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A Tale of Two Schools

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“Dear students, it gives me much pleasure to welcome you to our school! We are very proud that you, the best and brightest young minds of our world, have chosen to accept our invitation to study here with us. We promise that you will receive the best education there is, and our organization will gladly welcome any of you who wishes to work for us after graduation.”

You stare up at the principal as he speaks, a knot of butterflies in your stomach. It is finally happening. When you got your invitation you were afraid it was a dream, but now you are here, and it is real. You can’t wait to see what your new school life will bring.



You are a student enrolled in one of the best schools in the country: Edgewood School for Girls or Fortuna School for Boys. Not too long ago these schools used to be one co-ed school, but a few years ago that changed. You aren’t sure why, but you know that there were was a hostile air among your teachers right before the split. That isn’t too important to you, though. You are here at this school in the hopes of becoming someone amazing, and perhaps to be allowed to stay and work at the school afterwards. You know that this is the best place to be, after all.


You also know that to do well you should have the favour of your teachers. And right now finding crystals seem to be the way to do it.There is only a slight problem - the other school is hunting the same crystals as you are.

The crystal is about the size of your fist. These crystals appear in the areas around the two schools. And when they do, it’s go. No matter what time it is or what you are doing, you run towards that crystal as fast as you can. As far as you know for certain you don’t get anything but praise if you are the one to bring it back, but you’ve heard that the teachers keep score; the more crystals you get, the more likely you’ll be offered a position among the staff when you graduate.



There was once a school. This was an elite school, a school only the best and brightest got to enter. Here you were taught everything you needed to know to reach your full potential. People who graduated from this school were considered masters of their field.


Many of the students at this school found that once they graduated, they didn’t really want to leave. They enjoyed the freedom such a school gave them, the opportunity to pursue their own interests at their own time. Thus many of the students stayed and became part time teachers and part time researchers, painters, writers, mathematicians. The school flourished, for in addition to teaching it slowly became a central point for the development of new technology.


Then the crystals appeared. At first it happened largely unnoticed - a student found a small shard in a riverbank and thought it pretty, another saw it behind the root of a tree and took it back to the school, much like a pretty rock. Nothing groundbreaking, just a pretty piece of nature. But these crystals hadn’t been there before.


One day one of the researchers was the one to find a crystal, and unlike the students he remarked upon it. He had never seen one like it before, and now he wanted to know what it was. New research was started, and soon students were sent out to gather shards as part of their curriculum. A device you’re not really sure of would tell the teachers the general direction of a shard, and the students would be sent out to find it.


You don’t really know what happened next. The stories you are told are vague, and even the students who went to the school at the time don’t really know what happened. All you’re told is that the atmosphere seemed to change. The teachers turned hostile and preoccupied, sometimes even snapping at each other where the students could see. On dark winter nights the older students amuse themselves by telling you that students used to disappear, never to be seen again, eaten by a hostile teacher with a short fuse.


Such a situation could not last, and it didn’t. At the end of one school year the students went home to their families, and when they came back at the end of summer vacation there were two schools. Edgewood and Fortuna.


Edgewood School for Girls is, as the name implies, situated at the edge of a nameless forest. As a student you are not allowed to wander out of the school grounds, but this is not usually a problem as the school ground are fairly large. (Map coming)


Fortuna School for Boys, on the other hand, is situated somewhere a fair distance away, in the mountains. A three meters tall brick wall is running the length of the entire north side of the school grounds, and you’ve been told from some of the more daring students that on the other side of that wall is a drop hundreds of metres straight down. (Map coming)


The schools are situated in castles (think Hogwarts, but more organized, less likely to get the students lost). In these castles are the dorms, a library, the lecture halls for the different subjects and a dining hall where everyone can eat three meals a day. In addition to this the staff lives in the castles as well, though their living quarters are off limits for students. Apart from mealtimes the teachers can be found in their respective subjects' classrooms from seven am to seven pm, so the students can come to ask questions in between classes.


The dorms are situated in one of the castles' towers and are separated by year - that is to say, the younger students live further down in the tower while the older live higher. This is to give the younger students less of a hard time getting to their rooms (there are of course only stairs), as well as to give them a shorter walk to their classrooms in the mornings (as they are young and new they might need more time than their older schoolmates to find their way) and a shorter way to their teachers should anything happen.

The rooms do indeed have attached bathrooms, but every floor also has a common room where the yearmates can mingle, as well as where students from other years can visit their younger or older friends.


Apart from the castle the campus also contains training grounds - these are mostly used in Powers. Powers also has a classroom where the students meet up for every class, but sometimes the teacher then takes the students outside to the training grounds. They have found that sometimes it is better to have a bit more space when training the powers of the students, as some of them are rather destructive.

Powers is also unique when it comes to teachers as this is a subject where everyone is not always required to learn the same syllabus. When the students enroll in the school they are assigned to the teacher the school feels knows the best how to develop that particular student's powers. As the teachers cannot all be teaching powers, usually powers is more of a self-study class supervised by the official Powers teacher (who is charged with making sure that every individual teacher takes good care of their students).


The Edgewood training grounds are situated a bit further into the forest while the Fortuna training grounds are a small hike away from the school into the mountains.


As a nod to their shared past there is a dance twice a year where the two schools mix. You’ve heard of it, and you can’t wait until it’s here.


At the school you take several subjects. Logic/Argumentation, Math, History, Philosophy, Physical Education, English and Powers are mandatory, but you may also choose three electives among these: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, Natural History, Art, Literacy, Business, Music, Latin, Basic Medicine, Psychology, Sociology.


Usually difficulty is decided by age, with the same aged students being taught the same material. Edgewood and Fortuna do not follow this method. Instead they have every class split into three difficulty levels (First, Second and Third). Every new student starts in First, and only when they have shown to the satisfaction of their teachers that they have mastered their material do they move on to Second. The same process happens there before the student can move on to Third. Only when the student have completed Third in all their mandatory and elective classes are they allowed to graduate.

Sometimes a student will complete Third in one class while still being behind in others and thus not having graduated. In this case the student is not exempt from the class they have completed, but will instead begin their own advanced project in that class - much in the same was as if they had been hired as a researcher. They can still receive guidance from their teacher, but they will no longer be graded.

A student can complete the different levels either by displaying mastery of the syllabus satisfactorily to the teacher during the year or by getting a good enough grade in the Advancement Tests which are held twice a year.



6-7am Breakfast

7-8am Logic/Argumentation

8-9am Math

9-10am History

10-11am Philosophy

11am-12pm Lunch/Free time

12-1pm Study period

1-2pm Physical Education

2-3pm English

3-4pm Powers

4-5pm Elective 1

5-6pm Elective 2

6-7pm Elective 3

7-9pm Dinner



  • No powerplaying
  • Please either post forms in the OOC thread or PM them to one of us (Saikachan or Dragonpelt).
  • All DCF rules apply
  • Keep it PG-13. If you want to write more explicit scenes, please fade to black or take it to PMs.
  • Please write at least 4 sentences per post and use proper spelling and grammar.
  • Respect each other.
  • No machine gunning.
  • If you don't post for a week without notice you will receive a PM from one of us. If you don't respond to this within 3 days your character will be removed from the scenes they are in and put on an inactive users list. A character can become active again if the user returns.
  • Have fun! smile.gif
Character sheet:

[b]Appearance:[/b] (can be either a written description or a picture)
[b]Supernatural type:[/b] (elemental, vampire, shifter (can be a normal animal or a legendary such as unicorn or gryffin, or different human forms such as Mystique in X-Men), werewolf, etc.)
[b]Classes:[/b] Logic/Argumentation (Level), Math (Level), History (Level), Philosophy (Level), Physical Education (Level), English (Level), Powers (Level), Elective 1 (Level), Elective 2 (Level), Elective 3 (Level)
[b]Roommate:[/b] (You are allowed to find another character to be your roommate, or you can choose to have a singles room)

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Accepted Characters:




Username: DP

Name: Veronica (Ronnie) Rogers

Gender: female

Age: 18

Appearance: human and


Personality: kind, competitive during the competition for crystal shards but not too competitive that she hurts the other students, rebellious (doesn't follow all the school rules), nice, and rarely shy anymore. she was really shy when she started to go to that school but now that she's made friends and has a boyfriend, although he attends the other school now, she's gotten over her shyness.

History: she was born a werewolf but her first actual shift wasn't until she was eight years old. when she was old enough to attend school, she was sent to the first school after a small fiasco at the human school she first went to and her parents thought that this other school would be better for her and her abilities because there would be other unique kids like her. she does visit her parents over the holidays and her parents know that she has a boyfriend but they haven't met him yet. she's still liking the school ten years later and can't wait to see her love again.

Supernatural type: werewolf

Powers/Abilities: has heightened senses while in human form but they're more powerful when she's in her wolf form.

School: Edgewood School for Girls

Classes: Logic/Argumentation (Second), Math (Second), History (Third), Philosophy (Second), Physical Education (Third), English (Third), Powers (Third), Art (Third), Geography (Third), Natural History (Third)

Roommate: Zoey

Other: Still loves Blacwin and sometimes sneaks out to see him at the old school site.





Username: Saikachan

Name: Blacwin Thierry Lovell

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: Blacwin is in possession of short, straight, midnight black hair, which stands out in many different directions whatever he does. The only thing that seems to calm it down is water, but it is just as unruly when it dries again. His eyes are a grey colour, but if one look closely enough green flecks can be found scattered around his irises. He isn't one of the tallest males around, but he stands quite safely with his 6 feet, and doesn't have any issues with his height.

Personality: At first, when getting to know him, you would say Blacwin is a quiet, elegant person. When at home he spends his days playing the piano, reading, and playing with his sister in the garden. Then you get to know him a little better, and you realize that what you know is only the beginning, and that the real boy is much more than that. You start to understand that he is a very passionate person – a perfectionist, if you want. Everything he does, he does while intending to be the best. But you still don't understand all of it. You don't know that he is rather fond of cooking – because that is a secret he has to keep from his father – or that he slows down time in the evenings so that he'll have more time to research his own powers. You don't realize that his playtime with his sister is only for show; he'd much rather be in the study, or experimenting with his powers. And most of all: you don't realize that while he might seem like a nice boy on the outside, Blacwin is constantly searching for more power. But you don't realize this. You don't realize this, because Blacwin is a very talented actor.

History: Blacwin comes from an old, important family of elementals. The Lovells have always been looked up to, and so Blacwin learnt from a young age that he was special. People deferred to him even though he was much younger than them, and this led him to think highly of himself.

His mother died when giving birth to his younger sister, and so Blacwin grew up with only his father and his sister. Because of his mother's death, one of the maids took care of him when he was a child. However, she was fired when his father found out she had been teaching him how to cook.

The Elemental ability runs in his family, and it is very important that the children are born with the powers - anything else would be a disgrace. It was therefore a great relief to his father when he - at the late age of eight - finally started to develop his powers. It was worth the wait, however. While Blacwin’s father was a fire Elemental, he himself turned out to control the powers of time and space, a rather rare and valuable ability. He was soon sent to school to further his control.

It was at school Blacwin met Veronica. At first he tried to deny his feelings - he, an elemental of importance, could not fall in love with a werewolf! He had to keep the line pure! Yet as he got to know her he could not keep from falling in love, and she taught him that perhaps other people are special and important as well. He has not dared to tell his father about her, however - he knows that he won’t like it. So he plans to do everything else in his life as his father wants, so that perhaps he’ll be allowed to choose his own partner.

Supernatural type: Elemental

Powers/Abilities: The power Blacwin has been gifted with is the power of manipulating time and space. This means that he can control the time around himself in terms of slowing it down, stopping it, quicken it, or sometimes even make it go backwards. Because he is the one controlling it, he is also able to remove his own body from the flows of time (at least while he is messing with it – too long could be dangerous), so he would be moving in normal speed while everyone else was moving slowly. But time isn't his only gift; he is able to control space as well. In theory, he would be able to bend the space around himself enough to appear on Pluto, but something like that is rather powerful magic, and would put a great strain on his body – he might not even survive it. However, he is capable of moving objects small distances (but again; the longer the distance, the more strain). Living beings, like animals or humans, are also harder to move. These powers are mostly limited by his own creativity, but also by his body and stamina, and he uses his time power much more often than he uses space.

School: Fortuna School for Boys

Classes: Logic/Argumentation (Second), Math (Third), History (Second), Philosophy (Third), Physical Education (Second), English (Second), Powers (Second), Physics (Third), Business (Third), Psycology (Third)

Roommate: Singles room

Other: Sometimes sneaks out of school to meet Veronica at the old school site, but admonishes her to not break the rules so often - he is afraid that if his father hears of it he won’t allow him to see her any more.



Raptor of Dragons:


Username: Raptor of Dragons

Name: Zoey Smith

Gender: female

Age: 17

Appearance: Zoey and Raptor

Personality: Zoey is kind and caring when she wants to be, but more often then not, if someone doesn't know her, she won't give them a sideways glance. if someone tries to pick a fight with her, she will try to win

History: She was born as a shifter, coming from a long line of raptor shifters. She has been going to the school since was very little and knows most of the people there, although most people know not to get in a fight with her. She did meet some one that she likes to joke around with called Theo and they will often meet whenever they can

Supernatural type: Shifter (Raptor)

Powers/Abilities: In her human form, her eyesight and smell are phenomenal and she can pinpoint the location of where she smells blood

School: Edgewood School for Girls

Electives: Physics, Latin, and Natural History

Roommate: Veronica



Username: Raptor of Dragons

Name: Theo Webb

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Theo

Personality: Theo is a bragger and very disruptive. He likes to get into trouble rather then out of it, but he won't rat out his friends to authority. He is quick on his feet and always has a wild grin on his face.

History: Theo was born into a natural human life when, at the age of 8, he found this plant. It was a plant his parents had never seen before and told him to be careful around the plant, in which case, Theo disobeyed and played around the plant before he cut himself on one of the thorns. His parents rushed him to the hospital and waited for news on their son, fearing the worst as the doctor told them he was cut by dreamshade, a highly dangerous poisonous plant. However, that wasn't the case for Theo as he survived, but gained the ability to shoot thorns at people. His parents quickly transferred him to another school to embrace his abilities and learn to be social. From there, he often snuck out and he one day found a raptor shifter named Zoey, they clicked immediately and hang out when they can.

Supernatural type: Humanoid Plant Human

Powers/Abilities: he has the ability to poison people's drinks if he stick his finger in it, granted, it won't kill them, but it'll make them very sick and the ability to shoot thorns from his fingers.

School: Fortuna School for Boys

Electives: Sociology, geography, Art

Roommate: TBA

Other: His friends often refer to him as Dreamshade





Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Sera Fydraki

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Sera stands at about average height, with her horns add an extra inch. She's slightly taller (not counting her horns) in her Hybrid Form than her human form, but her dragon form towers over both of them. Her hair, eyes, wings and scales are a deep red in all her forms.

Personality: Though Sera usually tries not to let emotions blind her to logic, she can become quite snarky if annoyed. Her memory is exceptional, especially when it comes to slights and annoyances. Expect vengeance to be delivered if you anger her, whether it takes days or weeks. She loves the thrill of a fight or competition, especially those involving a fair dose of strategy.

History: What happens when a dragon doesn't eat the princess, but instead falls in love with her? Sera happens, that's what. Her father had originally been following the Cliche Fantasy Story 101 Handbook and kidnapping princesses when he met her mother. He had planned to eat her like he had done with the other princesses, but then he learned what a nice, caring person she was and how much money and territory he'd get if he married her. Naturally, he did the reasonable thing and took on a human form to win her love. He succeeded, and thus Sera was born. Obviously, she didn't look like a normal human and her mother suspected something was up. Again, her father did the only reasonable thing and ran off with her, teaching her the ways of dragon-ing and eventually sending her to the school when his extensive knowledge of kidnapping princesses failed.

Supernatural type: Fire Dragon - Human Hybrid


Fire Breathing - Standard dragon-y firebreath. The amount of fire is limited to the amount of breath she can inhale and exhale at one time (quite a lot for her size).

Fire Resistance - She's not immune to fire but it hardly does anything to her. It takes prolonged exposure and high temperatures for it to bother her beyond a bit of an itch. However, this doesn't apply to stuff she happens to be carrying or wearing and she'd rather not be left naked.

Flight - She can fly around. There's not much more to say about it.

Enhanced Strength - She's stronger than she should be considering her age, about on par with a strong adult male. She's still a mere dragonling however so she has yet to reach her full strength.

Dragon Morph - Can take on the form of a dragon for a short duration. While in full dragon form she gains fire immunity, greater strength, and a greater capacity for firebreath (larger lungs = more breath to incinerate foes with).

Human Morph - She can morph into a normal human and maintain the form but she prefers not to because it renders her powerless. She can still transform back into hybrid form but that's it. She also cannot morph directly into dragon form from this form.

School: Edgewood School for Girls

Classes: Logic/Argumentation (Third), Math (Second), History (Second), Philosophy (Third), Physical Education (Third), English (Second), Powers (Third), Chemistry (Second), Biology (Second), Natural History (Second)

Roommate: Not decided



Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Arinoir Leiastris

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Appearance: Thin and pale, on first glance Arinoir hardly seems to be there at all. She constantly wears a hooded white cloak which her adoptive parents gifted to her, though it only reaches down to the tips of her fingers now. Her hair is a frosty white and the shorter strands in front trail down to her waist. She keeps the longer, knee length portion of her hair tied up in a braid under her cloak. Though one of her eyes is hidden by her hair, the one that remains visible is an icy white color.

Personality: Quiet and mysterious, Arinoir rarely speaks. She's rather elusive and quick to flee any encounters, often fading into the background. If one were to actually get to know her, they'd discover her love of art and books. She often carries around a small sketchpad under her cloak along with a pencil which she uses to draw all the places she's been. Occasionally, she'll even sketch a person she deems interesting. In addition to being quiet, she's also naturally kind and pacifistic, preferring to use her powers to temporarily stun people and escape rather than harming them.

History: Abandoned in a forest at a young age, Arinoir luckily was found by a kind elderly couple. Despite her odd appearance, the elderly couple developed a soft spot for her and decided to adopt her as their child, seeing as their biological children had long since grown up and moved away. They sent her to school as soon as possible, where she quickly learned how to read and write. However, they were concerned by her unusually quiet demeanor. Though she seemed quite precocious and was able to read and write at an advanced level, she hardly ever talked, laughed, or even cried.

Before they could do anything about her silence, her powers began to manifest. Having never been taught how to use her powers, or even that powers existed, she tended to use her powers accidentally. Occasionally, the elderly couple would hear a voice, though when they asked if Arinoir had talked she shook her head no. Attributing it to their failing hearing, the elderly couple went on with their lives. However, things only got stranger as time went on. They began seeing things that weren't there and suddenly tasting things without eating. Concerned, the elderly couple did some research and eventually discovered the existence of powers.

Concluding correctly that the strange occurrences had been due to Arinoir's power, they decided that they would transfer her to another school which would teach her how to control her powers. Though the elderly couple didn't want to see her go, they knew that they wouldn't be able to help her. So, giving her a white cloak as a parting gift, they sent her away to the school. She's been living at the school ever since, though you'd hardly know it as she goes out of her way to avoid people.

Supernatural type: Unknown. Doesn't appear to resemble any purebred species.


Sense Manipulation - Can alter the senses of herself and others, though this requires a large amount of concentration. In fact, she must stay still as even moving will break her concentration. The manipulations she makes are not permanent, and will disappear as soon as she stops maintaining them. This ability also applies to senses which aren't a part of the traditional five senses, such as balance and pain. Can't actually harm anyone so even though it's great for 1v1 trickery, she'll pretty much just get tossed around by a group.

Shadow Travel - she can inhabit a shadow and travel from shadow to shadow as long as the two shadows touch. A bit faster than normal walking and very sneaky. However, yet again, lacking in offense as she can't interact with anything while in shadow form. Takes a little more energy than normal walking but she can maintain it for an entire day if she wants to. Just don't expect her to be bursting with energy the next day.

Fog Manipulation - Can control the water droplets in the air to create a dense fog that reduces visibility. She mostly uses this as a sort of smoke bomb effect. Though this is technically a variation of water manipulation, it isn't powerful enough to allow her to actually form large chunks of water.

School: Edgewood School for Girls

Electives: Logic/Argumentation (2), Maths (2), History (2), Philosophy (3), Physical Education (1), English (3), Powers (2), Art (3), Music (2), Psychology (2)

Roommate: Single room

Other: Likes to hang around in a quiet corner of the library when she's not doing anything.



Marcus Pheonix:


Username: Marcus Pheonix

Name: Jeff McKay

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Human Form Phoenix Form

Personality: Comes off quiet and a little intimidating but he’s a pretty nice guy. Has a soft spot for animals. He loves the thrill of a tussle and frequently has bruises and cuts from fights. He also enjoys exercise and does it frequently as both a way to calm himself down and as a way to keep fit. He also loves music and enjoys dancing.

History: Born from the fresh lava of a volcano Jeff observed humans with keen interest, particularly their music and eventually willed himself into assuming their form and started living as one at a young age. He was taken in by foster parents from an orphanage, who were shocked to discover their new son combusting in the middle of the night. Despite his immortality as a phoenix in his human form he ages like any other humans so went to school as any other.

Supernatural type: Phoenix Shifter


Regeneration: After a short while wounds become bright red and burning hot (over 100*C) and heal themselves.

He can coat himself in fire.

Fire Resistance: Goes without saying really.

He can semi transform, giving himself wings or talons

He can fully turn back into a phoenix and is very difficult to injure in this state as his body flickers between feathers and fire, he is perpetually on fire in this state but only burns things he wants to.

School: Fortuna School for Boys

Classes: Logic/Argumentation (2nd), Maths (2nd), History (3rd), Philosophy (2nd), Physical Education (3rd), English (3rd), Powers (3rd), Music (3rd), Chemistry (2nd), Geography (2nd)

Roommate: Single room

Other: Can spontaneously combust in his sleep, generally when he has bad dreams. Also when he's tense, anxious or mad he has a tendency to... smoke, as in his body produces smoke.

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Veronica woke up that morning, stretching and wiping the sleep out of her eyes before quickly getting in the shower. Once she had washed her hair and body while also rinsing out the shampoo and conditioner from her hair and the soap off of her body, she turned off the water, got out, dried off, and then got dressed into the clothes that she was going to wear that day. She then got out of the bathroom and finished getting ready without waking up Zoey. Once she was completely ready, she headed towards the mess hall for breakfast.

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Zoey woke up and stretched as she heard the door close. Yawning she got up before getting dressed as she likes to take showers during the night. She stretched her legs out as she also spread her toes as well. Being a raptor shifter was somewhat weird as her claws could operate better if she spread her toes out in the morning. Yawning once again, she left the room before heading to the mess hall to get some food. On her way, people quickly got out of her way. She smiled and started whistling a tune, making people visibly relax.

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"Morning already?" Sera muttered, rolling over. Blinking her eyes open, Sera tossed her sheets off to the side and stretched her wings. Getting up and walking into the bathroom, she brushed her teeth while attempting to flatten her seemingly permanently messy hair. "Of course I had to inherit a dragon-like mane too. Thanks, Dad." Her muttering was slightly muffled by water and the toothbrush, which she soon finished using. Giving up on brushing her hair (this was not the first time that she had to do that), she wrapped a tattered scarf around her neck before stepping out of her room and heading towards the mess hall. One of the disadvantages of being half dragon was that changing clothes was incredibly difficult without catching them on her scales, a problem she managed to avoid by showering at night in human form and wearing the next day's clothes to sleep. She never wore pajamas if she could help it, something which saved an enormous amount of time.


As she walked down the halls, the sound of someone whistling drifted over to her ears. Turning her head towards the source of the noise, she saw a brown haired girl. Zoey, was it? She was some kinda raptor shifter if Sera remembered correctly. They both created similar gaps in the crowd, though for different reasons. She didn't know exactly why the crowd got out of Zoey's way, as she didn't bother keeping tabs on people beyond "that centaur who accidentally ate poison ivy" or "that random girl who blew up the classroom last year in Powers", but she definitely knew why the crowd parted around herself. Her wings weren't exactly compact and were prone to hitting unsuspecting passerby in the face. Not that she was going to complain about the extra space around her. The idea of being smothered in the crowd wasn't something she was too keen on.

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Zoey had to stop herself from laughing. The girl ahead of her had her wings stretched out, making the crowd part away from her. "Nice wings you got there," Zoey said, making people glance at her before quickly walking away. She thought back to a conversation with her mom once. Her mom said that dragons were relatively close to dinosaurs, if you rearrange a fossil in the correct order, you'll end up with a dragon, which in her opinion was actually pretty cool. Although the dragon mane this girl had looked really untidy.




Theo yawned loudly. He looked at the time before getting up. He turned on the bathtub and stood with his feet in the water. Being a human with a plat inside of you was weird to Theo. He had to learn what he could and couldn't do with no one to guide him. Standing in a puddle, he learned that he can have something to drink. He really didn't understand how being part plant worked, but he was learning. Once the water was sucked up, Theo stepped out and got dressed for the day, feeling refreshed. He stepped outside his dorm with a huge smile on his face, ready to seize the day.

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Jeff yawned, looking up at the cieling of his room. He got up and remade his bed before dropping down to the floor, to do some pushups. He followed that by doing some pull ups on the bar mounted over the entrance to his bathroom. After working up a good sweat Jeff stripped, chucking his boxers into the wash. Standing still for a moment Jeff flexed his arm, and was suddenly consumed by bright red flames. The flames died down and he chuckled. Now clean, Jeff got dressed and exited his dorm, his hair crackling with a few leftover sparks.

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"Thanks." Sera replied, continuing on her path towards the mess hall. When she arrived, she immediately headed towards the meat serving section of the hall. Sure, meat wasn't exactly what most considered breakfast food, but she never really liked vegetables or fruit. They were okay once in a while, but she would never eat a meal without meat. Grabbing a tray and shoving a whole turkey on it, she headed outside. This earned her quite a few odd looks in the hallway, but she never quite got used to eating inside. It was something of a habit learned from living with her father she supposed. As for the whole turkey, it wasn't her fault that everything from breathing fire to flying took lots of energy and fuel.


Once she had made it outside, she headed towards the forest. Though there were no markers or paths for her to follow, she walked on casually and confidently. She followed the same path for every meal she had and she knew it like the back of her hand. Soon, she arrived in a small clearing next to a stream. Though it was far enough from the school that no one would bother her, it was still well within the school grounds. Setting the tray down, she sat down and leaned against a tree. Taking a moment to simply relax, she breathed in the fresh air. Her turkey was getting cold by this point, but she simply blew some fire at it and began eating.


When she finished, she piled the bones onto the tray and headed back towards the school. Dumping the bones into a trash can, she returned the tray before heading to class. Years of the same routine ensured that she was never late, at least not anymore. In fact, sometimes she even had extra time for some leisurely flying. Today she had woken up just a bit too late for that, but nevertheless, she always made time to go to the clearing. Solitude and nature were preferable to the chaos and chattering of a crowd.

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Ronnie got her usual breakfast of a bowl of cereal but that day the cereal was chocolate Cheerios. After she got the bowl of cereal and filled it with milk, she went to a table and sat down to eat. As she started to eat, she saw a girl with wings get a turkey and then go outside to eat but she didn't think anything about it. There were all kinds of students at the school and they all had their different habits. She had found that out when she first went to the school before the school split into two different ones. She, herself was different as well. After she was done eating, she brought her bowl back to where the dirty dishes went, then she got her backpack, and headed to the Logic/Argumentation classroom.

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What... Blacwin opened his eyes blearily and stared towards the screeching noise. Why, in the middle of the night...? His hands fumbled towards the offending alarm clock, intending to turn it off so he could sleep on. It was only luck that allowed his brain to function enough to catch the time before he fell back to sleep, and the jolt of adrenalin that followed woke him up completely. 6:45!

He nearly fell out of bed in his haste to get out and started to dress as quickly as he could without making his clothing proclaim to everyone that he overslept. How had he not heard his alarm clock before now? Had he managed to put it on snooze for an entire forty-five minutes? A quick look in the mirror and he was out the door. It was no use to try to brush his hair anyway - even when he did it no one noticed the difference.

That's what you get for staying up too late... The sarcastic thought flittered through his mind as he ran towards the classroom. He had indeed stayed up a little too late - by the time he'd noticed what the clock was it had been two thirty. It was hard to tell how much time passed when he slowed tit down, though. He'd have to get better at that.

The temptation to slow down time this morning had hit him, but he knew better. If he used his powers this early and for such a little thing he would be tired - well, more tired - for the rest of the day, and by the time classes ended and he'd have time to his own he'd be completely exhausted. No, he wanted to save his energy for when he could use it to better effect.

He could not help a breath of relief when he entered the classroom to see that the teacher had not arrived yet, and he took a seat feeling a little more relaxed.

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Ronnie made it to the classroom in time and went to her seat before thinking of her and Win's next meeting. During the meeting they had previously, they agreed on meeting every four weeks. This week marked the fourth week for their next meeting and she was looking forward to later that evening after the rest of their classes and dinner. She was also kind of nervous to tell him what she had found out when she was home over Thanksgiving visiting with family. She got out one of her notebooks and started to draw as she waited for the rest of the students and the teacher to arrive so that the class could start.

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After Zoey ate her breakfast, she walked to her class before sitting down. She could care less about Logic class. She took out her notebook and started to write about the anatomy of a raptor. She paused, thinking about other dinosaurs, were there any other dinosaur shifters here? Or was she the only one? It now made her curious. Why was she thinking about this now? She scratched her head before continuing to write.




Dreamshade sighed as he sat down in his chair, propping his feet on the desk, while leaning back. He was waiting for the teacher to come in so he could make a snarky comment to said teacher. He grinned, thinking of what Zoey would do. She'd probably have a good laugh.

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((Yo raptor you've still got to post your updated class schedule on the OOC))


Jeff entered the classroom and walked over to an empty chair. He sat down, scratching his hair as he did causing a few ashes to fall out. He leaned on his elbow and began tapping his fingers in tune to the song he'd been listening to while working out that morning. He never really cared for Logic and was just anxious for it to start so that it could finish sooner. Leaning back, his feet poking out infront of his desk Jeff started trying to flick his pen around his fingers, something he wasn't very good at.

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((Might be a bit shorter, sorry. Edit: Thought I should clarify, Arinoir requested a high room.))



Timing her entrance perfectly, Sera slid into the chair and got out her supplies just as the teacher arrived in the classroom. Logic/Argumentation was one of her better subjects, and she wasn't worried at all. Over the course of a few years, she had developed a pretty comfortable routine that she was able to perform unconsciously. The harder subjects got bigger timeframes, and the easier ones allowed her to take some breathing time. Overall, it wasn't a bad habit to have. Her sense of timing did allow her to be very efficient.



Yawning, Arinoir closed her book and looked out the window. She had been awake for some time, making sure to arrive at the kitchen as soon as it opened. This way, she manage to avoid the vast majority of the crowd. The few people who were awake early enough to arrive at the same time never paid much attention to her, allowing her to quickly grab some food before shadow traveling away. She had requested her room to be the highest one besides the ones meant for fliers, making it a good vantage point and a pleasant place to eat. The long climb up the stairs would have been a problem if she didn't have shadow travel, but with shadow travel she could climb up the walls pretty quickly.


Besides, the long climb kept people away. Not that anyone would visit her room anyway, but extra solitude wasn't something she was going to complain about. She was never lonely with her books and art. Checking the clock in her room, she pulled the hood of her cloak over her head and headed for class. At this time, it was easy enough to catch a ride in the form of another student's shadow. She would usually then shadow travel to the back of the classroom and disappear into a corner. When the class ended, she would then take her homework and quietly repeat the process for her next class. The only classes she couldn't do this for were Art, Music, and Powers, but in Art and Music she could usually find a nice, relatively private spot in the room to attend class. Powers was usually distracting enough for other people that they left her alone. If she really wanted or needed to she could always make herself disappear by use of her Sense Manipulation.

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((bump, is this still alive?


Edit: whoops fail forgot to put parentheses))

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so that this can be back in my subscribed threads. will post an update about Saika in the ooc thread soon))

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"Good morning, class!" The perky voice was accompanied by the entrance of a brown haired woman, and she was answered by a smattering of greetings, some more enthusiastic than others. Blacwin's greeting was interrupted by an unintentional yawn, but he pretended it had never happened when the teacher cast him a knowing glance. He might be tired, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to pretend otherwise.


"Alright, I see you are all ready to give it your all in class today, that's wonderful! Today we will talk about-" She was interrupted by another voice, this one coming from the speakers in every classroom. "Crystal to the northeast of the bridge. Good luck!"


Blacwin was out of his chair before the voice had even stopped speaking. He didn't really want the crystals - none of the students did. But he had a suspicion that whoever delivered these shards to the headmaster would be remembered, and that couldn't hurt for his future prospects.

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((Just wondering if we get to choose who finds the crystal, or if we should put it through a randomizer or something.))


Heh, this was what she was talking about! Though she didn't care much for the crystals, the prospect of a fight with the other students got her blood pumping. The extra reputation you got didn't hurt either. Maybe it was her dragon genes, but she always loved fighting with the other students. Using the same wings trick she had earlier, she cleared a large space for herself at the protest of the other students. Once she was out in the hallway, she took advantage of the higher ceilings and soared above the crowd. Many of the other students had the same idea, but most of the fliers were frailer than her, allowing her to easily push past them with her leathery wings. Whistling, she folded her wings in and called out as she neared the door. "Out of the way!" The students frantically pushed themselves out of the way as she dove through the opening. Some of the students protested, calling her a cheater, but she simply ignored them.


To the northeast of the bridge, was it? She frowned slightly at the idea of having to fight near the water but grinned again as an idea popped into her head. Since she was already ahead of the group, she might as well slow them down. It had been some time since the last rainfall, and the leaf litter lining the paths was crisp and dry. Taking a deep breath, she let out a steady plume of fire at the leaves, igniting them and stopping the students who weren't fire resistant. That would buy her some time to scout the area and maybe snatch the crystal. She was almost at the bridge, but she kept up her stream of fire. Many of the students simply went around the flame, but it still cost them some time. Even fewer wasted their time trying to put the flames out. Now was the time to begin scanning for the crystal. Swooping low, she quickly checked under the bridge. No crystal there, but she noticed some students watching her and swooped under again. They would be taking note of the places she already checked and use that to save their time. She supposed that was the disadvantage of being one of the first to arrive, but she managed to trick the students into walking under the bridge.


Once they were under the bridge, she blasted a wall of flame at them, stopping them short. She wasted no time getting back in the air again, where she scouted the area. Her eyesight was quite sharp, and she could see exactly what most of the students were doing. As long as she kept an eye of any fliers that happened to come near her, she could search from the sky and avoid most of the ground based fighting. If she noticed a crowd gathering around a specific person or place, she would take that as a cue to dive down and snatch the crystal.


((posting as arinoir later))

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Ronnie heard the announcement over the intercom about a crystal shard being sighted to the northeast of the bridge and was one of the first people to leave the classroom to go hunt for it. She saw Sera make her move to get out of the school and followed suit but not right behind her. She knew a shortcut on how to get to the bridge a bit quicker than everyone else and took it as she neared the woods. She took off running as soon as she was around the foliage there and then took a sharp turn towards the left when she saw the old school site up ahead. It was then that she smelled burning leaves and figured that it was Sera setting up a distraction to catch the majority of the students off-guard or a blockade of some sort to slow them down as she went ahead of them to look for the crystal. She avoided all that by sticking to the woods and then slowed down when she got close to a place where she thought the crystal would be. She stepped out of the woods before shifting back to her human form and then started to look for a glint or shimmer that would hint as to the crystal's whereabouts.

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((Okay so I'm just going to go ahead and have some NPC find it if that's alright.))


In one fluid motion, Arinoir shifted herself back into a physical form and stepped into the shadow of the crowd. While some of the students were clearly mentally and physically affected by the sudden announcement, Arinoir remained quietly neutral. Jumping from shadow to shadow was easy with the crowd and the added speed boost meant she quickly moved to the head of the group. Seeing a valkyrie-style flier with rather large and heavy looking armor, she slipped into a shadow under one of the pieces of it. If she could carry that much armor and still fly, she was likely fast and forceful enough to bother carrying it. Her prediction was proved right by the sudden burst of speed the valkyrie put on, catapulting them far ahead of the remainder of the students. The valkyrie stayed in the air long enough for Arinoir to glance around quickly, but soon dove down again as if she had spotted something. It must have been the crystal. Making a quick scan over the area, she confirmed it.


The other students had noticed too, apparently, as they began swarming the valkyrie. Pressured by the crowd, she took off into the air again, still clutching the crystal. She didn't make it far before an impact slammed into her from the side. Crying out, she reflexively let go of the crystal from pain. A blur of red caught it, sending a scorching blast of fire towards the valkyrie. Her ride was down. Leaping out of the shadows, she did a split second blinding of the other flier before settling back into shadow form between the flier's scales. Hm. Scales and fire breath. A dragon of some sort?


She couldn't turn around and look because of the way her shadow form worked. She did get a good view of several ranged and flying students attacking her new ride, but they proved ineffectual. Though the dragon wasn't the fastest, it did possess a decent amount of speed and was moving towards the school at a steady pace. It wasn't quite time to activate her ability though. There was still too large of a crowd chasing after her ride and the possibility of the crystal changing hands again. Using her powers too early would ruin her chances of getting the crystal.



She had spotted the crystal seconds before the valkyrie but had let the valkyrie get it. A swoop would have left her vulnerable, and the valkyrie was bound to take to the air eventually. Grinning, she watched the valkyrie become cornered and escape to the skies, making her easy prey. Roaring, she transformed into full dragon and tackled the valkyrie, snatching the crystal and soaring away. An unusual moment of blindness had affected her though, possibly the effect of someone's power. She would make sure to watch out for anything else fishy as she headed back towards the school. Several projectiles and fliers attempted to attack her from the back, but the difference in size and armor made short work of all but the toughest of them. Her scales made sure she didn't feel too much anyway, and some of the projectile users had been dumb enough to hurl flames at her. Yeah. Like assaulting a fire breathing dragon twice the height of a tree with a little bit of fire would do anything.


As she flew back, she clutched the crystal close to her body, keeping it hidden and protected with her claws. Should she dive into the forest and change into human form for stealth? Or should she keep her dragon form a bit longer? There were bound to be more attacks from the crowd. She could take them better in dragon form, but why bother taking them when she could avoid them? She'd be extremely vulnerable in human form, though. Not something she wanted to risk. She could hold her dragon form for quite a bit longer, though she had to return to hybrid form to fit through the door of the school.

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