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Confused Cat

The "ALMOST Cool Code" Dragons Project

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Obviously he needs a 'braEN' to better his spelling free to whoever wants the egg (offer any dummy)


If no one wants it, I'll AP in a couple of hours (I'll already have a sib)

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Away for a while.... Now back with this jummy dragon and another to be named soon.


New ACC dragon(s)
Chocolate Chip Co0k0

Thats a jummy scnak
bod3y and Soul
The 9mEEk shal inherit the earth

MaNSn best friend

SASeA Girl D'Hennegel

Double Double ETO1L and Trouble (*4) 

She's a LA9Dy

This dragon can do MAgAc
I drive a rFiaf

sO0OY Sauce
z'SIDy The Sloth


(*4) I hope Shakespeare loves dragons. 
See my list earlier in this topic for the other footnotes

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Edited an other dragon. Yes, i am on a naming spree

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Posted (edited)

I would like to join the Project!  Lagie started me off with some gifts!  I spend most of my DC energy on z'dragons, so I'm going to be a pygmy specialist only here, but if I see any other ACCs for the taking, I'll offer them on this thread to whoever wants them.  My very first is actually a cool code, I suppose, but I think the misplaced caps makes it's ACC instead.


ETA:  Ah--I've got to edit already!  I had a couple that came before CRepT--and both were gifts from Lagie!


List of random_dragon_collector's ACC dragons


z'aaNE Grey

Unbreakable kMMvy Schmidt

Trotsky CRepT Up and Snatched Me

Up For the 8TAsk

Boston POPS3

NOG99 of Deep Space Nine


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Would anyone be interested in this almost cool... ?

Like bacon, this glaucus drake sizlz!

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New ACC dragons


Black oN4yX

First I've posted in a long time. Too bad She's not really black. Would have been perfect for a black Stripe!


Adding another!

I'm a 1AZy1


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