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Confused Cat

The "ALMOST Cool Code" Dragons Project

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Gnihihi Kurt Coban that's awesome! laugh.gif Gosh I should stop reading this thread when in office! xd.png

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I have begun slowly converting all the almost-cool codes on my scroll to fit this group's naming scheme. When I'm done, I'll be back to join officially. Such a great idea! I've been collecting these for ages alongside "real" cool codes.

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List of Lagie's ACC dragons



1m1nt to Rule Them All

2Z0Rb or not 2Z0Rb

4 Bytes at a Time

99 Bottles of L2GER on the Wall


A March by Sou5A

A Random NRVl5 White

aB0Ok Needs a Bookmark Trotsky

ACUBd Foot of Wrapping Paper

AForm of Mint for Trotsky

As the nPCoq Crows

aYe Ci a Purple Dragon Trotsky


bMntT Trotsky Be Mint

B0xXO Cubes Make Great Stew

bu4RN With Me Trotsky (It's a Doctor Who line, from the episode 42)

c0t1K Shaw of the Lumar Café (It's a Star Trek: TNG reference from 'The High Ground'- transcript - It's Katik Shaw in the original form, and male... )

Crossing the Snowy AROda


(Dave3) (described)

Don't waORy Be Happy

Dwelt a Miner 4R49N (and his daughter Clementine...)

FRYW9 Me to the Moon Trotsky


GoTOX is Better Than Botox

HISpy With My Little Eye - described

I am LBBOB Trotsky

I Was Meant For pfUsh

I Fak8d It Trotsky


I'm F0OD - Don't Eat Me Trotsky

I'm Really Not a Jr31k Trotsky

I'm SezXY and I Know It

I'mDIEn over here Trotsky

Ir0T Every Thuwed I Bite Trotsky



Itzyo It's really yo Trotsky

I've got the JJOIJ JJOIJ


iYCud Do That Trotsky


JE5nu Walks on Water Trotsky


Lieutenant Commander 9DaTa


Melted icEEq Makes 1nkNK Trotsky (icEEq is one of his parent's codes.)

Mi CasdA es su CasdA Trotsky - described

MIBus is Late Trotsky


M1NZs Dragons are Best

mmcow Not Horsie Trotsky


MY C4 Explosive Compulsive Cuffs

My Name 1Z Mud Trotsky

MYJOI is Endless Trotsky


O meeK Shall Inherit

OKcod is Not My Favourite Fish

One Thousand Views Trotsky NOT94

OOoO Trotsky (whose mate was supposed to be “The Sky is Falling” but they refused)


PaCKL the Bags Trotsky

Petronella 0OsGD


PlayStation is Better than qX8oX

Please Don't OGLe Me Trotsky



Small Freckle in a Big 9PoND

SokcT To Me Baby

Stop YiNK3-ing My Chain Trotsky


tDdAh My Mate's a Shimmer

The 5r0Kl Horror Picture Show

The Art of FeNgS Shui

The Great God TJqn9


The H0kZT of Sheridan and Delenn (Hochzeit is German for wedding)

The Kitten pRuRs Trotsky

The N0jGe Consortium (The No-Jay Consortium is from a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode.)

The Sunstone Also RlzE5 Trotsky


These Cuffs Are AO0kK Trotsky (Cuffs Dragon)

This olkkT's on You Trotsky

Tortsky's Indian Sqa0W

Tortsky's UPYUY-Daisey


Trotsky's 0MvM4 of Oz (Ozma of Oz)

Trotsky's 1SBNd Number

Trotsky's 22BaH Humbug

Trotsky's 3COuP d'Etat

Trotsky's 3Smooth Operator

Trotsky's 6PnSe None the Richer

Trotsky's 9FOL8 and Folic Acid


Trotsky's aBxOt Set Slimescale 3

Trotsky's AfRfa (Afra is a character in an Anne McCaffrey book)

Trotsky's aleX5 Carrington

Trotsky's A-MAeZL-ing Race

Trotsky's Anton EGOhe

Trotsky's Asp1N Ski Trip

Trotsky's Beef jRkjY

Trotsky's BroSon fAZiZ


Trotsky's Cole SL4W Mint

Trotsky's Cuffage Odds - 2 ta 1 (Cuffs Dragon)

Trotsky's Doctor F4uAStus

Trotsky's DOoiE Decimal System (described)

Trotsky's eLexO McKinney

Trotsky's emoo1 Dragon

Trotsky's ERMlE or Bert


Trotsky's Fee Fi foFum

Trotsky's Fifty-Two P4KUP

Trotsky's fZZix the Chat Mod

Trotsky's frDda the Frightening

Trotsky's GhzAX-stan - an almost not-Russian country!

Trotsky's grOOVY Mint Fetish


Trotsky's HaEhters Gonna HaEht

Trotsky's Harold SX40N

Trotsky's Heart of a Li0NW

Trotsky's Here dQGGy dQGGy


Trotsky's lk2eA Furniture

Trotsky's Imz8y (i.e. Imazadi, Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Trotsky's Itty biTTI Mint

Trotsky's Jean-Claude van dAMmE

Trotsky's Justin BBERe


Trotsky's kei2i Everything

Trotsky's kkaDu National Park

Trotsky's kiLO of Minty Cuffs (Cuffs Dragon)


Trotsky's KUFF Quietly (Cuffs Dragon)

Trotsky's kuff Quietly (Cuffs Dragon)

Trotsky's Journeyman SEbel

Trotsky's LA7Zy-Boy

Trotsky's LuDwj van Beethoven


Trotsky's mBUrL Ives

Trotsky's New Year's Eve sNckB

Trotsky's NiNEi Ladies Dancing

Trotsky's No-fF0Rk Family Tree

Trotsky's Non-Christmas WPudO


Trotsky's OC4ve is Eight Notes

Trotsky's OmAr Of Course

Trotsky's ob00 and Trotsky's 0Wh0 have a child named Oh Please Don't Cry Trotsky

Trotsky's ORTo0 D2


Trotsky's P8TME Job Slimescale 3

Trotsky's Planet of the Ape5S

Trotsky's Pool LapS Handcuffs (Cuffs Dragon)

Trotsky's ROx6y Yule

Trotsky's Rubber QduKy


Trotsky's SaFtI Scissors

Trotsky's Sc0Bz Snacks (i.e. Scooby Snacks!)

Trotsky's Sdrawkcab M00b

Trotsky's Sea SP1Dder

Trotsky's sGUdI Two-Shoes

Trotsky's sHtP0 - You have no idea the variations we get of Shih Tzu and even more so of ShihPoo (i.e. Shih Tzu x Poodle)! XD  


Trotsky's Thirteen Twenty-Five (see code...)

Trotsky's Tickle Me EsLMo

Trotsky's Tri-Izzid Nhio (This might have been better followed by Tournament… Tri-Wizard Tournament…)

Trotsky's TroTT-sky


Trotsky's upZEy-Daisey

Trotsky's Visions of the FTURy


Trotsky's wENCA Stensby

Trotsky's w1zKI Sour

Trotsky's Willy Wdnka

Trotsky's Winnie the p0O0D


Trotsky's WoMMb with a View

Trotsky's Wzle2 of Oz (Okay... wizard's a bit of a stretch...)


Trotsky's YaDDA YaDDA YaDDA (described)

Trotsky's YoD3M-ley-he-hoo


uDUSt Trotsky - I Will Sweep

virYe virYe Trotsky (a.k.a. Here Ye, Here Ye!)

vJ0Yr vJ0Yr down in my heart

vUriS was a Triumph


What Does WRYEq Bash Do Trotsky

When It Started on the TZkOV (Also a Star Trek: TNG reference 'Hero Worship', or so I thought, till I went searching rolleyes.gif and found I'd remembered the ship's name incorrectly!)

Where I5 Mum Trotsky

whYZs Trotsky

xiTxx to the Left Trotsky

Yes My Name is OlaV Trotsky


z'0dgR Stadium of Trotsky

Z'3065 Shades of Gold of Trotsky

Z'64Ho Ho Ho of Trotsky (Z Project)

Z'64 Month Old Waverunner (Z Project)

Z'8FtU Precautions Are Taken (i.e. safety)


Z'B00B of Trotsky

Z'BoLLe reiste zu Pfingsten

Z'Buolognese Spaghetti

z'coZ1 Minty Slippers of Trotsky

Z'd1YN Over Here Trotsky

Z'Duno About That Trotsky


Z'Grim Sleeper of Trotsky (Z Project)

Z'he zal6D Dressing of Trotsky

Z'KSuT-ekh the Destroyer

Z'Lady ZE54N of Trotsky (Lady Susan; Z Project)


Z'Never Eat zOG5Y Cheese Trotsky

Z'SaUrus Rex of Trotsky

z'SWiffer Sweeper of Trotsky

Z'Thistle zNkA7 of Trotsky

Z'You Can't Handle the zooTH

z'zVeterinarian of Trotsky


ZoomA ZoomA ZoomA Zoom (described) Song can be found here:

Edited by Lagie
to add new dragons!

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This one looks like livid to me but I'm can't think of a name that makes it obvious. Anyone have any ideas?

Unfortunately "livid" is not in my active vocabulary, so I'm reading it as "loved"... not very helpful I guess?


@Shroomlet, I absolutely love your names. ("St. Muh"! laugh.gif)

(Personally I would have left some of them unnamed because they're "too perfect" to be ACCs, but I'm not complaining about having them here! biggrin.gif )



@all: I'm still adding everybody's name / list to the member list as soon as I see it, but if I missed someone please let me know! smile.gif

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@Confused Cat


Thank you! biggrin.gif

I love stMuh, I think that was my first funny code.

Yeah, some codes are almost too perfect, but I tried to give them names that made them a bit more ACC-fit. And if I leave them unnamed, everyone visiting my scroll only sees "Unnamed".


(Btw. If you want to look at them all live and in color, they're on the last page of my scroll, above my Oz-collection.)







Livid:This makes me LLvvD!!

Live it: LLvvD up in Las Vegas!

Loved: I always LLvvD you

Lewd: No, idea, sorry, just reminds me of that, too. xd.png


Edit: Thought of one more!

Leveled: Yay I LLvvD up


Yeah, and that's all I've got for you.

Edited by Shroomlet

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New ACC dragon(s)

z'huG7 me

The Pyralspiders weBB7

8AClL Fawlty

Poison Yvyx2

pggyl Sue


And look what a lovely egg two of my almost cool z'coded dragons gave me,I can think of an allmost cool name in Dutch but if anyone can assist in a more international almost cool name that would be much appreciated. Only catch: this dragon will be pulling double duty so it has to be a z'name as well




@Wiz: How about LLvvD 4 dead. (Gamers will apreciate that one.)

Better to have LLvvD and lost..... (bit of Shakespeare)

Edited by Pattekat

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