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[COMIC] The Stars Shine Bright

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Chapter 6, pg 23 (311) - Catty Insults


6.23.311 - Catty Insults


romantic interests for opal who are literally ten times more viable than steven:


-gwen rose

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Chapter 6, pg 24 (312) - Cat Fight


6.24.312 - The Final Straw


ah yeah that's the opal we know

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Chapter 6, pg 25 (313) - The Cruel and The Unusual


6.25.313 - The Cruel and The Unusual


aw usually you want people to hear you with that shrieky voice, gwen 💔

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Chapter 6, pg 26 (314) - Steeley Glare


6.26.314 - Steeley Glare


steven should turn into a mawile to get some respect like that





by the way, i just completed my third extra story! it's a 10 page comic short that follows Steven and Roxanne in their first week with Atticus. i did the lining and coloring styles a bit different than usual, check it out! it don't plan on posting all the pages in this thread, but they're all compiled on their own website below



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Chapter 6, pg 27 (315) - Device Manager


6.27.315 - Device Manager


when i was a kid, i wanted a pda so bad because i thought they were so cool. this was before smartphones were a thing and the idea of a little computer assistant in your pocket was still a novelty. i feel like pdas were like mp3 players, in that they were everywhere, every company was making one. i never did get one, but now i'm an adult with a phone. so i guess that's the best of a pda AND an mp3 player. grandma's done telling war stories now

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