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The "ALMOST Cool Code" Dragons Project

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On 7/29/2016 at 5:39 PM, purplenewt said:

I saw this thread earlier and the first thing I thought was "this is such a cute idea, but I am not very creative so I would totally suck at it," lol. But I can join and give it a try, I suppose. smile.gif I don't think I have any dragons I can rename and use atm. Maybe I can look through them, now that I have some time.



List of purplenewt's ACC dragons

DCUCk Duck Goose

Be there or be Sq8RR

My SuOEL is on fire

Take the HinLT

I am the 7VkTr

UtOgH it out

You all are L1eR5

upssy daisy

We are not svgS2

To Az6zL ascribe all sin

Nitric AciD4

oHey1 how are you

The Return of Jrf4R

Cherry cQk5e

And Jacob tricked EsVau

L1V4e and let live

Kurt c0baN


I kissed a girl and I 1iK3d it

Count 0aLaF

bLV1A lies in South America

jo5EF's Technicolor Dreamcoat

Your point is Mxoot

Meet your quQtA

hGu1k smash

Oh you are soDED

oneUf the fallen


I've been on reddit too much... as I nearly spit out my drink at the sight of the code 'DCUCk' ... I did not read it as 'duck' XD

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New ACC dragons

You win but at what Kos1T

tiCEEcream sandwich

7upos Fanta and Schweppes soda themed code

hUShO 'lil baby don't say a word mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird


https://dragcave.net/view/FiXF3 something to do with fixing?

https://dragcave.net/view/uRGE2 urge to _____?

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