it wasn't good.


He watched the man with the bow and the woman with the wings argue with a detached expression, not really caring for their squabble unless they decided to take their anger out on him. People had, in the past, though they'd paid the price; his dishevelled appearance apparently spelt 'easy victim' to them. The creature that had darted behind the door had piqued his interest, but not enough to move and risk attracting the arguing strangers' attention.


A motion from further down the corridor, spotted out of the corner of his eye, caught his attention, causing Damien to whirl around. "...Kitty?" he guessed, frowning. What an unnaturally large cat. He'd never quite seen anything like it, and he'd seen a lot.

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((Short post just to get Eternal out of the door, which he wasn't supposed to be in, but I forgot to mention that.))


The door, once opened by Eternal, absorbed him into unending darkness. However, before it could materialize any surroundings, it forced Eternal out. The process of being forced out wasn't exactly pleasant, discouraging one from trying to enter it again. Sealing shut with magical force, the door was now impossible to open, try as one might. The others were the same, as evidenced by a few stray crowd members attempting to pull them open. The magical force which had sealed the doors gave off a distinct aura of annoyance and disappointment, mainly directed at Eternal. Evidently, one was not supposed to open the other doors.

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The Soulpeace screamed in fear and and pain before turning to flee, feeling exposed. He now darted around the edges of the crowd. Where was something he could hide behind? The weapons and the crowd were scaring him. Someone grabbed at someone else... who was in the pale dragon's direction. In his panicked state, he thought they were trying to grab - and kill - him. He roared in fear before skittering away, wary eyes searching for somewhere to hide.

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"Argh! A monster!"


Damien jumped back in shock with a wail as the whatever-it-was behind the door was suddenly spat out of it like an unwanted morsel. He raise his scythe high, ready to strike if the creature showed any signs of attacking him. But despite his fear, part of Damien noticed that it looked more terrified than dangerous. In fact, it looked far more scared of them than any of them was of it.


Still, he wasn't going to let down his guard and approach the creature until he was completely sure it was safe. It was clearly not human and he'd learnt his lesson about monsters the hard way. A pang of pain ran down his arm at the mere memory of it.


((Added coloured text.))

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Laloch looked as the human-boy stumbled to and into the door. Her lips twitched into a frown.


"Oh, believe me," she said under her breath, "there is a 'Heaven'...only, it's full of hypocrites and liars."

Beyond, the white-tail passed and scraped at the floor. Its claws ripped and clicked as it flitted about in...fear? She listened, walking toward the commotion. Her attention was directed at a haggard man, dressed in beggar's rags and clutching at a rusty scythe. He looked as though he was stricken with a pox, and she became hesitant to approach him. Searching his face for any signs of threat, she realized she found none.


Her eyes fell. Something panged within her, something beating against her mind. It was terrible when she found what it was.


It was empathy.


She forced herself forward, feeling her muscles become indignant. Laloch looked upon his sunken eyes and said unto him: "What have you weathered, traveler, to find you in such a state?"

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"What have you weathered, traveler, to find you in such a state?"


Damien realised with a start that the words were directed at him. He looked at the one who spoke with some alarm, opening and shutting his mouth as he tried to work out how to respond; his lips trembled and his brow furrowed in thought. What did this winged woman want from him?


People had approached him in the past, during his search for a cure, but most came out of anger and to tell him to leave. Others wanted to rob him of what little he had, or use him for their cruel sports and mockery. But the worst was the ones who pitied him and wanted to help the poor, pathetic beggar man they saw shivering by the roadside. The ones who reminded him of how far he had fallen. Oh, he wasn't so proud as to throw any aid back in the faces of the few he managed to trust, but it still stung.


He swallowed, his mouth dry, and finally found the words to speak - though his voice was still quiet. "I was searching for a cure for my sickness. I have travelled for two years and found nothing." he muttered, his grip tight against his scythe to stop his hands from trembling. Damien hated telling his story, but it was better than being run out of town as a leper. "I was bitten by a monster in the forest and the venom... It spreads. Nothing can stop it."

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((Damien did yell at ES but someone else got his full attention before they could interact.))

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Eternal Slumber heard the shout of "It's a monster!" too clearly. The humans would follow soon after, wouldn't they? He had to run. Run.


Where was a hiding spot? Where was safety? He didn't know, and he didn't dare cry out.


The crowd seemed to press inwards all around. He let out a loud telepathic scream.


"No, no, go away! You just want to hurt me!" The pale dragon turned to flee, but the crowd didn't seem to be dyong down. His coaws clicked on the floor as he attempted to flee the throng of creatures.

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Laloch had never heard of such a thing. Indeed, his magical inclination reacted with her senses, so she had no reason to disbelieve him...but would the Anima truly seize hold of a person in such a violent way? She thought back to the bounty of the Aeshirlaloch.


No. There must be some evil otherwise...


"Were I of...a purer lineage, perhaps I could heal you of your affliction..." she began, mostly to herself, "but, I cannot ease your strain. Not like I am...like this..."

She wondered why it even mattered. She had no connections to this pitiful human. Most likely, his story was a cover for his past arrogance, such was the way of Dark magic--the deeper one's knowledge, the more empty and fractured the practitioner became. Perhaps there was a way to abuse the natural elements in such a way that'd they'd maim the user like this. But still...


Discomforted by these sensations, she angled her head to where the white one had fled, and spoke to him as she did so: "Perhaps you'll find relief with that Divine skittering about over there?"


Not waiting for a reply, she made for the door. But before she did, she asked, "If you would, could you impart your name to me?"

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Dreamshade perked his his ears as someone called 'Kitty?' Dream tilted his head before the creatures/people ran off. He followed them. He was curious. He giggled. Curiosity killed the cat, well, not this cat. He paused when he saw a dragon of all things running off

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Damien looked around the 'Divine' that the woman had mentioned, his eyes coming to rest on the panicky lizard-thing as it continued to skitter around in its haphazard way. It was shouting about them wanting to hurt it now, telling them to go away. It almost sounded like him - he had said those words, or variations on them, many times before. Although he had deep doubts that anything like that could be described as Divine, he felt a stab of sympathy for the creature. It was alone and scared. He knew all to well what that felt like.


Even if it was a monster, the very reason that he was alone and scared in the first place.


He turned back to the woman as she asked for his name. Damien had heard her say something about 'pure lineage' but didn't think much of it. Aristocrats were always a bit funny like that. Except... He frowned as a memory came back to him, a memory of a man with horns and scales who could call down a thunderstorm at will. A man who sometimes wore wings on his back...


"Damien Hurnst." he said, biting his bottom lip. "Excuse me, but... Are you a dragon? Is... that a dragon? I've never heard of a Divine dragon before..."


((The man is another OC of mine, who's not in this RP.))

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